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I've never understood the bullying of Harry as a point against snape because they knew voldie was coming back so he would have to be mean to keep up appearances and also most of the time Harry got in trouble he was talking during class or being a bad student in general(I would've hated Harry as a classmate)

yeah in harry’s case, i’m pretty sure a lot more of it was staged than fandom is willing to acknowledge. like, i’m absolutely sure snape disliked harry - both bc of james and bc of harry himself tbh - but i do think that harry is the boy-who-lived and even if snape approved of him in any manner, he would never be able to show that. even showing INDIFFERENCE to harry would make him suspect. and i think people forget that snape knows voldemort is coming back and he knows that he’s going to be asked to spy again - he’s always preparing for that moment. 

and i also think people forget that harry does legitimately do a lot of things that would get him in hot water with any professor, not just one that hates him. i agree that a lot of snape’s behavior toward harry is unjustified or mean - but some of it IS actually justified, like when harry talks back or messes up or isn’t focusing on his studies. that’s behavior that’s always going to warrant some level of discipline but it feels like antis won’t acknowledge that….? and snape’s punishments, at least, usually fit the crime (once again: USUALLY. there’s exceptions). take umbridge - harry talks back to her and treats her a lot like he treats snape, and she physically injures him & gaslights him. snape is definitely mean, but at least his detentions haven’t left harry permanently scarred…..?? or even really mentally traumatized in any real way. 

Dinner At The Malfoys

Ask: @ladyoakensheildmalfoypurdymanson gave a really good idea about an imagine where the reader and Draco are dating and they have a Christmas dinner at Draco’s. Then they kind of get embarrassed and sneak around

Prompt: you and Draco are at school when he asks you to come round his for Christmas dinner, then you get ready to go round his

Chapter 1

It was just an ordinary day at school and you and Draco were doing your ordinary, coupley things. It wasn’t only until lunch that he started acting a bit weird.

You know that he speaks to his dad everyday as he comes into school to have a look around and make sure everything was in order. So you started to think that something bad had happened to Draco’s family because he was acting up.

It was starting to bother you so you asked him, “Draco, is there something wrong? Is everything alright?” You said in a very soft tone so it’s calming for him. “Actually Y/N, there is something I need to talk to you about” Draco said with a nervous shake in his voice, this was getting you even more worried.

Things started to race around mind about what he could say, is he breaking up with you? He’s moving away? You then started to think logically about it and those options went out of your head.

Whilst you were silently getting yourself into a panic, Draco was trying to think of how to ask you what he wanted to say.

Draco finally plucked up the courage and asked you “Y/N, would you give me the pleasure of coming to attend my Christmas dinner?” He then quickly realised how posh he had sounded so he added on the end, “b-but you can obviously bring your dad if you want, I mean, my parents did say to invite both if you” he said with a slight stutter and nervous chuckle at the end.


You had to be at the Malfoys’ for 7:30 and it was already 6:45 and you hadn’t even figured out what you were wearing yet. So, you started picking out stuff from your wardrobe and chucking stuff on your bed that looks alright to wear.

Then you see your black dress that you love, it comes up to your mid-thigh and is a body con dress. It also shows a bit of cleavage but not too much and seeming as your going round there with your dad, you didn’t exactly want much else to be revealed.

You still needed to pick out shoes, do your makeup and your hair. There are a pair of black heels in the bottom of your wardrobe that you hadn’t worn in a while so you thought it would be nice to wear them.

Your hair and makeup wasn’t going to be simple though. You decided to put your hair up in a half bun and put a simple ebbing makeup look on. You put your shoe son and looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “I actually look alright for once!” Draco better appreciate the effort you went to for him.

Then Proffessor Snape, who is your dad, shouted up to you that it was time to go so you walked downstairs and out the door, ready to go to Malfoy Manor.

Dinner At The Malfoys

Ask: @ladyoakensheildmalfoypurdymanson gave a really good idea about an imagine where the reader and Draco are dating and they have a Christmas dinner at Draco’s. Then they kind of get embarrassed and sneak around

Prompt: you and your dad arrive at Malfoy Manor. You walk in and you all sit down in the lounge for a while before walking into the siding room

Chapter 1

You and your dad arrive at Malfoy Manor to find that you are greeted but the Malfoy family, all waiting for you both to get out of the car

As you get closer to them, you can see Draco dressed very smartly in an expensive looking tuxedo. You’ve never seen him in a suit like it so you knew that he made a big effort for tonight

When you step out of the car, you look straight to Draco. He scans every last bit of you and you can tell he’s thinking what he’d love to do to you because he stares into your eyes and winks at you in the way that makes you weak at the knees

Everyone then walks into the house, but you and Draco hang back and walk in last. He says “Y/N, I never knew anyone could ever look as beautiful as you do tonight”, he said this with a very soothing voice which sent shivers down your spine

When you are all in the house, you move into the lounge to have some time to chat amongst yourselves before dinner. You and Draco are talking between yourselves when you are both distracted by the sound of your names being mentioned in conversation, but the both of you glazed over it because it was probably just general conversation

The time finally came to have your dinner. You sat down right in front of Draco so you two could see eachother clearly throughout dinner. Halfway through the first course, Narcissa asks you “ Is it true, Y/N, that you used to run around in your underwear when it was the summer?”, whilst laughing to herself. This made you go bright red and you looked straight to your dad in disbelief that he would have mentioned that


After you had moaned at your dad for telling that story, dinner had resumed the way it should have been. Just when things had got back to normal, your dad had to ask the same type of question to Draco

“Draco, your father informed me of a time, when you were younger, that you got your head stuck between a fence?” This just sent you into fits of laughter, although you felt really embarrassed for Draco, you couldn’t help yourself but laugh

It was finally time for dessert, after the level of embarrassment, you and Draco couldn’t help but laugh when you looked at eachother. But then, his looked changed when he had another look at you in your dress. He noticed that it hugged you in all the right places and he was having ‘thoughts’ again. You thought to yourself, “I’m starting to look forward to what might happen after dinner

Things I accept from HP and the Cursed Child
  • Scorpius is a precious little dork.  
  • Harry does most of the cooking. 
  • Ron makes really bad Dad-jokes and gives all the cousins joke articles before they go back to Hogwarts.  
  • Hermione is Minister of Magic.  
  • Hermione and Ron hyphenated their last name.  Granger-Weasley
  • Astoria helps Draco see the light in himself.  
  • Fred and George ran a betting pool on if Ginny would end up in Slytherin because she could be so sneaky as a child. 
  • Scorpius and Albus are best friends to the slight discomfort of their parents. 
  • Harry neglects his paperwork.
  • Magical nursing homes are a riot. 
  • Ginny and Draco both wished they had the seemingly  instant inseparable friendships that Harry, Ron and Hermione had.  
  • Hermione “rebels” against her dentist parents by eating toffee.  
  • Harry visits Cedric’s grave because he still feels guilty.  He probably does this with others too (especially Tonks, Lupin, Mad-Eye and Sirius). 
  • Harry is scared of things; he’s just always pushed through them.  Some of these things: darkness and claustrophobia can be related back to the  cupboard under the stairs.  
  • Scorpius loves puns and alliteration. 
  • Snape would approve of Albus Severus’s name.  
  • Rose is really good at Quiddich and plays chaser.  
  • Hagrid decided when he first met little Harry in the rubble that they were going to be friends no matter what.   

And that’s it.  The rest was a very nice reminder of why I love being a potterfan, a really bad fanfic and questions about how on earth this worked on stage.  I can’t say I fully recognize this as Canon.  It was just too OOC.  


Request: Could you do an imagine one shot thingie where the reader is professor Snape’s god daughter from America and Draco develops a HUGE crush on her because she’s not like other Slytherins. She’s friends with everyone especially the golden trio. When Draco finally admits how he feels about her he is super duper awkward, but cute awkward, and she kisses him to make him stop babbling and shows that she returns his feelings. Snape approves of them. Sorry this was long, I really like super fluffy stuff.


When you first came to Hogwarts from America, you expected everyone to hate you. When you got sorted into Slytherin, you really expected everyone to hate you. Turns out you were wrong. You were friends with pretty much everyone, especially Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Some Slytherins didn’t like this, they called you a blood traitor, but you didn’t really mind.

What was odd, though, was that one certain Slytherin boy who cares an awful lot about blood status and who purebloods associate with, talked to you more than anyone else. Draco Malfoy tried talking to you any chance he got, and you didn’t mind at all. He was definitely the best looking boy in your grade.

“Y/L/N!” You heard someone call.

“Oh, hey Draco!” You greeted him and let out a small laugh as he ran to catch up to you.

“You’re looking absolutely wonderful today. But that’s nothing new,” Draco said.

You laughed again and blushed a little. “Well aren’t you just the sweetest.”

He glared at you. “Draco Malfoy is not sweet, Y/N.”

“Sure you’re not.” You smirked at him.

“Oh whatever. I’m only sweet for you.” He winked.

“Well I’m just honored!”

He laughed and put an arm over your shoulders.

“So I decided that I have to tell you something,” he said, sounding a little nervous.

You looked at him questionably. “And what would that be?”

Draco turned and looked at you.

“W-well um…you see it’s kind of um odd…no not odd. Just um well maybe unexpected?” Draco ran his hand through his hair and looked flustered. You looked at him with amusement. “I don’t really know. Um I guess I just kind of wanted to tell you that I really really like you and think you’re gorgeous and I mean it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way like totally fine, but I would still like to be friends. But I’d rather be your boyfriend but like, don’t feel obligated to-”

You cut him off with a kiss. “Shut up, Draco,” you said as you pulled away. “I would love to be your girlfriend.”

“Really?!” Draco looked as excited as a little kid on Christmas. He was absolutely adorable.

“Yes Draco, really. Well, that is if my god father approves,” you told him with a sly smile.

“Oh no, Y/N! What if he doesn’t!”

“Draco you’re his favorite student.”


You cut him off with another kiss.

“You talk to much.”

He blushed but smiled.

The two of you had dinner with your god father, Severus, that night.

Everything was going extremely well but Draco still looked tense.

When you all finished eating, Severus looked at Draco and then at you.

“Well, Y/N, I definitely approve,” he said with a small smile.

“Oh thank you so much!” You ran to give him a hug.

Draco shook his hand and thanked him.

“Just make sure you treat her right,” he said.

“Oh don’t worry, professor, I will. I never want to lose her.” He grinned at you with love filled eyes and you reciprocated the expression.

You never wanted to lose him either.

if harry and draco were friends they would stay up so late talking about their lives, they’d find comfort in each other. draco would sabotage harry’s potions any chance he got and accompany harry to the hospital wing when they exploded, laughing his head off all the way there. harry would hex the shit out of draco during DADA and draco would try to block them but harry was just a teensy bit better at defence than he was. they would be even more competitive during quidditch but cheer each other if only one of them was playing. mcgonagall would have migranes with all the rules that they broke and snape would not approve of them being friends and first but grow to accept it and also they would have gotten together a hECK LOT QUICKER

Y’all hating on Severus Snape like there’s no tomorrow because he was a bitter jerk to everyone but then worshiping Loki who killed 80 people in two days because he’s hot, snarky, and “misunderstood” and Moriarty who killed an eighty-something year old woman and strapped a bomb to a child just for his amusement