When you cant reach something

jimin - frowns and sighs “i cant reach it either…”

rap mon - smirks and says “let me get that for you” then proceeds to knock down the shelf

jhope - “i bet if you lifted someone up they could reach it,” then he stands there impatiently expecting you to lift him

jin - “of course sweetheart” and he stops what he’s doing to go and get it for you.

suga - stares at you for a moment. “i’m so comfortable though” and with some persuasion he reluctantly goes to grab it

v - grabs it for you but then starts teasing you “c'mon you can get it!” as he holds it just high enough you couldn’t reach it

jungkook - he promptly grabs it for you and hands it to you, and you reward him with a kiss on the cheek. his face turns rose red as he heavily blushes

- Admin Snapback

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