And the newest professor at Hogwarts is… You know you’ve all thought of it as a possibility lol

If Sirius Black had succeeded in what he set out to do (ie, killing Peter Pettigrew) both before his capture and after his escape, he would have ended up in Azkaban anyways. 

Peter was the only witness to Sirius’s innocence and was the only living person who knew that Sirius wasn’t the Potters’ Secret Keeper. Like a day after the Potters’ deaths, Sirius was hunting him down to actually KILL him, rather than going to Dumbledore or the Order to explain that the Potters had switched Secret Keepers and that Peter was the one who betrayed them. And we all know, he did manage to find Peter, only he walked into a trap which got him thrown in Azkaban. That said, had Sirius accomplished killing Peter, which he desperately wanted to do, he would have made himself look like a murderer in killing the ONLY person who was witness to his innocence, and like 99% sure he would have still ended up in Azkaban.

And after he escaped from Azkaban, again, he set out to kill Peter. This lead him to break into Hogwarts multiple times, attack the Fat Lady, and stand over a student’s bed with a knife. His single-mindedness in killing Peter is more understandable now that he’s already spent 12 years in Azkaban and he probably thought that his name wouldn’t be cleared, but his terrorizing of Hogwarts DID NOT help his case for innocence and made him look even more guilty. Even Dumbledore said, “Sirius has not acted like an innocent man”. Later at the Shack, Sirius and Lupin were both going to kill Peter, despite Peter being the only reliable witness to Sirius innocence. Again, here’s Sirius (and Lupin, for that matter) prioritizing revenge, even if it means killing a person in front of three children and even if it (probably) would probably cost Sirius his freedom. They don’t reconsider until Harry tells them otherwise.

tl;dr: Sirius could have avoided Azkaban altogether if he wasn’t such a reckless idiot. If he had actually accomplished his goal in killing Peter, both before Azkaban and after his escape, he would have ended up in Azkaban (or kissed by a Dementor) anyways.

Harry Potter & Naruto Comparisons and Parallels

So I don’t know if this is something that’s super obvious to everyone but me but here goes:

Today I was watching my bros play Naruto on Playstation. I stopped caring about Naruto years ago (like before the beginning of Shippuden) but I still hear what’s going on in the anime every now and then. So I ask my boy Alex, “So Minato is Naruto’s dad right?” And Alex explains to me how Naruto was born on the same night the Nine Tailed Fox ravages the Leaf Village and both his mother and father are killed whilst protecting him.

Oh, sounds like Lily and James dying to defend Harry against Voldemort.

I complain that the 3rd Hokage ain’t shit because he let Naruto suffer being ostracized by the community because he had to keep secret the fact that Naruto was Minato’s son and thus, Minato’s enemies would target the boy.

Kind of similar to how Dumbledore left Harry with the Dursleys, allowing him to be abused for years so that Harry would be ignorant of how big an impact he would have as his father’s son and as the Boy Who Lived.

Both Harry and Naruto had lonely, unhappy childhoods because they were made to feel like outcasts.

Both are kind of ‘Chosen Ones’.

The Golden Trio has the same gender ratio as Naruto’s team. (Though that’s not altogether surprising; female dominating ratios can be rare.)

Both strongly resemble their fathers. Minato has blonde hair and blue eyes. Naruto shares the same features. And we all know Harry looks just like James, just with Lily’s eyes.

Both moms are redheads! (I lost it at that one.)

Naruto takes his mother’s name (Kushina Uzumaki) in order to hide his identity as his father’s son. He is also more closely associated with his mother’s side of the family, other Uzumakis. Harry takes his father’s name (James Potter) and it is the notoriety and pureblood history of the Potter name that identifies him as someone special. And he also associates with his mother’s family since there are no more Potters in close proximity.

We start talking about other characters. Like Itachi who killed his entire clan in order to save his little brother’s lives. Evidently, he goes over to the Akatsuki but is covertly sending information about them to the Leaf Village. Sort of like how Snape joined the Death Eaters but leaked their information back to Dumbledore? And both lie about their intentions to the people they’re protecting and let them believe they are enemies the entire time.

Orochimaru can vaguely take after Voldemort - both are pale psychopaths with a snake motif. The Akatsuki and Death Eaters are definitely on the same level.

Well, that’s all I got so far. -shrug- Meta stuff.

  • Snape:I hate you, but your mom was pretty hot.
  • Harry:wha- really??1?1?2
  • Harry:this- this changes everything
  • Harry:I understand you now
  • Harry:you're like my hero now
  • Harry:you know what I'm gunna name my kid after you
  • Harry:wow your just so great
  • Snape:omfg this is why I hate you