So It Begins: Masterpost

It’s Sirius’ first year of Hogwarts. Finally a chance to get away from his family and live his life exactly the way he wants to live it… and hopefully make some friends along the way. 

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411. All slytherins have a ‘work voice’ that they use for interviews and particularly difficult professors. Slytherins usually find it hilarious the first time they hear a friend’s work voice because ‘why are you talking an octave higher than you usually do you idiot??’ and then they have a potions lesson with snape and they realise

They’ve been doing it too

Ravenclaw: I finished my essay two weeks early, handed in my Potions assignment yesterday, and did the extra credit for Charms, why do I feel like I’m forgetting something?

Gryffindor: Don’t you have an exam for Transfiguration now?

Ravenclaw: Shit. You know McGonagall better than I do, what do I do?

Gryffindor: Well, she will be fair about it, but I suggest you start running there five minutes ago.