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This Day in 1D History - May 31


  • DVD watch party
  • cute cuties at the pre-show M&G :))
  • Up All Night Tour concert – Toronto, Canada #2


  • Mr. Steal Yo Girl jumps in on Liam’s Insta backstage ;)
  • :)))
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Manchester, UK #2 


  • Harry takes a flying lesson in Holmes Chapel!
  • Nouis pop by the Britain’s Got Talent finale (and after party ofc :))


  • Olly Murs shares a group shot as everyone arrives for SOCCER AID training!!

It kind of disappoints me that slang and fads aren’t mentioned in history books. Like, what if i want to know what the ancient egyptians would say instead of “swag” or “savage”? Cause I’m sure not everyone spoke like the way we think. Did rebellious kids in Shakespeare’s time wear their socks backwards bc it was “hip”? THESE ARE THE REAL QUESTIONS