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#187: You Bake Together


Is it just me or do Ashton’s stories end up getting cute and cheesy? Idk man I just always feel like he’s all romantic and cute and fluffy and such a cupcake! You get it? Cupcake? Because this is a baking preference? *Snaps neck*

Requested: Yes, by this lovely anon! Thank you x

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“You know, things would have been a lot easier if we had used a simple box cake.” You stated while looking over at him with a smirk, but he wouldn’t have it at all while focusing on the recipe with furrowed eyebrows. “No because it’s so unoriginal and you know this is for my mum! Of course it would be easy to make something from a box but I want it to be homemade and personal.” He reached up to open the cupboards in search while looking for the next thing on the recipe for the cookies you were making and you crossed your arms and leaned against the counter. “Couldn’t you just buy her flowers like you always do?” You mumbled cutting pieces of chocolate on the cutting board while looking between it and him. “It’s getting bored, Y/N.” “Well I like flowers.” You smiled and bumped your hip with his when you finished chopping and headed towards the sink to wash your hands. “Where is the sugar?” “It should be next to the flour.” You mumbled while looking over your shoulder and nodding your head towards the cupboard to his left. He opened the closet and took out a blue package that was standing next to the flour, looked down at the recipe but deciding to measure it himself while putting it into the bowl with the other ingredients. It said you were supposed to use a few table spoons but he assumed he could measure it by sight. “Luke…” You trailed off while watching him with wide eyes and he furrowed his eyebrows. “What?” “You know that’s salt, right?” His eyes widened by your question and it took him seconds to have the package in front of his eyes to scan the words. He looked lost for a moment, his teeth digging into his bottom lip while he tried to take in his failure. “Fucking hell.” He muttered and threw the package back on the counter. You smiled softly at him and leaned down to grab a box cake resting in one of your drawers and waved it in front of him. It was with a grumble and a roll with the eyes that he took the package out of your hand annoyed, reading the instructions on the back page while you kissed him lightly on the cheek in amusement by his frustration.


Saying the kitchen was a mess was a huge understatement. Not only was it filled with a huge coat of flour spreading out almost like snow on the counter but the smell of chocolate and coconut seemed to take away the otherwise horrifying sight. It wasn’t even supposed to be that messy but you and Cal could never avoid it the second you planned something that involved a bowl and groceries from the fridge. In a search for some fresh cloth wipes after the old ones were filled with chocolate stains your eyes widened when you came back into the kitchen almost forgetting about the mess. “Why does it always look like we have bombarded the kitchen after baking?” He turned around almost like he was being caught in the act, the corner of his mouth showing pieces of chocolate stains while his eyes were wide. He was supposed to be cleaning up the mess while you were in a search but so far the only thing he had seemed to clean was the whisk in his hand. He didn’t even know what to say or how to react. “Come here.” He smiled and reached his hand forward for you to grab and get pulled closer. Quivering an eyebrow but with a smile you gave in and walked in front of him. He ran his finger up the whisk, the chocolate smearing around on his finger and you gave him an unsure smile. He looked down at you with a teasing grin, deciding to smear it out on your lips and your eyebrows lifted. Leaning down he closed his eyes and captured his lips with yours, his hand coming down to touch your lips while moving closer. He didn’t stop the kiss until he had removed all the chocolate and you remained your eyes closed when he leaned his forehead against yours while smiling softly. Though they widened in shock the second the whisk was smacked against your cheek, drops of chocolate being smeared out on the skin while Calum formed a huge smirk. “You did not.” You warned when he took a step back to admire you. “I think I did.” Was the las thing he said before he hurried away from you and out of the kitchen, afraid of what you had in mind for revenge and that was a great thing on his depart. “Calum Thomas Hood get yo ass back here!”


”Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame, darling, pancakes are my best friends!” Jumping around excitedly only in a pair of boxers and a spatula in his hands, Michael rolled his hands up and down like air guitar and bumped his head to the beat of the music. Your legs swung back and forth while watching him do a small dance in front of the stove, a huge stack of pancakes resting on a plate with foil on top to remain them warm. The clock was striking 2 A.M but none of you minded the slightest, it was a lazy Saturday that only got even better by the delightful wonders of sugary pancakes. Jumping down from the counter wanting to head towards the fridge you were prevented by him grabbing your arms and dancing you around. The shirt of his that was wrapped around your torso was flying around by his large movements, falling loosely against your waist again when he let go to flip yet another pancake. “Wanna see a true champion?” He questioned while watching you open the fridge and take out a bottle of water. “A champion?” You quivered an eyebrow teasing with a smile growing on your face and he nudged his hip with yours. “A true champion.” He spoke while nodding his head with a smirk embracing his face cockily. You crossed your arms and leaned against the counter while watching him grab the pan confidently. He smiled over at your direction quickly to make sure that you were watching before he took a step back and flipped it in the air. “Impressive.” You commented while nodding your head and his smile increased. “You wanna see something more impressive?” He giggled while keeping on flipping it. You quivered an eyebrow again while eyeing him but your eyes widened the second he threw the pancake towards your face. In fact he managed to hit you square across with the pancake, your jaw falling while you could hear his laughter loud over the music. “Oh my god I didn’t even think it would work.” He giggled while holding a hand in front of his face while watching you remove it from your head with a death glare. “Of course you didn’t.” You snickered and threw the pancake towards his direction, his eyes widening and pure sarcasm coming out of his mouth. “Y/N! You can’t just play with the food like that!”


Flour was falling down the air almost like snow laying its first coat on a cold December night, Ashton’s hands kneading the dough while standing behind you with his chin resting on top of your shoulders. Compared to the fact that you had been playing with so many messy ingredients it was pretty surprising how you remained the kitchen non dirty. The only messy place was your small circle that you had while playing with the dough, flour flying up in your face every time Ash would knead it in his hands. “You practically do the whole work.” You giggled while feeling totally defeated, your hands barely touching the dough because of his huge ones covering most of it. “Well look how fast the process goes.” He giggled and pressed a soft kiss to your neck, feeling you starting to squirm by the tickling sensation going through your veins. You rolled your eyes by his confident attitude and leaned your back against his chest, letting him do the work until the dough was elastic and ready to be folded out. Reaching out for the rolling pin he grabbed a few dusts of flour, sprinkled it onto it between his fingers and started to roll it out carefully.  “Did you make the filling?” Humming against his chest you unwillingly loosened yourself from his arms and headed towards the counter where you had placed it, a small smile playing on your face when you reached out towards the flour back and placed your fingers into it. “Hey Ash?” Reacting to your sudden question he turned his head around 90 degrees, his eyes widening but also closing immediately the second a puff of flour was thrown towards his face. “You did not.” He warned with a serious tone, but the dimple showing in his cheek told that he wasn’t the slightest pissed at you, more likely up for a challenge. “I’m sorry I just couldn’t.” You tried to muffle in a laugh while seeing him shake the flour out of his curls, dusts flying up in the air and he bit his lip while thinking. “No.” You warned already knowing what he had in mind but before you could escape he had you wrapped around your waist, his hand holding you tight while he reached out for another handful of flour, trying to hold in the laughs while you were screaming at him to stop.

Dating Hyuk would Include..
  • -cartoon/anime pjs
  • stuffies
  • all night long conversations
  • first let me take a selca
  • extreme gooffiness
  • trying out new things
  • pranking other members w/ Ken
  • LeoXHyuk ship witness
  • him being not manly 
  • showing off on stage when he knows you are watching ;)
  • him being more kawaii then you 
  • emoji spams
  • his little theme song *sigh*
  • flexing of his baby abs
  • you guys singing terribly to ‘’Hush’’
  • he being a bigger EXO fanboy than you 
  • ‘’Jagiya? Aren’t i the cutest thing you ever saw?’’
  • him being snake >->
  • ‘’ugh no books plz’’
  • ‘’can we do something…fun?’’
  • *sass* -snap snap snap-
  • innocence 
  • contests
  • pie baking (why do i think this?)
  • home made pizza
  • ‘’no netflix and chill
  • instead… anime and shushi’’
  • basically a male cheerleader
  • happy vibes everywhere
  • rainbows and colorful shit
  • extremely productive days… on most days
  • ‘’Jagi could you maybe drop it off later on today at the studio?’’
  • ‘’AGAIN?!’’
  • ‘’pretty pleaseee’’
  • ‘’._.”
  • ‘’with a ken on top?’’
  • *aegyo?*
  • *sigh* ‘’FINEE’’
  • ‘’yea yea ik you do -huggles back-



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Bean, what's ur favorite makeup highlighter? Yours looked amazing in ur recent snap!

The baked gelato in peach by laura geller! Im p sure