Meant to post about Swedish Midsummer. We went to the traditional celebration in Hedemora, where the Maypole was raised:

And people danced around it, some of them wearing traditional folk costumes and wreaths of flowers on their heads. of which I didn’t get pics as I was busy with kidlets, but they were not unlike these, and quite wonderful:

(Emy Little)

At home there were birch branches tied along the terrace to decorate:

And again I didn’t get pics because busy with kidlets (sense a theme?) but there was a feast of pickled herring, potatoes with fresh dill, gravad lax (cured raw salmon) smoked salmon, and snaps, followed by strawberry cake, a lot like this:

(photos Allt om mat)

I find it all very fascinating and must photograph it better next year.

We sang lots of drinking songs during the dinner, whenever drinking the snaps. (or beer, in my case) Here’s a translation of one of the songs we sang:

En liten tall

Fordom odla man en vindruvsranka
av vars saft man gjorde ädelt vin.
Nu man pressar saften ur en planka
doftande av äkta terpentin.
Höjen bägarna, o broder och syster,
låt den sista skogen rinna kall
ned i strupen, och om du är dyster
låt oss dricka opp en liten tall.

A little pine

Formerly one cultivated the grape
of whose juice one made noble wine.
Now one presses the juice out of a plank
smelling of pure turpentine.
Raise your glasses, O Brother and Sister,
let the last forest run cold
down the throat, and if you are down
let’s drink up a small pine tree.