I did a couple of passes for this same shot. This one is a very short yet hard shot for me to do. 

My 1st pass is a very old take, and the early design of the character didn’t really have a focused direction - so it needed to be redone for sure. I realize he’s probably doing a bit too much for this scene; it being borderline over-acted.

The 2nd pass was definitely a lot more controlled, but I felt it lacked the intensity from the 1st pass. It was not dynamic enough, and the character felt like he wasn’t emotionally in the scene. It felt like he was just gliding to the poses, so it didn’t really have enough character to it. (Also, it’s evenly timed…)

The 3rd pass, I actually got advice and feedback from my friend Rune - who helped me figure out the poses. Draftsmanship and clear drawing are some of my wain weaknesses, so its always great to have someone else point out what causes the issues. Its pushed, yet more controlled and simplified. The gun leaving the screen as he swings adds a dynamism to the animation. It’s much snappier, for this being part of an action segment; it makes sense. I’ll have to come back and fix the drawing a bit so its a bit closer to the model of the 2nd, but I definitely learned a lot from re doing this shot a bunch. 

Prompto Week - Day 4: Alternate Universe

Me and my cohort @aero-n-dynamicsArranged Marriage au - after Lucis gains the upperhand in the conflict against Niflheim, their offer their Prince Prompto to be married to Noctis as a sign of peace [and like. actual peace. not their shady bullshit in the game]

here’s my design for bloodstone (her gem is on her back)

They’re often called the “Big Sister” gems for typically being supportive, kind and patient among their jasper and amethyst sisters. They wield large swords and are only thrown into battle if situations are dire.

Typically they are used to train jaspers and amethysts and love to encourage and motivate them into working harder. Older bloodstone’s are typically more aggressive and snappier but still try to keep their positive demeanor when training gems.

they do not tolerate bullying or teasing among the jaspers and amethysts and will scold them if any of them mock others for being “imperfect”. Unfortunately they have no power over Holly Blue’s that terrorize gems so they make an attempt to comfort them when their shifts are over.

Shuddering Darkness

ao3 |

Summary: Jason hadn’t meant to let any of this happen. It happened anyways.

I’ve been working on this for the past couple months, and this is something like the fourth or fifth time I’ve rewritten it. The last draft was less than 6k. This one is about 400 words short of 8k. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to wrangle a fic so much, but I just think it’s because it’s from Jason’s POV and Jason’s always tought for me to write in general.

Thanks to those of you who donated! I really appreciate it! And thanks to @preciousthingsareprecious for all of the suggestions!

“A case?” Dick asked, sounding bewildered. “And you need my help why?”

Jason scowled underneath his helmet. Dick couldn’t see it, but it was totally aimed his way, and it made Jason feel a bit better. He hated to go running to Dick like this, but he was running out of time and options.

An up and coming drug lord, Darren Sommers, was trying to expand his drug business by kidnapping children straight from the streets of Gotham and hooking them on his new experimental drugs. The more kids he hooked, the more people seemed to be interested. He was also one of the most revolting men Jason had ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on, and he’d met a lot of disgusting men. Killed a lot of them, too.

Only, most of the others didn’t have a lot of backup. Sommers did. Seven beefy guys armed to their teeth. All of them obviously professionals. Traps all around his base of operations.

Jason hated to admit it, even to himself, but he wasn’t going to be able to take this guy down by himself, especially when he didn’t know how Sommers was even getting to these kids on Red Hood’s watch.

He hadn’t wanted to go to Nightwing, but he wasn’t sure if waiting for a few nights to look for the help he wanted would damn even more kids. Some part of him thinks he should feel grateful it was Dick he’d run into tonight, instead of Bruce or the Demon Brat, but Jason’s not up to feeling the gratitude right now.

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Back to School - Part One

A/N: A rare Sam fic coming your way.  This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Seasons of Love - Colors of Fall challenge. Since I don’t write Sam very often, feedback is extra appreciated on this. This might turn into a mini series of four parts, one for each of Karis Season of Love challenge. Also, thank you @thorne93 for betaing this for me.

Summary: When Dean goes to purgatory, Sam decides not to go look for his brother. Instead he goes back to Stanford to complete his law degree, and that’s where he met you. (wow… one hell of a summary, right?!)

Prompt: Rain

Characters: Reader, Sam

Warnings: Fluff.

Wordcount: 2450

Originally posted by deeceetrash

Starting college again at the age of thirty sounded like a good plan until you found yourself in the library, two weeks in, with your head buried in four different books at the same time and not being able to make heads or tails of it at all. You groaned loudly and let your head fall to the table, earning yourself a round of ‘shhh’s’ from the quiet room.

The study of mythical creatures seemed like such an interesting addition to your history major, it also sounded like an easy way to get a little extra credit, but that had come back to bite you in the ass already and you were now reevaluating all of your life choices.

“Mind if I sit here?” a friendly, yet deep, voice asked, making you look up from the books in front of you.

“Go ahead,” you offered, gathering up a little of your clutter to make space for the stranger. He was tall, handsome, brown hair that framed his face nicely, a jaw covered in short stubble and quite possibly the kindest hazel eyes you had ever seen.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a reddie fic where Richie is talking to a girl and realizes that Eddie is jealous

also posted this on my AO3 !

“There he fucking goes again,” is the first thing Eddie says to Beverly upon arriving at the fair. It’s the second day of the week-long festival in Derry and Richie Tozier is already going around playing the man whore.Eddie understands, he does. There are a lot of pretty girls that come to the fair from all around the state, so any guy who is interested in women would love the opportunity to sneak in a casual flirt or two – Richie obviously being one of them. Just these two days Eddie has seen him talk to more girls than he’s seen Henry Bowers in a fight. And that’s, well, that’s a lot.“A hello would’ve been nice,” Beverly smirks at him with knowing eyes, painfully aware of how bad Eddie feels.It’s not that Richie is not allowed to talk to girls, not at all. He should talk to as many girls as he wants, ask them on dates and win them stuffed animals at the booths littered all around the main street. Of course he should, if that’s what makes him feel the thrill of a flirt. Eddie, though. Eddie knows very well Richie is allowed to do all those things; the guy is single, basically a walking ball of energy and sexual innuendos spill out of his mouth without a pause all day. He deserves to let some of his teenage frustration out with some giggly strangers who are more than willing to jump into conversation with the local flirt. Eddie would know – because if you care, yours truly is head-over-heels for his own best friend, aforementioned Richie Tozier. 

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Supernatural Preference - Dealing with your death

A/N: Hey guys!! So this is my first time kinda writing a preference so I’m not sure if this is how you do it haha😅It’s a little short but yeah, and I hope you don’t mind that I added Gadreel, I couldn’t help it, I miss that cutie :’) Anyways, enjoy!!

Request: Could you right a preference like imagine about how dean sam and cas would deal with your death? I would appreciate it greatly!

Dean Winchester:

Dean would blame himself. He couldn’t help but feel that if only he had come earlier he could’ve saved you. He isolates himself from everyone, drinking at the bar to try and forget about the pain but it doesn’t work. Dean would get angry at himself, he’ll try and keep it from Sam but he’ll express it as he fights during cases, making him snappier. He would also spend his nights drinking, Sam getting worried for him and having to get Cas to use his powers so Dean could sleep.

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Denial (Steve Rogers x Reader)

does this angst reflect back on me cos i think it does


Song; Heavy by Linkin Park

Request; Ok, so this isn’t on your lyric prompt list, and I hope this is ok with you? Heavy feat kiiara by linkin park. I feel like this is a Steve song? Idk, thoughts on it?

Other characters featured; none 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; lotta angst, bit of swearing

Word count; 1331

Originally posted by wordstocrave

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For You (Part 2)

Thanks to @torakodragon  for this absolutely adorable art and for being my muse in the sequel to For You which has gotten 295 NOTES LIKE WHAT

  Stiles is six when Talia starts to enforce the use of the coat pegs by the front door.

  “I had your father put those up to be used, not admired for his craftsmanship. Use them or extra chores,” She would tell her children. Stiles wasn’t quite tall enough to reach them and after the third near fatal attempt to use a precarious stack of things to reach his designated peg, someone would always be there to help him.

  But, Stiles was tall enough to do other things. Things that Laura had found so cute she had to coo at Derek until he went to smack her as his ears turned red. He had quickly started to undo the loose knot Stiles had put in the sleeves of their jackets, making it look like the articles of clothing were holding hands. But was brought to a halt by the sounds of quiet sniffles behind him.

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BTS reacting to them upsetting their gf in a fight

Requested by; anon

Is it okay to ask for a BTS reaction to upsetting their gf/getting in a fight? Thanks~


He’d feel so bad when he realised he upsetted you; but if he’s still furious he wouldn’t care and he’d stay angry. Though; he’d apologise once everything was somewhat okay and you two weren’t that angry anymore.


Honestly; in the middle of the fight he’ll get even snappier knowing he upsetted you. Either for two reasons; knowing he’s winning or getting angry at himself that results into him just getting angrier than he already is.


Really; he’d apologise immediately. From just the look on your face he’ll say sorry, not caring if you two were in the middle of a fight. He’ll keep on saying sorry until everything is back normal again.


When he’s angry, he shouts lots. Even while knowing you hate it; he’ll know when he said something wrong but that wouldn’t make him stop in an instant. Instead; he’ll keep it to himself and would try to calm down even if it takes long.


He’d hate having fights and he’d definitely hate having fights with you, though; he’ll be extremely petty. But once he knows he hurt you, he’ll stop immediately and would just leave you alone for a while.


He’d rather get upset because he upsetted you; he really feels your feelings well and sometimes it’s good, sometimes it isn’t. When he realised it, he’ll calm down and would apologise with a tight hug; not really saying anything.


Surprisingly; he’ll be so harsh and rude during fights, he wouldn’t care if he upset you. Once the fight was over and he’d thought about it; he’ll just quietly apologise, so many times because he’s worried he hurt you really bad.

is it enough?

Pairing:  Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger
For:  @itsjanetsnakehole
Prompt:  #7. Whiskey (Firewhisky)

“Here…” Draco slid the bottle of firewhisky towards her.  “You look like you need this more than me.”  

Hermione took one long look at the bottle and almost pushed it away.  But instead, she conjured two glasses and poured.  

He took a sip from the glass she offered him, wincing a little as he watched her down the whole lot from hers in one gulp.  

She coughed, her eyes watering as she set the glass back on the table in front of her. “Is that supposed to make me feel better? Have I had enough?”  

“I dunno…” Draco drawled, swirling the contents of his glass. “Will you go to bed with me, Granger?”  

She rolled her eyes.  “No.”  

“Probably not enough then…” he said with a smirk.  

“Ask me again when I’m not drinking,” she replied, taking the smirk right off his face.

“Will your response have changed?”

“No, but I’ll be able to think of a snappier way of saying it,” she teased.     

Do not think for one second that you have me fooled. I will find out who you are, then let your blood paint my blade if you wish to bring harm upon my brother

My au where the present McCree goes through weird time warp shenanigan and is the one to save Genji from being “killed” by his older brother, Hanzo.

Young Hanzo’s about nice as an angry porcupine when some cowboy appoints himself as Genji’s bodyguard and young Genji’s a rebellious teen who thinks the american gunslinger’s the coolest thing since his green hair dye.

But Jesse McCree is swab BAMF who you can’t help but be drawn to so of course Hanzo’s all angsty tsundere with his feelings where as McCree’s going crazy from trying to keep the green haired shit from getting killed while dealing with a younger and snappier version of his crush.

When Nursey is sick, he’s silent. He doesn’t check the group chat, doesn’t read messages from Bitty, or Chowder, or Dex. He doesn’t want to bother anyone with his illness. He feels useless and needy.

But someone comes to check on him. They always do. Bitty makes him soup. Chowder makes sure he has the medicine he needs. Dex stays with him. He says he can’t practice without his dman, says his class isn’t hard, and he can miss one day. He stays with Nursey, and minds him. Reheats soup for him. Makes sure he has water. Ensures he’s comfortable.

Nursey appreciates it all. Especially the way Dex cuddles him, making Nursey feel loved and cared for and definitely not like a burden.


When Dex is sick, he’s stubborn. No one is especially surprised by it. He keeps going to class, and practice, and work. He downplays how bad he feels. He doesn’t have time to be sick, can’t afford to be ill.

Its Nursey who gets him to the doctor, despite Dex’s hatred of them. Nursey keeps his boyfriend calm in the waiting room, knowing what Dex calls “a logical dislike of doctors” is a fear. Nursey collects his prescriptions, and emails Dex’s tutors and manager that he’s ill.

Dex appreciates it. He knows he’s snappier than usual when he’s sick, but he makes sure to thank Nursey for looking after him when he’s better. He especially makes sure to thank him for cuddling him until he fell asleep every time.

Seventeen (Performance Unit) Reaction to fighting with their s/o.


Originally posted by visual-17

Arguments with Hoshi would just be yelling at each other in very high pitched tones, letting out all the grievances about each other’s annoying habits. Hoshi had never mentioned them before because they just weren’t important to him, but during the argument he would exaggerate how much they annoy him. The fight would probably last a while, just each of you repeating the same things and complaining about anything that came to mind. Hoshi would probably end up moving around a lot during the argument, picking things up and tapping them and slamming them down onto tables again. He’d end up screaming at the end of the argument “Can we just stop this?!” and you’d both end up just standing, panting from the effort of the screaming match, staring at each other. The moment you stopped yelling you’d realise you weren’t actually mad at him, you’d just had a lot of stress to get out. You’d both sort of deflate and sit down on the sofa next to each other, exhausted. “That was intense.” “I’m sorry for what I said, I really don’t care about any of that stuff.”


A fight with Jun would break out after you did something to annoy him, and he would make an annoying comment would just kind of explode into a huge argument with lots of yelling. Jun wouldn’t be that into arguments, part of him would be yelling but another part of him would just be thinking how ridiculous the whole thing was. So arguments would probably end up with him snickering with amusement at the funny expression on your face and you’d end up yelling “What?!” at him. “You have a bit of drool, at the corner of your lip,” Jun’s jokes would not be well timed and you’d storm away. But Jun was no longer angry, and he wouldn’t be too worried about the argument. He would leave you to relax, and he’d go to the shops to get ingredients so when you came down from your room a little calmer, he would have prepared a meal for you so you could sit down and relax. He’d be quite comforting with you, perhaps offering to massage your shoulders as you watch a film. He wouldn’t feel the need to apologise since you’d both gotten stupidly angry, he just wanted to move past it.


Originally posted by saebum

Minghao really wouldn’t know what to do if he ended up in a serious fight with you, I think it’d probably come out of the blue. The fight would happen because Minghao had teased you about something, just thinking he was messing around but not realising you weren’t in the best of moods as it was. So when you snapped at him, he would sit really quiet for a long time, but you’d lose it and say something you hadn’t wanted to that would hurt him and he would snap at you. His yelling wouldn’t last for long, but it’d probably be full of spite and venom and would end up really hurting you. He would fall back into silence and just sit there, staring at you as he watched your reaction, his face not revealing the shock of what he said whilst in his mind there was just white noise of panic. As your whirled around and ran from the room he would just sit there, completely frozen in shock and unable to follow you. He wouldn’t move from his spot from a long time, you’d probably come down before he made a move towards you. You would probably approach a makeup first and he would just speak really quietly, just repeating “I am so sorry,” over and over, his disbelief evident on his face, not caring what you had said to him.


Originally posted by dino-net

Dino would be pretty tentative about bringing up issues, so he probably wouldn’t comment on anything himself. He would notice that you were feeling upset about something and he’d ask you what it was. It would be his constant bugging you about sharing what was upsetting you which would set you off, you’d reply in a way that was snappier than expected and Dino would get upset and complain about your attitude. Arguments with Dino wouldn’t include lots of shouting, it’d just be brutally honest, and kind of painful, comments made with each person getting gradually more and more upset and hurt. Dino wouldn’t let you walk away after an argument, he’d just stop suddenly and sigh and ask what you were arguing about. He would reach out for you, wanting to hold your hand, resting your foreheads together as you slowly came down from the upset feelings. Dino would speak honestly now, but he’d do it more kindly to try and come to some conclusions to fix your issues.

☼ Iris

Thank you for reading! We really hope you like it. We’re open for requests, so go ahead and message us!

I hope you are all ready for more ‘Luke Sunborn has a really bad time at a fancy elf party’!

In other news this story may need a snappier title.

Continued from here.

Elliot had let go of his wrist now Fierce was gone. Luke tried not to sneak glances at him too obviously. It wasn’t just the hair and the shirt and everything. There was a faint dusting of shimmering glitter across his cheekbones. It seemed to have been smeared along his collarbones as well, and lower. Part of Luke wanted nothing more than to drag Elliot into a dark corner and find out how low it went. It was worse than the Rose Red costume for the play all those years ago. That had been obviously just a costume, and this looked somehow more like an outfit: an outfit that an actual person had put on to say look at me, look at this, you know you want this.

Luke wanted him desperately, and was also feeling an uncomfortable clawing sensation in his gut at the thought of other people looking at him and wanting him too. Which was absurd. He couldn’t put Elliot somewhere inaccessibly high up and keep him there all for himself, and it was definitely weird and creepy that part of Luke really wanted to.

“Okay,” said Elliot. “Let’s go over the objectives for Luke and Serene.”

“Surely the objective of the evening is to have an enjoyable celebration for my wonderful beloved,” said Serene. Golden gave her a pitying look.

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