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steve’s middle name is spelled G-R-A-N-T but it’s pronounced ‘trouble’
Your sign & temper explained by the weather


Aries: Wildfires - Like wildfires, Aries are always ready to ignite and do so easily. When ignited, there’s no telling when they will calm down. Their rage can last for quite some time especially if they were betrayed or hurt by a friend or lover. Also, like wildfires, an Aries’ anger can be intensified by the Air Signs because using their wit they can justify and aid in any and all revenge plans, especially Gemini. Likewise, the water signs will attempt to calm you down or eventually, put you out if you take it too far.

Taurus: Tsunami - Tsunamis are the most deadly when it comes to severe weather conditions, but they aren’t really to blame. See, it’s disruptions in the ocean, on the sea floor, etc. that get them riled up. Taurus, you’re the same way. Your anger doesn’t show itself often because it takes time to build. But when it does show itself, it can do some serious damage. You are set off by things you can’t control, people, and STUPIDITY.

Gemini: Lightening - Witnessing you arguing, is like watching lightening flit across the sky. There is not a point you don’t touch on. You have a readily prepared argument for anyone who opposes you. Your first argument works 99% of the time, but if for some reason it doesn’t, you have 10 other arguments and can spit them out at rapid fire. You are VICIOUS! But you don’t hold grudges. Like lightening, you strike once and leave, but your words always leave permanent bruises on the ego. 

Cancer: Hurricane - All Cancers are insane, and we are no different when faced with an argument. Like hurricanes, we have levels. But I have to be honest, if we are really (finally) entering into an argument, we’re at a level 5.  A hurricane is rain, thunder, lightening, winds, etc. and a Cancer has just as many methods ready to inflict damage. When we want to fight, we will come at you verbally, physically, and mentally just like a hurricane. You’ll feel the effects afterwards. And to be clear, we aren’t like lightening; we strike more than once. So if we’ve fought once with you, we could probably go again. 

Leo: Thunder - When you’re in a fight you want everyone to know about it. You are LOUD, you tell all your friends and anyone who will listen why they should be on your side, and your temper flairs out of nowhere. You love to bring up past fights, mistakes, and insecurities. It takes only one incident for you to boil over, and you will refuse to stop fighting until someone has apologized… to you. Someone always has to apologize to you. Then, things can go back to the way they were. Like Cancer, you too have a tendency to fight with the same people more than once. 

Virgo: Floods - I would never say a Virgo is irrational. You just like things to be in a particular way, but you never fly off the handle. It’s not your style. So, if you are fighting, it’s because there are too many things out of order. THE DAM HAS BROKEN. EVACUATE. When a Virgo has finally snapped from all the dysfunction around them, they have really had it. There is no reasoning. They are out of patience. You need to just get away from them or you can drown in their critical, harsh words that will remind you of every mistake you’ve ever made. 

Libra: Hail - Like hail, it’s weird when a Libra is mad. You almost don’t even know if they are actually mad. Sure, they’re acting slightly more colder and are shooting you dirty looks, but to look at them, they seem alright. When you look at hail, like an aggravated Libra, it just looks weird, but not dangerous. However, have hail hit you in the face and you will quickly realized that it CAN and WILL hurt you. Like Virgoes, Libras just needs some time to calm down. DON’T force them into a confrontation. Leave them alone, and it will all pass over.

Scorpio: Tornado - I hope none of you are shocked at my choice of weather. You are crazy, but when you’re angry, you become the definition of insanity. There is no calming you down. You don’t freak out often, but when you do, you need to run your course. Like a tornado, you take down everyone and everything in your path and can devastate an entire population. The damage you inflict stays awhile because you (purposefully) make it difficult for people to cleanup after you. You need your destruction to last. 

Sagittarius: Volcano - Like volcanoes, you don’t erupt very often or easily. You’re easygoing and tend to let things slide (sometimes when you shouldn’t), but when you’re finally at your boiling point, you erupt without warning. Sometimes, you even try to hide your anger, but it is inevitable. The good news is that you don’t erupt for too long and aren’t partial to grudges. 

Capricorn: Earthquake - I like to think of Capricorns as some of the most stable people on the planet, especially as you get older. (Everyone is kind of a mess when they’re young, so ignore that). In order for you to lose your temper and lose control, something must be seriously wrong. Most times, I think your set off by the same things that set Taurus off, people and stupidity, and Virgoes, disorder. Basically, disruption of your master plan or, even worse, anything that gets in the way of your ambitions, will have you shaking and freaking out to the point where you will most likely further disrupt what is going on around you. Eventually, you will calm down and fix everything like a true Capricorn, but sometimes those you have fought with are permanently forgotten. YOU DO HOLD GRUDGES. 

Aquarius: Blizzard - An Aquarius’ anger is chilling, biting, cold. They aren’t going to strike at you in the middle of the night (that’s Scorpio). I think the most you’ll get from them is a calculated, callous remark that is only about the situation. They will normally never attack you for childish things like looks, (Gemini and Cancer will) or for things you’ve done wrong in the past (Leo and Capricorn will). They will only mention the situation and that is enough for them. They don’t need to make a big show out of their anger. In fact, that would be counterproductive because they are most likely going to disappear and never talk to you again anyway.

Pisces: Straight-line Winds - These winds are the natural partners of hurricanes. Actually during a hurricane, most of the damage comes from these winds; we just blame it on the hurricane. Your anger is silent. You will manipulate the situation to make it seem as if you aren’t involved, are completely innocent, and will get someone to fight your battles for you. Your anger is underhanded and sneaky, but you’re not a natural fighter. In my experience, it’s always Cancers and Leos who are willing to fight for you and on your behalf. Be careful, sometimes it is better to look like the bad guy, than to blame your mess on someone else.

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RFA + V & Saeran head-canons with a super ticklish MC? Have a good night!

lololol yas!! love me some tickles ^-^


  • rule number 1: never tickle Yoosung
  • rule number 2: never let Yoosung tickle you back
  • because
  • he knows all the good spots that just make ticklish people go c r a z y
  • how does he know?
  • well, he’s a ticklish baby himself so obviously he’d know his stuff
  • sometimes he’d be the little demon he was and while MC and him were gaming or whatever and he wanted her to lose, he’d do that knee tickle thing 
    • u know that really light tickle that happens when someone drags their fingers across your knee DO YOU UNDERSTAND WAHT I’M SAYING
  • MC literally loses the game immediately after that because it’s too hard to bare!!!!!!!!


  • ho boy
  • he wasn’t the “average tickler” because heheehheehehhehehe
  • dirty Zenny likes to tickle under the shirt 
  • woeowwowoeowoow
  • “MC, come here!”
  • a seemingly un-harmful, happy invite for her to sit on his lap am i right?
  • the fuckin moment she sits down he shoves his hands up her shirt not that high okay only on her tummy pls get. it. together. 
  • it’s just so adorable and the way MC becomes flushed and red afterwards makes just makes him bsrgneozrusbvnw;orudbjvne;udifbkjl 
  • ya feel?


  • Baehee has never tickled anyone else other than her neice ok
  • so she was real shook when she found out that MC was ticklish like
  • “I thought those feelings left as you got older? I’m not ticklish myself so..”
  • MC’s left eye starts twitching because she just had the most devious idea
  • *cue tickle attack*
  • too bad because it’s true lmao
  • Jaehee just stood there expressionless like “mc wat r u doin pls staph touching me”
  • but.. but..
  • omg jaehee so scary what happened to you


  • he found out by accident because
  • they were getting ready for a ~fancy~ night out right
  • and MC was having trouble with those tiny ass buckles on her heels
    • gurls u know whatt i’m talkin about
  • k so Mr. Han being the gentlemanly man he was went about to help her and the moment he touched her ankle
  • um i mean she chuckled real softly and like super feminine and shit
  • and Jumin just raises his eyebrows and gives her The Look™ of confusion
  • and she’s like “hehe I’m quite ticklish”
  • i’m sorry, what?
  • he’s never heard of that word before so he asks MC to demonstrate (lol) so she tries to tickle him and u would not believe this but


  • bro lbr you SAW IT COMING OK
  • like ph-lease
  • it’s 707, memelord, literal god of the internet and pranks so he obviously thought to tickle MC the very moment he met her
  • and once he found out that she was the most precious and ticklish her person on the planet… he had no mercy 
  • tickles left and right, in the morning, right before bed, even during her beauty sleep??? most definitely. you don’t want tickles while you’re reading? well too bad you’re getting them. tickles in the car are dangerous but does that stop him? no it doesn’t because he lives on edge do u hear me he’s a hacker, a secret agent-
  • right so back on topic:
  •  because he was such a bully and would not let MC go a day without tickles he woke up one day with his hands tied together
  • “Seven, you’re gonna get a taste of your own medicine today.”
  • uh-oh


  • he was so lost when MC started laughing because he was poking her sides
  • he thought he was hurting her??? or something because well 
  • i mean she had tears forming in the corner of her eyes
  • and he already stopped poking but she wouldn’t stop laughing just what kind of sorcery
  • “MC, are you okay?”
  • after she finally calmed the f down she let this little puppy know that she was alright aand asked him if he wanted to try being tickled
  • cinnamon bun has never been tickled before (maybe by Saeyoung back in the bad good ol’ days but it’s been too long)
  • OMG u wish u were there because he was bursting out with laughter belly filled to the brim with joy 
  • his eyes were squeezed shut because it tickled so much it hurt he couldn’t even breathe lmao
  • it was just great


  • guyssssssssss
  • the minute MC starts laughing because he was being devious and tickled her for ~experimental purposes~ he ripped out his camera
  • it literally came with the speed of light and out of some magic portal found around his neck
  • it’s just camera snaps all around and he isn’t just taking pictures
  • nononono that isn’t how famous photographer v does his job
  • he’s literally those people who take pictures of models like
  • “Work it, MC, work the camera, that’s right, perfect, more, give me more smile. Keep those giggles going, yes! exactement!”
  • oh my god hoW EMBARRASSING
  • he also never lets MC live it down
  • and he shows the entire RFA the laughing mess MC becomes whenever he tickles her even the tiniest bit
  • new secret weapon? totally.

i used to be SO TICKLISH it wasn’t even funny 

~Cherry L.

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RoyAi - Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye - quickie. Guys. *dodges flying chair cause I haven’t posted art in almost a month* I realised that I have never drawn my OTP from my favourite anime ever. I don’t know how either. But I literally declined to study for a test due for tomorrow I haven’t studied a thing for (it was a good life) to make this. But tbh I regret nothing cause I really love how it turned out. I’m veeeeery proud of it^^

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source

tyler * a man who can do both 002 * bate

NOTE: Aaaaand there’s teasing and smut here. Oral, lots of biting, pretty tame stuff. But he’s very much the guy in charge. ;P. Part two, loves, as promised!!! I hope you like it!!


PAIRING: Tyler Bate x Reader ( you )



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Possibility Days (part 2)

The days that pass are as warm, maybe even warmer than the ones before. Castiel’s biggest concerns are keeping Claire happy and not too warm, making sure she has enough sunscreen on when she goes outside and keeping her inflatable swimming pool in the backyard cool.

Gabriel has given Castiel his car again, for a week now since he’s on a holiday and he insisted on Cas borrowing it. Some people might take it out on dangerous, far car rides, showing off the vehicle to whoever is interested in such a car, but Castiel only uses it for the essential trips.

He uses it as little as often, the heat keeping him from going to the stores more often. When it’s impossible to ignore the need of food, he takes Claire with him towards the store, listening to her chattering about this series about mermaids and how she wishes she’d be a mermaid.

He answers seriously, about how difficult being a mermaid would be, but that he is sure she’d be an amazing one.

In the supermarket, Claire climbs into the cart right away and stands up, pointing in the way she wants her father to go.

“That way to the ice cream!”

“I know,” Castiel says as he steers towards the fruit. “But we need some other food first. We’ll get ice cream at last so it won’t melt.”

He tries to make his way through the store as fast as possible, but a lot of people decided now was a good time to do groceries. By the time he stands at the cash register, he gives the grumpy teen behind the register a tired smile, which is completely ignored.

Claire still chatters along as she helps to put the groceries in the bag, keeping the ice cream out purposely. Castiel pays, pushes his cart through and trying to maneuver it in the right direction. Stress is piling up on his shoulders, the cold from the store chilling his bare arms as people stand in the way, a child crying in the distance and an old woman complaining about Castiel not hurrying up. Claire whimpers.

“Daddy, help, I can’t open the box!”

“One moment, Claire, please I just-” He stuffs the box of cereal in the bag, his other hand still holding his wallet. Claire begins sniffling softly. Castiel never gets angry at her, but he gives her one of his stern looks now.

“But I want-”

Cas lifts Claire from the cart with the hand holding his wallet, lifts the bag up and pushes the cart to its place with his knee.

Just as he wants to put Claire down and open the ice cream’s box, the bag’s handle snaps. Groceries roll around all over the floor, Claire squeals and grips tight on Castiel’s neck, and he wonders why everything has to go wrong. At least there aren’t many people in this area, but he still feels embarrassment clouding his thoughts.

“Help me please, will you, Claire?” He asks and puts her down on the floor. He tugs his wallet away and starts gathering groceries as fast as he can.

“Here.” A familiar, gentle voice sounds from aside. Castiel looks to see someone knelt next to him, holding out the box of Moana cereal. Castiel’s heart skips a beat.

“Dean,” he says, surprised, “Eh- Hello.” He takes the box from Dean’s hand and puts it in the bag. “Thank you.” He feels a blush creep on his cheeks.

“Hiya Cas- Hiya Claire,” the other greets with a smile. “Those damn grocery bags, huh?”

“I got ice cream!” Claire squeals excitedly and holds up the box.

“You’re one lucky girl,” Dean smiles at her and she gives him her biggest grin.

Dean puts in the last sack of apples and gets up. He holds his hand out to Castiel, and though he could get up himself, Castiel takes it thankfully. Their hands aren’t as sticky as the last time they met and Cas can feel the strong roughness of Dean’s skin, the skin of someone working with his hands a lot.

Castiel misses the feeling immediately when they let go.

“You seem to meet me at the most inconvenient times.” Cas half-apologizes. “And you seem to save me every time.”

Dean laughs happily. He’s only holding a few groceries under his arm, keys dangling on his fingers and those same sunglasses tugged in his messy hair.

“I hope you don’t mind.” He says, and for some reason, he looks a bit shy as he speaks. “But it’s my pleasure.”

Claire tugs at Castiel’s shirt.


Cas takes the box of ice cream and rips it open, gives her an ice cream and looks up at Dean.

“At least accept this gesture of gratitude.” He holds the box up to Dean.

“Well,” Dean gives Claire a knowing look. “Who could say no to that?”

They sit outside in the shadow, the groceries tugged between Cas and Dean’s legs. Claire is finally quiet, licking her ice cream happily. Dean put his sunglasses back on and Castiel can’t stop looking at him.

It’s unfair, how handsome this man is. He wouldn’t be so flustered about the way they met, Cas being a total mess and Dean being a savior, if Dean wouldn’t be so good-looking. If he’d even have a chance at something with this man, he already screwed it up. Twice.

Dean doesn’t seem to care, though, leaning back against the tree and humming softly.

“You’re really a lucky girl, Claire, with a father like this.” He nudges Castiel with his elbow.

“Oh,” Cas says flustered, “it’s nothing, honestly-”

Dean raises his eyebrows above his sunglasses.

“None of that.” He takes a satisfying bite from his ice cream cone. Castiel doesn’t know how to posture himself, so he wipes a bit of chocolate from Claire’s cheek and checks her dress on any spots.

It’s peaceful, though, sitting there with Claire and Dean, as if they did it before.

Claire tells Dean about the things only children tell to strangers; her swimming pool and about wanting to become a mermaid. She even asks if Dean would want to be a mermaid.

Dean laughs at that, finishing his ice cream while Claire is only halfway.

“Actually, I don’t think so.” He frowns as if he’s really thinking about it. “Mermaids can’t eat burgers and I love burgers.”

“Daddy loves burgers too,” Claire nods, understanding, and the two men share a smile.

When Claire finally finishes her ice cream, they get up and Cas carefully lifts the bag.

“Let me,” Dean asks more than he offers it, and before Castiel can protest, Dean is carrying the bag in both arms. Claire guides him towards the car, her hand in Castiel’s.

Dean easily puts the bag down into the car’s backseat and wipes his hands on his jeans.

“Don’t thank me,” he says as Cas opens his mouth. “It’s fine, honestly.”

Castiel wonders, suddenly, if he’ll see Dean again. It can’t be that faith would make them meet up accidentally for the third time. But he knows that he is dying to see Dean again. There’s something about him that he can’t let go. Maybe it’s the smile, or the way his hair stands up in a messy tuft, or his freckles, or his charming way of talking, or everything, but Cas doesn’t want to say goodbye.

He hesitates and so does Dean. Claire doesn’t even notice and climbs into the shotgun seat.

“Well, it was nice seeing you again,” Castiel says eventually.

“It sure was. Thanks for the ice cream.” Dean smiles, patting his hands on his jeans again. “I uh- well, see you around, then.”

Castiel wishes he could believe that.

“Yeah, I- I hope so.” He admits and his entire face is burning at the confession. But Dean’s face lights up.

“Wait,” he reaches over the Cabrio’s door and grabs the Moana cereal. From his pocket, he takes a pen and scribbles something down on the box. Without showing Cas, he puts the box back.

“Gimme a call, if you want,” Dean explains. “Just… whenever.”

Castiel promises he will, and looks after Dean as he walks away.

Once in the car, he closes his eyes, head resting back. It’d been years since he felt something close to this, getting that excited jump in his chest when he thought about someone. Sure he’d been with a few people, but this… He pulls himself back to reality and starts the car. On their way back, Cas tried to keep his attention to Claire’s stories, but he kept getting distracted by the idea of Dean’s number written on the cereal box.

Music Series: 50 Ways To Say Goodbye by Train

Okay, so I’m working one of my own requests in…it’s my prerogative! :)

I left for a bit and my Spotify shuffled through my car speakers, landing on this gem of a song. Always makes me giggle. And immediately as I sang along, I felt an imagine building. So this is the result. I hope you like it.

This is “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” by Train, which you can listen to HERE via my Spotify playlist called ‘Everybody Now!’.

Gotta have fun every now and then, don’t ya? Could use some fun in my life lately…. xo



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This is a submission from @torn-and-frayed which will be a sequel to this:

Jensen stepped away from you, walking over to his guitar and picking it up with a laugh. “Now I have to convince an entire room to forget what I just said,” he moaned, strumming the guitar with a goofy grin on his face.

“I’ll sing for you,” he laughed. “I know you’d like that. Hell, if you promise to delete any evidence of my fuck up off your cameras, my fiancé will sing for you too!” He smiled, looking over at you, raising his eyebrows like he thought his plan was genius.

“You did it again, Ackles. And now they have even more evidence against you,” you said into the mic, rolling your eyes dramatically. The crowd roared with laughter. You both knew there was no hiding your engagement now which made an idea pop into your head.

“Hey you. There in the front row recording,” you pointed to a young woman about 23 who was recording the panel. You turned your left hand toward her and showed off the rock on your ring finger. “Get a good video and picture of this baby,” you laughed, jumping off stage and walking up to her, twisting the ring on your finger. “You’re going to get to be the lucky lady that breaks the internet with our announcement,” you said as you approached her.

Jensen followed you into the crowd, walking up to the girl. “Fuck it. You might as well get a picture of the two of us. It’ll make it more legit,” Jensen laughed, grabbing you around the waist and posing for a picture. The crowd screamed in response, as the young woman took the picture.

Jensen snatched the phone from her and opened up twitter. “Now to let the world know,” he laughed as he added the picture to a tweet.

“@Yourtwitterhandle gave me permission to spill the beans. @jensenackles FINALLY proposed!” Jensen read, as he typed out the tweet.

You leaned over his shoulder, and added. “Hashtag, Acklesgetshitched hashtag, hegotthegirl,” you laughed as you watched Jensen add the hashtags.

“And post!” you smiled, reaching over his shoulder, pressing the button to post the tweet.

“Now all you fuckers, go find the tweet and retweet that shit. Break the internet!” Jensen yelled, throwing his fist into the air in victory, as he wrapped his other arm around your waist, pulling you into him for a blindingly passionate kiss. You could hear cameras snapping all around you, but you couldn’t care less as you focused on the way Jensen’s lips moved against yours.

Playing A Dangerous Game - Dean x Reader

Warning - There will be smut by the end :) I will put up a warning before it starts

contains mentions of blood


As you sat in Ellen’s bar, nursing your whiskey, the now half empty bottle to your side. Feet up on the table leaning back in your chair as you watch the pair at the bar, you’ve never felt anger like this towards your friend. 

*I actually want to rip her hair out!* you sigh tearing your eyes from the scene before you. 

You see Sam tapping away on his laptop completely oblivious to the world around him. Ellen cleaning a few tables throwing Jo as many dirty looks as you were. 

You’d known Jo since you were kids, you always considered the girl as your sister. She knew your deepest secrets,  including your feelings for the hunter sat in front of her with whom she was flirting. 

You throw back another shot before refilling your glass.  

You can feel Jo’s eyes on you, glaring at her you stand from your table, snatching your glass and bottle you move to the pool table. After slamming both glass items on the rim of the table,  you begin to rack the balls.

As you smash several balls into the pockets, you see a figure approach. Your eyes not leaving the table,  you add a little more force than needed as you sink another ball. 

“Mind if I have a game?” She asks quietly 

You throw the cue down onto the table, the noise causing all heads to turn towards you both. You look down at her, eyes blank and hollow. 

“Knock yourself out” you reply grabbing your drink and bottle. 

“Y/n…” She calls after you, her footsteps following you. She touches your arm as you reach your table again, sliding your bottle on it.

“What?” You snarl quietly spinning to face her, glass still in hand. 

“You know I’m just playing right?” She asks eyes full of worry 

You chuckle angrily,  "does he know that?“ You snap quietly “You’re playing a dangerous game Joanna-Beth!“ 

“We weren’t doing anything y/n, we were talking about…”

“Hey Jo, why don’t you come pour me another drink?” You hear Dean shout from behind you. Your eyes snap shut momentarily before the open once more now filled with venom 

“The bottles right there Dean” she calls back her eyes pleading with you .

“Yeah but I like it better when you do it” he said in that drunk sexy voice he used whilst flirting. As soon as the words left his mouth you felt you world fall apart.  He wanted Jo….every muscle in your body tensed.  

You gripped your hands into fists forgetting you were still holding your drink, causing the thin glass tumbler to shatter in your hand, glass shards piercing your skin.

You felt the blood trickle down your fingers to the floor.

You hear a gasp from Jo and Sam jumping from his table.

“Y/n!” He exclaimed grabbing your hand, you were shocked at the sight of your now completely red hand, blood almost pumping from the large wound on your hand. But you kept your face neutral, as you saw Dean run over from the bar. 

Ellen came rushing over, bar towels in hand. You were taken into the back room. You see your whiskey bottle appear before you, being held by a male right hand with a silver ring on the third finger. 

You grab the bottle without looking up at him, gulping some down before handing it over to Sam who was getting tweezers and a needle ready.

He poured the alcohol over the open gashes making you hiss, before handing back. You down another mouthful. 

“Come on, I don’t need a god damn audience” you mutter bringing the bottle back to your lips. Dean moved to take it away. 

“Touch my bottle and I won’t be the only one Sam stitches up today!“ 

An eerie silence falls over the room except the sound of the youngest Winchester and his first aid kit. 

“Y/n, don’t you think you should at least slow down?  That bottle was already half empty before we got in here” Ellen tries to reason. 

You laugh “no I do not, but don’t worry mom, I’m just peachy” her lips turn up at the sides at you calling her mom, like you did as a child. Your mother was killed by a monster which led to you being brought up in this world and Ellen was the closet thing you knew to a mother. 

“Ok I’m ready to start” Sam says shifting closer to your left arm. 

The sober you trapped in booze filled box somewhere in your head, sent a silent prayer of thanks that you were holding the glass in you left arm. 

*at least I can still shoot*

You turn your head away as Sam begins to remove the pieces, unfortunately you turn to see Dean sitting in, well straddling a chair next to you. You groan, Ellen by the door and Jo in the middle of the floor looking between you and Dean. You roll your eyes, here you were in pain, and they were still eye fucking

“Why don’t you two go back to the bar? Don’t let us disturb you” you say to yourself in your head with a silky sweet voice. 

Everyone pauses, looking at you. Oh….apparently….not to yourself. Damn booze. 

“Y/n…” Jo began,  you stopped her with a look. 

You weren’t usually a bitchy drunk, you tended to be a quiet drunk unless provoked but you were hurting. In more ways that one. 

Sam broke everyone’s silence by clearing his throat. 

“Uh..y/n, pour” he gestures to your hand. 

You groan, hesitating knowing it gonna sting like a bitch. Dean snatches the bottle away from you as he stands up and pours it on himself, a string of curses flooding from you. Then taking a drink for himself. His back turned to you as he looked at Jo. 

*ugh I’m gonna throw up they carry on*

“Dear god Sammy what are doing?! Digging for gold?” You mumble

Ellen walked to the seat Dean had, and she pats you on the knee. You give her a small smile, but remain quiet except for the odd wince. 10 minutes passed.

All heads snapped around when Sam swore

“A piece has splintered off, it’s too deep I can’t get to it” he swore again mopping up blood. 

You must have stared to look pale as Jo mentioned possibly getting you some sugar. You were bleeding badly, the alcohol in your system thinning the blood.

Everyone looked at each other, everyone except you who knew what they were thinking. Hospital. 

“Not gonna happen” you state before anyone could even suggest it. You watched your grandmother die in hospital, your father too. You’d grown to fear them terribly. 

“Y/n..” Sam began 

“No Sam! Now I don’t care what you have to do! Do it! Or I’ll cut it out myself” you threaten grabbing your pen knife from your pocket and slamming it down on the table. 

Sighing he agreed, it wouldn’t be the first time you all cut each other open, for a bullet or something else. You felt suddenly sober. You didn’t know if it was the loss of blood or the knowledge of what was coming next but you were suddenly very aware of your surroundings

Ellen went to grab more towels. Dean went to find more alcohol, unfortunately he meant for you hand. Sam went to the car to get the other kit that had a scalpel. And Jo stayed with you, neither of you spoke but you could tell she’d been crying. 

A bang of guilt hit you. If she liked Dean and he liked her, who were you to act like a child and throw a tantrum? 

You sigh deeply, “I’m sorry Jo-Jo” you whisper using her childhood nickname hoping she’ll hear you.

She does, she launches at you throwing her arms around you pulling you into a hug. You hushed her and patted her back with your good hand, before pulling away.

“You and Dean…its none of my business,  I shouldn’t have acted like that I’m sorry” she shook her head as she sank into the chair beside you, the third person to hold that seat in less than 30 minutes

“Y/n we..“ 

“Like I said,  not my business” you make clear that the last you wish to hear on the subject. She pulls you in for another hug as Dean and Ellen return. You give Ellen a smile over Jo’s shoulder but refuse to meet Dean’s eyes even though you feel them burning into you. 

You weren’t ready to tell him he had your blessing,  not that he needed it…but in all honesty he didn’t have it either way. You just felt bad for upsetting your friend. 

Sam appears at the door as Jo let’s you go.  

“You know this is going to hurt right” he asks as he sterilises the scalpel. You nod,  unable to speak

“Jo go and stand with your mom, in case I lash out” she does as you ask. 

Sam pours vodka over your hand, and asks you if you’re ready.

You meet his eye giving him a bitch face, you hold your breath and wait for the pain.

You hear a noise rip through the room and it takes you a second to realise it’s your screams. You begin to see stars 

“Oh God I’m gonna black out!” You say breathlessly

The alcohol which had seemed like such a good idea 45 minutes or so ago was now rushing to your head and stopping you from blocking out the pain. 

You see a figure rush to your side, to hold you up. You hear the chair beside you get dragged closer and feel yourself propped against something, someone.

Someone who smelt pretty good, oh god…you realised it was him. You try to pull away but you feel an arm that was wrapped around your waist tighten it’s grip. When had he put his arm around you?

You could feel Sam digging around in your hand, 

“There’s too much blood,  Ellen get over here!” You had no idea what they were doing. 

“Sorry y/n gonna have to cut again” you whimper at the statement

You hear Dean shush you calmly, his forehead rested on your head, his nose brushing the side of your face and his lips next to your ear.

“I got you its ok, deep breath” he says calmly his voice soothing you,

Another scream tears from you as Sam cut deeper. Panting in pain you feel Dean kiss your ear, then your  head.

“That’s my girl” he said holding you impossibly tighter,

Your heart swells before your thoughts drift to Jo

“Got it!” Sam smiled, “just gotta stitch you up now y/n" 

Jo excuses herself offering to get me another top. I wonder why, then you see the blood soaked sleeve.

Ellen follows offering to get me a drink.

"Oh God no! No more drink…” you shout after her.

You push against Dean, Sitting yourself up, 

“You don’t need to stay” you smile tightly at him “I’ll be fine, I’m sure Jo will be at the bar now” he frowned at you

“I’m not going anywhere” he says simply, loosening his hold but not releasing you, leaving no room for argument. You were both too much alike as you think about how you’d done the same to Jo not even 20 minutes ago. 

You watch Sam as he stitches your palm silently. 

Sam finishes and moves to wrap your hand. 

“I’ll finish that Sammy,  you go and clean up” Dean let’s you go and you suddenly feel cold,

“Thank you Sam” you whisper as he gets up. He nods, the poor thing looking exhausted as he walks to the door.

Dean takes you hand, taking a piece of gauze over the stitching. You wince as he pushes down. 

“That was really stupid you know…." 

*here we go, the ass kicking for messing with Jo*

"I told her I was sorry Dean…” the words barely heard

“What?” He frowned 

“Jo…I said I was sorry for being a bitch" 

"I was taking about your hand y/n, you could have ended up in hospital!” He was angry, oh great now he has two things to be any at you for.

 "What’s this about Jo?“ He demands

"Ugh” you rub your head with your good hand as he’s currently holding onto your injured one wrapping it up. 

“I was acting stupid, I was…come on Dean I’m drunk I don’t wanna talk about this” You plead

“You sobered up before Sam started hacking at your hand so don’t try that, acting stupid about what?” His green eyes watch you closely

“I…I was upset and I took it out on her” he wasn’t accepting that answer either. 

“Ugh fine! I saw you two at the bar and I got upset ok?! You finished?” You ask trying to put as much space between yourself and the oldest brother as you could. But when you moved to take your hand from his, his grip tightened on your wrist anchoring you in place.

“Upset bout what? Two friends talking?” He asks, his voice so calm it worried you,

You snort “well for two ‘friends’ you both looked very cosy” your jaw tightened before you forced out “but like I said to Jo, what’s going on between you and her is none of me business…”

“No it’s not” he answered instantly, that stung, more than it should have.

You nod looking away embarrassed,  blinking increasingly to try and stop the tears from falling. 

“But there’s nothing going on between me and Jo” he added pinning the bandage in place. You look back at him hesitantly

“We were talking about you, if you have to know” You frown “she was trying to convince me to ask you out” your eye widened, if you didn’t feel like an idiot before you did now. 

“She was trying to convince me you felt to same as I did” he was the one looking away now, taking great interest in your hand. 

“You flirted with her, I heard you" 

"Trying to see of she was right” he mumbled

You’d made a complete fool of yourself, tears fell from your eyes. You leaned on the table trying to hide your face. You felt him release your other hand and get up. You brought that to shield your face as well. He was going to leave, he felt something for you and you’d ruined it by being a jealous bitch.

You heard the door open and close, you don’t raise you head to look

You just try compose yourself.

After a few minutes you started to calm down. You wiped you face of a few stray tears and took a few deep breaths. You owed Jo a hell of a bigger apology than you’d given. 

You went to turn around when you saw the figure leaning with his back against the door. Looking sad. 

You were both shocked and confused, why was her still here and why was he sad? He must have read the questions on your face because he answered you. 

“I gave the kit back to Ellen and asked her to leave us a while” you swallowed a lump in your throat 

“This is my fault….if I’d have grown a pair and told you how I felt this wouldn’t have happened” he said angry at himself

“Are you kidding? You didn’t get me drunk, make me be a bitch to my best friend, shatter a glass in my hand then make me spend the next hour having it all dug and cut out! That was me!" 

"I should have told you then you wouldn’t have been drunk and angry, because you’d have been sitting beside me.” You heart fluttered “but no, I mean….son of a bitch! I’m a Winchester!  I’ve never had problems with feelings” he sighed “but you…you…I can’t even explain it. You make me feel things I never thought I could…”

You breath hitched, then you have a terrible thought,

“Oh God,  I’m still passed out aren’t I? This isn’t real, I’m going to wake up to Sam still digging through my hand….” you say to yourself. You don’t hear the boots cross the floor, or the muttering of “I’ll show you real”

But you feel him grabbing your arm and spinning you around,  you feel him pull you tight against his chest.  You feel his heartbeat thumping against your hand as he’s breathing heavily.  

And you feel him lips on yours,  kissing away all doubts.

You moan against his mouth, he takes full advantage and slips his tongue to yours. You can’t believe how good he tastes. How good he feels. You both part panting, 

“I’m crazy about you y/n” you smile up at him “hell I love you" 

You grab his face and bring it to yours pressing your lips to his before answering "I love you too,  I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love you" 

He beams at you before capturing your lips again. 


You feel something poking you in the stomach,  heat rushes to your core as you realise you’ve made him hard. 

You rub against him, making him moan into your mouth. "Fuck y/n” he grabs your ass squeezing as he suckles on your neck. 


“We’re about to open, it’s going to get loud. There’s a spare room upstairs go and talk there” you thanked god wherever he was, that Ellen hadn’t just walked in. The woman you considered  mother seeing you rubbing up against someone like a bitch in heat, regardless of how much you loved him, was not something you wanted her to see.

You parted, Dean grabbed you good hand pulling you behind him, making a dash up the stairs to the spare room. Glad that he didn’t have to walk past anyone with his jeans so uncomfortably tight.

 Slamming the door behind him and locking it, he turns to you. Green eyes now almost black with lust almost made you lose balance. 

His arms are around you in seconds,  slamming his body against yours.  His lips attacking your neck, making you whimper as he marked you. You caught his ear in you teeth pulling lightly making him growl. His hand leaves your hips and comes around you front. Unbuttoning your jeans and slipping his hand in making you gasp at the sudden yet welcome intrusion.

“Fuck sweetheart, you’re so wet” he pants in your ear. He backs you against the door, hand still rubbing between your silky folds. Circling your clit, before dipping his finger inside of you. You both let out a moan. “Oh fuck y/n you’re soaked,  so tight, gonna feel fucking amazing” he pants in your ear, he dips his fingers hitting your g spot. Your hips jerked in response to the movement of his hand. When he inserted another finger, you completely lost it, falling apart in his arms.

You leaned up kissing him, before pushing him against the door and dropping to your knees before him.

He went to object,  but his words fell so let on his lips as you took him in your hand. 

You stroked along him in your hand,  running you thumb over his glistening head. You licked the full length of his shaft, earning a moan from above you. You repeated the action, over and over until he was squirming finally swirling your tongue around the tip before lowering your mouth over him. 

Dean hiss in pleasure, throwing his head back hitting the door causing you to giggle,  the vibrations running through his hard cock. “Oh fuck" 

 Burying his hand in you hair his guides your mouth at the speed he liked. You start to take him deeper, hitting the back of your throat 

"Fuck baby you keep that up and I’m gone”

You look up at him, eyes twinkling with mischief. He pulls you away from him, “I wanna come inside you" 

He pulls you to your feet, you kiss his neck nipping as you go. Earning a low growl from his throat. 

You pull away enough to rid him of his t-shirt, running your hands over the hard muscle. He practically rips you top and bra from your body. 

Rubbing his hands over your supple breasts causing you to throw your head back. He immediately dropped his head and took your breast in his mouth. He sucked, hard, your back arching in response as he teased the nipple. 

"Dean, need you” you beg. He takes me further encouragement. Pushing your already open jeans and panties down your legs and you step out of them. He rids himself of his remaining clothes, as you both stand there taking each other in.

He rushed forward,  pulling you to him claiming your lips as he, ran his hands down your back, over your ass giving a gentle squeeze before grabbing the back of your thighs hoisting your legs around his waist. 

You feel his hard cock brush over your sensitive core, making you gasp and roll your hips to get more friction.  Dean drops his head back a moan leaving his throat. 

He lowers you onto the bed, kissing every inch of skin he could reach. You were squirming,  you needed to feel him. You felt him smile against your skin.

“Dean please, I need” you pant

“What do you need? Tell me baby, tell me what you need” he asks his lips still burning a path on your skin. 

“Need you inside of me, please baby”

The voice that leaves you is low and sexy,  you surprised yourself. 

He crawled up your body pulling your legs back around his waist as you feel him brush against your entrance. You whimper and push against him, his cock teasing you, the head just pushing into your wet entrance. He entered you slowly, teasing you slowly before thrusting forward and enters you completely, causing you both you groan with ecstasy.

Your nails dug into his shoulders and scratched down his back as he set a slow pace, your bodies moving together perfectly. 

Your movements become more hectic, more intense. Dean picks up his speed thrusting into you fast and hard. 

“Christ sweetheart, so tight, so fucking perfect” he pants into your ear

“Fuck Dean! I’m so close baby” you whimper as you bite on his shoulder. He grunts picking up his speed once more, moving at an almost inhuman pace.  His hips slamming into you, his pelvic bone grazing your clit,  the coil in your stomach impossibly tight. 

“Come for me baby” he reaches and flicks his finger over your clit sending you flying over the edge, screaming his name as you clench around his cock

“Fuck y/n” He shuddered, his own orgasm consuming him, grunting as he collapses on top of you. 

He smiles at you, “that was…”

“Long overdue?” You offer causing you both to laugh

“I was going to say awesome, but yeah, long overdue too” he kisses you deeply “I love you”

“I love you too Dean” you whisper against his lips as he rolls pulling you on top of him


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The pennants that snapped in the wind all around the training yard had, at one point, been blue. Mathias Shaw was nearly certain of it; could, if he thought back, dimly recall a yard surrounded by the flutter of royal blue cloth beneath a clear blue sky. That was before, of course. Before the King’s death. Before the war, before the Legion. The black drape of fabric had appeared for mourning, the outward sign of a city grieving its loss, and stayed because… because.

The white lion of vengeance on a black field of war stared back at him from every banner. Most days Shaw’s eyes slid right past it, too accustomed to the look to recall that it had once been a splash of blue, a flash of gold.

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anonymous asked:

I hate to say it but I was so disappointed with that weak ass 'JACE!' and Alec going through the wall and then being all 'IZZY! thank god your safe... oh yeah Jace is with sebastian. lol right? maybe you should check on him.' not because of the jace bit, like duh izzy is more important but all they gave us was alec crashing through a wall? I thought it was going to be this epic scene!! also yes izzy using her whip is sexy but she wasted so much energy with those 'intimidating' snaps!

All these theories floating around and then… this happened. lmao I hate to say but I was pretty much laughing throughout that whole scene. The ridiculous parabatai bit, the letdown of the wall, Izzy looking badass but as you said, let’s whip some more because… look at it so damn cool. 

Okay, tbh, I lost it at Sebastian and Jace fighting. I just … couldn’t at this point anymore. And these idiots watching the body floating away in that river. BYE!

Cincinnati Gothic

- Some people prefer Skyline. Others prefer Gold Star. All offer tribute on the new moon to ensure the chili harvest will be plentiful and people-meat free. 

- You head up a hill. You level out. You head up a hill. You level out. How long has it been since the road went down? 

- “Oh!” You say, removing your sweatshirt. “Spring is finally here! No more snow.” The locals’ heads all snap around at the same time. They hiss. “Do not tempt The Snow. The Snow hears all.” There are 3 inches of fresh powder on your lawn and your lawn only the next morning.

- You live at the top of that hill. There is 2 inches of ice on the road. You sullenly exit your car and begin preparations for a long winter on the roadside. 

- No one wins an election without winning Ohio. You must appease Ohio. Ohio is a fickle God and will accept nothing less than your finest offerings. 

- “I want pizza,” you say, sobbing into your hands. “But I want like, good pizza.” You are in hysterics as you begin the 5 hour journey to Chicago. 

- You exit the house without an umbrella for the first time since March. Rain falls from the pristine, open blue sky. Nature has punished your bravery and presumption.

- We put goetta on everything here! Sandwiches, soups, pizza, newborns, sore muscles, mortal wounds, your creeping, horrifying, all consuming existential dread.

-You are walking home in the middle of the night. Someone is behind you. You pick up your pace. They match. You break into a sprint, turning down what you were SURE was Vine but is actually a dead-end alley. You whirl around to defend yourself, leaving the wall behind you. The figure is gone. You relax, laughing at your panicked response. Suddenly, a soft whisper at your ear… “What high school did you go to?”

“Publicity Stunt” (Sehun x Reader)

“Can I have a Sehun scenario, where you (also famous) and him have to date, for promotions, and you both first got to know each other and after awhile you start to fall in love. Thank you :) love you and your blog btw!❤

Name: “Publicity Stunt”

Character: Oh Sehun (EXO)

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1,909

Originally posted by wooyoung

(gif credit to the original owner)

The words of your boss were harrowing. Yet, due to your status, you couldn’t deny him. He was always thinking up with ways of increasing your popularity: to get you noticed in the media. That day, he had stepped over that line bordering the plains of “sanity” and “insanity”. It’s all for the job is what you’d tell yourself. Being an idol was tough but it never lead you to fake a public relationship. But, here you both were. You were being towered over by SM’s famous maknae: Oh Sehun. A lump in your throat formed. The hairs on the back of your neck stood on edge. He was tall and brooding. His dark eyes pierced you with mere curiosity but it felt as if you were being interrogated just by his gaze. You were part of a new girl group: the first for your company. So, your boss wanted to give your group a rise in publicity. This, of all things, meant you had to pretend to date Sehun from the beloved EXO. He was adored and practically worshipped by millions of young girls. Now, you had to join them. “Nice to meet you, I am Sehun,” he greeted. A slight smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. “I’m (Y/N),” you responded. You didn’t mean to sound cold, but nerves had obliterated your senses. You both stared at each other. Neither of you had any idea of what to do. “Right, now you two have met, let’s sort out living arrangements,” your boss interjected. Both of your eyes widened. Nervous glances were exchanged. “(Y/N).”
“Yes?” you replied obediently. The pace of your breathing had quickened. You tried to ignore the maknae’s strong presence but it was almost impossible. “You will be living with Sehun for 5 days a week and you will still have your schedule as normal.” And with that, it was decided. Your boyfriend was now Sehun.

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A Warrior's Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think. 

RATING: Mature. 

It did not take long for Maebh to learn what was expected of her and for the most part, she noticed her day consisted of many of the same chores she had always had to do before she had been taken and brought to Asgard. Though there were a few problems at the beginning with regards the differences in method she used, but as long as it was done to an acceptable standard, Loki made no issue of it. Aslaug however, never once attempted to mask her disdain for the thrall, and the differences gave her justification in her own mind for snapping at Maebh, though the girl seldom knew as to why she was being punished.

Nafi seemingly loved having his own human toy to play with. It was usually him that woke her from the pile of old pelts she slept on in the corner of his room so to play with her, not long after the sun rose most mornings. Maebh, for her part, decided to use the enthusiastic youngster to help her learn more words of their peculiar dialect. Often she pointed to something she had been expected to work with and waited until he informed her of its name. Within days she had learnt over fifty words, much to the young boy’s pride and her master’s delight, when he called for a pale of water for a cow, it had been Maebh that had come to his assistance with only a verbal request. She received a slightly larger portion of food after that evening for her efforts. 

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da capo -

Restart, restart, restart ♪
      ▸ If I Could Fly – One Direction

AU: Musician
Pairing: Kise x Reader
Genre: Semi-angst
Words: 2386 words
A/N: I would’ve made it longer but sobs it’s too long already.
WARNING(S): Mentions of alcohol

The music pulsed through his veins. The adrenaline coursed through his whole body. Sickening. Intoxicating. It drove him to the sort of satisfaction that could never be achieved through anything else. He strummed the last chord before the crowd erupted in cheers. He relished that. He lived for that rush.

“Thank you and goodnight!”

He flopped down on the couch backstage as a please grin spread across his face, “Wasn’t that another success? Bring on the girls!”

Aomine chuckled, shaking his head. “You sure that’s a good idea?”

“Why not?” He frowned. “Just because you’re hitched now doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.” Kise tipped back another bottle of beer. Not strong enough. He poured himself a shot of vodka and threw it back, letting the alcohol burn down his throat. That was nice.

“I’m not hitched,” Aomine rolled his eyes but couldn’t get the shit-eating grin off his face. Kise snorted. “Hey, you’ve got ____. She’s cool. I dig her.”

“She’s my friend.”

“Mhm,” Aomine smirked.

“Are you really going to do this again?” Kise sighed, shaking his head.

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Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Being in the Hospital For a Serious Injury

I hope you don’t mind that I am tweaking your request just to be them hearing that she was injured seriously/ waiting to hear news in the waiting room because your request was a little too broad and I had to narrow it down. 

So I did a reaction like this a long time ago and I was going to link you to it, but it was like my fifth reaction and it was fucking disgusting. I wanted to gag. I almost deleted it. Just…ugh. So, I am redoing it because no one should be exposed to whatever I was thinking when I made that. 


He gently set his phone down onto the table in the dressing room, knowing he had to be on stage in five minutes. Her sister had not been clear about what happened because she didn’t know all the details, but she had found her unconscious in their apartment. He needed to find the manager and talk to him, but then he remembered their relationship still wasn’t public. He couldn’t just leave. 


He waited silently outside of the waiting room, not able to sit with her family and hear them panic. It was too overwhelming. Why was it taking so long for a doctor to get back to them? It only told him that her condition was more serious than they had originally let on. We just wanted straight answers. 


He sat quietly among her family, listening to the frantic sobbing of her little sister and trying very hard to remain calm. He did the talking for her mother, knowing that she couldn’t handle talking to the doctor herself. 


He got the text mid way through his concert and was just trying to hang in, holding onto the hope that her condition would not get any worse. Kai tried not to look distracted, but he couldn’t help it. He felt nauseous. He just wanted to see her and make sure she’d be okay. 


He had been up all night in the waiting room, hoping to hear some kind of news. When he went to get coffee from down the street to help himself and her mother stay awake, the cameras began snapping all around him. He ignored it and made his order, trying to shake off the twisting in his stomach and his fatigue. 


All he could do was wait to hear news of how the surgery went. She had been been hit by a car walking home from work and her injuries had been serious enough for her to be put in emergency care and labeled to be in critical condition. They had put her into emergancy surgery and he was just waiting to hear if they were successful or not. He didn’t speak, his thoughts just lingered on the fact that he felt like someone had punched a hole in his stomach. 


He listened very carefully to everything the doctor told him, feeling his stomach knot uncomfortably inside him at the news. Her condition was not good and the doctor had made it very clear the next few hours would be important if she was going to survive her injuries. Lay slowly walked to the chairs and sat down, running his hand through his hair.


He wasn’t ready to go to the hospital yet, knowing her family was there. Luhan went to the roof they sometimes sat on at night, looking up at the sky as they talked quietly about their future or individual dreams. Even though it was raining he waited there, keeping his phone close. 


He waited in the room by himself, knowing he was the only person she had in South Korea. Her family lived overseas and he had already called her mother and explained the accident she had been in. Now he just had to wait until someone came and told him about her condition. The silence in the room was deafening. 


He tried very hard to be the positive force of energy in the room, but he had ended up crying, worrying so much for her safety. He just wanted someone to come and tell him she would be okay but instead he was stuck waiting among her family members who were just as emotional as he was. 


He took in several deep breathes as he put the phone down on the coffee table in front of him. She had been in an accident and she was not okay. The hospital had made it seem very serious, life threatening. He wiped away the tears that had forced when he was told and got his jacket, planning to head there. 


It had been a very long day of rehearsals and that had been cut short by the phone call. He found himself passing time in the waiting room, sitting next to Luhan who had come with him to keep him company. He tried to be positive as he waited for the doctors to tell him something, but his stomach was twisting in all the wrong ways. He simply waited and he waited silently. 

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What a Catch

[ @ye-lost-bard ]

The male looked at the Bard and nodded slowly “Alright,” he said “though yes you’ll wake up in one piece.” Îrphan seemed distracted after that going back to flexing his feet and curling his toes getting a few for how the joints moved.
“How do you deal with these?” He soon blurted out after a few seconds with a look of distaste. “No wonder others have told me dry land is no fun. Everything his bland even you humans.”
The albino then looked ahead of them to take in their surroundings his head snapping around at all the sounds. He seem to be curious enough about the dry land even though he had made such a harsh comment about it.

The third [email] was from “Cassie98.” I opened it and read it.

“Jake, oooh baby, you are the man for me. I love your big manly shoulders. I love your piercing brown eyes. (They are brown, right?) But most of all, I love the macho, manly way you boss us all around, snapping out orders left and right. I think of you as the new Clint Eastwood. I must have you all to myself. Signed, Cashier. XXX.”

I sighed. Marco, of course. Cassie seldom goes online, and never sends E-mail, and would certainly never send me such a stupid E-mail. Kind of a shame, actually. But this was definitely the work of Marco, using one of his many fake screen names.

I clicked on the “Create Mail” command. I thought for a moment, then typed.

“Cassie, you know I like you, too. But I have vowed not to get involved with any girl until my best friend, Marco, gets at least one girl to like him. And since we know that’s never going to happen, I guess we’ll never get together. Signed, Jake.”

—  Book #16: The Warning, pg. 4 (by K.A. Applegate)