snapped skateboards

Things about Cronus I’m rereading from canon:

  • has attempted poetry, slam poetry and dubstep (labeled as bubstep)
  • “jeepers”
  • arguably taller than some of his friends? meenah does call cronus’ possible catches “shorties.” (then again they could all be short you never knooow).
  • cronus sobs at his crosshairs being snapped in half by meenah.
  • snaps mitunas skateboard in half later.
  • one of the only male characters to enthuse the idea of sleeping with another guy.
  • only uses chief once in openbound, and once in ministrife.
  • cronus would be considered the sorta anti-rufioh.
  • seems like cronus only started the whole human thing after entering the bubbles.
  • never calls kankri anything else but kankri.
  • doesnt flirt with kankri either.
  • seems to not flirt for particular quads that are already taken. 
  • goes on a brief date with hussie only for hussie to steal seahorse dad.
  • hussie bought cronus’ ring from meenah using the homestuck kickstarter money.
  • cronus says nyeh (twice) in canon, unlike eridan which is an outdated fanon concept. 
  • “sigh, nevwer evwen MIND, its so ruined nowv. (#just nevwer EVWEN)”
  • uses 8 for “B” in his caps lock words and I still wonder why.
  • says to meenah “ oh sure. no grub sauce on your hands! “ possibly hinting at the substance that is grub sauce?