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Hey SnapBack, did you hear what Ian Jones Quartey said about crit blogs? He says that as long as they aren't bullying people, they should keep going.

Yeah, I heard about it! I don’t disagree with him, but I don’t agree either.

Because – like I’ve been saying – this isn’t new. The fandom’s always been critical of SU stuff!

So crit blogs in and of themselves aren’t harmful. What IS harmful is the ones who attack others, and who joined the fandom just to be critical, and the ones who don’t tag their junk, and all that.

As much as I hate seeing crits reblog my posts and add character hate and SU hate in the tags, it’s only harmful to me personally and I can’t do anything about it.

What really bugs me is how vastly different crits are from old fans who were critical before this crit trend. They had issues but still loved the show. They still had a lot of good things to say about it. If you ask those older fans now, they’d still say it’s a great show with a lot of important values.

While a lot of the crit blogs I stumble upon are just … “I hate SU” or “I love SU but holy shit [insert complaints about how the writing is bad, the animation is bad, the Crewniverse is bad, everything is bad except for maybe like 2 things, etc.]”

To put it more simply, old fans had issues with the show too! But not enough to create ENTIRE SIDEBLOGS about them. (I understand it started to keep negativity off their main blogs, but the newer crits do it because they just have so much awful commentary about the show that they need a whole blog for it.)

So yeah! Could we go back to that nice, neutral flow of positive and negative energies in the fandom mingling in harmony, instead of it basically being posi blogs vs. crit blogs?

(Here’s the source to Ian’s tweet.)

i feel like for a while isak changed his style to what he thought was more ‘masculine’ because of the flack he got in seasons one and two from people thinking he was gay

and now he’s more comfortable and confident he’s gone back to fluffy hair and fancy scarves instead of sportswear and snapbacks and i just love this so much