snapped boards

y’all kyungsoo is so hot in the most subtle ways like he seems soft and small and fragile but then you take a closer look and he’s got thick biceps that flex and shoulderblades that could snap a board in half and there’s veins running down to his hands and he’s got the nicest thighs and hips and then he makes all those expressions with his eyebrows and his lips and what’s really frustrating is he KNOWS that he can get these reactions out of us and he’ll turn into this really confident sensual beast and???? it’s so????? infuriating??????

Ozqrow AU Fanfic Preview #2

A shorter preview than the other, but this time focusing on Qrow, who is also younger (I’ve decided Act 1 takes place while they’re both teens). I haven’t exactly decided what Qrow’s outfit is so that’ll probably be edited in the final draft. The previews are mainly the introduction to Oz and Qrow in the AU, but still leaving some foreshadowing and questions.

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Dean Winchester is a protector. 

At his purest, at his most distilled, he is someone who is alive to protect others. That has manifested most with Sam. His whole purpose in life, since as far back as he can remember, was to protect Sam. 

Make sure he has enough to eat. Make sure he sleeps well. Brush his teeth. Hold his hand. Keep him safe. 

We see it with Jo, with Kevin, and with Cas. 

Cas is an interesting view into this purest essence of Dean, because Castiel is more than human. Capable of healing himself, immensely powerful, ancient. But we see that protection in the way Dean chooses his words, in how he avoids and guides conversation. 

(Case in point: Season 7, where they’re sitting in the day room of the hospital after Cas ran from the confrontation. Dean sits there, he plays the game with him. And even when he snaps and throws the board, he immediately softens. Still trying to protect Cas.)

And that need to protect expands to the roles he plays in bystander’s lives. 

Dean is not religious. He doesn’t believe in God so much as he knows he exists. You don’t believe in air, you just know it’s there. But when Dean puts on the collar, he treats it with the utmost respect. Because people trust priests. They look to them for protection and guidance. 

It’s the same with a badge. 

Dean Winchester in three words: protect and serve. 

Tried burning a ouija board

My friend and I decided to play our last game of ouija. We got in contact with zoZo, but ZoZo hates her and not me. Long story behind it. Rather not say why but yeah anyways I don’t want this to be a tl;dr.
We tried burning the ouija board but it wouldn’t catch on fire. We burnt the planchette and snapped the board. Now I need advice from people who have ACTUALLY DONE THIS and the outcome of it. Don’t send me urban legends or your own beliefs. I need to know if any one of you have done this what has happened. Thanks.

The Half-Pipe King Returns in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5

You can’t keep a good skater down. You can break every bone in their body, snap their board in two, and slap ‘em with a hospital bill bigger than an island nation’s GOP, but you just can’t keep them down.

The genre defining, physics defying classic is back in THPS5. Robomodo, the crew that brought us Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, are rolling forward with the sequel on Activision’s dime.

The dev hopes to capture the series’ now classic over-the-top mechanics and spruce it up for the new age (kind of a trend with these revivals). Power-ups and projectiles (?) add to your skateboard/frail human arsenal. A bevy of new levels that play host to a bevier amount of missions can be tackled by your lonesome or online with friends. Progression accumulates online or off.

No date has been slapped on the deck but we know the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game will launch first with last-gen versions arriving sometime after.

Time was, it seemed as if EA’s Skate franchise face-planted Tony’s arcade skater into the ground. Since that series has left a four-wheeled void in the skate-sim market, maybe THPS off-kilter brand of extremely extreme sports gaming has room to wiggle. Is Robomodo chasing a ghost, though? Shit, if the soundtrack is half as good as it was back in ‘99, who cares? I’ll grind a ghost.


Written for my second square in femtropebingo, ‘friends to lovers.’
Also read it here on Ao3.

“Would you care to tell me what we’re doing in an emptyclassroom at midnight?” Jemma whispers. She’d been in her robe, in bed, doing a little bit of reading before turning out the lights, when Fitz dragged her here. She had to argue with him before he let her put on shoes. Really Skye, their other roommate, was a much better candidate for midnight adventures.

Needless to day, Jemma was not a happy camper. She had class in eight hours; she needed full night’s rest.

“I wanted to use the whiteboard,” Fitz explains, pulling black, blue, green, and red dry-erase markers out of his bag.

Jemma sighs. If he’s this well prepared, then he probably plans on being here for a while.

“I’m so glad we left our comfortable apartment to sneak into the chem building in the middle of the night, just so you could use the white board,” she snaps. “Finals don’t even start for another week, this could have waited.”

“Good point,” Fitz ignores her outburst and approaches the whiteboard with the black marker. He stretches his arm as far upwards as he can, and writes in bold letters ‘Operation JitSwS.’ “Which is why we need to get started.”

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Sourcebooks Fire is giving away advance copies of This Is Where It Ends along with chalk boards & chalk.

We invite you to read This Is Where It Ends and use the chalkboards to express how this book made you feel. Feel free to use words - even a single word - or pictures. Was there a certain character that spoke to you? Were you left speechless and angry? We want to know - and SEE it on your board. Snap a photo and share here on the Tumblr site for the book, or any of your social networks. Please tag all posts with #thisiswhereitends #sourcebooksfire.