–Every time I go out by myself, my friends keep telling me it’s a bad idea.

I mean sure, I never come )(ome until a week later, my Snapc)(at story’s a blur at best, I’m always )(azy on t)(e details, I tell nobody w)(ere I am or w)(at I’m doing or )(ow I’m doing, and I never leave t)(e location on my p)(one on so nobody CAN find out w)(ere I am at any given time, Sollux usually )(as to )(ack my p)(one to find me and I’m always in a sketc)(y part of L.A., I always )(ave random malicious-looking people in my selfies AND I may return wit)( a slew of people looking for me, BUT

I’m just )(aving fun!

Say GoodBYE 👋👐

Goodbye for Twit and FB, i just need Path + IG + SnapC 😁 and this is.. Tumbrl for my story life 😇💗

Tapi ada kemungkinan, beberapa moment yang masih di share ke fb & twit, meski hanya sedikit moment dari sekian banyak moment 😁👍
Hanya saja, tidak bisa membalas comment jika di fb ada comment, atau reply twit jika ada mention dr twit. Sorry ☺
Oiya kalo mau chat, bisa ke Line aja yaa 👉 alapasha
Thanks so much always to be my friend anywhere 😘😘