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epitome of Taurus friendships: my group of friends had plans tonight, and literally at the exact same time me and my other Taurus friend sent each other a snapchat - we were both lying on the couch, just awoken from a nap and captioned the snap along the lines of "cannot be fucked moving at all tonight"😅

i am amazed at what the universe can create


[requested by anon] hope u enjoy!!! Bts maknae line soft bf texts XD Ps: GUYS IM BACK! MY PHONE IS BACK AND OMG YAY IM EXCITED LMAO THO I HAVE SO MANY REQUESTS ILL DO WHAT I HAVE AND THEN TAKE MORE 😂💙

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Hyung Line || When They Find Out They Weren’t Your Bias/Fave First | Part 1