So today I found myself in the doodle mood, but I didn’t really want to do anything on the askblogs and couldn’t think of anything I wanted to doodle… so I turned to the lot of you to see what you could come up with, asking for something super silly for me to draw.
…I knew you guys wouldn’t let me down.

Brace yourselves, here comes a gigantic heap of ridiculousness.

meet…the hatmaster. Master of the hats.

im snasnsa, snannn the skleltno 

They look like they’re kinda standing on it and holding on like they’re riding some sort of weird flying board. This…was not skillfully made.

but wait it gets better



He has activated his tsundere mode

good job Sans

This captures my perpetual inner emotional state

You guys are the best follower base I could ever ask for.✨

au sort of thingy

So imagine instead of traveling into the past, Dirk and Todd somehow manage to fuck it up and end up switching bodies and like happen to break the machine at the same time so they have to ask help from Farah and Amanda or something and then hilarity ensues because why is Todd jumping around like a mad man and Dirk looking like someone ate his breakfast.


Today I did a super quick participation call, seeking to satisfy my humanifcation cravings.
I asked everyone who was around who they wanted to see, and I originally intended to only draw most asked for but I ended up doing everyone’s requests (that hadn’t already been done).

Here’s the result!!✨

oh no it’s him!! SNAN UNDERTALE

I hope you don’t mind me giving him some company
I am weak

I like the way you two think.

Hehe!! I had so much fun with these. Thank you to the handful of you who participated!!
I’m a gigantic step closer to doing nice pictures of all these designs now.💦

save me

anonymous asked:

Sni'm sna snarbie snirl, snin sna snarbie snorld. Snife snin snastic, snit's snantastic. Snou snan snruch snmy snair, sndress snme, snerywhere.



Snan Yatra of Shree Govardhan at Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

During the hottest days in the summer, Thakorji bathes in cool waters from deep wells.  Water is mixed with saffron and sandal wood. It is unusual for devotees to see Thakorji being bathed in a Pushti temple.  Sana Yatra and Janmastami are rare occasions for us to have this darshan.