Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon

“We both know that it’s not fashionable to love me” is the kind of self-aware line that Lana Del Rey has become known for, especially after Ultraviolence. But “Honeymoon” is far too nuanced to be subjected to the typical analysis and tropes that many (self included) almost immediately search for. The main thing to focus on in “Honeymoon” is not thematic continuity nor self-referential music choices, but that it is a gorgeous piece of music burning with a darkness unlike anything Del Rey’s done before.

Featuring some of the most complex harmonies Del Rey’s worked with – those vocal braids on “dark blue” are exquisite – “Honeymoon” sounds like knots of anxiety and excitement in your stomach. At any moment, the strings may bend toward an unexpected non-chord tone, destabilizing the emotional center the moment it begins to feel secure. Those strings really are the stars of the arrangement: the piano, trumpet, and military snares are basically cameo players.

And then there is Del Rey’s voice, which covers almost her entire range (timbral range, not tessitura). It moves perfectly with the lyrics, which slowly uncover more details about Del Rey’s lover, someone who has a troubled past and is perhaps emotionally unavailable: “Everything you do is elusive even to your honeydew.” That’s the last line before Del Rey goes into the last chorus, repeating, as before, “Our honeymoon, our honeymoon, our honeymoon.” She fixates on that period that is just as much glorious and orgasmic as it is fleeting and idealistic. The ending, in which Del Rey falls back to her bitter alto and recognizes the fantasy for what it is. It’s not so much a twist as it is the waning of the moon, the gradual shift from light to dark.

Newsies Headcanon (Modern AU: In the Band)

Let’s talk about the newsies being in the marching band.

•Katherine would be drum major because she’s just that good.

•Then there’s trumpet-playing, know-it-all, God’s-gift-to-the-world Jack.

•Spot would definitely play snare, because he’s equally as know-it-all, but slightly more aggressive.

•Davey would be that one clarinet kid who wants to be the “cool” band kid, but is way to awkward to really pull it off.

•Crutchie would probably be, like, that really chill sax player, who’s probably a drug dealer on the side.

•Specs would do something über academic, like the vibraphone.

•Then there would be Darcy on triangle. Because he’s that really intelligent kid who wants to band because it’s something that intelligent kids do, but he’s only good at being smart and not much else.

•Race would basically be the one switching between all the low brass, because they didn’t have enough people to fill all of the low brass spots, so they just basically told him to go forth and bass line, and he just kind of plays the Bb scale in quarter notes and hopes it fits whatever everyone else is doing.

•Pulitzer as general effect judge be like: “They just don’t seem to understand the emotion behind it all.. Connect, dammit, CONNECT!”

This has literally been in my mind for forever.

  1. Second Time Lucky”: After his friend Castiel Novak has a disastrous junior prom, Dean Winchester vows to make up for it by taking Cas himself in senior year - just as friends, of course - and giving Cas the prom experience he always dreamed of. Actually falling for Cas was never part of the plan. [10,708 words]
  2. The Forte!verse”: Castiel is the weird cello prodigy that gets every solo in the school orchestra. Dean is a cocky mediocre snare drum player, but he still manages to pick out every flaw in Cas’ performances. When Castiel has had enough of it, he says something. [5,108 words]
  3. Right Place Right Time”: “I went to get snacks from the local convenience store at 2am and you’re laying in the corridor because your room mate has his fiancé over and kicked you out of your room” [5,704 words]
  4. Valentine’s Day″: Cas anonymously sending Dean one of those school Valentine’s Day flowers with a little personalized note, thinking that someone as popular as Dean won’t notice his message anyway because he gets so many. Little does he know that Dean sent one to him as well… [2,051 words]
  5. Wake Up Call: Cas unexpectedly finds himself waking up next to his very asleep – and very naked – apartment mate of two years. As he takes in Dean’s smooth, freckled, and gloriously unclothed form lying face down next to him, Cas attempts to figure out why Dean (most likely) drunkenly came back to the wrong room and subsequently climbed into the wrong bed. [1,174 words]
  6. Drunk Kisses”: Dean dragged his kind of awkward best friend Castiel to a party. Castiel drinks way too much and ends up kissing Dean. What happens next? [1,893 words]
  7. Single or Taken”: Charlie and Sam drag Dean to a party on campus and he’s a little taken aback by the system they’re using to  identify who is and who isn’t single.  Why does the process of simplifying things have to be so difficult? [4,917 words]
  8. The Constellations In Your Eyes”: It all started when a six year old with stunning blue eyes moved in next door. Conjoined roofs and a few constellations might bring them together. [5,562 words]
  9. The Resolution of Stars”: Castiel’s annual New Year’s Eve plans are compromised when Dean abandons them in favor of celebrating with his girlfriend. Thus, Castiel finds himself at home on the night of the 31st of December, with no plans other than to drink and read alone while the rest of the world rings in the new year. But those plans, too, are shot to hell when Dean tries to redeem himself. [2,635 words]
  10. Close Your Eyes And Trust”: When Cas gets dared to kiss Dean (Dean!) at a party, he decides to flee the scene instead. It’s humiliating, but it’s better than the alternative.Dean has other ideas. [2,094 words]
  11. The Silent Stars Go By”: At least Cas had tonight to look forward to. He had everything ready in his backpack – a rug to sit on, a Thermos flask of hot tea, some sandwiches, and his iPod. He’d worn his thickest coat today, and two scarves, and a pair of woollen gloves. He was aware – as he sat waiting for the bus, which would take him up the hill – that he looked distinctly overdressed, since the cold of the night hadn’t truly set in yet. The guy sitting on the other end of his bench certainly seemed to think so; he was staring at Cas out of the corner of his eye, apparently transfixed by the sight of winter clothing. Cas briefly considered making a sharp comment, but decided against it when he took a longer look: the boy didn’t look any older than Cas himself, probably no more than seventeen or so, but he was wearing a leather jacket and a worldly, hard-bitten expression that had Cas frowning and shifting his knees together, making himself smaller. [7,284 words]
  12. Five Powerless Hours”: The power goes out at Dean and Castiel’s dorm, and sharing body heat has its perks. [3,637 words]


Band/Singer AU (2) Masterlist

part one

Band Camp (ao3) - fawnprince

Summary: Phil Lester is the fresh faced freshmen alto saxophone player. Dan Howell is the amazingly talented junior who happens to be the percussion captain along with the lead snare player. Its band camp, and it’s fallen on the hottest week of the year. Dan can’t help but take his shirt off and Phil can’t help but stare. And Phil has another tiny problem, whenever he marches near Dan or gets anywhere close to him he forgot all those years of private sax lessons.

Band Practice - lolzorhowlter

Summary: Phil joins Dans band and Dan thinks that Phil is cute so he asks him on a date.

Catch A Dream - apparentlyiwritephannow

Summary: Phil really didn’t want to do this. When they started the band two years ago with their amazing music teacher they did it just for fun. But when Mr. Parson came running into the band practice two weeks ago with a leaflet about a school band contest in London the three of them decided they’d need to find themselves a keyboard player.

Good Vibrations - phandabbydosey

Summary: Phil’s band gets a shot at impressing a talent scout, but their drummer drops out just three days before the big gig. Their only shot at a replacement comes in the form of the lead singer’s younger brother, the lead singer’s deaf brother with a fondness for soft pastel colours.

Jesus Christ, That’s a Pretty Face - phansdick

Summary: Phil is a famous indie-rock singer who never shows his face on stage and Dan is a massive fan who unknowingly meets his favorite artist at the library.

Pastel Panic (ao3) - metal_arm_metal_shield

Summary: Phil Lester is the lead singer of the rock band “Pixel”. To his fans he’s a confident, sexy, rock god, but in reality Phil suffers from panic attacks that are beginning to ruin his life. Dan just got tickets to see his favourite band live and is excited to see his secret crush, front man Phil Lester. But he’s even more excited when his friend, Chris, somehow gets him backstage.

The New Drummer - phanerys

Summary: punk!phil is the new drummer in the pastel!dan’s brother’s band.

Ultraviolet Riot - chocolatesaucelester

Summary: Dan and Phil as well as Dan’s sister and her friend are in a band together, and they are about to play their next show in Chicago. Even though leading up to it, Dan’s nerves are all over he manages to find his balance with the help of his wonderful boyfriend/drummer boy.

You Kill Me (In A Good Way) - demisexualhowell

Summary: Dan bites his lip, nervously digging his teeth into it. This is the first gig he’s going to, and as if that isn’t enough, he gets to meet the band, Against Elision, too. He’d pre-ordered their upcoming album the day he could, almost jumping up and down when he saw his order had been accepted. He really did start jumping when he’d gotten an email a few days later, stating that by pre-ordering the album he’d won a meet-and-greet with the band.

You Will Be Covered In Gold ( - lonewritersclub

Summary: They became famous and loved. But fame is pain sometimes and Dan never was a masochist. Phil can’t help but worry, when their vocalist turns to drugs to find an answer.

Lets get a serious discussion going about the issue that there is not a marching band anime

This is a problem and this really needs to become a thing.

Here’s my ideas, someone please talk about this with me.

-Slice-of-life sort of story arching comedy/usual drama anime

-It would definitely be high school band because there is no room for jokes in drum corps.

I like the suggestion that our main character is a clumsy snare player guy.

Each section has some kind of funny shtick, lots of shenanigans.

The Saxophones are super cool and hip and wear sun glasses a lot one time someone tries to take them off and theres another pair underneath idk

The Baritones are my favorite concept I think they should always be doing amazing things like karate and acrobatics and jesus level playing, but the joke is that the directors (and everyone else) never notice them.

The Trombones get all of the attention that the Baritones want.

The Tubas are all big guys but they act like kids and two or more are always fighting and their section leader is like this really short intense girl that always has to yell at them and bribe them to do well at practices with ice cream or something and breaks up fights. They have a big dream of being recognized as the most skilled section.

The drumline would probably be our main cast so there is room for more unique characters there

Some other main characters could be the Tuba section leader girl, a super positive helpful Trumpet player, Etc?

i don’t spend much time with the woodwinds so I don’t know how to make good woodwind characters I’m sorry.

Please add to the conversation this needs to happen.