• What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I'm really not fine with the fact that some people think snape was actually a good person because he tried to make up for his mistakes by protecting an orphan that lost his parents BECAUSE OF HIM. Also he fucking abused his students, even the one he was supposed to FUCKING PROTECT remember???, called the only friend he had a mudblood, joined a racist organization because he was rejected by some chick, created his own spell to slice people in half and make sushi out of them, told the dark lord about a profecy and only regretted it because it was interpreted to be about the woman that he had loved but friendzoned him because he was a racist bastard and
Shit Slytherins Say: #10
—  “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts and the stupid ones are full of confidence”
What is love?

Love makes us selfish

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And love makes us selfless. 

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Love makes us weak

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and love makes us strong.

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Love makes us sad 

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and love makes us happy. 

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Love builds us up

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And love breaks us down.

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Love hurts 

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And love heals. 

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Loving is flying

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 And loving is falling.

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Loving is enduring 

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And loving is leaving.

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To protect 

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To neglect.

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It all comes from love.

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And if there’s one thing you must know about love 

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It’s that, 

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Love makes us fools. 


Shit Slytherins Say: #15
  • Gryffindor: "Made anyone cry today?"
  • Slytherin: "Sadly, no. But it's only 4:30."

darker and darker

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“So you’re going to go out with him. On a date. And…and you don’t mind him? The fact that he’s nothing like you— nothing like us?” He wasn’t trying to sound angry, or crazed, or hurt like some wild animal. Like the way he sounded now, his dark hair falling in front of his eyes as though trying to hide it. Severus scooted back until he hit the tree, and leaned against that for support.

Lily wanted to talk.
The note asked him to come out here at midnight.
He’d been happy. Even hopeful.

“No— you don’t know that about him, Sev!” Lily Evans was beautiful in the moonlight. Maybe that was a word too strongly used at their age. Sixteen was surely too young. But sixteen was the year Severus needed to figure things out. He wouldn’t go back to that place another year, where his parents tore down the world and tore down their son. Such a pathetic son with one hopeful dream left. Lily’s skin glowed pearly bright. Her hair was— not like a cliched curtain. Like a sheet of gossamer. Like flames, flickering in the light. “I think we were wrong about him. I want to give him a chance: he…he seems really interested in me.“

"He is.” The tone went disdainful and cold. Severus swallowed, shook his curls away from his face. “He looks at you like he already owns you. Like he expects you to like him. He looks at you like you don’t even have a history— like you don’t have me as a friend. Or maybe you just haven’t told him the difference yet?“

"He doesn’t do any of that, Severus! You’re…completely blowing this out of proportion. He’s a pure blood who sees me as another witch. That’s more than a lot of people do!” Lily crossed her arms on the defensive.

“What I mean to say is— how I want to put it—”

“You can’t come up with anything logical against me dating him, can you? We’ve been over it. He doesn’t want to hurt me. He is genuinely interested. I could break it off if I wanted to and you’re standing there telling me you want the best for me, and then— what?”

“I just wanted to know,” Snape cut in, and looked up coldly. “Whether you had any thoughts on dating a man who’s a bully and actively targets me. Or did I stop being your friend, already, Lily? After all this time?“

Lily didn’t say anything. She turned her head, sighed, and leaned against the adjacent tree.

"You’re growing up to be a talented witch,” he told her, aware he’d hurt her feelings. His heart ached. Because as much as he didn’t want to hurt himself, he didn’t want to hurt her either. “I still mean every word I tell you. You’re beautiful and you’ll make some really big changes in the world. Our world. Even the muggle world.“

"I know what you feel, Severus.” She said it slowly. Quietly. She turned to look at him, the wind rustling coldly, and Snape looked up sharply. “I know what you’re thinking. How could I reject you and— and accept him?“

"I know why. You don’t have to explain it to me,” he said curtly. Lily Evans had accepted the most popular boy in school. But he’d always known she’d go far, she’d have the best. And Severus Snape was not the best for anyone. Lily Evans had accepted someone and the fight was over. “Well, thanks for telling me.“ He pushed himself off the tree, tall and lanky and awkward and not at all attractive like well built, well loved James Potter.

"Severus….” But she made no moves to keep him, and Severus’s pride carried him away and back up into his dorm.

Because James made her excited. Made her feel like she had to try to gain his affections, while Severus was only far too eager to give everything away, too eager to finally have someone called his own to love. And since he’d saw her as that heart hungry kid he was, running away from his house burning down and his mum screaming and his dad going mad as usual, he’d known it’d be her. Lily Evans. Lily, with the pretty pale skin and the green eyes, and the brightness in her life that wouldn’t be dampened. And he’d give his worthless self to make her happen, whether she was a muggle born or not.

James Potter hadn’t been there when he’d taken on a gang of fourth years from his own House for picking on her. He hadn’t known what it was like scraping together money every year to get her a present, even when he had to save up to buy his own supplies every year. He didn’t know what it was like to fight and hope on one little woman when Eileen Prince Snape had passed away and Severus was really alone in the world, with friends that Lily Evans hated.

He’d done everything so lily could be comfortable around him. Happy. And then she’d fallen for a Gryffindor like herself. Maybe it wasn’t the choices that mattered, about who each of them really were. It was just fate that decided, well, Severus Snape didn’t deserve a thing because he was a greasy, pathetic fool.