snape is such a g

when the marauders all finally reunite in the afterlife, it’s weird. peter isn’t there, not because he’s not dead but because he doesn’t dare approach them and they completely ignore him. taunting snape now seems too childish, and torturing him too extreme. they’re different ages now; remus and sirius are older than james and lily, more warriors than children, and you can feel it rather than see. and whatever happened between sirius and remus, well, now tonks is there and it’s awkward, so awkward, and no one knows what to say. everybody else knows harry better than his parents do, and they feel terribly guilty. introductions are in order, and reintroductions, and there’s so much silence. things that used to be habit are now forced. they watch over the living, wanting to help, to say hello, but they rarely can. at first they were happy to see their old friends, but now… it’s more complicated than that.
when the marauders all finally reunite in the afterlife, it’s weird. not because the world is different, but because they are.

One Word: Amortentia - Oliver Wood

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Why you were being taught about the potion, you had no idea. It was more than clear that Snape was ever so against the topic, and it was only due to it being a part of the curriculum that he was even covering the blasted concoction, and even so, it was only to know how to avoid it, never how to make it.

But despite the clear disapproval of the topic from both your professor and at least half the class, you found yourself stood as a part of the class eyeing off the potion with a certain level of distrust. You knew it was supposed to smell different to every person, a mixture of your favourite smells or something of the like, but while many of your classmates were eagerly edging forward to see just what theirs might smell like, you stood back. Did you really want to know what it smelt like? What if it was supposed to smell like your true love? Did you really want to be able to distinguish them from a smell?

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Malfoy Headcanon

So, I have this big Headcanon thing about a strong friendship between Snape and Narcissa, and that is why she relies on him to protect Draco in HBP.

So I had this thought but first note these crucial facts to my story:
James, Lily, Severus: born in 1960
Lucius Malfoy: born in 1954
Narcissa Black-Malfoy: born in 1956
This would mean that Severus and them were in their first year, while Narcissa was in her fifth, and Lucius was in is seventh.

The start of it all:
-I can just imagine over their time at Hogwarts and maybe even before Narcissa and Lucius became very close, due to their pureblood attributes and close ages I’m sure that they had been introduced by their families.

-Also, I feel like overtime Lucius became friends with Snape. Even though he was younger, Lucius was nearing his end of schooling there so he wanted someone to really step up into his place, so he became good friends with Snape.

- Then, due to Lucius being in a relationship with Narcissa and being close friends with Snape, I’m sure that the two were introduced and spent some time together through Lucius.

-Then from that, I feel that since Narcissa spent a lot of time with Snape she got to hear some of his struggles against the Marauders and how he wasn’t close to Lily much anymore. Then through her rather intelligent mind and close attention to details she connected the dots and found that Snape had very strong feeling for Lily.

-Narcissa, then in private one day in the Slytherin common room, she pulled Snape aside and questioned him about it, and he wasn’t able to hide it from Narcissa at all, but he swore her to secrecy about it, especially to Lucius, and she kindly agreed and they played it off as if they weren’t that close except through Lucius, so no one would ever know.

-now the story, Flash forward a little ways, towards the night where Lily and James are murdered.

Narcissa was now pacing around on her cold wooden flooring, her baby asleep on the couch next to her. It was getting late, and there was till no sign of Lucius. ‘Missions run late all the time’ Narcissa thought to herself. But the terrible thought always dawned on her that one day Lucius will leave to go on one of these missions and then he will not return home to her. Narcissa began to get even more panicked thinking about it, then she heard a faint ‘pop’ and she turned around so quick you couldn’t even tell. She then saw Lucius standing across the room from her. She ran from her spot and jumped into his arms, her eyes swelling with tears at the sight and the touch of him. He held her tight in his arms not letting go, he knew that she needed it. A single tear streamed down her cheek and landed on his shoulder.

“Lucius… I got so worried… I-i began to think… I’m just so happy your home!” Lucius let her down a few moments later and a smile was spread right across his face. A puzzled look fell upon Narcissa’s as she asked,“ What happened?”

“Cissa, I’m not just home for right now, I’m home for good. Our mission this evening, the dark lord, something happened and he is gone. He hasn’t just apparated away either Cissa. The dark lord is finished… We’re free Narcissa, the war is over!”

Narcissa smiled bigger than ever and pulled her husband into another embrace.
“Oh Lucius! I love you so much! I’m so happy!”

Lucius held her right to him. “ Me too, baby! Me too!”

Narcissa then asked a question that she wasn’t prepared for the answer. “So what happened.”

Lucius replied,“ Well the last thing I heard of the Dark Lord had went to the Potters. You know they have a boy the same age a Draco.” Narcissa nodded as Lucius continued. “Well anyways what I heard is the most shocking thing ever, The dark lord went straight through and killed the father, then he went into the nursery and found the mother and he boy. He only wanted to boy, not her. So she wouldn’t get out of the way so he had to kill her too, sad really. But then, the boy, I guess from where the mother sacrificed herself to save him the boy… Cissa, the boy lived… He survived the killing curse…”

Narcissa was shocked. “Wow… Well I umm… I have to go somewhere now… I promise I will be back as soon as possible tho! Okay?” Narcissa gave her husband a quick kiss the she got her cloak and grabbed Draco, since Lucius was going to wash up she would just take him with her. As much as Narcissa was happy her husband was home and same she knew that there was somewhere that she had to be, because there was someone there that needed her desperately. Narcissa was all ready to go and then she walked over and apparated herself and her baby to Spinners End.

-She arrives and knocks on the door, but gets no answer. She draws out her wand and unlocks the door then gently pushes it open. She walks into the drawing room to find Snape in his usual chair, a dusty bottle of fire whisky on the coffee table next to him.

“Severus?” Narcissa said in a faint voice. “I’ve heard of the news from Lucius, how are you doing.”

His already puffy eyes began to swell with tears again, he looks up towards Narcissa as streams of water gently go down his previously tear-stained cheeks.

“Narcissa… I-I,” Snape began to choke up. “I told him to keep them safe, to keep her safe, the one thing I ask of the man, and… Oh, why her! Why did he have to take her! Narcissa what am I going to do?”

Narcissa took a seat beside him, carefully cradling her baby boy in her arms. “Severus, I don’t mean to intrude, I just thought that you might need a friend, to know that someone is there for you, someone that could help.”

“Well thank you Narcissa, but I think I am far beyond help. I just don’t know what to do…” He sobbed and then stared down at the infant that lied peacefully asleep his mothers arms.

“I’m sorry, I had to bring him with me. I hope you don’t mind.” Narcissa replied, possibly attempting to get Severus’ mind off of things. Then she swore that she saw the faintest smile creep upon his face as he looked down at the bundle of joy. Narcissa then continued,“ You know Severus, since we have all been tangled up in this war, I don’t believe that you have really gotten to meet mine and Lucius’ little boy. He’s around a year old, his name is Draco, and he takes his middle name as his fathers.”
Snape smiled as the baby made the slightest movement of its arms and then had a tiny yawn and opened its eyes. The baby’s bright blue’s looked up into Snape’s rather cold and dark ones. Snape’s facial expressions seemed to rapidly change and he beamed at the sight of the little boy.

Narcissa then asked,“ Would you like to hold him?”
Snape looked up at her with wide eyes and nodded slightly,“ C-could I?”
Narcissa smiled and adjusted her arms to hold him her little boy. “Absolutely!”
Snape smiled and accepted the tiny thing swaddled in blankets. He peered down upon it and smiled, bigger than Narcissa had ever seen before.
Narcissa then spoke again,“ You know, I probably shouldn’t tell you this without Lucius being here, but we would like to make you Draco’s godfather, if you would accept?”

“G-godfather?” Snape repeated.

“Yes, see if anything would ever be to happen to me and Lucius then you would be there to look after him.”

Snape looked down at the adorable little boy that he held in his arms, the one thing that had made him smile when he had forgotten how to. “Godfather… I would love to Narcissa! It would be my honor!”

They both beamed as Snape continued to peer down into the baby’s big blue eyes, that matched almost perfectly to his fathers and Snape thought to himself that he would treat this child as if it was his own and he would do anything to protect it, the love that he had had for Lily was nearly identical to the love that he now felt for this child.

-Much later, as Draco is nearing his 6th year at Hogwarts, Narcissa is terrified and hasn’t got a clue of what to do. Her husband has just been thrown into a cell in Azkaban, her son has been given a task by the dark lord and she would do anything to protect them both. She then remembered of the one person that she knows, that is able, that she can rely on in a crisis, the one person that would do exactly what she would do to save her son. And the one person that would do anything to save that boy would be Severus Snape.
Narcissa got up off of the bed from which she had been sitting up, one arm rested over the spot where her husband had once laid, as she tried her hardest to pick up the scent of his cologne off of his pillow. She ran into the drawing room where her sister, Bellatrix sat reading a book.
“Bella! I know where I have to go!” Narcissa said.

Bellatrix slowly looked up from her book, seeing an ounce of hope in her sister, something that she hadn’t seen in weeks. “What is it Cissy?”

“There is only one person that cares about Draco so strongly, and that is in the position to care for him while he is away at school. I mean I can’t be there to, so I feel like if I have someone there then I might feel a little bit better!” Narcissa said as she ran around the room grabbing her winter cloak.

Bella now set down her book and her full attention was on her frantic sister. “Oh no… Not him again! Cissy! You can’t be serious! Severus, he can’t be trusted, he is a foul lying git, and your going to trust him to watch over and protect your son! Your barking!”

Narcissa was now ready and she stuck her wand in the pocket of her robes, then slide on her gloves and looked at her sister. “Bella, I am being completely serious right now.” Narcissa then laughed. “Your my sister, you should know by now that I do not joke about my family, if they are in harms way, you can bet all the galleons in the world that I am going to be there doing whatever I possibly can to protect them. Bella you have to understand, I don’t have Lucius right now, I have to protect my son, I can’t loose him Bella, I can’t… And you know…” Narcissa’s smile had faded again and her face fell. She then cleared her throat and looked at her sister dead in the eyes saying,“ Bella I’m doing this, and I’m doing it now, do not even try to stop me!”

Narcissa walked over to a clear area and the apparated out of her manor. Her sister ran around the room, her mane of black hair flowing behind her, she threw on her cloak and apparated out as well. She wouldn’t dare let her sister go through this alone.

-Bellatrix arrived at Spinners End behind her sister and she looks around at all similar houses not having a clue of which one belongs to Severus Snape before she turned around to see her a figure she soon realized was her sister standing in front of a door and not moving. Narcissa stood in front of the door, she had raised her hand to knock on the door, the same door she had knocked on nearly 15 years ago. When she held an infant in her arms, going in to make sure that Severus was alright. Now, 15 years later and she is going in on her own accord, because her once little boy could end up being murdered by the end of the year. Narcissa couldn’t bare the thought of it, so she stood frozen in front of the solid door, rain falling upon her cloak, soaking her hair, and she didn’t even notice. Bellatrix walked up beside of her, Narcissa didn’t turn her head, instead Bella patted her sister in the back and said,“ It will be ok, Cissy.” Narcissa raised her hand and gently knocked on the door, this time being greeted by someone that didn’t resemble Snape, but a man with awfully looking thin hair, pale skin with very bad complexion, his teeth and feeble movements making him seem like a human form of rat, that was when Narcissa recognized the mans identity to be Peter Pettigrew.

“Lady Malfoy and Madam Lestrange? What do we owe this pleasure?” Said the man in a faint and squeaky voice.

“I wish to speak to Severus Snape, if you will?” Said Narcissa in a rather annoyed voice.

“Why of course, come in. He will be in the drawing room.” Narcissa walked in slowly, followed by her sister. They walked into the drawing room to where they found Snape sitting in the same chair he had been 15 years ago, but this time drinking tea and scanning over a new edition of the Daily Profit.

Narcissa stepped in and the floor let out a faint creak. Snape lowered the paper and looked up to see the two women. “Narcissa? Strange to see you here… Is there anything I can do for you? Please have a seat.”

Narcissa walked over and sat where she had before, whilst saying,“ Well, I’m actually here to ask you for some help. But… Well… I’m not supposed to speak of it, the dark lord, himself, forbade me to speak of it… But I couldn’t help myself… It’s about Draco…”

Snape nodded. “I see, if it is anything about this school year, he has been more than satisfactory in all of his classes. Near top of his class actually, he shouldn’t have a problem, so what seems to be troubling you, Narcissa?”

“No, no it’s nothing about his schoolwork, Lucius and I have been very pleased with all of that. It does involve this school year tho… It’s this task that the dark lord had given him.” Narcissa’s eyes began to swell, her vision becoming blurry through the tears.

“I was afraid you would mention that… As it happens I am aware of your situation. But, I am afraid that there is nothing I can do to change the dark lords mind, if that is what you are edging at, it simply cannot be done.”

“No, no, I would never, it’s just… I’m so worried about Draco. H-he’s just a boy Severus… He is just a boy… He shouldn’t be told to do these things, his main worries should be passing his exams and talking to girls, not… Not this! And it has to be because of Lucius’ mistake, I know it is! Am I mistaken Severus? Am I? Just please help me, I will do anything, I beg you please! Please Severus! Help me!”

“I’m afraid that there isn’t much that I could do Narcissa, I’m terribly sorry, but I don’t see an option here.” Narcissa began to cry, tears streamed down her cheeks rapidly.

Then she thought of something. “Wait… Severus! Please, just think back, remember to the first time I brought Draco here. He was only a baby, and I brought him along with me when I came to see if..,” Narcissa stopped herself remembering that her sister was still there. “… when I came to see how you were doing. You seemed down that night, rather upset, and then you saw that little boy. The little boy that changed your view of the world. You held him in your arms, and you seemed happier than ever before! Severus please! I’m begging you, remember back to when you would have died to save that little boys life, back to when that boy was the one thing that you cared about most in the world even though he wasn’t yours! Do that for me now! Severus, you are my last hope, my last chance, you are the only person that I have right now that can protect my son! So I am begging you, please! Do anything!” Narcissa was sobbing harder than ever now.

Snape looked over as he saw Narcissa had her head buried on her sisters shoulder, tears streaming down her red cheeks. He walked over and lifted her head up to where she was looking him in the eyes and he said,“ Narcissa, I will do everything in my power, to protect your son. As long as I have anything to do with it, your boy will be perfectly fine and I will make sure of it.”
Narcissa eyes widened and more tears streamed down her cheeks as she jumped off of her chair and into the arms of Severus to hug him.
“Oh thank you Severus! Thank you so much! You are incredible! Truly amazing! Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Will you make the unbreakable vow? I know that it is a lot to ask for but please!”

Bellatrix gave a small laugh figuring that Snape would say ‘no’,“ ha… Cissy, you couldn’t really believe that Sev-” To her surprise, she was cut off when Snape said,“ Bella, take out your wand…” She did so and walked up to her sister and Severus who were now ready to make the unbreakable vow. Bellatrix flicked her wand and then began to say what she needed until the process was finished and Narcissa drew back her hand, now feeling so much better over everything!

Narcissa beamed, tears still going down her cheeks and falling onto his shoulder. Narcissa turned to her sister, who still seemed somewhat annoyed at the fact that she was in the presence and home of Snape, yet happy for her sister and that her son would be alright. The trip to Snape’s had been far more helpful that she would have imagined.


INFPs are absolute idealists: they have values inside them which they really want to live by. This makes them good at encouraging other people’s growth, but can cause them to be too hard on themselves. They can be shy and reserved, but they’re incredibly passionate and intelligent individuals with an innate need to change the world.

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[FULL INTERVIEW] WINNER on K-BOY Paradise Japanese Magazine! (Nov. 14)

 participants in survival show to winners with 6 crowns - a winner’s parade

- 5 days after your debut in Korea you won first place on a music show, as a newcomer that is almost unimaginable, but how do you feel about it now?

Mino: I never thought or even imagined that we’d able to get first place. I didn’t see it coming at all. That we were able to get such a warm response right after debuting, that we saw our names on music charts was just…
Even if we have 5 trophies as a proof of us winning I still can’t seem to grasp it. It’s hard to even put how I feel into words because I’m so overwhelmed.

- But as a newbie group from YG Entertainment you must’ve at least had a hunch that it was a possibility?

Seungyoon: No no no, not at all. We were not even considering it as a possibility. As a newcomer to the music scene, winning first place is outrageous. We thought that if we could slowly go up in the rankings that would be enough. Though when we got first place, the ones who were the happiest were our fellow staff members, because they know just how hard we have worked.

- The group name WINNER comes from becoming the winners on a survival show, but what do they Team B members mean to you?

Seungyoon: Even though they are our rivals, they are also our comrades. We always talk about music when we get together. Our lead track Empty was created together with the members from Team B. Those guys are right now in a new survival show to get a chance to debut. I can’t wait until we get to stand on the same stage together once they debut, we have always talked about doing a stage together. When though we already got to do that on the YG Family concert I want us do something more proper. Like a throwback “WIN Concert”.

- By the way, that you were wearing short pants became quite the topic in Korea

Mino: Short pants, oh you mean in Color Ring

Jinwoo: Seunghoon’s outfit lol

Seunghoon: The first time I got to know that I was wearing that I was like “why shorts”

Jinwoo: (bursts out laughing)

Seunghoon: I never thought that my legs were that pretty, but our stylist pestered that I should wear it because I had pretty legs. So I did and in the end I felt quite comfortable wearing them.

Mino: It suited you! If it was Seungyoon wearing it I bet it would’ve looked odd.

Jinwoo: Yeah yeah, it suited you (still laughing)

Seunghoon: Jinwoo’s a bit weird today…

- We got to see a bit of what it looks like when you’re recording. You have a lot of retakes, you really do work hard.

Taehyun: It’s because we’re greedy people. And because we probably know that that person can do so much better than what they just delivered. When you do something over and over again, you will become better at it, because practice makes perfect, and you will overcome your own boundaries.

Seungyoon: He’s right.

- You debuted both in Korea and Japan around at the same time? Wasn’t recording tough?

Taehyun: It wasn’t all that tough, for me it was actually easier to sing in Japanese, because it doesn’t have as many stopping sounds as Korean. But of course there were some pronunciation difficulties.

Seungyoon: I agree with Taehyun that it was easier to sing in Japanese. But from a song writers perspective I was worried that the meaning behind our lyrics would get lost in translation.

Taehyun: I one day want to be able to write the lyrics in Japanese myself

Seungyoon: Well then you have to study harder lol

Seunghoon: I got so touched when I got to meet EXILE Jinwoo: I am in charge of the cuteness in WINNER Mino: When we placed first I was so shocked that I was spacing out Seungyoon: My aim is to get as famous as Big Bang and stand on the same stage that they are performing at. Taehyun: I want to be able to write lyrics in Japanese

- If you were to compare WINNER to a real family, who would be who?
Mino: Seunghoon and Seungyoon are both the moms. Seunghoon is the kind mom who makes us food and tidies up, but Seungyoon only nags at us.
Seunghoon: I’m the real mom of WINNER.
Mino: Jinwoo is the youngest son.
Seungyoon: What about yourself?
Mino: I’m the oldest son, and Taehyun is the little sister who just hit puberty lol.

- Do you think of yourself as the youngest son Jinwoo?

Jinwoo: Sorry what was the question, I was spacing out. (Mino repeats it for him) Aah, well to start off with Seungyoon is the mother, Seunghoon is the oldest son, Mino is the second son, Taehyun is the…. fath-, no I will make Seunghoon the father and Seunghoon the oldest son.

Seunghoon: Jinwoo you’re the family dog

Jinwoo: I guess I’m the puppy.

- You were the opening act for Big Bang’s Dome Tour. What were your thoughts about that?

Taehyun: Rather than the Dome Tour, I remember watching Big Bang walking on stage at A-Nation and how the 60,000 people in the audience got fired up the minute they stepped on stage. I wish we could get that response one day as well, only thinking about it makes my heart flutter.

Seungyoon: When I saw the whole audience waving Big Bang’s penlights it looked like a starry sky and I got deeply moved. I want us to experience that kind of view as well, so I want us to become a big name as fast as we possibly can.

- As Big Bang and WINNER are both 5 member groups, if you were to become Big Bang, who would be who? Or is there someone that you think is alike to a certain Big Bang member?

Seunghoon: Mino would be TOP, obviously. They are quite alike, both their charisma on stage, and funny manners off stage. Seungyoon is Seungri in the aspect that he takes care of all the speaking, especially here in Japan.

Mino: Seunghoon would be Daesung.

Seunghoon: My Japanese is still not very good, but I really try my best with the words that I am able to use.

- What about Taehyun and Jinwoo?

Seunghoon: Jinwoo would be Dara.

Jinwoo: Yeah yeah yeah!

Seunghoon: She officially scouted him to be apart of her YG Cutie line.

Mino: Taehyun is….

Taehyun: G-dragon!!!!

Mino: Snape from Harry Potter

Taehyun: What…

- So there’s no G-Dragon or Taeyang

Seunghoon: Not in WINNER!

- You previously came to Japan before debuting, do you have any spot that you like?

Seunghoon: Yeah we filmed most of WINNER TV in Japan. In Tokyo we went to Tokyo Tower, and Shibuya. But also I went to Kawagoe with Mino. It was a lot of fun

Mino: I want to go back to Kawagoe one day!

Taehyun: I remember running around like a fool in Shibuya. I usually don’t like moving around in haste like that, but I enjoyed that day very much. And when we found that statue, Hachiko? I was almost moved to tears.

Jinwoo: I went to Tokyo Tower alone, the view was amazing.

Seungyoon: I want to take Purikura again, we have something similar in Korea but the Japanese purikura is so different. Technology is amazing. Also I want to eat Ramen again.

- Any place that you’d like to visit next?

Jinwoo: I have one! I don’t know where it is but it’s from a drama I watched…. (Everyone bursts out laughing) Why are you guys laughing..?! It’s a hill called Hill of the Wind from the drama Engine. (T/N: It’s actually located in Tokyo)

Mino: I want to experience the Japanese country side!

Seunghoon: I want to go to the Studio Ghibli theme park!


Kang Seungyoon

- What’s your charm point?

Seungyoon: Hello I’m everyone’s leader Seungyoon! I always introduce myself as the leader with the charming smile. So I’d say my smile. But other than that, I’d say my peculiar sense of fashion and manly voice?

- Your Japanese is really impressive (he answered the following question without the help of an interpreter)

Seungyoon: I studied on my own prior to WINNER, and also we have a Japanese teacher at the agency.

- If you were to sum up your personality in one word, what would it be?

Seungyoon: I’m a good-natured person. It’s not like I’m a reallyyy good person, but I wouldn’t say I’m a bad person.

- If your dream of holding a solo concert at Tokyo Dome as WINNER, what would you ask from the CEO?

Seungyoon: To give us some freedom. I’d want a 3 month break to do whatever we want. Not saying that we’d put our activities at a halt if that times comes, but that we get to prepare for it in our own way.

- What’s the difference between promoting as a solo artist and as WINNER?

Seungyoon: I don’t feel lonely when I’m with WINNER. Also the music I did as a solo compared to the music we’re doing as WINNER is a different, my solo songs are bit more rock-ish. As I’m the leader, I feel like compared to when I was promoting solo I have become more mature, because I have to look out for our group and members.

- As the leader, do you have anything you want to say to your members?

Seungyoon: I don’t have any complains. I just wish for us to never forget our passion about music. I hope that we can be together even after 10 or 20 years has passed. As we grow old, I want us to stand on stage together instead of breaking up.

Nam Taehyun

- What’s your charm point?

Taehyun: It will be hard for people who have not met me to understand, but people tell me that I have this charm that will make people want to get to know me more.

- If you were to sum up your personality in one word, what would it be?

Taehyun: I don’t know… I have a lot of different charms?

- If your dream of holding a solo concert at Tokyo Dome as WINNER, what would you ask from the CEO?

Taehyun: If we were to become an artist that’s able to fill up all the seats at Tokyo Dome…. I would want to try calling our CEO “Hyung”, lol.

- That’s pretty bold of you.

Taehyun: I know but, I sorta became jealous of the Big Bang members calling our boss “Hyung”.

- As the fashionista of the group, is there anything you look out for?

Taehyun: I don’t really have a particular style, I like getting inspiration from people on the street our internet. And I always check out the new collections of my favorite brands. I’ve always been interested in fashion, and I like looking for clothes that suit me.

- In WINNER, who’s fashion is a bit “….”?

Taehyun: That’d be Seungyoon. Sometimes I don’t understand what he’s wearing lol. But I can’t bring myself to say it because he doesn’t seem the fault in his fashion so to speak. And I’m a pretty open person, so as long as he’s happy and content with it I don’t see a reason why he should change it.

- In the interview with Seungyoon he answered that his fashion was one of his charm points.

Taehyun: That’s pretty dangerous. But I will keep that in mind that he has a reason for why he dresses the way he does then. Haha.

Lee Seunghoon

- What’s your charm point?

Seunghoon: My body? It used to be my complex, because I was skinny, but after I started working out I’m more pleased with it now. But I won’t show you yet, I always leave the important things to last.

- If you were to sum up your personality in one word, what would it be?

Seunghoon: Orangutan?

- Really?

Seunghoon: It’s pretty simple actually. I like eating and leisurely hanging around.

- If your dream of holding a solo concert at Tokyo Dome as WINNER, what would you ask from the CEO?

Seunghoon: To unban the no love-ban? Hahahaha. No I’m just kidding. Maybe a car? But I guess I could buy that for myself…. Oh I know! A solo album!

- During WINNER TV, Seungyoon confessed that you nag a lot, what do you usually nag about when it comes to the other members?

Seunghoon: Back when we still didn’t know each other it could be all the little small things, but now we never complain.

- You used to live close to the agency because you really wanted to join YG, did you ever bump into any of the artists?

Seunghoon: I once saw SE7EN in his really cool sports car, it felt really surreal when I finally got accepted into YG.

Kim Jinwoo

- What’s your charm point?

Jinwoo: My big brown eyes? And my white fair skin? Hahahaha.

- If you were to sum up your personality in one word, what would it be?

Jinwoo: I’m quite reserved. I don’t open up to people that easily, but I let out my fun and crazy personality once we get to know each other.

- So what happens when you become friends with someone?
Jinwoo: Well, I start talking using informal speech, it’s all very polite until like our 4th meeting maybe.

- If your dream of holding a solo concert at Tokyo Dome as WINNER, what would you ask from the CEO?

Jinwoo: I’d ask him to buy me a house, or hopefully I will be able to afford it by myself by that time, so I guess… that he won’t ever kick me out of the agency or something along those lines.

- As you and Seungri were acquainted with each other prior to WINNER’s debut, did he give you any advice?

Jinwoo: When I was a trainee he told me not to give up until the end. And when our debut was announced he became as happy as if it was his own dream that came true.

- I heard that even if you’re usually very calm, you sometimes get in very high spirits all of a sudden. How do the members react to you in situations like that?

Jinwoo: Sometimes I can’t really read the mood, so sometimes I will be down when the others are cheerful, and sometimes I’m happy when the members are bit blue. But please don’t think of this as a bad thing. Haha.

Song Minho

- What’s your charm point?

Mino: My positive personality? Even if something bad happens I try to look at it from a positive angle and try to move on. Looks wise. I’d say my eyebrows, not like Taehyun, but mine are pretty thick, so even without make up they stand out.

- If you were to sum up your personality in one word, what would it be?

Mino: GENKI!

- If your dream of holding a solo concert at Tokyo Dome as WINNER, what would you ask from the CEO?

Mino: What would I ask for…….. A recording studio of my own?

- As you recorded a solo, and it even got a PV. What’s the difference between promoting as a solo artist and as WINNER?

Mino: That I get to do exactly what I want to do. That I get to show a different side of myself?

- You were quite active as a underground rapper, and you’ve already debuted once. Did that experience help you?

Mino: Of course. There’s no such thing as a worthless experience, there’s always something to learn. I guess I’m more used to the stage thanks to that I performed in live houses and such, and I don’t get nervous on TV or during events because I’ve done that previously as well.

Kang Seungyoon x Kim Jinwoo

- What was your first impression of each other?

Seungyoon: Ikemen!!
Jinwoo: I had previously seen him on Super Star K2 and I thought that he’d be cocky because he was a bit famous, but that was not the case at all. He was super nice and really nice kid.

- Is there anything that you’d like to do on stage together, the two of you?

Seungyoon: Actually yes, and I already have a song in mind. A RnB duet, it would be Jinwoo as the main and I’d just be featuring.

- Seems like you already have it planned out.

Seungyoon: Pretty much

Jinwoo: That’s completely the opposite of what I thought he would answer. I would actually like to cover Crooked by G-Dragon together. I feel like the song is of the genre that Seungyoon likes and personally I really like this song, so I thought that it would be a fun thing to do!

Seungyoon: Ooh! I like that idea! You know, instead of covering it I might as well make us a rock-ish duet song!

- Do you promise?

Seungyoon : I promise to try to make a song! Please look forward to it!

Jinwoo: I’m looking forward to it!!

- What would be your duo name then?

Seungyoon: What could be good… Seungyoon… Jinwoo…. Jinwoo…. Seungyoon…

Jinwoo: I know! Roommates!

- While watching WINNER TV, it really felt like the two of you were real brothers, with Seungyoon being the older one (lol). How is it in reality?

Seungyoon: Actually, due to that we fight a lot, lol. Or more like we tell each other off a lot.

Jinwoo: I’m the oldest and he’s the leader, so it’s natural for these kind of things to happen.

Seungyoon: As the leader I have to tell the members off and be strict, and sometimes Jinwoo comes up to me afterward and gives me advice on how to rephrase things in a nicer way….

Seungyoon: He also wakes the other members up

- Who tends to oversleep the most?

Jinwoo: We’re all about the same… I mean I do it sometimes too, then it’s another member who wakes me up. But it’s not one member who does it more often than the others

Jinwoo x Seunghoon

- What was your first impression of each other?

Seunghoon: It’s okay to be honest? Haha

Jinwoo: Tell me the truth!!! Anyways I felt right away that Seunghoon would become someone who’d be very useful to the team. That we could not be without him! So he had a very strong first impression.

Seunghoon: Well…… Jinwoo…… he was very nice. But on that day, he was not very neat. I mean I came in the middle of practice and his hair was a mess and he was dripping with sweat, yet he still helped me with the luggage. But it was hard to believe that he’d be the visual.

- Is there anything that you’d like to do on stage together, the two of you?

Seunghoon: Something that has never been done before, like trot!

Jinwoo: Ahahaha!

- Then what about your duo name?
Seunghoon: Team Boroboro (T/N: Boroboro is the word Seunghoon used to describe Jinwoo, boroboro means messy or scattered)

- It’s said that the two of you are the ones who shed the most tears in WINNER, is that true?

Jinwoo: Yes, but Seunghoon is actually the one who cries the most.

Seunghoon: Yes, I’m very emotional and I cry quite easily. I cried after we finished the recording for Color Ring. It was a mixture of feelings, but it was not because of that I was sad or anything. It had been a rough day.

Jinwoo: It’s actually very hard from me to cry, but I start to cry instantly when I think of my family.

- It feels like you have an calming effect on the rest of the members, but how is it when it’s just the two of you alone?

Seunghoon: Jinwoo uses me as his punching bag.

Jinwoo: I don’t!!!

Seunghoon: I think it is because he feels at ease with me but he teases me a lot and bumps into me on purpose.

Jinwoo: Haha… yeah. It’s because you are the most gullible!

- Who has the most aegyo within the group?

Jinwoo: I might look like I have it but, it’s actually Mino.

Seunghoon: He’s very affectionate, you can tell that he was raised with a lot of affection from his parents.

Song Mino x Lee Seunghoon

- What was your first impression of each other?

Mino: I knew who he was from watching him on Kpop Star, so I had the image of him being a really witty person but when I first met him he was super serious, and I got a bit disappointed because he was more boring than what I expected him to be.

Seunghoon: Well the same goes for me, when we heard about Mino he was referred to as a “member of Block B” and I thought someone like Zico would be enjoying us. lol

- So both of you were a bit disappointed with each other?

Seunghoon: Yeah you could say that, no but, what I remember about Mino from our first meeting, was that he was a tanned and chubby guy.

Mino: That’s mean! First you treated me coldly because I was the Block B guy, and now you say that I was a fatty!

Actually before I met Seunghoon I had already lost 30 kilos, and then after meeting them I lost another 5.

Seunghoon: When was this?!

Mino: During my first year of high school, I had a pretty round face compared to now.

- Is there anything that you’d like to do on stage together, the two of you?

Mino: Actually during the ZEPP tour we did a cover song together, but I would like us to release something just the two of us from WINNER. Something more hip hop styled as we are the rappers.

- What would be your duo name then?

Seunghoon: Seungho

Mino: …..but that would be the same as someone’s name!

Seunghoon: then lion!

Mino: Something funnier!!

Seunghoon: Tiger fang

Mino: I give up.

- I was told earlier that the two of you have a lot of aegyo. Even though you have more of a cool image.

Mino:Yeah… that’s right haha.

Song Mino x Nam Taehyun

- What was your first impression of each other?

Mino: He left a very strong first impression, he was very good looking and had a very alluring atmosphere to him. Now he has become very mature, but at that time his appearance was still very childish.

Taehyun: I was a baby huh~

Mino: At that time yes, but your attitude was more mature than the rest of us. Or it was more like you didn’t talk much so, we didn’t know about any of your hobbies

Taehyun: Hahaha! When I first met Mino I thought that he had just returned from the army.

Mino: I’m a soldier.

Taehyun: But yeah, he looked like he had just been discharged from the army. He looked kinda strict and very strong so..

Mino: Because of my skin color?!

Taehyun: I remember you wearing a hat so you could only see a glimpse of your eyes, but you glared at me with a scary face.

Mino: I did not! I actually tried to make a good impression and said “Hello~” to you properly

Taehyun: Really, you did? I didn’t notice…..

Mino: …….

Taehyun: I even heard from the other members that you’re hard to get along with. But when I got to know you, you were not a scary person at all!

- If the two of you would form a duo, what would you like to do?

Taehyun: I feel like we’d be able to pull off a sexy concept pretty well!

Mino: I also feel like we could do something more adult. Or very manly, wearing suits, and the song would be really sweet.

Taehyun: Sounds good!

- Then what about your duo name?

Taehyun: ……..

- Even amongst the fans, the two of you are known to be close friends. So take this opportunity and say something nice about each other.

Mino:Really for Taehyun, everything about him is charming and intriguing. He can make anyone fall for him within seconds.

Taehyun: I’m really jealous of Mino’s voice. It has such a pleasant tone. And I’m also jealous of his personality. And…

Mino: You mean there’s more?

Taehyun:Yes, of course! I’m jealous of how he can wear anything and look good in it, even though he might look like the type that would only suit baggy styled hip-hop type of clothes.

Mino: Oh…

Taehyun: And that’s not only concerning fashion either, he is a fantastic rapper in that sense that he can work with any type of music. Before I was under the impression that people in the hip-hop genre could not mix with any other genre, but he proved me wrong.

Mino: Thank you! Hehe

- When you’re alone what do you usually talk about?



Taehyun: Okay, no that’s a joke. Our conversations are usually really trivial.

Mino: Yeah, everyday type of conversations

- Mino said earlier that when he’s with Seunghoon, they joke a lot and try to come up with gags together. How is it when you’re with Taehyun? Do you make jokes together?

Mino: Nah, if something it would be me telling a joke and even then Taehyun won’t make a reaction

Taehyun: That’s not it!! I’m just bad with expressions, I’m usually really happy when you tell jokes I just don’t know how to react, so sometimes it just comes off as cold!

Mino: Oh okay!

Taehyun: Thanks for understanding

Translated by admin Isabella @ fy-winner / TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT

As Big Bang and WINNER are both 5 member groups, if you were to become Big Bang, who would be who? Or is there someone that you think is alike to a certain Big Bang member?
  • Seunghoon: Mino would be TOP, obviously. They are quite alike, both their charisma on stage, and funny manners off stage. Seungyoon is Seungri in the aspect that he takes care of all the speaking, especially here in Japan.
  • Mino: Seunghoon would be Daesung.
  • Seunghoon: My Japanese is still not very good, but I really try my best with the words that I am able to use.
  • What about Taehyun and Jinwoo?
  • Seunghoon: Jinwoo would be Dara.
  • Jinwoo: Yeah yeah yeah!
  • Seunghoon: She officially scouted him to be apart of her YG Cutie line.
  • Mino: Taehyun is….
  • Taehyun: G-dragon!!!!
  • Mino: Snape from Harry Potter
  • Taehyun: What…
  • So there’s no G-Dragon or Taeyang
  • Seunghoon: Not in WINNER
  • From K-BOY Paradise Japanese Magazine l Translated by admin Isabella @ fy-winner