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Bts As...Things I've done

(Because why not)

Seokjin: Gets excited to eat and mistakes tongue as food.

Yoongi: Hides in closet to sleeps during band class.

Namjoon: Accidentally electrocutes/shocks self while grabbing phone charger.

Hoseok: Has a panic attack in a haunted house that ten year olds could go through.

Jimin: Wear thick jackets all throughout summer because of insecurities

Taehyung: Asked teacher if you kept someone’s memories after a brain transplant.

Jungkook: Runs and hides anytime someone new looks at me.

Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - @averagefangurl23 

Hi, I love your work so much so I decided to request an imagine.Could you write a Thomas Doherty imagine where the reader has been getting a lot of hate on social media and the Descendants cast notice she isn’t herself so they all try to cheer her up and Thomas is being all cute and sweet and the cast die over it as the reader and Thomas both like each other but both are scared to admit it. Just a like lot of fluff. If you could do this I would die

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Thomas Doherty x Reader

Summary – (Y/N) is one of the stars of Disney Descendants who is beginning to get backlash and the cast, including her crush Thomas Doherty, try to cheer her up. 

Warning(s) - people being mean (Play nice!), fluff

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Ghost Stories, part one

“You’re not what I expected at all,” muttered Peridot.

Pearl paused mid-weld.  It had been a few days since Peridot’s meltdown, since she’d contacted Yellow Diamond only to have her faith in the Homeworld hierarchy shattered.  Garnet had spent a day calming her down, and they’d returned to working on the drill, so things were sort of back to normal, but Peridot had barely spoken to Pearl since.  No smug superiority, no plaintive whining about her ideas, no backhanded dismissals of her ability (which had actually been few and far between since the robot fight, to Peridot’s credit.  The little gremlin was trying, and Pearl appreciated that.)

No, Peridot had just…stared.

Not while she thought Pearl was watching, of course.  As soon as Pearl glanced in Peridot’s direction, she’d pretend she’d been completely engrossed in her work, but nobody had ever taught Peridot how to be subtle.  It had really started to grate, but Garnet had asked her to give Peridot time to adjust, and so…well, she had.

But now Peridot was talking to her again.


Well, might as well.

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BTS As...Things My Sister Has Said

Me: *comes home with pizza and wings for supper*

Sis: I already ate but I can eat again for pizza *takes a box and leaves*

Me: come on, let’s do our exercises

Sis: *gets up and takes her phone* I’m going to bed *proceeds to ignore any talk about exercise*

Me: *walking through a craft store* don’t touch anything

Sis: *breaks a vase* this is your fault

Me: I have a migraine, can you turn the volume down?

Sis: yeah sure *turns it down but screams when something funny happens*

*family fighting*

Sis: *to anyone possibly with hurt feelings* I love you

Me: *watches as she does a strange move* what are you doing?

Sis: I’m a little potato in my little habitat *month later* i now go by little potato

Sis: I’m a big girl sissy

Me: go clean your room

Sis: but I’m still a baby

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hc of dating harry holland pls!

i’ve actually already written this! this hc is from my collab book on wattpad ahh, hope you like it! sfdksjd harry’s a gem omg

dating harry holland would be like:

  • him lying in bed scrolling through instagram in the mornings and leaning over to show you cool artworks that fans have done of you two
  • being woken up by his loud laugh when he finds a funny video edit or meme in his tagged photos
  • “oh shit, sorry love! i didn’t mean to wake you, go back to sleep”
  • tessa coming in and curling up at your feet when you stay the night at his parents’ place
  • harry always posting photos of you on instagram with short but sweet captions
  • the frequent use of the 💘 emoji
  • hanging out with sam a lot and going with harry to watch his drama showcases
  • cooking cupcakes with paddy
  • cooking breakfast for the whole family the first time you stay over at harry’s
  • nikki being surprised but grateful, and giving you a hug when she comes downstairs
  • dom laughing at harry’s burnt bread smoking next to your perfectly toasted slices and saying “i’ll stick to y/n’s, thanks mate”
  • meeting tom for the first time and harry being really nervous and protective because “my brother’s the famous hot one”
  • you holding onto his hand the whole time and kissing him when no one’s looking to assure him he’s the one you love
  • tom complimenting how good you look together
  • meeting harrison as well of course
  • making a secret pact while harry’s not looking to support harrison in his twitter wars just to ensure harry loses at least once
  • early morning starts so you can drive to the seaside and catch the sunrise together from a hilltop
  • recording harry all the time and having camera duels that you share on twitter
  • cute sticky notes beside your bed in the morning if he has to wake up and leave early for a shoot
  • the back seat of your car being a mess of caps and hoodies that harry has left there and forgotten about
  • travelling to new york city for your first holiday together
  • staying in a fancy hotel and spending the first day in bed, ordering room service, taking selfies and livestreaming on instagram to talk to harry’s fans
  • the first time you’re stopped on the street by fans, you take a photo for them with harry but he drags you in for a second one, assuring them that you’ll be famous one day and “the photo will be worth millions”
  • wandering through the natural history museum hand-in-hand
  • laughing at the spiders on display and taking a selfie with harry pointing at the exhibit in the background to send to tom
  • night-time date in times square and harry takes a million photographs of you looking beautiful in the neon lights
  • harry sometimes feeling self-conscious about his body because he’s not a big gym-junkie like tom
  • you constantly reassuring him you love him just the way he is and wouldn’t change anything for the world
  • him learning how to braid hair on a youtube tutorial and testing it out on you on a rainy morning when you both don’t want to get up
  • paddy walking in on you kissing and yelling “EWWW” while sam pisses himself laughing in the background
  • drunk harry!!!!
  • his hair falling over his face when he’s drunk, strands curling down over his eyes
  • harry being really handsy when intoxicated
  • normally keeps PDA to a minimum but can’t help himself when he’s drunk and will makeout in the middle of the street at midnight if you want him to
  • you trying to get him to wear his glasses more because you think they’re “nerdy sexy”
  • showering and having matching couple towels that tom and harrison bought you as a joke but you actually now use unironically
  • being the one to say “i love you” first but harry saying it back immediately without any second thoughts because he’s been thinking about it for ages anyway
  • being best friends on snapchat and having a super long streak because harry knows your password and refuses to let it disappear, logging in to save it if the hourglass emoji appears
  • accompanying him on shoots and helping with the equipment
  • learning everything about the intricacies of film-making during break times and whenever harry is free
  • harry letting you say “action!” and laughing when you try to snap the board but accidentally catch your finger
  • kissing it better when you fake-sulk over him laughing at you
  • calling nikki for help with girl things and what to buy harry when you have mindblanks
  • driving paddy to auditions together when nikki and dom are away
  • casual dates at the cinemas a lot (duh, harry’s not only a director but also a 100/10 film geek)
  • you’d have a couples pass and the people who work at the cinema know you well because you’re there at least once a week
  • harry gushing over new movie trailers and sending links to your phone so you can watch

“You are my new pillow.” // doctor!taehyung

As you come to wake, eyes still shut, your body seems to have an ache you have very little memory of. Apart from your own thoughts of trying to remember what had happened, the low murmurings and noises make you open your eyes, taking in the sight of a bunch of people you’re certain you’ve never met before. Gulping through the mouth full of cotton and dryness, you clear your throat in hopes to ask… something but you’re not given that chance when the door slides open to reveal - “Tae…”

Said person steps through in his work attire you’ve mentioned how professional he looks. Stethoscope hanging by his neck, clipboard in his hands and with the tap against the side of the wall, people seem to disperse with admiration snapping from their eyes. They mumble a quick apology before scooting out and Taehyung closes the door soon after.

He turns to look at you, tipping his glasses up the bridge of his nose before asking: “Patient Y/N, how’re you feeling?”

“Should I be honest, Doctor Kim?”

“As how you should be,” He murmurs, standing by the end of your bed with a raise of his brow, hand gripping onto the pen by the paper snapped to his board.

“I’m okay… just trying to adjust,”

“Do you know why you’re here?” He inquires, but based on the look on your face he already knows the answer. But protocols are still in place regardless of who you are so he has to sit through you trying to think, ultimately failing and pouting at him to just tell you already. He fills you in with the things you’ve forgotten before you arrived here, even while you’re here, it’s hard to process everything that you make grabby hands at him.

“Can I have my boyfriend back?”

He bites the inside of his cheek, ready to let everything go but he knows there’s eyes by the window so he checks his wristwatch. With a finger held up, eyes pressuring the seconds to tick by faster… as it clicks to a 1PM, he walks around your bed to reach your side. Sitting down on the bed, he chucks the board aside and opens his arms, “Boyfriend currently in check, your doctor’s on a break,”

You lunge forward and hug him, wincing at the pain that stings and he hisses at you, palm stroking down your lower back gently, “Easy now… I’m not going anywhere,”

“You better not,” You murmur against his neck, squeezing him, “You are my new pillow now,”

“I have privileges as a boyfriend and a doctor but now have downgraded to be a pillow. Is this the outcome of going to med school for so many years?”

He chuckles when you whine, getting used to his body warmth and staying in this position that he decides it’s too much for you, now, so he keeps quiet. However, before he kisses the side of your head, he takes a quick glance outside the peeping eyes and prepares you with: “You’re gonna hear a little something,”

You look up to him, whispering: “Are those your workers or something?”

“Mostly juniors, some under my wing, but they’ve never met you before so when they paged your name in and saw how I flipped, I think they’ve put the pieces together on their own,”

“…hey, they’re smart so…”

“Wanna freak them out?”

“…is this gonna hurt?”

“Not at all,” He grins, leaning down to kiss your nose and on cue, there’s an uproar outside your ward that you laugh and hide your face in his shoulder.

“You’re gonna kill me,”

“Not if you do first. Have you seen yourself? You’re too adorable.”

BTS Reaction: S/O crying because they’re about to leave for tour

Seokjin: It would break his heart to see you so upset. It would hurt even more knowing he was the reason. As much as he’d love to stay home with you he has a job to do. He’ll hold you in his arms until he has to go and promises to Skype you every morning and every night.

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Yoongi: He wouldn’t show it in front of you but this tore him up inside. He’d assure you that he’d text and call you as often as he could and Skype you every night. He’d tell you that he wouldn’t give you a chance to miss him.

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Namjoon: He’d tell you right away that he’ll keep in contact and the time will fly. He’ll encourage you to make plans so you’re not stuck inside the house missing him. Like the others he’ll Skype you everyday.

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Hoseok: He’s just as emotional as you are. The thing he hates most about his job is always having to leave the ones he loves. The second you started to cry he’d cry too. He’ll hug you tight trying to convince both of you that it’ll be okay and time will go by fast. He calls you for the first time since he left as soon as the plane has taken off and he talks to you the whole flight off.

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Jimin: We all know he’s a very caring person. He doesn’t like to see anyone upset. He hugs you and talks about all the cool pictures he’ll send you and the concerts you can watch online. He’ll focus on the fun positive things to help cheer you up.

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Taehyung: Like Jimin he would make it all sound so excited even if he has to leave for a while. He’ll be hyper and happy spreading the feeling to you. He’d film everything constantly sending you pictures and videos making you feel like you were there with him.

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Jungkook: Like Yoongi he wouldn’t show how he truly felt on the outside. He doesn’t like breaking down and showing his emotions to others. He’ll be strong for you in hopes it makes you feel less sad. He smiles and hugs you until time to leave and when the car pulls away he calls you to remind you that he loves you and will be home soon.

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So you think you've summoned a demon through the Ouija board

Oh snap! After playing on the Ouija board, all these creepy things are happening inside your house! You’ve summoned a *dun dun DUUUUNNNNN* DEMON!!!

I’m here to tell you that no, no you didn’t. You did not summon a demon. 

Think of it this way. Demons are the opposite of angels. Could you accidentally summon an angel? Do you think that with some letters on cardboard you could accidentally invite an angel into your home? And in doing so, have that angel trapped in your home while strange things happened all around you?

No. Angels have way better things to do. So do demons.

But demonic possessions and demonic hauntings ARE a thing. But the Ouija board is not the start of it. Again, an all powerful entity does not care about letters on cardboard. If, somehow, a demon does come into your home and your life after using the Ouija board, they had their eyes on you WAY before you even thought about ever using a Ouija board. There has only been one case, EVER, of a demon possessing someone after Ouija board use, and it currently being dismissed as a possible hoax or severe mental illness. All other cases have been disproved either as hoaxes, undiagnosed mental illness or epilepsy, or induced by hallucinogenic drugs. All of them.

BUT, hypothetically, you just used the Ouija board and now weird things are happening in your home! What is going on??

You have a poltergeist. A poltergeist is any spirit that is able to control things in our world, such as turning off and on lights, throwing things, or scratching you or walls and furniture. Poltergeists can be good or bad. Most are good, and are just using your energy to try to get your attention one way or another. Unless you are being physically harmed, assume the poltergeist is friendly. They are just communicating the only way they can. I mean, if you suddenly went invisible and mute, and tried to tell someone you were there, you would throw stuff too.

If you do have a demon in your home, they would not resort to just turning lights on and off. They are far, FAR more powerful than poltergeists. Symptoms of a demonic haunting are:

-very deep scratches or wounds on your body. And not like cat scratches, deep cuts

-being awakened or disturbed by low, dark voices or growling

-feeling like you want to stay inside all day, not wanting to be outgoing 

-a feeling of dread or a sick feeling in your stomach when entering certain rooms

-a deep aversion to anything religious

-any religious items kept around the house will fall of the walls, or be smashed

-having a priest enter your house and they feel attacked or are physically attacked by an unseen entity

-all the poltergeist activity listed above happening frequently. Daily. Constantly.

If none of these things are happening to you, then you’re all good. But I gotta say it again, YOU WILL NOT SUMMON A DEMON THROUGH THE OUIJA BOARD. 



And like I’ve said before, demonic possessions or hauntings only occur to people who are deeply religious, and have grown up knowing and fearing demons. If you do not have demons in your religion, or are not religious, you will never have to worry about demons. 

But theouijagirl, what about Zozo???

Zozo seems to be a demon, but I can almost guarantee you that you are not talking to him. Let’s say Zozo is a demon, and likes to spend his time hopping around Ouija boards and deliberately freaking people out. Then Zozo is a huge MORON. Then Zozo is a powerless, weak demon that feeds off the dumbest form of fear possible. Go home, Zozo. Go home.

Or, if this isn’t the case, then you have a trickster spirit trying to scare you by pretending to be Zozo. 

And now that you know this, if you are on the Ouija board and encounter someone claiming to be Zozo, you know you are dealing with a regular trickster spirit or the most moronic, idiotic, pathetic demon to ever crawl out of the Underworld. You are totally safe.

I hope this is informative for you guys. Feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions!


➻ First Love. Yoongi.

“In the corner of my memory. A brown piano settled on one side .”

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