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They say murder requires passion, emotion. Min Yoongi knows better. Murder requires money, a cold heart. It’s a contract. 
And Park Jimin is his latest business transaction.

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Jikook AU - The Nonsense of Destiny 🥀 43/?

“At that moment, I knew I wanted to have sex with him.”

Jungkook as a kid never thought soul bonds were real until he met ‘him’ when he was ten years old. Jeon Jungkook comes from the wealthiest family known in South Korea but has never asked to be an alpha. Never ask to have all of these special traits. Park Jimin who ranked top in national exams as a child, top in dance academy as a teen, and now a successful soloist at the age 23. But has always been looked down on for being an omega. Jimin believed in soul bonds thanks to the stories he would read as a child, but everything changed once he met his other half when he was twelve years old. What happens when they meet again after ten years, leading them to face hope, broken dreams, love, and destiny all over again

- in the last text it suppose to say *I’m not like your fuckin best friend* -

Alright folks, @asandygraves asked for it, y’all got it. It’s up on my youtube page.

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Art for second comic: @izzyitadream

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I thought you’d like to know

Who saw this coming? Written chapter coming soon, but in the meantime… way do you think will come of this? Let me know! 💌

Concept: swapping Michael & Thanos’ snaps…

Avengers: Infinity War:

Thanos: *about to snap his fingers when Thor hits him with Stormbreaker*

Thor: I told you, you’d die for that, because guess what Thanos? YA BASIC!


The Good Place 1x13

*Michael snaps his fingers, Chidi and Tahani turn to dust*

Jason: *slowly fading away* Eleanor, I don’t feel so good…

tony is the worst fucking dad in the world!!!!! once again harry drops hints about how he doesn’t want to marry ste & instead of listening to him all tony cares about is this wedding so DIANE won’t be mad at him for abandoning them agjdjdjkll i can’t breathe! he really is a fucking CUNT what happened to the tony that hated ste???