Italy→My Italian friend 

Taiwan→My Taiwanese friend 

If you can’t sleep at night, try those things. Except for my boyfriend, everybody in the house are girls(fujoshis) XD


[Ten uses the restroom]
Johnny: Make sure to put the toilet seat down.
Ten: Okay.
Ten: [to toilet seat] You’re worthless and nobody likes you.

I just realized since April’s almost over, I’ve officially been in the Hetalia fandom for six years now. Six. dang. years.

I was a junior in high school when I first watched Hetalia, I’m now a recent university graduate searching for Master’s degree programs.

Look at your life, Bianca. Look at your choices.

Every day is ne ne papa. Every night is ne ne papa.

Cannot escape…Hetalia.


Listen if you’re having a sad day treat yourself to some Pirce Is Right the excitement, and pure joy the contestants have on that show is infectious. Also, that game show is pure America soooo I had to draw some Public AU where America guest stars as one of the showroom guys and loves picking up and spinning the contestants around when they win. 


have some vintage lesbian swing dancing