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How to make a simple bag

This is a step by step tutorial on how you can make a simple bag for your cosplay.

This tutorial fits all kinds of fabrics and for this bag I used white faux leather. When working with faux leather remember that it melts under high temperatures, if you plan on ironing it use low temperature and a towel in between the iron and fabric. Also remember that when you sew in the fabric the needle marks will be visible even if you take the thread away so make sure not to sew wrongly.

1. Decide the measurements you want on the bag (this one is 10x14x2.5 cm). Remember to make the back piece longer than the front piece so it kan be used as a lid. To do this add the length of the height of the bag together with the side and the leght you want the lid to be. Cut out the parts in a fabric with at least 0.5 cm seam allowance. The fabric I used was a white faux leather.

2. Place the right sides of the front and side pieces together and sew along the marked line. 
(A good idea is to sew all the way over the seam allowance at the top but to not sew over the seam allowance at the bottom. This will make it easier to later fix the upper edge and to sew in the bottom piece.)

3. Sew together the back piece with the sides.
(Do not sew all the way over the seam allowance this time since you want to be able to fold the seam allowance down later.)

4. I like to sew the bottom piece of bags on by hand. This gives you more control and the risk that the sides twists because the corners got sewed on a bit off lessens.

5. Cut out a new piece that will be the inside of your lid. Make it a bit longer than the lid actually is.

6. Put together the right sides of the lid pieces and sew like the green line shows, not all the way down the sides of the lid.

7. Turn the lid part inside out and sew on the velcro or snap fastener so you can close the lid later. (If you want you can sew the velcro on after step 5, but I like to do it here since I feel it gives me a bit more control where to place it.)

8. Flip the lid inside out again and sew the sides of the lid together.

9. Cut the seam allowance’s corners of the lid, making sure not to cut of the thread, and flip the lid inside out. Take a pointy object like a chopstick or a pen and point the corners of the lid out so the get a nice edge.

10. Sew along the edge of the lid to make it lay flat and give it a bit of detail.

11. Flip the rest of the bag inside out and sew on the other part of the velcro or snap fastener on the front of the bag.

12. If you like to be able to have the bag on a belt like this one or hang it over your shoulder in a strap this is the step to add a piece of fabric on the back to pass the belt through or add the strap at the sides of the bag.

If you want a more soft look on the bag you can skip step 13 and 14 and jump directly to step 15.

13. To get a more square looking bag measure the inside of your bag and cut out pieces of cardboard (I like to use cereal boxes for this part). Make sure to measure all the way up on the seam allowance since you want to be able to fold a bit of the fabric down over the fabric. 

14. Glue the cardboard to the inside of the bag.

15. Glue and fold down the edge of the upper part of the bag. A good way to keep the edge in place while it dry is to use clothespins, just make sure you don’t get glue on them.

16. Glue the leftover of the inner lid piece to the bag so it stays in place.

And you are done! Simple and quick to make!


Support autistics who have trouble with conventional fashion

Support autistics who put comfort over style

Support autistics who are sensitive to bright colored clothing

Support autistics who have problems with seams on underwear, socks, shirts and pants

Support autistics who have trouble putting on clothing

Support autistics who can’t stand fabrics like lace, denim and velvet

Support autistics and their experiences with underwear and bras

Support autistics who can only buy jeans at thrift shops because they are worn in

Support autistics who can’t wear tight clothes like leggings and skinny jeans

Support autistics who have troubles fastening buttons, snaps, laces, and zippers

Support autistics who have to cut the tags off of every piece of clothing they own

Support autistics who might be overwhelmed when clothes shopping for all the reasons listed above and more.

Support autistics who have to deal with the very complicated sensory world that is fashion and clothes shopping.

Six of Crows Modern AU Fashion

Kaz: He always wears dark colors. Black, gray, sometimes white. Inej calls him “Mr. Monochromatic”. Somehow makes ripped jeans with a button-up look good. Seems to have an endless supply of scarves but wears only one coat whenever it’s remotely chilly. Doc Martens or manly black boots with little silver tips on the laces. Classiness meets goth. Rocks the closely-cropped-hair-on-the-sides look and always has some sort of vintage watch on his wrist. He likes to do this thing where he’ll be wearing all black and then a pop of white somewhere, like a single stripe across his shirt or an ivory scarf.

Inej: Queen of layering things, no matter the weather. In the cold it’s fawn colored leg warmers pulled over sheer black stockings, blouse collars peeking out over sweaters, thin hoodies underneath denim jackets. In the warmer months it’s loose, fluttery, cardigans over shapeless dresses or tasteful crop tops worn on top of spaghetti-strap tank tops. Kaz thinks her hair is the most beautiful thing in the world and it is, she always braids it prettily or leaves it down in waves. A fan of gold ear cuffs and ballerina flats. Can somehow mix badass with chic.

Jesper: Total skater boy. Unbuttoned flannels, graphic t-shirts, worn jeans, Timberlands. Also keeps his afro shaved on the sides but likes more volume on top. Leather bracelets with snap fastenings and hoodie-leather jacket hybrids. Wears those loose tank tops with the long arm holes. Owns at least ten “Very Gay” t-shirts, destroys gender stereotypes on a daily basis by wearing neon floral patterns and dress-like tops. Makes snapbacks and fedoras very, very, hot. Likes to balance sunglasses on the brim of his hats or always drape his headphones on himself, whether it’s his neck or his shoulder it looks like a cool accessory.

Wylan: Cutest person ever (and I don’t mean in a teddy bear way). He has that attractively nerdy aura going on, has a crap ton of galaxy-patterned and pride-flag bow ties. Sometimes allows Jesper to buy them matching t-shirts. Carries a leather satchel with loads of pins and iron-on badges of TV shows he likes. Wears Brogues that he found in a used shoe store or a pair of million year old Vans. Always has his sleeves rolled up, even when it’s freezing outside. Wears chunky hipster glasses that he’s always pushing farther up his nose. Beautifully tousled red-gold curls. Owns many wacky socks, his favorite pair is covered in algebraic equations. Paints his nails sometimes (usually green) and it’s always ridiculously neat.

Nina: Actually real-life supermodel 24/7. Looks good in anything and everything. Owns her curves and will wear any shade of red. Lipstick is always crimson, eyeliner is always on fleek. Her makeup in general is just flawless, and her brows are the definition of perfection. Can do anything with her hair, whether it’s two messy space buns or straightened. Wears a lot of 50′s cut dresses with brightly colored belts. Always tucking her shirt into her skirt. Will use her pretty acrylic nails to scratch you up if you mess with her group. Lace-up boots with a little or a lot of heel. Fitted pea coats that flare out at the waist and tie in a bow at the back. Can be intimidatingly gorgeous one day and doll-like the next.

Matthias: Probably the one who cares least about his appearance. The type of person who reaches into his closet and pulls out whatever. Nina drags him on shopping trips and makes sure he always walks out of the mall with some stuff of his own. Sweatshirts and varsity jackets. High-tops and never anything else. Somehow makes a man bun not nasty. Has one of those rope/survival bracelets with a tiny compass that he never takes off. Makes henley shirts hot and owns way too many white v-neck tees that frankly, all look exactly the same. Beanies are the only hat he’ll ever wear. Wears blue on days that he actually cares so that his eyes stand out. Jogger pants, the black ones with two white stripes down the sides.


Meet the most helpful chef in town. Whether you’re a back yard or a kitchen cook, this whimsical fellow will save you many a burned finger. Any friend who ventures into your kitchen will be delighted with Pierre. Invisible “snap cup” fastener means he will always be handy. Super quality fabrics included in this kit. Companion “Mitzi Mitt” kit also available. Another NHI Handcraft original.

A Full Confession: Chapter 5 (NSFW)

Read on AO3.
Part 4 here.

Summary: Everything you’ve worked for was in preparation for this. You just don’t want to screw it up.

Words: 5200

Warnings: bloodplay (MORE), ritual sex, stained glass window fucking

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader (Priest!Kylo x Demon!Reader)

A/N: That’s the end of A Full Confession! Yay!!

But! This is very likely NOT the end of Father Ren & Demon!Reader. @kylophiliac and I have been discussing ideas for a sequel/additional exploration of their relationship/more gross blasphemous sex. SO! If it’s something you’re into, keep a look out!

Thank you all SO much for your support! We love writing this so much so being able to share it and have other people enjoy it too is truly a joy. Your comments are so kind and wonderful. THANK YOU! <3<3<3

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Snaps - An Early MSR Smutlet

Last week’s rewatch of The Jersey Devil led to a lot of discussion about whether Scully’s lace date top was actually a body suit… that fastened with snaps. This is what might have happened if it was…

This one is for @campaignofmisinformation, @damselindistressmya, @believingtheliesandnotthetruth @anonstarbuck @dangerscully and the rest of the Sunday night brigade (i’m sure I missed someone  - tell me and I’ll update!)

Also huge thanks to @kateyes224 for the ego boost, late night typo checks and being such a babe!

Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Additional Tags: Early MSR, Deleted Scene, Canon divergent, First Time
Read it on AO3 here or…. 


She tells herself it’s responsibility that makes her take out her pager at the table, that it’s duty driving her to the phone, that the electricity running from his lips into her ear is static and nothing less professional. She had told herself the same thing that morning, when his slight recoil at the thought of her on a date called every tiny hair on her spine to stand to attention. Better to blame overzealous air conditioning for the thrill running through her than admit that she, Dana Scully, wanted her partner to care whether or not she was dating.

And she definitely hadn’t dressed with him in mind, hadn’t deliberately stretched white lace over the curves her work suits hide so completely. There was no ulterior motive when she painted her lips red and admired the cream of her skin peeking through the false modesty of the sheer blouse, no idea that she might take a detour on her way home to some crisis or crime scene and get to find out whether his gaze lingers longer on the slim circle of her waist, the flash of gold at her collarbone or the seamlessly smooth curve of her ass.

No. None of it was for Mulder. It had all been for the man across the table from her. Rob. At least she’s pretty sure his name is Rob though he’s spoken of nothing but his child for the last two courses so it could be the kid’s name. Probably-Rob is handsome enough and responsible enough to tick all her mother’s boxes and most of Scully’s own and yet… her mind slips once again out of the side door of the conversation to explore the dark alleys and twisted connections of her work on the X-Files. Her work with Mulder.

This date was supposed to be a distraction, a flattering diversion from running headlong into this tempting new mystery. When she quit medicine for the  FBI she promised herself she would take her time choosing her next steps, tempering instinct with rationale so she is able to justify to Ahab and to herself, the merit of her decisions. And so tonight she chose to be here, with Probably-Rob and his family anecdotes instead of with Mulder, fast food and tall tales of beast-men and evolutionary anomalies. Empirically she knows it was the smart choice but it feels so wrong. It’s not that she doesn’t like Rob, or that she dislikes children or the idea of having them, but the conversation seems so painfully domestic, so numbly similar to the ones she overheard week-on-week in church growing up that despite her best attempts to pay attention she finds herself contemplating a lamp in the corner that looks like a flying saucer and wondering how long it would have taken Mulder to crack a joke about it.

She notices a silence and realises that she is meant to have responded, to be engaging in some witty first-date repartee and all she can do is smile tightly and quietly thank God for the arrival of dessert. Probably-Rob’s eyes light up at his strudel which matches, almost perfectly, the beige of his hair and suit and his enthusiasm for the pallid dessert far outweighs the vague warmth with which he told Scully she looked good upon arrival. There’s nothing wrong with him, he’s an attentive date and is more than holding up his half of their interaction, but as the minutes tick by Scully is forced to acknowledge that it is not a conversation she is interested in having. That for now, this well-meaning, gently patronising family man is the last thing she wants. She wants to be reckless, to test the limits of science and reality and herself and that the place to do that is at Mulder’s side.

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Two Beers, Please

Prompt: Quickie for @saxxxology‘s July Writing Challenge

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: NSFW. Language, alcohol, general drunken shenanigans, light Dom!Sam

Word Count: 1422

Originally posted by yaelstiel

You’d been making eyes at the Greek god across the room all night, even staying for ‘just one more beer’ so you could continue to look at him. Of course, just one more beer turned into three and you were officially drunk and a giant creep.

You swirled the dregs of around the bottom of the bottle. The liquid had gone warm and you knew if you ordered another you wouldn’t be walking out.

“Uh, two beers please.” A customer appeared next to you, hollering at the bartender. You turned to tell him to pipe down when you realized that it was the guy you’d been creeping on all night.

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