snakes on my mind

So I have been thinking about this for quite some time...

So Terashima Takuma…

This Lovely Person of a Voice Actor Plays as:

This Crazy Yandere Sweet Child from Shuuen No Shiori (Seriously Check Out his songs)

This Genius Idiot of a Suicidal Depress  HIKINEET and I am not joking about that, from Kagerou Project / Mekakucity Actors (mmm SEXY Nerd)

This Cute and Happy Idol with Issues form Uta no Prince-Sama (I Still Love S3 E9, mmm the Angst and Drama) 

Mmm Shy and Troubled White Haired Bishie form Black Butler (I like you but please stay 10 feet away from me if you have your snake with you!)

And of course this Sweet and Pure Cinnamon Roll who can do no wrong from Servamp (How Cute)

But as the Series progress (Servamp), i can’t help but wonder… what is in stored for his(Mahiru) future! bare in mind we have not gotten the full detail of his past!

and we have seen the happy character isn’t actually the happiest one (Example one is up there people)   

Take it as you will, i’m just here to put my thoughts on Servamp to rest. Night everyone!

Johnny’s Foreword for Disney Pirates: The Definitive Collector’s Anthology

Since early childhood, some point between innocence and ignorance, I recognized, as luck would have it, that I somehow possessed the presence of mind to be incessantly curious and obsessively observant of those around me. Even to the point that for a couple of years - well before my teens, I was convinced that my life’s calling was to be an impersonator. I was utterly blown away by the fact it was possible to change one’s voice and mannerisms in order to elicit an instant transformation of the face, so that, immediately, the person I had been watching, was no longer themselves. They had disappeared and transformed into another being!

I was fascinated by human behavior, especially when the subjects were unaware that they were being observed. Those elusive opportunities where one might witness moments of simple and true behaviour - pure honesty - where the subject simply exists, unaware of anything within their vicinity - floating from thought, to thought, to thought. It then became my sworn duty to alarm, unnerve, startle, shock, annoy, terrorize and panic these unfortunate subjects, who largely turned out to be my family - the poor sods. And all this just to satisfy my need, my fix, for the purity of disrupting their private reveries so as to experience the bona-fide vérité of that inevitable, involuntary reflex and recoil of horror and fear. Why, you ask? Because it made me laugh. I would howl for hours, even days, reliving those instances. But, I needed more. In my youthful glee, I became addicted to these utterly spontaneous, in the moment responses. The truth,’ as they say, ‘will set you free.’ And, it most assuredly did. I’d found my true calling. It was in my DNA to provoke and prod - others as much as myself. I know there is some sliver of cruelty in there, and for that I can undoubtedly salute the chequered history of my unruly gene pool. But, in a bizarre flip, somewhere down the road, all of these rascally provocations from childhood became the tools in my tool box for the work I do today. Was I absolutely positive that there would be ghastly repercussions? Yes! But, I didn’t care. I couldn’t. It was, just simply, plus fort que moi. It was much stronger than me. My props were limited but my mind was not. Rubber snakes, fake spiders, frighteningly strange noises. It had developed to the point where my parents were actually concerned for my sanity as my addled brain conjured up prank after prank to feed my worrying sense of humor and its treacherous obstacle course.

I forged ahead like a bull rhino. The more I learned, the more I became cautious of anyone who might belong to the seemingly straight and narrow, as I’d been driving my teachers insane, and had they been able to catch me in the act, they’d have roasted me! So, I suppose that’s why I never cared much for the suits. They represented the enemy to me. The humor impaired. They were the school principals, the deans, the truant officer, the doctor, the dentist, the fraudulent evangelists. The stern and bitter type folks, incapable of drudging up a smile that hadn’t been born out of their own perverse notion that they held the monopoly on the 'power.’ Authority has always been a problem. Beloved rogues were my heroes. The rule breakers. From Blackbeard, to Dillinger. From Jim Morrison to Iggy Pop. The list goes on. So, my everdarkening adolescent cerebrum reached out to these iconoclastic mavericks, who blatantly scoffed at convention without a care in the world, as organic an urge as taking a breath. They gave me the impetus to escape a life of mundanity. I knew I was destined for something a little more undisciplined and ungoverned. Life was mine to explore! Some have suggested that Captain Jack Sparrow was the pinnacle of that search. But, the truth is that he has always been an integral part of me, from day zero.

Cut To: Day One. Set of POTC 'Curse of the Black Pearl.’ An absurd feeling. Like arriving, for the very first time, in a place you’ve always known. I understood everything. Immediately. This was where I was meant to be. My tumultuous trek, battling toward the edge of honesty’s limits had reached its zenith. However, that battle was not over. It never is, of course, and I had to fight for my vision of the character. My truth. And that vision was realized, thanks to the ‘guts’ of Jerry, Gore, and the finest executive that The Walt Disney Company has ever employed, Dick Cook, not to mention our dedicated and incredible crews - the true soldiers who get these films done with their very blood and sweat!!! They give the film its magic. But, above all, we must thank our dear audience. For, without them, there would be 'no glory.’ We would never have gotten anywhere. But now, here we are, some five movies later with our new directors, Joachim & Espen, administering some fresh wonder, still on the ride and loving it!!!

The future is always a riddle waiting to be solved, but I know that wherever we go, Captain Jack Sparrow will remain close by. His irreverent, absurdist spirit, forever loitering intently beneath the surface of all that threatens to tame us, to bore us, and to trick us.

So, don’t be tamed. Don’t be bored. And don’t be fooled.

Long live the Pirates life.

                                                                  —JOHNNY DEPP (Surrey, 02.05.'17)


These are all the things I use for my traditional art. I don’t have copic markers or anything fancy like that because of money problems but I manage ^^ the main things I use are the Faber Castell pens, Sargent Art colored pencils, Cra-Z-art colored pencils, basic white out (for more precise details I use this white permanent chalk board marker I found at Target), and a random pencil. Sometimes I like to use gel pens, water colors, and gold ink. The most important has to be the Faber Castell pens because they come in lots of different sizes, they’re water proof, and they don’t bleed through the paper 👌👏👍I used to use sharpies before but that was a nightmare ;; and thank you for liking my art anon!!! ^^


One of my newest prints on Etsy!

If you dream of snakes, it apparently can be complicated. Hidden threats, mysteries, betrayal, lust (Freudian), transformation, healing, and even creativity. The symbolism of the snake can be positive or negative depending on your feelings towards the snake. Your cultural background can play a role in this perception, as can your upbringing…

I often dream of my two corn snakes (both separate and female mind you) magically multiplying and I have to find a way to house all of these snake babies! It is super frustrating… but I do think it speaks to my personal tendency to take on more than I have time for.

What does the snake mean to you? Have any good snake dreams?

partner in crime | jughead jones x reader

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written by: rosie

edited by: rosie

anonymous said: can you do a fic reader x jughead when the reader joins the serpents with/for jughead (to be with him and kinda keep him out of trouble?)? sorry if this has been requested before

chapter song: swish swish / katy perry

i cuss slightly under my breathe as i mount my bike, i was a freaking southside serpent yet i was stuck baby sitting our newest recruit; the boss’ sixteen year old son.

i’d been working under FP since my father passed away, he was killed by the big c, cancer. i was sixteen scared, alone and fatherless.

so the serpents did what they do best, protect their own. so i became a serpent, serving loyally under the jones man as two long years passed.

ever since FP was thrown in jail i was left to babysit the newest snake, brining me to why i was cursing, what the boss says goes. leading me to where i am now, my bike.

there was something about riding around town, the wind in my hair as i zip around the small town, hands gripping onto the handles as i start my search.

i spot the brunette boy amongst the crowd of serpents pulled off the side of the road leaning against their bikes.

i grin, speeding toward them pulling up in front of the large group of leather clad boys. i dismount my bike pulling the helmet from my head, allowing my locks to flow down my back.

my boots crunch in the dirt as i approach, the group turning as i walk toward them.

“boys” i greet with a stern expression.

“jones lets go, now” i huff lowly ruffling my hair out

the group let out a low ‘oo’ sensing that the younger boy was in trouble if i was looking for him.

i was somewhat infamous in the southside of town, one of the most respected serpents -well- by the older serpents. the younger ones seemed to need more maturing.

constant snickers and whistles as they try and pick me up, it never worked. i was a cold hearted bitch, but it worked. you see you can’t have your heart broken if you don’t have one.

“and what if i say no?” he snickers crossing his arms across his broad chest.

forsythe pendleton jones-” “the third” he corrects me triggering an eye roll.

“im under orders from your father, you need to go back to headquarters, let’s go” i push the helmet into his chest hard.

“you want me to ride on the back of your bike?- atleast buy me a drink first” he chuckles the whole gang laughing with him.

“i promise you jughead jones you don’t want to mess with me, your father is being released i need to get you back” i seethe my temper growing shorter by the second.

“my fathers getting release-d?” he’s voice picks up slightly before he lets out and low cough and clears his throats repeating the same words, stronger this time.

boys and this no emotion things was getting boring fast

“as much as i love riding around half the town because i was left to babysit a sixteen year old i actually have better things to do” i sass walking back over toward my bike.

i mount my bike slipping on my helmet as i glance back over to him “let’s go bad boy” i smile sarcasm oozing from my words.

the guys behind him rile him up, whispering god knows what into his ear.

my stare hardens as i watch his adam’s apple bop figuring out his next move before he walks over and secures his helmet before slipping onto the back of my bike.

and with one swift flick of the wrist we were hurling forward causing the boy to grab at your waist afraid he’d be sent hurling off the back.

“you’ve got a iron grip don’t you jones” i joke, his warm hands seemed to loosen but still sat on my waist, my skin pecking out from my jeans and my jacket.

we’re half way to the bar when my bike lights up, beeping like crazy, i hastily pull over the both of us hoping of the motorcycle.

“you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” i cuss kicking the dirt as the engine light flashes, not enough water in the engine.

i bend over examining the bike when i catch the younger boy step back taking a long glance at what my ass looks like in my black denim jeans.

“jones” i warn fiddling with the bike hoping i could magically fix it and then get back to headquarters.

“im just enjoying the view” i don’t even have to see his face to know that the infamous jones smirk was plastered on his tan face.

i straight up lifting the bottom of my shirt up to dap the beads of sweat off my forehead, out of all the times my bike decides to brake down it chooses today.

the hottest day of the year and with the worst company i could dream of.

i pull my hair tie off my wrist throwing my hair up into a messy bun as i retrieve my phone from the back pockets leaning against the bike.

“no signal great” i cuss under my breathe as i slip the device back into my pocket.

i glance as jughead paces pulling out his own phone “good thing i have two bars hey?” i move away from the bike trying to grab the phone from his grasp.

“oh how the tables have turned” he smirks triumphantly

“just hurry up and call help im sweating” i complain removing my jacket and letting the small breeze relieve me ever so lightly.

he walks off exchanging a few words before walking back over to me, “helps on its way darling”.

i roll my eyes picking myself up off the floor dusting the dirt off my clothes “who’d you call?” i pause as the roar of engines flood my ears.

“you’ve got to be kidding me” i groan glancing as the horizon fills with 8 bikes- jughead posse from earlier.

i share a look of displeasure with the raven haired boy as he greets his friends mounting his own bike “my lady” he holds a hand out to me.

“what about my bike?! im not just leaving it here!” i argue looking wearily at the group.

“i called a tow, now c'mon we wouldn’t want to keep my father waiting would we” i roll my eyes walking over to the boy trapping his shoulder as i pull myself up.

“hold on” he whispers a shiver running up my spine as i wrap my arms reluctantly around the boys waist.

“i hope you know how to drive this thing” i huff as he flys forward, the others following behind us as we lurch toward the local bar we called home.

we come screeching to a halt outfront of the small car park, bikes littered the entrance.

i swiftly jump off the bike happy to be on the ground again, i swivel and punch the raven haired boy in the arm “drive like that agin when im on the back, ill kill you”.

he rolls his eyes placing his helmet on his bike.

“i think i did good -we- did good, we’re like-” he pauses his mind wondering “partners in crime” he sing songs a smile working it way onto his face.

i roll my eyes and turn to walk away when his hands clamps around my wrist and pulls me back forcing me against the warm bike, his body trapping me.

his hand jump from my wrist to my neck as he presses his rough lips on mine catching me completely off guard, im taken back at how good the boy kisses i let out a moan.

he smiles into this kiss and pulls me up by my thighs resting me own the bike as my legs snake around his torso. it’s like my mind shut off as i continue to make out with the younger boy.

something clicks and my hands are on his chest pushing him away breathless, you glance to see the older jones man standing outside the bad his arms crossed.

“son, y/n” he states a smirk on his lips, jughead turns and walks away heading over to his old man as he slings an arm around his son guiding him into the bar.

leaving me slumped against his bike my checks red and a knot in my stomach. what had i gotten myself into

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The Light Behind Your Eyes (Pt.6 - FINALE)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female/enhanced!Reader - Avengers x female/enhanced!Reader -

Summary: When the doctor evaluating you decides to test your powers, things get out of hand. But will your evaluation alone be enough for you to be able to stay at the compound?

Warnings: angst - language - some fluff

Word Count: 2.7K

A/N: This is it, the last part! I’ve never written a series this long before, so I really hope this ending does it justice. Feel free to drop some requests in my ask! Thanks so much for reading! Also, Happy Book Lover’s Day!! I’ll be posting another fic later tonight to celebrate all you readers!

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five

Reader P.O.V.

“So, tell me, Y/N,” the doctor pushes his laptop aside, folding his hands on the table in front of him. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired,” you hoarsely mumble. Banner types something into the laptop.

“Just tired?” The doctor probes further. You reply with a stern nod. “You don’t feel angry, or sad?” You clench your jaw and shake your head. Banner gives him a quick glance out of the corner of his eye. “Alright,” the doctor shrugs. “I need to ask you a few questions about what happened in Boston.”

Your hands start to tremble, so you pull them down to your lab, clutching the bottom of your hoodie. “What do you want to know?” Your voice is low.

“Tell me, Y/N…Did you have any control over your body during the attack?”

“No,” you shake your head. “It was like being stuck inside a cell, watching the world fly by outside a window. The more I tried to fight it, the more the other energy would invade my mind.”

“Interesting,” the doctor mumbled. He pulls out a folder from his brief case. “So from what you’re telling me, this organization essentially mutilated your mind, mimicking the same methods they used on Sergeant Barnes, the infamous Winter Soldier?”

“His name is Bucky,” you mutter under your breath. “And, yes, th-they did.” Banner feverishly punches things into the keyboard.

“Your previous files mention nothing about the power you exhibited in Boston. Were they something that was brought onto during your captivity?”


“I see,” the doctor hums. “You know, Miss Y/N, I cannot help you if you do not talk to me.”

“I don’t need your help.”

“You may think that,” he leans across the table. “But you do want to return back to your team - back to your home - yes?”

You stare at him for a moment before casting your gaze downwards, absorbing his words. You nod.

“Good. Now,” he pulls out a piece of paper from a folder, sliding a pair of reading glasses onto his slim nose, “do you have any idea how much power you actually possess?”

“More than I’d like to,” you mutter through a clenched jaw.

“I think we’re going to need to test the extent of these new powers,” the doctor sighs as he begins to pack away his papers and folders. “Doctor Banner,” he turns to Bruce, who is still hunched over his laptop, meticulously taking notes, “We’re going to need to bring her down to the main training room for observation.” He stands, grabbing his things and turning to head out the room. The two guards from earlier come back into the room. One of them grabs something off their belt.

“Stand up,” they order. You look at Banner. He’s glancing between you and the guards, a look of worry hanging over his features.

“Banner, I -”

Now,” the guard impatiently states. You slowly push back from the table, your fingertips linger on its smooth surface. “Hands behind your back.”

A muscle in your jaw twitches as hopelessness and dread flush through your body. It feels like you’re glued to your spot, and you can’t drag your arms to bring them behind your back. The guard walks up to you, grabbing both your wrists and twisting them behind you. They clamp some sort of restraint on you arms, yanking your body to head back down the corridor to what feels like your inevitable doom.

The main training room hasn’t changed since you’ve been gone, besides the fact that most of the equipment had been moved out of the room, more than likely as a safety precaution for what the doctor had in mind for you. A few large glass panes create a protective barrier between the training and observation rooms. You stand on the opposite side of the room in the middle of the large, open floor, and can see most of the team and the doctor sitting behind the glass, watching your unmoving figure.

Alright, Miss Y/N,” the doctor’s voice boomed out over the speaker system. “We are going to see just what you can do.”

“What exactly do you want me to-”

Мощность.” You freeze.

“N-No,” a whimper escapes your dry lips.


Stop it,” your hands begin to tremble as you feel the energy swelling beneath your skin, pooling in your fingertips.


Please,” you beg, a few wisps of energy tricking from your palms. You clench your hands into tights fists, your fingernails biting into your clammy palms. Bucky stands from his chair and tries to walk over to the doctor, but Steve jumps from his seat, blocking his path.


I said STOP!” You scream, instinctively shooting up your hands towards the room, sending a powerful, roaring burst of energy in its direction.


Your vision instantly goes black, and you feel your conscience slip away, being torn apart but the foreign energy inside of you.

Bucky’s P.O.V.

The rage inside me was nearly uncontrollable as I had to sit and watch the doctor put Y/N through this shit. As soon as he uttered the last word, the dark energy evading our view dispersed into the air. Y/N stands in the same spot as she started in, but her head was pointed downwards. Her arms are loose at her sides, her stance wide and strong.

“Ангел?” My blood runs cold as the doctor mutters the name.

She slowly raises her head, her black, mysterious eyes intensely focusing on the doctor. Her gaze shifted from the doctor to me as a slow, wicked smirk crept up her face. A shiver snakes down my spine.

Cолдат,” her tainted voice whispers through my mind. Soldier.

If it wasn’t for Steve standing between me and the doctor, I would’ve snapped his neck already. I suddenly feel faint and plop back down into my chair, cradling my head in my hands.

“What were your previous orders?” A light sheen of sweat shines on the doctor’s forehead. He has no fucking clue what he’s just done.

To detain the Winter Soldier and kill the Avengers.” Her voice is low, pierced with a dangerous edge as it floats through the intercom system of the room.

“Why was the order given to you?” The doctor’s voice slightly shakes at the end.

The Soldier has a special connection with Y/N that makes him more vulnerable, and the organization needs him back.”

I drag my head up, my eyes locking on her in horror. A large, heavy pit drops into my stomach. This is…This is all because of me.

Standing slowly, I turn and sneak out of the room, brushing past Banner and silently grabbing one of the darts, then take the stairs three at a time down to the main level where Y/N is being contained. I pull on the main door, but it’s locked. In a wave of urgency and desperation, I grab the lock with my metal hand and rip it out of the door, sending pieces of metal clattering around my feet. When I step into the room, Y/N is still in the same spot, but her head immediately snaps to my sudden presence.

“Y/N,” I say calmly through a stiff jaw. “You don’t need to do this.” I take a few more cautious steps towards her, not moving too fast. A large, evil smile pulls her lips upwards, almost forming a snarl. She raises a hand and cast out a whipping rope of energy, hitting me hard, square in the chest, sending me flying into the wall behind me. A sore ache pulls at my chest as I try to sit up, but she’s suddenly standing in front of me, laughing like she just watched one of the funniest, most hilarious events unfold before her. She uses both hands and clutches my collar, pulling me up from the floor.

“You’re too late, Barnes. Y/N’s gone,” she whispers close to my face. The air around us shifts, suddenly becoming more electric and wild. “And soon, you’ll be gone, too.”

A tight, strangling feeling wraps around my neck again as she lifts me up into to air, my feet hovering above the solid ground. In the blink of an eye, she sends my shooting across the other end of the room, something between an animalistic growl and a strangled choke rips from my throat as my body crashes into the wall, small chunks of cement and dust billowing around me.

“B-Banner,” I manage through the haze of pain blinding my senses. “Hit…Hit her with the darts.” My breath comes in staggered, painful chokes.

I-I only have one, I had two but -


A whizz slits through the air, and before Y/N can turn around to stop the dart, it sinks into the back of her shoulder. She yelps, stumbling over her feet, landing on her knees. Reaching over her shoulder, she takes hold of the dart and yanks it out of her muscles, gently swaying as the contents pulse through her body.

Bucky, get out of there!” Steve’s voice rings out over the drumming in my ears.

I pull myself up from the floor, doing the best I can to ignore the throbbing pains on the right side of my body.

“I don’t want to fight you,” I mutter as I take a single step closer to where Y/N was still kneeling on the ground, her head tucked to her chest as she keeps her body upright by putting her arms on her knees for support. “And I know you don’t want to fight me.” Another step. “But if that’s what you need to do…” Two more steps. She’s only a foot away now. “Then throw the first punch.”

I watch her back rise and fall as she breathes hard, clutching to the fabric on her knees. Like a strike of lightning, she bolts up, jumping to her feet, and throwing a punch towards my face. I block it easily but have a hard time warding off the kick she sends into my ribs. We go on like this, her throwing well-planned, quick, and effective punches, jabs, and kicks while I do my best to block her attempts without hurting her. As I go to black another kick, she sends a sharp jab straight to my jaw. It feels like pins and needles erupt in the spot where her fist connected with my face. They must have trained the living shit out of her.

Steve’s voice shouting over the intercom is muffled by the constant thumping of my heartbeat in my ears. I feel the back of my heel hit a wall, and quickly squat down as Y/N sends a fist flying past my ears, crashing into the wall behind me. I use this as leverage to use a leg and sweep at her legs. It catches her by surprise and sends her tumbling onto her back. I quickly jump onto her, pinning her beneath my weight. It takes a lot of my strength to keep her under me as she tries to struggle her way out. After a few seconds, she stops and just stares at me, her endless, pitch dark eyes boring into my mind.

Желание,” her quiet voice slithers into my thoughts. Longing.

“No,” I hiss through my teeth, tightening my grip on her shoulders, pushing her harder against the floor.

Ржaвый,” she smiles.

No,” I groan in frustration. I quickly reach for the dart in the waistband of my pants. I’m sorry.

The dart sinks into her thigh. She gasps loudly as her eyes widen in shock. The black begins to recede, returning her eyes back to their natural color. I roll off of her, laying on my back as we both seem to try and catch our breath. As my heart rate slows, I can hear multiple sets of feet storm into the room. I turn my head and see the rest of the team standing near the entrance.

“O-Ow, fuck…,” she groans in pain next to me. “What the…shit, not again.” She pushes herself up on her elbows, eyeing the dart protruding from the side of her thigh. “B-Bucky?” She blinks at me.

“Hey, doll,” I manage through the blossoming pain in my body.

“D-Did I hurt you?” A soft whimper tumbles from her lips.

“Not too bad,” I sarcastically groan as I force myself into a sitting position, wincing as a sharp sting shoots through my ribs. “Just a few scratches, nothing too bad.”

“That was fascinating,” Dr. Hyde pushes through into the room. “I have never -”

“Doctor,” Tony interrupted, turning around and putting a hand on his shoulder. “Can we step outside for a moment?” He pushes the doctor out into the hallway, sending me a quick glance and a nod.

“Can…Can I come back?” Y/N asks beside me. I look at her. Fear and uncertainty shine in her eyes, her brows are knit together in confusion.

“You sure can, kid,” Tony smiles as he saunters back into the room, his hands in his pockets. “There are a few, uh, minor details we need to sort out, like how to keep your new abilities under control, but otherwise, you’re absolutely free to stay.”

“A-Are you serious?” She stands up and I mimic her action. “I can come back home?” Tears begin to well in the corner of her eyes as she brings her hands to her mouth, hiding her quivering smile. Steve is the first one to hesitantly walk over to her, lightly patting her shoulder. A tear slides down her cheek as she looks up at him and wraps her arms around his neck.

“Welcome back, kiddo,” he mumbles against her ear. She pulls back and giggles, wiping at her face. She turns to me, and I hold out my arms. She races into them, the impact making me wince a little. I can feel a quiet sob shake her body, some of her tears soaking into the thin fabric of my shirt.

“I missed you, doll,” I whisper near her ear, tucking my head into the crook of her neck. I feel another set of arms wrap around us.

“We all missed you,” Tony’s voice is muffled by my shoulder. Even more arms wrap around us, until the whole team is just surrounding her, really showing how much we missed her, and how much we love her. After a few minutes, we peel away from each other, most of us crying in relief at the thought that Y/N is finally back home, and safe. As the other members file out of the room, laughing about something Tony had said while they headed back to one of the other main rooms for dinner.

“H-Hey,” I gently grab her elbow before she can leave the room. “I just want to say that I-I’m so sorry for everything that happened to you. I tried to do everything I could possibly do to save you, but I -”

She lightly presses her lips against mine before I could even finish my sentence. As the shock subsides, I lean into her touch, my heart thumping hard and fluttering in my chest. She slowly pulls away.

“I know you did,” she whispers. “I could feel it in your mind.”

“Of course you did,” I chuckle. I arch an eyebrow, throwing her a questioning look. “So, is that ability going to be permanent? Like, is it just an open connection or…how the hell does this work?”

“As far as I know,” she giggles. “That’s how I knew to kiss you. You were practically screaming for it.”

“What else did you hear?” A playful smirk tugs at my lips.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” She winks, the light behind her eyes fully illuminating in happiness as she turns to saunter out of the room. I start to chase after her, and as soon as she hears me coming, she bolts out the door and towards the staircase, giggling like a child.

“Not fair! You got a head start!” I call after her as I watch her bound up the stairs three at a time.

“You’ll never catch me!” She darts through another doorway.

I laugh to myself as I pick up my pace. God, I’ve missed her.

I missed you more,” her delicate voice trickles into my head. “Oh, and good luck finding me.

Ангел - angel

Мощность - power

Легкий - easy

Глаза - eyes

Капитан - captain

Чистить - clean

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I love audiobooks because I can engage with a good story even when I’m, say, doing dishes or driving.

And for giving me moments like tonight, when Mr Jez got into my car and was immediately greeted with my stereo shouting:


… thank you, Locke Lamora, for making me have to explain what the fuck I’m listening to.

SasuSaku Month - Day 15: The Slug and the Snake || [Fanfic] Till Death Do Us Part

Title: Till Death Do Us Part

Rating: T/PG-13

Notes: Sorry to keep you waiting, but at last, the final chapter is here ^^ It’s sad but at the same time accomplishing because it’s the first time that I finish a multi-chaptered story and that I write so much in such amount of time.

The notes are a bit long this time, but I’d like you to read them, since they can be useful.

This time, the prompt is symbolic. Looking for information for my next story (that hopefully will use some of the prompts I still haven’t done) I found on a book about Japanese Mythology that the snake, among other things, symbolises lust. Imagine the possibilities that opened in my mind at that moment *grin* Regarding the slug, the only thing I could find was the healing power, so Sakura gets stuck in the medical field once again.

I decided that both their names are written in kanji, since both of them belong to old families (I haven’t seen any examples of this written in hiragana/katakana, like in the manga). For those who feel curious…  団扇 佐助 // 春野桜 (I know that in Sasuke’s case those are the kanji for “uchiwa“, but… ^^U)

The events described in the fanfic are my impressions after watching several videos and reading about the topic. There will be mistakes, of course, so I apologise in advance.

Be aware that the rating has gone up. There’s nothing really explicit but you’ll know what’s happening. If I labelled it incorrectly, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Since a few years, the rating system has been a mess. I’ve found really strong things under the M/R and even the T/PG-13 tags and really innocent ones under T/PG-13 so, I’m more or less following my instinct.

Thanks to the lovely @isa-chi who put up with my ramblings and my frustration, and advised me on a couple of topics especially related to OOC. And also to all the people who read it, sent messages, liked, reblogged and followed me, waiting patiently for updates. You don’t know how happy each of those single things made me. And thank you to @sasusakumonths for organising it. It’s been really fun ♡

As always, if there’s something wrong (spaces, brackets…), please, tell me. I hope you enjoy this final instalment :)

Glossary: I’ve tried to keep the Japanese terms to a minimum, though some things are not accurately translated

-uchikake: the bridal kimono. It can be white (the most common used for the ceremony) or with colours (normally used for the celebration). it’s much more heavier than a normal kimono, and it’s tied differently too.
-onigiri: riceball
-nori: the seaweed that is wrapped around the onigiri

Words: 7339



Drinking a sip of her coffee, Sakura observed as Sasuke started to complete their marriage form, the pen in his right hand tracing the kanji of his full name slowly, as if he feared to make a mistake. They had decided to fill it and take it to the Ward Office together so, early in the morning, Sakura had gone to his apartment carrying the documents she would need.

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anonymous asked:

Just a small question. I noticed you are missing two pieces of lip jewelry. The snake bites. What happened to them? Sorry I had that on my mind and thought I'd ask. Love you bat queen 🦇

They’re back now - I just lost the jewellery (it’s a talent of mine) but have something in there now, feels so empty otherwise!