Hey, does anyone know what’s happened with Ariadne? The person that was writing In Spirit on Ashwinder, Petulant, and Another amazing but unfinished fanfic… They seemed excited about the fic, but then they disappeared… Are they alright? Found the fic back… maybe ‘13 and been hoping for an update, but I doubt it’ll happen…

Just curious if they’re okay.
The Time-Turner

Ship: Snanger (Severus/Hermione)
Author: ShellSnapeLuver
Summary: Hermione uses a Time-Turner accidentally (on purpose). What happens when she travels back to the Marauder era? What will become of her future? Travel with ehr as she embarks on a journey that no one, especially Severus Snape, will forget.
Rating: NC-17
Chapters: 12 (Words 47,665)
Status: Completed

When Hermione is anonymously gifted a Time-Turner, her Gryffindor streak gets the best of her. How could she not use it to warn Harry’s parents and Sirius of their impending misfortunes? But the necklace unfortunately has other plans. I saw this ship and thought, “Why the hell not?” It is not especially well written on the front end, but if you trudge through the first two chapters, it gets better. There is too much Out of Characterness to even begin commenting on though, so you’ve been warned: nice, pining!Snape and lovestruck!Hermione. 


A video I made myself