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  • Snape: This is your copy of Advanced Potion-Making, is it, Potter?
  • Harry: Yes.
  • Snape: You're quite sure of that, are you, Potter?
  • Harry: Yes.
  • Snape: This is the copy of Advanced Potion-Making that you purchased from Flourish and Blotts?
  • Harry: Yes.
  • Snape: Then why does it have the name "Roonil Wazlib" written inside the front cover?
  • Harry: That's my nickname.
  • Snape: Your nickname.
  • Harry: Yeah ... that's what my friends call me
  • (from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)


Wait… So, James and Lily Potter’s patronuses were a stag and a doe respectively. Snape’s patronus is a doe, the exact same patronus as Lily’s because of his obsessive love for her. James’s stag was a complement to Lily’s doe, so they were literally soul mates. Someone else has a stag patronus. Who could that be? Harry of course! SNAPE AND HARRY ARE SOULMATES!!!

your fave is problematic:

severus snape is extra™ af

- he billows his cape out whenever he enters a room because the man likes to make entrances
- do we even see anyone else wearing floor length capes the way snape does??
- he only wears black and he wears ridiculously fancy buckingham jackets for no reason other than he likes to
- his speech for harry’s first potions class? talk about poetic and unnecessarily dramatic. sounds like my old essays for english class when I was embellishing sentences to add word count
- #confirmed captivating voice during said speech when he spoke softly and dramatically™ and everyone hung on to every word
- he wrote a poem/riddle as a trap. the man probably was seated in his quarters with a glass of blackberry wine as he thought about writing a poem
- he likes to loom over students and look threatening
- he has no right to speak as eloquently as he does and who does he think he is with all those. dramatic. pauses.
- he’s always scowling to keep people from talking to him like that’s so #relatable
- you never hear him approach. he’s just?? there??
- his entrance when he subbed for lupins class in prisoner of azkaban?? talk about dramatics
- “it. is. I, severus snape.” in dh and he was hiding behind a bloody suit of armor in the middle of the night?? spying and just waiting to make an entrance
- he lives in the bloody dungeons. talk about edgy
- he’s called a bat for a reason you know and it’s because he’s a literal terrifying shadow swooping in from the dungeons with his cloak flared out
- theres no reason for any of this.

tl;dr severus snape is so fucking extra and I love my angry bat of the dungeons so much

The people who hate Snape, do they hate Voldemort with the same passion? What about Lucius, or Barty Crouch Jr, or Bellatrix? I see a hell of a lot hating Snape and loving Bellatrix (she’s kind of a lot worse tbh, the hypocrisy…). Not to mention Voldemort himself. And all the other Death Eaters. It must suck to hate half the characters in a series of books with a passion, idk how people even manage to enjoy it at all. They keep turning actually interesting, tridimensional characters into “he’s just evil and that’s it” which is pretty sad tbh considering all the effort Rowling made into making her characters tridimensional. Now, let’s hate on Sirius and James too for bullying Snape and trying to send him into the Shrieking Shack for Lupin to attack him. No? I know. Nobody wants to hate them. Nobody wants to hate Draco for all the wrong choices he made. Hell, as I said most people don’t even hate actually evil-only death eaters, but are so QUICK to hate on Snape. I’m tired of this. Snape is a tridimensional character who has a lot of conflict inside him which is probably too hard for people to understand. It’s easier to understand characters who are only good or only bad.

“Remember two years ago when we took fifty points off per student for a broken curfew and those students all got ostracized by their House for the rest of the year because it was such a big deal?”

Do you think, give how arbitrary the point system is, that the professors ever debate amongst themselves when they think someone took/gave too many points?

In the “staff has iPhones AU:”

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Do you think Snape's doe patronus suits him as a character without taking Lily into account? I personally think it comes from a place that's full of beauty and goodness, the same place where his lullaby healing spell comes from. The doe symbolizes grace and gentleness among others. I can't help but think of his gliding walk, his billowing robes, the way he describes potions. I think of how he gently wipes blood from Draco's face, how he lays people in stretchers in POA. It suits him very well.

I can’t honestly say I’ve ever thought about it, but I enjoyed reading your take on it.

I suppose I’ve always headcanoned that Snape had a different patronus prior to the doe, and I’ve always seen the doe as Lily’s - and the change of patronus almost symbolises the death of what Snape used to be.

However, I think that just joins on to what you said.  We don’t know when Snape created his healing spell for Sectumsempra, but I quite like the idea that it came after his defection; I like the idea that he himself became more aligned with the ‘good’ of his patronus…that the wannabe Death Eater who had a different patronus might never have seen the worth in the healing spell, but the man he becomes does.

A Study On Patronuses

Ok so I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about James Potter’s patronus vs Snape’s patronus. People have been talking about how since James’s is a stag, he complements Lily, and it means he loves her, while Snape’s doe shows his obsession with her. (Obviously since Lily’s patronus is a doe) And there’s been talk about how “love is different than obsession and this is why Snape didn’t *really* love her, and that’s why she would always have chosen James blah blah.”

I’m not arguing the fact that she would’ve always chosen James. James and Lily have complementary patronuses. Lily is a doe, and James is a stag. Their patronuses were not influenced by each other, but they are a pair because they themselves fit as a pair. Their personalities and experiences make them alike and compatible.

But Snape having the same patronus as Lily doesn’t make him obsessed with her.

Expecto Patronum literally translates to “I await a guardian.”

A patronus takes the form of an animal, and the charm becomes semi-sentient, seemingly with a mind of its own.

The Patronus is a protector against dementors, which take good memories and leave only bad ones.

What form a person’s patronus takes is dependent on their personality, their experiences, and their good and bad memories.


Throughout his years at Hogwarts, Harry uses the idea of his father as a shield and almost like a security blanket. He decides to die on his feet, *like his father.*

He plays Quidditch, *like his father.*

He looks like his father. He “struts” like his father.

The idea of his father as a hero he can emulate gives him strength.

And Harry is very like his father. But he is also an individual, with a very different personality, and very different experiences.

Harry’s patronus isn’t a stag.

Harry’s patronus is his father.

His father is the guardian that he holds and the ideal and role model that he expects to see him through dark times.

When saving Sirius from the dementor’s kiss, his intention is to protect an innocent man, and his godfather, but more importantly his dad’s best friend. He draws on James and what he knows of him, and his patronus takes the form of a stag…

Not because he’s so like his father that they have the same patronus, but because James is Harry’s patronus.

That established, Snape’s patronus is a doe for similar reasons. Snape loved Lily. He was influenced by her. She was his happy memory. In dark times, Snape held on to the thought of Lily, as is apparent from his years of bitterness risking his life and protecting her son.

When Snape casts a patronus in the astronomy tower, Dumbledore asks, “Lily? After all this time?”

Snape’s patronus isn’t a doe because he’s obsessed with Lily.

His patronus *is* Lily. Lily is his unwitting guardian against the dark, just as James is for Harry.

Snape’s patronus may take the form of a doe, just as Harry’s patronus takes the form of a stag, but their patronuses are Lily and James.

And I don’t mean that the souls of Lily and James are chilling out around town to pop up and save Snape and Harry from dementors when the need arises, but the essence of Lily and James, the memory of them, the idea of them, the comfort they bring, are the patronuses. Snape’s patronus looks like a doe because Lily’s patronus is a doe and Snape’s patronus is Lily redeeming him. Harry’s patronus looks like a stag because James’s patronus was a stag and Harry’s patronus is his father protecting him.

Snape’s patronus being a doe doesn’t mean he’s obsessed with her. He loves her. His patronus is a doe because he sees Lily as his protector and his guardian, as he did in school, and as he “always” will.

These have been my feelings. Thank you very much.

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This is one of my favorite parts of this book, because it’s so apparent from how the rest of the staff is talking that they’ve ranted mercilessly about every bullshit thing Lockhart has ever said/done behind his back. It makes me really sad that Hogwarts professors will never have iPhones, because their group messages would be fucking hilarious. Can you imagine them sitting in the Great Hall for dinner and just ranting to each other via text about every stupid thing Lockhart is saying immediately after he says it?