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  • team instinct
  • level 31
  • his buddy is pikachu, not cause he doesnt have raichu or anything he just thinks pikachu is cool and it makes him feel like ash
  • has actually spent like $80 bucks on this game 
  • owns a team instinct snapback hat
  • more about collecting than getting gyms for him
  • every time he transfers a pokemon he dies inside a little
  • him and Seven go to this one park every night to play
  • if he can’t catch something he’ll get frustrated and hand his phone to Seven
  • mostly Seven will catch it for him but sometimes he’ll sabotage him and toss 30 great balls at a pidgey
  • actually pees his pants every time he sees and eevee


  • level 27
  • buddy is vulpix cause he wants the big beautiful NINETAILS
  • keeps his pokemon inventory clean as hell, only ever has one of everything
  • plays on his jogs
  • hates team mystic with a burning passion
  • this has been a real bonding experience for him and Seven
  • during those rare times that they’re both actually free, they’ll drive around the city and take over gyms
  • Seven has taught him well


  • team mystic
  • level 22
  • buddy is dragonair (she thinks its beautiful and she wants that DRAGONITE)
  • blessed because theres a pokestop she can reach from her desk
  • spends money on lures to entertain herself at work
  • lowkey very competitive when it comes to gyms
  • theres a gym she can reach from a specific room in the office so if its anything but mystic she has to like go into the broom closet to reach it
  • once she came out of the closet and one of her coworkers saw her and just oh man it was awkward
  • see what i did there
  • wants to fight the entirety of team valor


  • team mystic
  • level 19
  • he…..he doesnt really play this game a lot
  • buddy is squirtle 
  • he really likes squirtle actually
  • when he caught it at first he was like
  • “assisstant kang look at this little guy. i dont know why, but he looks like he’s having fun”
  • and Jaehee was like….mMmkay Jumin…
  • every time Jumin talks about pokemon Seven and Yoosung get all cringey because he never evolves anything and doesnt know like half their names
  • Jumin has enough candies for like 3 blastoises but he just loves squirtle too much man


  • V A L O R
  • level 33
  • buddy is grimer because he can make it look like grimer is patting his character on the butt
  • plays just enough to make sure he’s a higher level than Yoosung
  • owns like 7 team valor t shirts
  • already has like 4 dittos, 7 gyarados
  • does that thing where he’ll put like a CP 12 caterpie in a gym and Zen will build it up
  • saves up all his evolutions then does a lucky egg and does like 60 at once
  • he has like 37 pidgeys in his pokemon inventory rn i s2g
  • also he always has the max amount of gyms, so he never needs to spend money on the game
  • he’s got like 5 pokemon that are 3000+ CP
  • Yoosung hates him
  • whenever Yoosung does something wrong he’ll blame it on him being on team instinct
  • “Yoosung, you’re so gullible! classic team instinct”
  • “yea, well you’re mean! classic team valor!!!!”
  • “oh, whats that? i couldnt hear you over the sound of my 3522 CP dragonite”


  • team mystic
  • level 20
  • buddy is abra
  • he always offers to play pokemon go with Jumin but its not that much fun because all Jumin ever wants to catch is squirtle
  • rides on a bike and plays a lot
  • V has like like, a passion for butterfree
  • he would do anything for butterfree 
  • he never even transfers them because they are just, so dear to him
  • he has like 40 butterfree
  • he even names them all


  • he chose team valor, and then almost deletes the app when he finds out Seven is team valor too
  • level 30
  • buddy is ghastly (he wants to form an army of gengar)
  • he always complains when he sees a pidgey or rattata but catches it anyway
  • Seven and Yoosung invite him to go to the park with them
  • he refuses, then takes a separate car to the same park but doesnt talk to them
  • if Seven is taking down a gym he’ll put some low ass CP jolteon in there or something
  • and Seven is like Saeran you’re making it real hard for me to love you right now
  • hates 2K eggs more than anything
  • every time a fucking pidgey hatches out of an egg he wants to scream
  • he probably does scream TBH

if you read that, thank you and i’m so sorry


that shoulder shrug (╯v╰)

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jikook in which jungkook finally corresponds to jimin's platonic love PLSSS 💖

Falling for Park Jimin was not on Jungkook’s agenda.

The tension in the room is killing him.

Okay, so Jungkook is the only one who feels it but this is only because Park Jimin is so fucking extra.

“Why can’t you ask Namjoon hyung to help you out picking a suit for the graduation party?” Jungkook grumbles, running his hands over the suits lined up along the wall, white, navy blue, grey, beige, black, blood red. The place smells like air freshener and tear sodden money.

Jimin looks at Jungkook pleadingly.

“You know he’s out with Jin hyung to get a new microwave after Namjoon hyung destroyed their third one.” Jungkook cracks a grin at this.

“Besides, if I don’t ask the opinion of the cutest boy in my grade graduating with me, what good is a rented tux that costs more than my entire snapback collection combined?” Jimin practically beams at Jungkook and winks, and Jungkook can barely let out a squeak to hide his reddening face. Jimin has already looked away, thankfully distracted by the selection of dress shirts, and Jungkook lets out a frustrated sigh, leaning back against the squeaky clean mirror at the corner of the room.

The thing is, it wasn’t the first time Jimin had said something like this. It is a worldwide fact; Jimin had liked Jungkook since middle school, the day he had announced it in the middle of the football ground after gym class to the whole grade and Jungkook had rolled his eyes and walked off the pitch, wringing out his shirt in the summer heat. Since then, it had been a thing. Jimin forever pining after Jungkook, Jungkook forever brushing him off. Everybody had accepted it and moved on.

It was just the natural order of things. Like the sun rises from the east and the earth revolves around the sun. An eternal truth. The way things worked, like they always would.

So why was Jungkook having such a hard time accepting it now?

“Are you okay?”

Jungkook jumps, nearly upsetting the mirror behind him and the salesman gives him a cold, hard stare.

“Are you trying to kill me?” Jungkook hisses at Jimin, pushing past him. Jimin looks back innocently and Jungkook’s mouth goes dry. When did Park Jimin get into that tight dress shirt and why was it legal for him to be in it? Why were his palms sweating? Why had he ever agreed to tag along to get Jimin fitted?

So many unanswered questions.

“I was going to ask you if this shirt was okay, but you look kind of sick, Kookie.” Jimin’s voice drips with concern and Jungkook averts his eyes, grunting.

“I’m okay.” Jimin looks unconvinced, placing a soft hand on Jungkook’s forehead.

“Are you sure?”

“It looks okay,” Jungkook says, shrugging off Jimin’s hand, fighting down a blush and motioning to Jimin’s shirt. Jimin beams again.

Really? Do you like it?”

“What does it matter if I like it?” Jimin shrugs, like it’s the simplest thing in the world.

“I don’t care what I look like in it. I want to know if you like it.” Jungkook nearly melts.

“I guess.”

Jimin squeaks, whipping around in pursuit of a coat and tie to go with the shirt and Jungkook lets out a deep breath. This was bad. Really bad. He was Jeon Jungkook for crying out loud. He was supposed to be the guy that pretended Jimin wasn’t there when he waved to him in the halls. Not breaking into a sweat just by Jimin’s proximity.

Liking Park Jimin was not on his agenda.

Which is why when Jimin comes out of the dressing rooms in his new black tux fitting him in all the right ways, Jungkook wants to throw something because if someone could put breathtaking in the dictionary, it would be Park Jimin. He’s barely gotten over his shameless staring when Jimin throws him a tie. Jungkook almost misses it.

“I don’t know how to do it up. Do it for me,” Jimin asks, sweet smile etching his face and Jungkook cringes internally.

“Sure,” he says, trying to sound nonchalant as he walks up to Jimin, five centimeters from his face. Looking at Jimin like this, it’s obvious how the guy is a couple of inches below his eye level. It’s something Jungkook has endlessly teased Jimin for and he would do it now too, if he weren’t going out of his mind.

Jungkook folds Jimin’s collar upwards and wraps the tie slowly over the back of Jimin’s neck till he’s holding the ends up next to Jimin’s chest.

“Look at my Jungkookie, doing my tie for me. You’re so cute I could die,” Jimin says but Jungkook can barely hear him. His heart is beating in his ears and he does the tie step by step, agonizingly slowly, heat radiating off of him in waves. He knows he isn’t the only one who feels it now; Jimin’s eyes darken a little too.

Jungkook finishes after what seems like an hour, smoothing the tie over and letting it rest on Jimin’s chest. Jungkook’s breathing is uneven and Jimin is looking at him like he’s seeing him for the first time. His mind is on overload and all he can think about how sexy Jimin is in his tie and how he really needs to think of something else right now or he’s going to do something stupid.

“Jungkook, I -” Jimin runs his tongue over his bottom lip and Jungkook decides that if Jimin was going to be unfair like that, being stupid wasn’t the worst decision he could make. So he does the only thing any rational human being would do.

He grabs Jimin by the tie that probably costs his entire year’s pocket money and smashes his lips on Jimin’s.

Jimin yelps, eyes widening like he can’t believe what was happening. Jungkook can’t really believe it either, but he can’t really think right now with Jimin’s lips moving against his and he can’t imagine why he took this long to take the leap if the perks were kissing Jimin senseless in the dressing room of some suit rental.

“Wow,” Jimin breathes when Jungkook lets go, breath heavy against Jimin’s cheek. “I’m sorry but wow.”

Jungkook gives his a small smile despite the fact that he could die right about now.

“Tell me about it.” Jimin is stuttering and Jungkook can’t remember a time Jimin has been cuter.

“You mean you - right now you just - did that really - do you fucking like me, Jeon Jungkook?” Jungkook rolls his eyes, blushing again.

“No, I take pride in kissing guys I have no feelings for in the backs of dressing rooms.”

Jimin thinks about this for a second.

“I’ll take what I can get,” he says, standing on his toes and kissing Jungkook’s cheek.

And just like that, Jungkook doesn’t regret agreeing to help out Park Jimin after all. Dignity is a small price to pay if it concerned a certain tiny human called Park Jimin.

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Created By Pinkzombiecupcakes

PZC_Hipster Collection Snapback 01

Created for: The Sims 4
Available in 14 designs and colors.
With custom thumbnails.
Male and female.(unisex)
High quality textures and details.
In CAS at Hats-Cap
Everyday,athletic,party and more.
You need to have the’‘Get together’’ expansion pack to find this caps in CAS and game.


hi! the second pic with the pink hair is about 5 months old; it was the only other good one i could find. i go by two names, Damien and Jay, using he/they pronouns and i honestly don’t have a preference. i’m currently in the closet to my family but a majority of my friends know. i consider myself trans but the actual label i use is genderfluid. i am 17 turning 18 in a few months, and i’m mostly looking for friends rather than a relationship? i’m not sure tbh. i’ll talk to anyone 15+, although i don’t mean to be rude if you happen to be 14. i’m a bit of a gamer, i collect snapbacks and i honestly don’t know why, i love to write, star/cloudgaze, and do nothing productive. i am an introvert too so at first i’m a bit awkward. there’s more but it’s midnight where i live and i’m tired but surprise here’s my insomniac ass on tumblr.
my main is @iamjustalion if you wanna hmu also my sc is the same. i’m down to start a streak any day ✌

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notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies / OFF THE SCALE TOO PERFECT 

and answer:

  • Who is the most affectionate? - Auba definitely. He’s always trying to hug and smooch Marco both on and off pitch and while he does love it sometimes he just has to tell him to stop 
  • Big spoon/Little spoon? - Auba likes being the little spoon because Marco is always super warm and he feels so protected wrapped up in his arms 
  • Most common argument? - Honestly, Auba’s snapback collection. He probably has a full wardrobe full of them and Marco complains that he doesn’t need 30 different hats. Of course Auba insists he does 
  • Favorite non-sexual activity? - Cuddling. Auba is super affectionate so when they have days off he likes to cuddle on the sofa with Marco and play with his hair while they binge watch netflix 
  • Who is most likely to carry the other? - They both do, but Marco likes being carried more because he gets to feel Auba’s strong arms holding him up
  • Nicknames? - Batman and Robin of course 
  • Who worries the most? - I don’t think either do tbh, they’re both really happy and chill so tend to not worry about things
  • Who tops? - Auba definitely. Marco is a hoe for his massive cock ;)
  • Who initiates kisses? - Both of them, they’re always sneaking little kisses before or after games so it just depends really. Auba usually goes for them more though
  • Who wakes up first? - Marco because he likes to go to bed earlier so he can shower and have breakfast before Auba wakes up and constantly gets in his way
  • Who says I love you first? - Marco. They both said it jokingly when they were friends but Marco was the first to properly say he loved auba

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How old are you? 22

What are you talented at? Writing (apparently particularly smut) aaaaaand picking up music from just listening to it

What is a big goal you are working toward (or have already achieved)?
Getting into Grad School! And figuring out jobs and monies and moving out aaaaaaahhhh

What’s your aesthetic? Trains, mountains…red and pink, STARS AND SPACE, horses

Do you collect anything? I more or less collect china dolls from thrift stores–and I collect books

What’s a topic you always talk about? MY FRIENDS (no lie I’m ALWAYS saying “So my friend from the internet said…”)…my muses

What’s a pet peeve of yours? When I ask people a question and they don’t answer and then go on a HALF AND HOUR TANGENT I HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO BESIDES LISTEN TO YOU

Good advice to give? I need to get better at following this, but remember that everything, even super high stress times, are temporary. Things change all the time, and can change for the better.

What are three songs you’d recommend? “Your Body is a Battleground” by Delain, Anything by Starset (I know that’s not one single song that’s cheating) aaaaand “Call Me” by Shinedown


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  • Taeyang: son, it is time for me pass my legacy onto you...
  • Mino: w-what is is Dad? ur ultimate collection of snapbacks? the secret to tearing off ur shirt in perfect fashion? the art of intensely shading others with just a single look??
  • Taeyang: *hands him a long black weave*
  • Mino: .....
  • Taeyang: wear this. it'll make u 100x cooler. it will get you all the ladies. plus it's great for flipping back when you wish to give someone that extra sass
  • Mino: i don't- this isn't-
  • Taeyang: do it
  • Mino: but Da-
  • Taeyang: do it if you want to uphold my legacy. dON'T MAKE ME CALL JIYONG OR IT'LL BE A SIDE WEAVE AND A HALF SHAVEN HEAD
  • Mino: DAD-I-LOVE-IT *shoves it on head back to front*
  • Taeyang: *wipes away single tear* u have made me proud

richboy!calum having an excessive collection of snapbacks that hung along the long wall in his vast bedroom, showing them off to anyone who came over and pointing to celebrity and athlete signatures on the bills. he’d wear them with pride, and skip school with you so you could make out with him in an empty mansion wearing only lace and one of his expensive, signed snapbacks to soothe the hair he had tangled by gripping so hard

clarke: baking, women’s volleyball and basketball, collecting snapbacks, english literature, taking the dogs on long sunday walks with big mugs of tea, gone girl (2014) dir. david fincher, teasing lexa, vacations to hot places

lexa: filmé, fashion, her personal aesthetic, eating the same exact thing everyday, candles, art history, letting clarke tease her, carol (2015) dir. todd haynes, vacations to cold places