snap galleries

Marianne features in the retrospective of David Wedgbury’s work called The Beat Goes On at SNAP Galleries in London. David worked at the height of the sixties beat boom, and he photographed many of the best mid-sixties British artists, including David Bowie, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Small Faces, Eric Clapton and many more. The exhibition, gathers together some of his most iconic photographs, alongside some very special previously unreleased material including this image of Marianne.

Nick Drake

I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with the people form Snap Galleries. They are publishing a book of exclusive, very rare Nick Drake photos taken by Keith Morris. They are planning to only print 500 copies of the book. They’ve kept me posted on release dates and such and have been absolutely delightful. The kicker? $612.00!!!!!!!! US dollars! Oh my holy god. I cannot believe! It is absurd, but understandable. Those photos are priceless, really. But i’m one of the biggest Nick Drake fans and I won’t be able to own this token of his legacy. I could cry.

So yeah, if you want to donate money so I can own the most amazing picture book of all time, I would be forever in your debt!!