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  • Confess by eiqhties  
    Summary: In retrospect, it probably wasn’t something he should have said when Even had a toothbrush shoved in his mouth. 

  • jeg tror du ser søte by ufologies
    Summary: Isak has to get glasses for a bit and Even reacts to it.

  • Holy by i_once_wrote_a_dream
    Summary: childhood friends!au; It was a Wednesday when he first saw him. Isak thought he looked like one of his mama’s angels. 


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“I Come to You, Step by Step” Jinyoung/You

jinyoung is an international student and you’ve been paired with him for your university’s Pal Program

“Look,” you sigh, feeling more exhausted than any five minute interaction with a boy warrants. Jinyoung doesn’t protest when you plop into the chair opposite of him, or maybe he wants to, but shuts up when you barrel onwards. “Just meet up with me once a week. It doesn’t have to be life-changing or anything. Maybe we can just meet here, talk for ten minutes. We might even become friends.” It sounds corny, even to you, but you don’t think the face Jinyoung pulls is necessary.

“Fine,” Jinyoung says eventually, like he’s dredging the word up from a deep, painful place. 

The jinyoung au that’s been killing me for the last two months. I’m sorry in advance for the length. I hope you really like it. (rated T) 

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Juvenile Delinquents

I wrote a thing. It’s literally just intro I actually plan on adding on to this one and not abandoning it like the other few

Part 2

“It’s not jail, Percy, it’s a school.”

Percy laughed when his mother said it, as if the two weren’t directly related. His final mess up was enough to get sent away from home, even if it wasn’t to juvy, his new boarding school was as close as it got. Boarding schools were all Percy knew growing up, however, unlike before when he could go home for weekends and holidays, his mom would now have to come to him. Scheduled visits and the occasional care package if the teachers, no, guards thought it safe enough to be brought inside.

A victim of circumstance, his mom called him, but he knew he just wasn’t what society wanted him to be. This was just the last straw and his friendly neighbourhood police officer finally decided to slap on the cuffs and if it wasn’t for his lawyer neighbor he’d be going somewhere far worse. Somewhere his mom assured him he wouldn’t get the privacy he had at home.

“Your motorcycle-”


“Blackjack is going to stay at Ms Valdez’s shop while you’re away, she’s already called her son and told him to sign up for orientation duty,” Sally said, finally zipping up his suitcase.

He stayed watching her from his desk, his face saying he didn’t care but the picking at his ripped jeans saying the complete opposite. He was great at hiding his emotions that way. Sally loved it, it made life easier.

“Great, I’ll have a friend on my first day. What’s his name again? Larry?”

“It’s Leo and yes you need a friend, Percy, you should be happy someone is willing to be it.”

He knew his mom was angry but she never came right out and said it. She was too nice for that. Instead she took her little jabs at him that he would never admit hurt a bit.

If Percy could choose to not disappoint his mom he would. He hated making her hate him. Okay, maybe she didn’t hate him but he sure felt like she was getting there. From his first day of preschool up until the last week, he’d found ways to make her feel like a horrible mother. Even if it wasn’t his fault most of the time.

Sally gave him one last look before walking out of the room, leaving him alone with his packed up suitcase and his new level of self-pity. He kicked his chair once he stood up, but picked it up when it fell. The last thing he needed was his mom yelling about a messy room too. Even if he didn’t spend much time in his bedroom he still hated the fact he was leaving it for the next two years. His skateboard will get dusty, his stolen, or ‘secondhand’, snapback collection will be forgotten in a box and his pile of receipts for Hawaiian pizza won’t be as impressive as it used to be. Nothing in his bedroom will give him the same feeling of joy as they used to, not after going through what he would assume would be the worst two years of his life.

It was a knock at the door that finally pulled him out of his room, standing there was a man in a crisp tailored suit he didn’t recognize, flanking him were two police offers who Percy had seen wondering around the station when he was brought in.

“Mr Jackson-”

“Who are you?” Sally narrowed her eyes at him, telling him to be nice. He didn’t want to be nice to someone who looked like he could buy the entire building and turn it into office space only because he was bored.

“It does not matter who I am, it matters who you are. Perseus-”

“I prefer Jackson but Percy can suffice, Perseus is reserved for angry mothers and very, very happy people.” He smirked as he said it and he could feel the eye roll his mother gave him. The man in front of him, however, was still looking as amused as a little boy walking into a gag shop.

“Alright, Percy. You will have five minutes with your mother and then I will see you downstairs. If you fail to show I will have one of these fine gentlemen handcuff you again and forcibly take you. Understood?” He nodded and watched the man turn and walk off. The officers closed the door and Percy could imagine them standing guard as if he were some high profile criminal that had any chance of actually escaping.

His five minutes with his mom were the shortest five minutes if his life. He felt like it was five years ago again, back when he was twelve years old getting dropped off by his school principal. All he did back then was steal a few dollars for the fending machine at school. He wasn’t the Percy who now was getting arrested left and right or the Percy who can only get into schools for child criminals. He was back to being scared.

He shuffled his feet and bowed his head, He was grateful when he felt his mom wrap her arms around him, “I’m sorry, mom,” he dug his face into her hair, taking in the smell that hadn’t changed since he could remember, “I’m so sorry.”

“Just behave yourself when you’re there, can’t have you be kicked out in the only school that’ll take you,” her laugh was complete with a few wet drops landing on his shoulder, “when did you get so tall? I can’t even hug you properly.” It was Percy’s turn to laugh.

“Around the same time you started hating me.” She seemed to gasp as she pulled away, but before Sally could open her mouth to tell him how wrong he was there was a warning knock on the door. “Guess it’s time to go,” he bent down and grabbed his only suitcase before opening the door, “Love you, mom”

“I love you too, Percy, I love you with everything I have.”

The drive was silent. No radio, no talking, just him and the mystery man with nothing but the sound of the engine between them. It was after the two hour drive when they pulled into the school did he finally speak. Even then it was just to uselessly inform him that they’d arrived.

If Percy had ever been wary of a place it was this one. The school wasn’t a grey bricked building with barred windows that he had imagined it to be. Instead it was a house that dwarfed any mansion he’d ever seen. It was white, not quite made of complete marble but it was whatever material that could compare to that sheen. The pillars on the front reminded him of the white house, better yet the buildings he learned about during some ancient Greece unit he vaguely remembered. It was sitting on almost three acres of land surrounded by an iron rod fence as tall as his apartment building. He wasn’t sure if he was in the right place or not.

“Olympus Academy, where juvenile delinquents, such as yourself, learn to be something greater.” Percy held in a scoff, ‘something greater’ was just a nice way of saying that he’d be put through things that will turn him into an accepted member of society. Something he was not. “The initial design looked like a prison but we learned that students learn better when they enjoy the look of their surroundings-” Percy tuned the man out as he spoke about the architect who designed the building and the gardeners who kept the grounds in tip-top shape. Percy was more interested in the other kids his age he saw and how they seemed to be watching him without really turning to look. He was back to being the new kid and he was an expert so he wasn’t fazed.

The other kids didn’t look like criminals, they all just seemed like regular teenagers spending their lunch period outside in the sun. A beautiful girl with dark choppy brown hair caught his eye and seemed to smirk before walking off, he’d have to find her later

It was at the giant front doors where they finally stopped walking, standing there was a boy who hardly stood taller than Percy’s chest. He looked exactly like Ms Valdez and Percy wanted to run the other way when he realized who it was.

“You’re Percy? When mom described you I pictured you looking less, scary?” Okay, maybe Leo Valdez would grow on him. Percy smirked and held out his hand for the other boy to shake, “I’m Leo Valdez, but of course you already knew that.”

“Thought your name was Larry, not going to lie, I’m Percy Jackson.” He turned to look at the man next to him expecting a word or two explaining how Leo was going to show him around but instead he was met with an empty space next to him.

Seeming to think the disappearance was normal, Leo proceeded with his tour by opening the door and sticking his arm out signaling Percy to step inside, “Welcome to Olympus Academy, first stop on our tour will be the most pretentious foyer you will see in your entire life.”


that shoulder shrug (╯v╰)

Monsta X's first impression of a tomboy (like amber level tomboy)

requested by @a-rogue-hope ~


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  • the two of you met during this gathering with your mutual friends
  • and then shownu met you 
  • at first he’d thought that you were tomboy tomboy but when your friend told him your ideal type, he’d be ‘oohh’
  • but then when he first saw you, he thought that you were pretty cool since you had this vibe that says that you’re cool
  • and when he approaches you with your friend
  • he can really say that you’re cool since the way you acted with him and your friend was like how you’d treat someone you’ve known for such a very long time
  • and yeah, because of that you and shownu would become best of friends
  • he’d be really used to the way you dress up and the way you always have you hair cut short and what not
  • but when your friend makes you wear a dress and a pair of heels with some make up on since it was your punishment
  • he’d be freaking speechless to see how gorgeous you are 
  • but then he’d actually prefer the way you dress up 
  • since that’s what he liked about you, you were true to yourself
  • that you didn’t give a damn about what others said
  • but then he’d be worried for you
  • since what if you might not get you self some s/o
  • but then just thinking about that
  • made shownu realize that he likes you
  • yas like he’d be overprotective of you
  • he likes you but he won’t confess since he wasn’t your ideal type…. maybe????
  • so yeah, shownu’s first impression of a tomboy you (amber level) would be he’d find you really cool 


  • wonho wouldn’t mind the way you dress or act and whatnot
  • it was during a party when he met you since you were friends with jooheon
  • and when he first saw you, he’d not really pay that much attention to you since you guys weren’t yet introduced to each other
  • but he’d be glancing at your direction from time to time when jooheon bursts out laughing
  • and then he’d really think that you have the same swag level as jooheon
  • and when jooheon introduces you to him
  • he’d be stuttering and would flush when you gave him a smile and a pat on his shoulder
  • when he got to know you, he’d find it fun to spend time with you
  • especially those crazy antics that you come up with 
  • and you didn’t care whether you looked like a some meme or something
  • since you like being who you are
  • and that what wonho would admire
  • yeah, you’re a tomboy so what? wonho doesn’t care
  • he’d be surprised tho if jooheon told him your ideal type
  • since he didn’t expect that from you
  • anyways, he’d also love to go shopping with you
  • since you help him out with some fashion but then he’d always been curious on how you’d look with feminine clothes and long hair
  • so he’d be making you more like forcing you inside the changing room with some dress and wig, he’d be so surprised on how good you looked
  • but he wouldn’t buy you the clothes that he made you try on but buy maybe some sweater that was a little bit feminine but not that feminine
  • and wonho would feel so comfortable talking to you about the most random things that would come to his mind
  • so yeah, wonho’s first impression of you would be you have so much swag


  • this boy would actually approach you right away to be honest
  • he’d find you pretty friendly and fun before he could even talk to you
  • and his instinct was right!!
  • you were fun to be with and pretty honest with those around you
  • and when someone told you to wear a skirt or something
  • he’d be impressed when you turned down their suggestions and told them that you’d rather wear the types of clothes that you’d normally wear rather that wearing something that you’re not uncomfortable with
  • he’d be damn right impressed that he’d want to hang out with you more often
  • and once the two of you would become close and whatnot, he’d be able to see the snapbacks you own and the clothes that you own
  • you’d even let him borrow some of your clothes since why not??
  • and when there’s a party, he wouldn’t be surprised to see you wearing some leather jacket and leather pants
  • but he’d be surprised to see you with red lipstick that he’d find you attractive despite how you can be a tomboy sometimes
  • and when your hair starts to grow up to your shoulder, he’d actually stop you before you could even have it chopped off
  • he’d take thousands of photos of you and would literally have it framed since it’d take him how many months to see that hair length again
  • anyways, minhyuk wouldn’t mind on how you’d act, dress and whatnot
  • he’d totally support you
  • and when you opened up about lovelife to him, he’d be all ears and would ask you about your ideal type tho
  • making him squeal like a girl… since he likes hearing that stuff 
  • and sometimes he’d even just introduce you a guy that he thinks suits your tastes
  • but would just be told off by you since it was awkward and yeah
  • minhyuk’s first impressions of you would be he’d want to be your friend right away since you looked fun to be with and friendly


  • this boy would be confused at first tho
  • he’d take a good look of you before nodding, thinking that you had that amber vibe
  • and would find you cool but a little bit intimidating tho since he thinks that the two of you might not get along
  • but when he gets introduced to you by shownu, he’d change his mind completely about you
  • you were pretty cool and sometimes cute since yeah
  • and he’d be so impressed with your cooking skills despite being a tomboy
  • like damn he can’t even beat you
  • and when the two of you become good friends, he’d be surprised to see you with some eyeliner and lipstick when going to the night club with them
  • but hey, he’d compliment you tho but would also tease you
  • only to receive a smack from you
  • a strong smack yes
  • sometimes when the two of you would meet up, he would find it funny when the two of you have the same choice of clothing
  • like he would be wearing a pair of black ripped jeans and a black hoodie, you’d also be wearing something similar but the only difference between the two of you was the headwear
  • you liked snapbacks, kihyun was more on the beanie side
  • and sometimes, kihyun would even borrow a snapback from you whenever they go abroad or when he visits your place
  • and sure why not, you’d just let him borrow it
  • and when kihyun would be abroad, he’d see this snapback, he’d be reminded of you and he’d buy it as a souvenir for you
  • and he’d immediately give it to you, saying cheesy pick up lines and whatnot, making you just look at him with a ‘._.’ before thanking him for the gift
  • and yeah, he’d be more comfortable around you that the two of you would have each other’s back no matter what
  • so yeah, kihyun’s first impression of you would be you’re cool but intimidating at first glance


  • hyungwon would actually like your sense of style tho
  • like he’d wonder where you got those limited edition snapback from and whatnot
  • but then he wouldn’t really approach you right away since shy hyungwon and quiet hyungwon
  • you were like some cool kid for him to be honest
  • and when you’d approach him, he’d be stunned and would be really flushed when you offered him a hand and a smile
  • and yeah, he’d talk to you and after like a couple of hours, you two would be like best buds who haven’t seen each other for such a long time
  • when the two of you would meet up, he’d sometimes ask you where your shorts are 
  • or isn’t it too hot for you to wear those jogging pants or something
  • sometimes when the two of you are hanging out at their dorm, he’d let you borrow maybe a sweater and some caps when you’re too under-dressed for him at this weather or something
  • and sometimes he’d see you as a brother tbh
  • but then sometimes he’d see you as a sister when you do some aegyo
  • but then you’d only receive no response from him
  • sometimes he’d invite you to the amusement park
  • and the two of you would ride some thrill rides 
  • that would leave him speechless, while you are having fun
  • sometimes he’d wonder if you were a girl or what
  • but then you are girl but just amber level tomboy
  • there would also be times when the two of you would meet up and he’d be pouty since you cut your hair again and it was short…..
  • but then hey, he’d be your number 1 fan when you start dressing up like a girl because of a dare and whatnot, he’d even become you bodyguard like he’d push away potential sasaengs coughchangkyuncoughjooheoncough
  • so hyungwon’s first impression of you would be that cool kid that he’s be too shy to approach


  • this boy would want to be your friend to be honest
  • seeing how much swag you emit, he’d be in awe to be honest
  • and when he approaches you, you’d be so open to him
  • that he’d be touched and would really have fun with you because you were so outgoing
  • that you also reminded him of jackson by the way you act
  • and he’d literally have fun 
  • that he’d also see you as a brother sometimes
  • but then he’d only be reminded that you are a girl when you couldn’t stop staring at this guy who was totally your ideal type
  • and sometimes, he’d just burst that bubble 
  • since he’d be overprotective of you tho
  • that he’d treat you out to dinner after not being able to see each other and whatnot
  • and sometimes, whenever you meet each other, he’d like all the snapbacks that you wear like legit he’d love them
  • he’d even visit your apartment to look at your collection of snapbacks and shoes
  • sometimes the two of you would even exchange or swap some stuff here and there
  • but then when it comes to you doing some cute things or aegyo
  • he’d have some aegyo battle with you while hanging out with jackson
  • only to be disappointed by jackson’s choice, which is himself
  • anyways, jooheon would really cherish this friendship since he doesn’t give a damn about what you like to wear or how you want to act or something
  • since that who you are you are unique, and one of a kind that he’d bark at those who’d try to fight you
  • so anyways, jooheon’s first impression of you would be he wants to be your friend since you have so much swag and you’re fun to be with


  • changkyun would be weirded out at first but wouldn’t mind it 
  • since you were harmless and you looked really nice and approachable
  • that when he approaches you, he’d be asking himself why didn’t he approach you in the first place
  • when you introduced yourself to him and did this fist bump with him, he’d be laughing his heart out
  • totally doing the same thing to you
  • and when you have this ideas, he’d be totally up for it
  • for example when you decided to invite him and the boys over to your apartment to have a melon eating contest with them
  • and it’d be a blast since the boys would also have a mini fashion show at you place
  • since they’d be trying out some of your stuff
  • maybe asking you to give it to them which you’d just give it to him
  • but then when you have your haircut
  • he’d totally compliment you about it like dang you looked good
  • and when the two of you were going to the beach with your friends, he wouldn’t be surprised when you wore beach shorts and some sleveless while the others wore bikinis
  • sometimes, you’d have this soft side of yours that he’d have this urge to protect you or something
  • that it’d remind him that you were still a girl tho
  • but just a tomboy… yeah.
  • sometimes, when there would be a truth or dare, the two of you would always end up wearing funny clothes and have some make up on your faces done by the boys
  • but then when he sees boys hitting on you, he’d actually have fun when you’re too oblivious to notice their feelings, friendzoning them at the same time
  • but then hey, he’d also be all ears when you talk about your ideal type and whatnot
  • for changkyun’s first impression, he’d be weirded out at first but you looked really nice and approachable

wastedheartnat  asked:

What would Frat!boy Haz be like? I feel like he fits the stereotype look of a frat boy perfectly!!!

i feel this i really do

  • frat boy!haz is pretty outspoken and the literal epitome of a fuck boy 
  • endless collections of snapbacks and ray bans 
  • let’s be real, he’d most likely be the president of the fraternity 
  • since he was one of the older boys, he generally was the one who bought all the alcohol and tended to buy it for the younger frat boys 
  • girls lined themselves up to get a hook up with him 
  • you were the first that he actually hooked up with for a second time 
  • he had his own rule that he wouldn’t hook up with the same person more than once but he couldn’t stop craving you afterwards 
  • he’d go out of his way to find you at frat parties 
  • you were in a sorority that often collaborated with his fraternity so you saw a lot of him 
  • he loved showing off in front of you
  • “accidentally” spilling his drink on his shirt at a party when he was talking to you and not hesitating to take off his shirt 
  • he knows it affects you so he’d be the type to ask you to go upstairs with him to “help him change” 
  • in all honesty ya’ll would just end up fucking 
  • you being the first he lets stay the night in his room with him 
  • also being the first he lets wear his clothes 
  • these hook ups turns into a normal occurrence and he practically throws one of his t-shirts at you hoping you’d wear it 
  • it was one of his biggest turn ons
  • especially when you steal his snapback 
  • because homeboy loves watching you ride him with it on 
  • whoops 

frat boy fridays!

A Date With Jackson Wang would be like...

• Him coming to pick you up extra early in fear of being too late
• “but Jackson, it’s only 10 am
• “I wanted to avoid rush hour at 2 pm”
• Him waiting for you to get ready on your bed as you do your makeup
• You wanting to look good for him even though you’re only going to the amusement park
• “Babe, we’re not going to Seoul’s Fashion week. Hurry up!”
• Holding hands in the street and talking about anything and everything
• “How do you like our new song?”
• “I love it! And your rap is really cool. I wish JYP-nim left at least a song of yours in the new album. And have you seen Jaebum? He looks so good with his hair back like that and– Jackson where are you going?!”
•"Home. Ask JB to take you on a date instead”
• He would occasionally grab your butt because he loves the booty ;3
• You would get flustered because “Jackson we’re in public”
• You ending up grabbing his butt too discreetely because let’s be honest he has a nice butt ;3
• Having to drag Jackson on your favorite rollercoasters because you love the adrenaline rush but his ass is too scared to get on them
• Him trying to justify himself saying that “it is not good for your heart”
• Making him get on with you and at the end when you get the picture from the ride, you are having the time of your life and Jackson is holding on to you for dear life and calling out for his mom
• Taking a break from all the adrenaline and getting something to eat
• Jackson wanting to order food and ending up ranting about the place not having organic green tea in their menu
• Him pulling out a bottle of green tea out of no where like “For times like this I always bring my own :D”
• You –> =__= *facepalm*
• Feeding each other and wiping each other’s mouth because you want to make sure the other is taken care of before yourself
• Him giving you a piggy back ride when your feet start to hurt because he is a gentlemen and wants to show you how manly and strong he is
• Going to the souvenir shop to look for something to bring back home from the fun date
• Picking matching snapbacks despite his jawdropping collection
• You buying him some chocolate because despite him being a health freak, you know he loves it and cannot deny candy.
• “Hey Jack can I have some too?”
• “ wanted it too?”
• “You ate it all already?! I gave you it literally 0.2 seconds ago”
• Jackson giving you his hoodie to wear because it got chilly during the evening and he wants you to stay warm
• “Omg, Y/N are you ok?! Can you breathe? Do you need me to call an ambulance?!”
• “Jackson I literally just sneezed. Calm down”
• Ending the date on the panoramic wheel at night to enjoy the view of the night lights as he holds you close to him
• When the wheel gets at its highest point and stops there for a bit, you both admire the view
• You commenting on how pretty the view is, but he is admiring you instead. He has to slap himself to wake up from his daze after looking at you.
• “Wow~ it’s beautiful”
• “True, but not as beautiful as you”
• Both of you squealing and cringing at his cheesiness, and then giggling because let’s be honest you love it when he is cheesy
• Kissing as the wheel comes down
• The sweet kisses turning into a full-on make out session because his lips are so juicy and irresistible
• Getting interrupted by the person operating the wheel all flustered like “Ah-ehm.. please get a room ^-^”
• You and Jackson bowing in apology because you didn’t realize the wheel came all the way down already and scurrying away embarrased and then laughing like children
• You two continuing what you started at home ;)
• Going for round two because he is Mr. Wild and Sexy for a reason ;)
• Having the time of your life with him because whenever Jackson is involved, nothing much else is needed to have fun. He is such a ball of energy, fluff, and love that it is impossible to be bored when he is around. You would also get to see his more serious and romantic side because contrary to popular belief, there is more to him than just a goofball.

more fuckboy neil thoughts for u all. some of these are copy + pasted texts from carly and taylor, also they’re basically in no order :)

  • neil’s always walking around in a cloud of cinnamon-scented smoke. kevin bitches at him to keep that shit out of the locker room and neil’s like “IT’S JUST VAPOR, BRO.” kevin wants to throttle him
  • he’s never seen without his orange s(sexy) snapback and a collection of visible hickies given to him by andrew/kevin
  • little fuckboy asshole neil acting all confident and swaggering around telling ppl to “whoa, chill out, bro”
  • this results in him getting shoved down and fucked so hard his hat falls off :-)
  • alternatively consider: neil entirely naked except for his snapback, his gold chain and his sport socks (is it hot in here)
  • kevin tells him to take them off and neil’s like “make me ;-)))” and then he gets fucking railed from behind and his hat is slanted to where kevin can grab some of his hair that sticks out underneath the back and he leans forward and sucks hickies into neil’s neck and neil is a flushed and moaning mess
  • kevin grabbing the chain around his neck and yanking him around with it
  • it leaves a line of bruises around his neck and neil loves it
  • loves going to eden’s covered bruises/hickies so everyone knows he’s taken (kinky lil shit)
  • roland side eyeing neil and giving k + andrew that “i see what u do” smirk
  • listen, kevin/andrew being rough w neil is my fav. they’re so disgusted by his swaggy bullshit they can’t help but put him in his place
  • fuckboy neil taking his cats on walks with his two boyfriends and tripping over his slides
  • “that’s why you wear sneakers” - kevin 2k16
  • andrew: i just took a shower
  • neil: without me?? :(
  • neil: 20 questions ;-) u first
  • kevin: ok. what’s your favorite color?
  • neil: gray, wanna cum on my face??
  • andrew: I’m going to kill you
  • neil: haha and then what?
  • neil in a tank top that says “FOX U” on it
  • his xbox live username is “qtjosten” or “qtjos10” whichever u prefer

earlier this year my stepdad finally got my number and the first thing he did was send me photos of his snapback collection and a photo of himself squatting like he was about to drop the illest mixtape the world has ever heard

i forget his last name all the time and i don’t know any of my stepsiblings names or how many of them i have but i would take a bullet for my stepdad josé

assorted iwaizumi headcannons

- he can play guitar! usually sticks with folk songs and rock but knows some classical stuff. probably has been playing since a kid and its why his hands are so rough. so many callouses. he likes electric too but has a soft spot for acoustics and how soft and warm it sounds

- he has a h u g e family. this is a hc that is in everything i write with him. by big i mean he’s got a minimum four siblings, some of which have kids which means nephews and nieces. he’s got like, aunts and uncles galore on each side, more cousins than he can count, great aunts and uncles and his grandma’s family friends who are practically family at this point. almost every household has a dog, and get togethers (which are frequent) mean there are no less than six dogs running around with the kids. because of this, iwaizumi is both amazing with kids and with animals.

- gets annoyed with the other 3rd year’s shennanigans but, lets be real. hes just as bad. arm wrestles literally anyone, probably says “do you wanna fight” to people as a joke (note: no one thinks hes joking. rip) and has most likely laid on the ground, face down, to avoid some kind of problem. 

- iwaizumi is the friend who knows your limits and makes sure you dont do crazy shit. voice of reason and such. but honesty? this kid has more than once shown up to an early class with a huge thing of coffee and contemplated mixing in redbull because he didnt sleep.

- iwaizumi hates waking up in the morning. this is a give in. he loves to sleep… let him rest…

- i can see him really liking the ocean and swimming. he does a lot of sports so why wouldnt swimming be one of them? beach vacations are nice because it means he can warm up and nap on the beach then go swim around in the ocean. snorkelling is Super Fun for him too he just generally enjoys looking at wildlife… Pure

- iwaizumi has stretch marks from growing.  like he’s not as tall as his friends but he still had a growth spurt and all that muscle gaining so hes got them. they’re a white colour that stands out pretty starkly against the brown of his skin but he actually doesnt mind them and thinks theyre kinda cool

- really fashionable without trying. ends up with that sports look without being trashy yknow? sports pants and a hoodie or a jean jacket, owns lots of jackets, snapbacks, a big sneaker collection. oikawa is an embarrassment next to him when it comes to clothes

anyways send me a haikyuu character nd ill tell u my headcannons for them !

pokemon go headcanons

because i hate myself


  • team instinct
  • level 31
  • his buddy is pikachu, not cause he doesnt have raichu or anything he just thinks pikachu is cool and it makes him feel like ash
  • has actually spent like $80 bucks on this game 
  • owns a team instinct snapback hat
  • more about collecting than getting gyms for him
  • every time he transfers a pokemon he dies inside a little
  • him and Seven go to this one park every night to play
  • if he can’t catch something he’ll get frustrated and hand his phone to Seven
  • mostly Seven will catch it for him but sometimes he’ll sabotage him and toss 30 great balls at a pidgey
  • actually pees his pants every time he sees and eevee


  • level 27
  • buddy is vulpix cause he wants the big beautiful NINETAILS
  • keeps his pokemon inventory clean as hell, only ever has one of everything
  • plays on his jogs
  • hates team mystic with a burning passion
  • this has been a real bonding experience for him and Seven
  • during those rare times that they’re both actually free, they’ll drive around the city and take over gyms
  • Seven has taught him well


  • team mystic
  • level 22
  • buddy is dragonair (she thinks its beautiful and she wants that DRAGONITE)
  • blessed because theres a pokestop she can reach from her desk
  • spends money on lures to entertain herself at work
  • lowkey very competitive when it comes to gyms
  • theres a gym she can reach from a specific room in the office so if its anything but mystic she has to like go into the broom closet to reach it
  • once she came out of the closet and one of her coworkers saw her and just oh man it was awkward
  • see what i did there
  • wants to fight the entirety of team valor


  • team mystic
  • level 19
  • he…..he doesnt really play this game a lot
  • buddy is squirtle 
  • he really likes squirtle actually
  • when he caught it at first he was like
  • “assisstant kang look at this little guy. i dont know why, but he looks like he’s having fun”
  • and Jaehee was like….mMmkay Jumin…
  • every time Jumin talks about pokemon Seven and Yoosung get all cringey because he never evolves anything and doesnt know like half their names
  • Jumin has enough candies for like 3 blastoises but he just loves squirtle too much man


  • V A L O R
  • level 33
  • buddy is grimer because he can make it look like grimer is patting his character on the butt
  • plays just enough to make sure he’s a higher level than Yoosung
  • owns like 7 team valor t shirts
  • already has like 4 dittos, 7 gyarados
  • does that thing where he’ll put like a CP 12 caterpie in a gym and Zen will build it up
  • saves up all his evolutions then does a lucky egg and does like 60 at once
  • he has like 37 pidgeys in his pokemon inventory rn i s2g
  • also he always has the max amount of gyms, so he never needs to spend money on the game
  • he’s got like 5 pokemon that are 3000+ CP
  • Yoosung hates him
  • whenever Yoosung does something wrong he’ll blame it on him being on team instinct
  • “Yoosung, you’re so gullible! classic team instinct”
  • “yea, well you’re mean! classic team valor!!!!”
  • “oh, whats that? i couldnt hear you over the sound of my 3522 CP dragonite”


  • team mystic
  • level 20
  • buddy is abra
  • he always offers to play pokemon go with Jumin but its not that much fun because all Jumin ever wants to catch is squirtle
  • rides on a bike and plays a lot
  • V has like like, a passion for butterfree
  • he would do anything for butterfree 
  • he never even transfers them because they are just, so dear to him
  • he has like 40 butterfree
  • he even names them all


  • he chose team valor, and then almost deletes the app when he finds out Seven is team valor too
  • level 30
  • buddy is ghastly (he wants to form an army of gengar)
  • he always complains when he sees a pidgey or rattata but catches it anyway
  • Seven and Yoosung invite him to go to the park with them
  • he refuses, then takes a separate car to the same park but doesnt talk to them
  • if Seven is taking down a gym he’ll put some low ass CP jolteon in there or something
  • and Seven is like Saeran you’re making it real hard for me to love you right now
  • hates 2K eggs more than anything
  • every time a fucking pidgey hatches out of an egg he wants to scream
  • he probably does scream TBH

if you read that, thank you and i’m so sorry

anonymous asked:

I just really want to talk about trans kent parson. I just love the idea so much.

I’m sorry this took so long for me to reply to, I wanted to make sure I had my entire brain together before I replied!  But in short:

Yes, yes, yes, and YES!  

I can totally see Kent being the first trans NHL player.  I can see his take-no-shit attitude coming into play, and him working so hard to prove that he is just as great as (if not 40x better than) any other player, and that he’s ready to put just as much time in.  Kent would have obstacles of course, but he’s Kent Parson, he’d get it.  B)

HOWEVER, I was talking with the #epikinkster folks and transwoman Kent came up, and I kind of am even more in love with this idea!  (Idk if you meant ftm or mtf kent ^^;) 

Kent struggling with it while in the NHL, because that’s where she wants to be, but she knows if she comes out or goes on hrt it’s going to make everything much more complicated :((( But!!! Kent finding support when she tells her teammates, and her teammates making an effort to refer to her by her preferred pronouns and I can just imagine the Aces doing research via youtube tutorials to get her great makeup, or heels, or nail polish and stuff, not because she’s trans, but because they know she enjoys painting her nails and doing her makeup from time to time.  <3 Eventually she decides that it’s time, and she talks to Aces management and PR, and there are no rules against women playing in the NHL, so as long as she keeps performing, her contract wouldn’t be called into question.  Kent keeping her head held high and becoming an inspiration for trans kids everywhere <3 <3  

Trans!Kent is wonderful <3 

P.S. Important Contributions by Lotteia:

Kent has a collection of snapbacks with pro-trans phrases on them, loves sparkles, and ends up with a makeup sponsorship: "i’m the first nhl player to get their own makeup line" “you’re also a the first trans player in the nhl?” “okay but the eyeshadow is really sparkly and i’m just super proud of it” <3 


Trans Kent with glitter and loving Aces family and little kids and adults who can look up to the first trans NHL player <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

anonymous asked:

Markson High School AU where Jackson keeps confessing to Mark but Mark never takes him seriously because when is Jackson ever serious? (like a 5+1 fic, 5 times Mark doesn't take Jackson's confession seriously, +1 time when Jackson proves to Mark just how serious he is)

Warnings: Character Death

Wordcount: 2.8k

Author: Rei 

This is quite an old prompt, and it’s my first fill on this blog, so I’m a little nervous. I hope you like it!

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