snap back drizzy


Everyone who doesn’t like what I said about Drake has me dying. A lot of the things I said were out of sarcasm and I thought it was funny. I think the picture of him kissing Kylie was pure innocent and actually it was kinda cute. But I was using that picture as a REFERENCE to how the media blows everything out of poportion when one celebrity does something vs when another does something. At the end of the day, Tyga says him Kylie aren’t together, there isn’t any evidence of intimacy between them, that screenshot Where he said he fucks her everyday was originally posted by @kinggoldchainSS on instagram and then later tyga’s REAL instagram name was photoshopped in. What we have to remind ourselves is that EVERYthing on the internet is NOT here for us to believe. NO MATTER how “obvious” or easy to believe everything is, we have to remember how easy it is to be fooled on the internet nowadays. The lies are more entertaining than the truth and that’s the truth. Also whatever is going on between them is between Kylie and Tyga. because what you drake fans have failed to realize is that you and your idol are completely going against your motto: YouOnlyLiveOnce. YOLO is still the motto right? If it is, everyone should be able to live and love freely because at the end of the day, we have to deal with our own consequences and so do they. I don’t post these things to make tyga look better or for attention but because I love promoting positively. Why can’t we all? to the haters, Thanks for all the reblogs like and followers doe. Take care loves 😘😘💓