I’m imagining the epilouge but with Neville’s kid instead of Harry’s.
  • Sensibly Named Child: Dad, what if the hat puts me in Slytherin?
  • Neville: Then it means you really are a Slytherin. Do you have any idea how hard I begged to be a Hufflepuff? How hard I argued with the hat against Gryffindor? And you know what, it turns out the hat was right and I pulled the sword out of the hat and killed the snake. It's a magical hat and you're an eleven year old who thinks Axe works to attract girls. You know nothing, listen to the hat.

Marceline helped me out at work a few nights ago doing the christmas pictures. The reactions I get are substantially different when she’s in the hat. People don’t run but are curious and wonder how bad she can be if she tolerates hats.

She also got her picture taken no less than 20 times and the general consensus from those taking them was “no one is going to believe me unless I have a picture of this.”

My good girl.