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Bangtan reaction to your lips tasting sweet (Hyung line)

A/n: How would bts react to girlfriend’s lips taste like something sweet ( ice cream or something she just ate )

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, sorry it took so long. Thank you for requesting. :)

Kim Seokjin

Seokjin would be taken back that your lips tasted like strawberry’s, it’s not what he expected the kiss to taste like that but he wasn’t complaining. He went to kiss you again pulling you into a deeper kiss, wanting to make this one last longer than the last. You pulled away looking at him breathless. “Sorry love, you tasted like sweet strawberries” 

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi wouldn’t stop kissing you after you had that caramel ice cream. The taste of it lowkey turning him on and making him want more of you. After some innocent kisses turned into a heated make out session, moving you to straddle his lap making him hard in the process. “I think we should move to bedroom baby.” 

(That was not meant to turn that way. I’m sorry)

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Jung Hoseok

Hoseok wasn’t sure how your lips tasted like honey but he loved it. He would ask you if you could always have your lips taste this sweet. He would constantly shower you in kisses, and if you weren’t cooperating he would follow you around puckering his lips till you gave him what he wants. “Jagiya!!! I want kisses and I would leave you alone till I get them”

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Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would not let you go once he tasted the vanilla ice cream that you just had on your lips. He wouldn’t care if you had anything to do, he would just hold you by your waist and you kiss you. He’d probably think that you did it on purpose just mess with him and ‘spice things up’. Anything else that you had planned please put to the side because your sweet boyfriend needs you. “Love, let’s just do this for the rest of the day. I love having your sweet lips on mine.”

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