snap out of it idiot


Pulling on one of their twin tails, Noizumi was nervous about using their magic for the first time without aid. Normally they’d ask an old friend, Arthur, to help them, but today they decided to practice on their own. The best place to practice was the forestry near the outskirts of town, the magical girl decided to skip class and take a trip. Reaching the thick forest, Noizumi climbed her way through the trees multiple branches that seemed to create a barrier to discern outsiders from walking in. Making it to an open clearing the girl looked around before concluding that she was alone.

 Closing her eyes, the girl took a deep breath, ‘Okay.. Breathe in… Breathe out… Imagine the Joker.. Then the Ace of Spades and then…’ Trailing on about the cards, the girls eyes suddenly snapped open. Quickly thrusting her right palm out looked idiotic at first, but a moment later cards appeared out of thin air before lodging themselves into the trunk of a nearby tree. 

“Yippee!” Squealing at her success, Noizumi excitedly jumped a few times, before clapping, “Maybe I’ll see how my flying magic works…”