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Question not confession- Everyone always saying Harry is tall/Ron is taller/Hermione is the shortest but taller than Ginny,etc.(also apparently Neville is shorter than Harry?) but do we have like- canonical heights? or like what do people think their heights are? thoughts?

We don’t have canonical heights. It’s all due to crazies (like me) who collect details and use them to figure this kind of mundane, needless crap out haha

For example with DH when everyones turning into harry.

Hermione and Mundungus were shooting upward; Ron, Fred, and George were shrinking;

So with this, Hermione is the shortest because she is growing up to become Harry, Ron and the Twins are all taller than Harry cause they’re shrinking.

But, in GoF when Harry meets Charlie;

Charlie was built like the twins, shorter and stockier than Percy and Ron, who were both long and lanky.

The twins are shorter and stockier, Ron is only 14 at this point and already taller than them. So he’s almost certainly much taller than them by the end of his growing.

then theres

“I’ll get to the point, then,” said Sirius, standing up. He was rather taller than Snape


Harry did not dare look directly at Draco, but saw him obliquely; a figure slightly taller than he was, rising from an armchair, his face a pale and pointed blur beneath white-blond hair.

ANYWAY. Things like that, we string together and compare. It’s difficult sometimes because JK likes the word ‘tall’. Like Narcissa is TALL. but harry is as tall as her at 16 years old. And Voldemort describes James as tall but voldemort is REALLY tall so why would he do that? When we know Harry in DH is basically the same height as James. And that Sirius AND Voldemort are taller. 

anyway, I have written here what I came up with years ago xDD 

Ginny – 5’3 (shes always described as small so i think she got the shorter/stockier Molly genes.)
Hermione – 5’5 
Harry/James – 5’9 
Draco – 5’9 
Snape – 5'10
Fred and George – 5’11
Neville – 5'11
Sirius – 6'1
Ron – 6’3 

I have others but whatevs.