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Hi! Can you please direct me to some sites that have good drarry fanfiction rec lists? Thanks in advance :)

Reccing the rec lists. How meta. Also trickier than anticipated. The thing is, there are a lot of well-organized rec lists that I’ve used at some point that stopped updating years ago. I think it contributes to this larger sense that H/D fandom is dying or that there’s no good new work coming out, which is blatantly untrue, but of course you’re not going to see that if you only look at rec lists from 2006. So I’ve split these into a couple of different categories below. I didn’t want to leave off some of the older ones that I’ve found useful, but I’d really encourage you to check out the ones that are still updating, where the quality and timeliness of the recs can point you to loads of great new fics.

Currently Updating Rec Lists

Capitu’s Drary Recs - Capitu reads everything. I have no idea how she does it, but damn. Her recs always give you the info you need about the story (title, author, rating, word count, summary) and she writes a paragraph or two explaining why she likes it. She’s also got everything tagged brilliantly, so you can see her recs by era, rating, occupation, genre, word count, topping/bottoming and other content. Totally invaluable.

The Crack Broom – multiship HP recs with a huge Harry/Draco tag here. This comm is updated by volunteers who rotate out, so you get recs from many different people, which include the author’s summary, the reccer’s reasons for reccing, and an excerpt from the story.

Gracerene’s Recs – You can find all of her drarry recs here on tumblr or here on livejournal. Gracerene reads really widely and does not shy away from reccing stuff because it’s smoking hot, which I love. You can also follow her on tumblr here to get all of her multifandom recs straight to your dash, and if you visit her tumblr you’ll see a great tagging system that’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

H/D Storyroom – like crack_broom this comm has a rotating group of reccers, so you get recs from lots of people, but these are all H/D. Tags sort by author, content, era, genre, rating, status, and type of work. Very handy!

Mab’s Recs – Mab’s masterlist of recs is here, and there’s tons of good H/D there, alongside other HP fic recs. Clicking on any of the titles will take you to recs that give you everything you need to know plus a sentence of two explaining what she liked about the story, and her tags can point you to fics by author, rating, and other content. You can also follow her here to get the recs to your dash, plus other great HP stuff.

Best-Of Lists (not updated)

25 Most Read H/D Fics (2010)  - An update to the list of classics below, this poll listed 280 nominees and had 680 participants, so a pretty broad spectrum of slightly newer fics.

Gracerene’s Top 25 H/D Fics – After a year of reccing, gracerene made a list of her 25 favorites, which is an awesome resource and includes fantastic newer fics that you won’t find on other lists. The comments are also a treasure trove, and gracerene included honorable mentions, so it’s really more than 25.

H/D New Classics (2005) – This list is from a fandom poll with about 100 participants/800 votes. Lots to get started with. You can also see the list of all the nominess here.

Pir8fancier’s Harry/Draco Recs  - these recs are pretty barebones – title, rating, word count – but I’ve read every one of them and they’re all excellent. You won’t go wrong here.

Other Recs Lists (not updating)

The Drarry Library (through 2012) – Thorough and well organized. The library lets you search by title, era, rating, length, genre, career, and author, while the masterlist gives an alphabetical listing of every fic they’ve recced. They don’t give much info about why they’re reccing, but it’s a good, comprehensive list that gives you the basics that you need to know.

Painless_j’s Recs  (through 2008) – These seem like they were the gold standard for a while, and they’re quite comprehensive. Painless_j divides the recs by pairing and length. Within each page there are signs next to titles that are recced extra hard and good explanations of why things are recced.  Painless_j also has some themed lists that I’ve seen people recommend and that are useful if you’re looking for something specific.

Sectum-Bloody-Sempra (through 2013) – Possibly the most jointly amusing and useful rec list I’ve come across. The basic premise is that Professor Snape is grading D/H fanfic, so you get the summarizing info, but also a grade and a review in Snape’s voice, followed by comments from 2 or 3 reviewers who graded the fic for plot, characterization, writing level, creativity, and wrap up. The fics that are 4.5 or 5 stars are all astoundingly good, and you also get those 3-ish star fics that are really solid.  Go to the Slug Club for top-rated fics, or search the Library by title, author, genre, length, rating, or grade. (I’m still hoping for a revival of this one. They were looking for volunteers at one point, and I’d be so flipping psyched if they started up again.)

Unadrift’s Recs (through 2011) – This rec list is organized by the vibe of the fic (feelgood, dirtywrong, post-war fallout, etc.) Great for when you’re looking for a certain feeling without wanting to wade through other info.

You might try checking to see what your favorite authors and artists have recced on lj/tumblr or what they have bookmarked on AO3. You can also keep an eye out for things like Rectober, run by birdsofshore (which looks like it might run again) in which loads of people offered at least a few recs a week in their favorite fandoms (meglw0228 has a masterlist of recs here and birdsofshore has a masterlist of participants here). You can also keep track of favorite authors and explore their previous works. And don’t be afraid of trying new things – there’s lots of great fic out there, much of which isn’t captured in older rec lists, but will still more than fulfill your Drarry needs!

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t self-promo a little. You can check out the archive of daily drarry quotes (which are all recs and give you a tiny taste of the fic) here, and my recs here.

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Would you mind explain what everyone does I sort of got lost along the way

As far as jobs? Yeah, no prob.  This will be very long, but informational, I swear.

  • Alex kind of drifts between lawyering and activism (aka yelling at congress), currently he’s a consultant for Washington. Contributes to many news outlets. He’s relatively chill on twitter but on tumblr and facebook it is ON. 
    • all for BLM, LGBT+ rights, raising the minimum wage, closing the wage gap, better education, pro-immigration (*snape voice* obviously), the list goes on. Except for Wall Street. Sorry everyone, but he’s cool with them.
  • Angelica has her news empire that she runs, and John Church is her co-founder and colleague (they’re also exes but on good terms). Fairly large in BLM, but what she’s best known for is going after cops acquited after killing innocent black people and bringing to light the disproportionate amount of black trans women in prison. She’s ruthless and brilliant and she drives bigots up a wall. And they run up quick because she’s right behind ‘em! 
    • On a similar note, she has a program she created called Bring Back Words, which encourages high school students to find a way to learn the value of the written word. They’re exposed to multiple different kinds of writing and asked to do whatever the hell they want, so long as it makes sense and they enjoy it. Sounds weird on paper, but great in application
  •  Laurens has his own Daily/Tonight/Late show type thing in which everyone is in period clothing because why not. Peggy, Seabury, Lee, America (occasionally) and George III are his analysts/minions/costars. he gives them their own segments and collaborates on bits with them quite often, but he takes pride in being the head honcho. Huge advocate for LGBT+ rights and the Black Lives Matter movement. His love for Alexander is “totally and utterly unconditional, with the odd exception of any dates between January 1st and December 31st. On those days I tolerate him becasuse he’s just so damn cute.”

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