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A concept: Severus secretly refers to his Slytherins as "his snakes," which he accidentally mentions out loud much to the students delight and his embarrassment. Dumbledore provides the means for all of Slytherin house to get tees with the words "Snape's Snakes" printed on them, which they wear to every quidditch match of course, and elsewhere. Severus pretends to be indifferent and mad at Albus but he's secretly delighted; he feels more like a Head of House than ever before.

a good concept you mean

WWE Preference; #20 “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME!”

Hope you like it!

Kevin Owens;

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               You were sick of it, Kevin’s behavior recently since his fighting with Sami had reached an all-time high. You were visiting him on tour, spending two weeks with him while you were on break from grad school and since you’d been with Kevin, you knew how much he’d cared for Sami Zayn, he was part of getting the two of you together, encouraging Kevin to ask you out when you went to one of their matches.

               But it had already been three days and all Kevin did was get into fights with him backstage while you were at catering and even more so, ranting about him in your hotel room when frankly, the last thing you wanted to do was talk when you hadn’t seen him in a month.

               You were sitting at a table backstage, eating some cake when he came storming back from his match, fuming from his last interaction with Sami. “That fucking loser thinks that he can treat me like that, in front of all those people,” he fumes and you looked up at him.

               “Baby, calm down,” you said and he slapped the plate of cake from your hand, it falling into your lap and smearing all over your new dress that you’d worn for the two of you to go out after the show. When he saw the look on your face, he knew he’d taken it too far, got way too intense for the conversation and for you and you pushed back your chair, scraping the frosting off your dress when he followed behind you, his hand touching your shoulder.

               “Don’t fucking touch me!” you yelled, heads turning to look at the two of you, startled by your tone and loud voice. “I’m so disgusted with you lately, all you care about is your feud with Sami when I’m here to spend two weeks with you when I should be home, studying and working on my thesis for school, but I wanted to be here with you,” you said, your voice strained, “But I guess you don’t feel that way. You know you haven’t even told me you loved me since I’ve been here?” you told him and he tried to step toward you again but you stepped back. “Don’t.”

 Seth Rollins;

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Don’t fucking touch me!” you yelled as he walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around you. You’d just played a long and strategic game of Monopoly for four hours and he’d cheated somehow, you just hadn’t figured out how yet. You didn’t even want to talk to him, you were so frustrated and disappointed with the loss.

               “Aww, come on babe, don’t be a sore loser,” he murmured, his lips cruising down the slope of your neck as he peppered calming kisses along your soft skin.

               “I’m not a sore loser,” you grumbled, leaning backward into his touch as you sighed. “I just don’t understand how you won when I had most of the board,” you said.

               “Baby girl, I’m just that awesome that I pull through, you’ve seen me wrestle haven’t you?” he chuckled and swayed back and forth lightly.

               “Shuddup,” you whispered as you turned in his arms and wrapped your arms around his waist.

 Enzo Amore;

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               “Don’t fucking touch me!” he yells as you chase him around the living room, trying to catch him to get him back for tickling you mercilessly for five minutes because you said his outfit looked silly. You speared him to the ground and held his hands above his head, your hand snaking under his tee shirt to his abs and tickling him repeatedly, making him laugh hysterically, begging you to stop.

               “How does it feel to be helpless?” you asked, continuing to tickle him repeated before he suddenly flipped the two of you over, one of his hands pulling yours into the position like you had done to him a minute ago and leaning down to your ear.

               “I don’t know sweet cheeks, you tell me,” his voice rasped in your ear, making you shiver as his hand went to your stomach and began to tickle you again as you squirmed and squealed at the feeling of his warm hands.

               “Enzo, Enzo please,” you cried, laughter making tears stream down your face as he smiled.

               “Beg for it,” he groaned and the pit of your stomach had butterflies at his tone, his eyes darkening slightly as you leaned up and bit his bottom lip before connecting your lips, making his fingers stop their movement, moving up your sides to your face as you moaned lightly into the kiss.

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Hi again! What do you think about these oversized H&M trousers (0511612001) and how would you style them? Thanks so much!! :)

Hi! Love them. With a ribbed tank top, mid block heeled sandals and black retro sunnies or white heeled mules, white button up shirt and red lip or white tee, navy blue blazer and mules or snake print ankle booties, black ribbed tee and long black trench coat or strappy black flat sandals, white v neck tee, gold necklaces

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I love you're edits❤❤ Can you please so a Brett Talbot smut where Liam cheats on y/n and she goes to him for revenge? And could it please be in second person? Thanks you 😊😊


A/N:I love this…that’s all I have to say…okay.

Pairings:Brett x Reader

Warnings:Revenge sex, Swearing, rough smut.

Sexual Content

You had just finished your mid terms and finally had time to visit your adorable boyfriend. You walked up to his door and knocked on the perfectly painted wooden door.nothing. You bent down to pick up the welcome mat. To find the spare key his mom always left for you. You unlocked the door only to trip over a pair of converse that were way to girly to be Liam’s or too small to be his mother’s. You shook it off and began climbing the stairs practically running up each step with excitement. Time alone was what you needed after a long period of time studying. You finally reached the top of the stairs, your ears pricked as you heard the sound of a female voice talking. No moaning. Your heart practically jumped into your throat. You figured he was being a typical teenage boy watching porn but once you heard Liam’s name being called out you had second thoughts. You started walking slowly careful not to be heard to give them a chance to think of an excuse but instead catch them red handed. You swung the door open only to see your loyal and long-term boyfriend’s dick inside of none other than Hayden Romero (no hate, I love her)
“What a nice surprise"You said arms crossed causing them to finally figure out what was going on. “Oh my God Y/N this isn’t what it looks like"Liam shouted pulling out and getting up off of Hayden. “what is it then"you said using your calm angry voice which always scares the shit out of Liam.

“I just really missed you-”

“so you decide to cheat on me, how sweet”you said coldly. He just stood there quietly not daring to say a word.

“Well, Liam Dunbar we’re done”You said not even flinching.

“Wait Y/N, w-we can work this out right, I mean I love you”he said tears starting to form in his eyes.

“great way of showing it. huh”You said before turning your body around and walking out. as you walked out the door you could hear Liam shouting at Hayden.

“This is all your fucking fault, if it wasn’t for you I would still be with her”

You felt the tears welling up now and all the anger building up. You began walking not caring where in the world you would end up. You were about to cross the road your mind began to wonder. What if you caused as much pain to him as he did to you with someone he hated. You started walking, then running until you saw a house all too well. You knocked on the door waiting for it to open and when it did boy were you relieved.

“are you alone”You asked 

“Yeah why”Brett asked running his hand through his hair. You didn’t answer instead you pounced onto him attaching your lips to his with so much anger and passion. He was shocked but didn’t resist how could he, you were giving yourself to him willingly. You kicked the door closed and was pushed against as he grabbed your waist tightly. You felt him pull away making you groan.

“We can’t do this Y/N”Brett sighed still holding onto your waist.

“Why”you groaned anxious to get your revenge

“Your with Liam, and as much as I hate him you-”
“we broke up, he cheated on me and now I want revenge if that’s okay with you”I said before kissing him again.

“perfectly fine…I guess”Brett muttered against your lips. Your tongue swiped against his bottom lip urging for access which he gladly allowed you. Your tongues fought for dominance but you anger won. Brett’s hands made their way to your ass squeezing it making you moan softly. “jump"Brett whispered against your lips and you obeyed wrapping your legs around his well built torso, his hands sill firmly on your ass.  Brett walked the both of you up to his room his lips never leaving yours. he kicked his bedroom door open before throwing you onto the bed, he hovered over you the lust clear in his eyes.“you have no idea how much I want this"Brett growled as he began unbuttoning your shirt. Once it was completely undone his bulging when he saw your black lacy bra.“fuck"he whispered staring a your perfectly formed breasts.You undid your bra before pulling both your shirt and bra off with ease. You pushed Brett off of you an stood up infront of him as he sat back until his back hit the bed board. "what you doing princess"Brett growled, the nickname giving you shivers and sending a pool of wetness to form in your panties. you undid the button of your jeans and slid out of them before throwing them into a pile with the rest of your clothes. You looked over at Brett who had too much clothing for your liking. You knelt down before Brett a smirk permanent on his face.

“you are perfect baby girl”Brett growled as his eyes followed your chest as you got comfortable in front of him. you hands snaked under his muscle tee, your hands roaming over his perfectly formed abs, you pulled off his shirt his eyes never leaving yours. "you have a nice body werewolf boy"you smirked as your hands started undoing the button on his pants, helping him pull them off leaving him in boxers."your not shabby yourself princess"Brett said as his hands gripped unto your waist again pulling you onto his lap, straddling him you began rocking your hips back and forth making Brett’s breath hitch as he began hardening beneath you. You brought your lips to his as your hands started tugging on the ends of his gorgeous brown hair. Brett’s hand left your waist and slid into your lace panties until they reached your dripping heat. Your mouth left Brett’s as you moaned loudly causing a smirk to appear on Brett’s face. Your hips bucked up into his hand anxious for him to do something."be patient baby girl"Brett smirked. "I’m not in the mood to be patient Talbot"you said throwing a glare at him. He chuckled as he started rubbing figure of 8s on your clit, moans falling out of mouth giving Brett the confidence to dip his finger into you causing you to moan out his name. He started pumping in and out you, your eyes rolling back into you head as he added another digit scissoring you in the process. You gripped onto his shoulder as he curled his fingers hitting your g-spot causing you to come closer to your high. "Brett, I’m so close"You whined but he removed his fingers from you causing you to groan in frustration."what the fuck was that for"You sighed as you started palming Brett through his boxers."I’ll only let you come when I’m inside of you Y/N"Brett breathed as he started bucking his hips forward. You felt his hands grip your shoulder pushing you onto the bed with ease until he was hovering over you."Brett hurry"You moaned as you watched him pull a condom from his bedside table. the silver package ripped open as you shivered in anticipation, Brett pulled off his boxers and rolled on the condom as you watched with lust filled eyes. His eyes found yours as he pulled out his claws and ripped apart your panties until there was nothing stopping him from you. You hands gripped the sheets as he rubbed himself against you."Brett, come o-Fuck"You moaned out as he slammed into you. You gripped the sheets tighter as he began pounding into you-hard. Your hands began scratching down his back causing him to growl his fangs appearing behind his smirk. "if your going to wolf out on me Talbot then I suggest you find your anchor"You panted as you tried not to moan out to loud."I’m looking at it"He moaned making you blush. Brett grabbed your hips pulling you closer so he could go deeper inside of you causing you to scream out when he his your g-spot multiple times"Brett, fuck"You groaned as you pulled him closer to you until he was buried in between your neck letting you hear all his puppy whimpers and wolf-like growls. his thrusts became sloppier as he tried to contain himself from ripping you to pieces. You felt him twitch inside of you before letting out a low groan spilling inside the condom causing you to hit your release as well.
“Damn, he’s going to smell me on you for days”Brett said as he pulled out of you panting.
“Lets hope so”you smirked
A/N:so yeah have fun with that sorry if this took so long stupid fucking school is always in the way. if you have requested something please be patient with me i’m not a robot I can’t type faster than I think. Love You all~ T

something new - luke smut

pairing: luke + y/n

rated: R

word count: 5,175

request: do you think you could do one with either Luke or Calum where he uses toys on you omg like a vibrator and oral mixed and it’s kind of slow bc he just wants to take in all of your reactions and such and he has things like oils bc he wanted to be more adventurous or something like that

a/n: i forgot to add in the oils, but i feel as though the rest of this content makes up for that. hope you like it! also it’s luke because i just wrote a very lengthy calum smut which can be found on my masterlist

- - - 

Luke was the perfect combination of daring and inhibited. There was a certain electricity that bled through your veins when you tried to wrap your brain around his mysterious nature. In public, in front of your friends and family, he was effortlessly charismatic, charming everyone around him with his polite exterior. But when the two of you were alone, things were slightly different.

However, this change didn’t affect you negatively. Luke was more open when he was with just you. He voiced his thoughts, relaxed visibly, stopped worrying about the opinions of others. He treated you like royalty - as he always did - but it was almost as if his genuine personality shone through.

So when he confessed each dirty thing he wanted to do to you one night, part of you was shocked, but you weren’t completely astonished. Any feeling of confusion was replaced with sensations of arousal when you heard the sultry tone that covered up his usual light tenor, and you knew that Luke was just opening up, letting you inside his skull, wishing for you to be aware of every vulgar fantasy that crossed his mind when he thought of you.

“How would you feel about trying something new tonight, baby girl?” He drawled out, the words dripping from his tongue seductively.

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Was the leather jacket that the Serpents gave Juggie FP's or another one? If it was FP's do you think Jughead will get his own jacket when FP gets out of prison?

It seemed to me it was probably his dad’s—and yes, Juggie will get a new one for his very own (we’ve already seen him wearing a motorcycle vest and a very cool snake tee, so you know, the Serpents have many sartorial options…..).

They’ll need to buy Betty one, soon, too….(also I don’t think they always wear their jackets, TBH)

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Prompt; Liam going to a gay club and meeting drag queen zayn 😫😍

Sorry that it’s taken me so long to get to this, but my writing has been a bit sporadic. I was also really nervous about this one, so I made sure to have someone look over it first. Thanks, @purpleeyestelllies for doing that!

Hope you enjoy and it’s all you were looking for! ;)


Liam waited in the line outside the club, glancing over at Niall and Harry, wishing, for the first time, that he hadn’t come out to his flatmates. With the way he was raised, he still struggled with the fact that he was gay. On top of that, he wasn’t a big club person. So, his very thoughtful mates decided the best way to show their support of Liam’s sexuality crisis was to take him clubbing at every gay bar within a thirty-mile radius.

This was the third club they’d gone to, Niall declaring the other’s unsuitable, Harry and Liam laughing that they were letting their straight as an arrow friend decide the suitability of gay clubs. “This one is going to be awesome,” Niall said, smiling at Harry. “I heard about it from this bloke in the musical theatre department.” Niall was a sound tech major and this year all of his classes centered around theatre sound design, so he’d been spending a lot of time with a new group of friends.

“I’m pretty knackered,” Liam spoke up. “Can we just go home? Do this another time?”

“We’re only five people from the door,” Harry argued. “We can’t give up now.” Liam’s shoulders sagged, and Harry threw an arm around him. “I have a good feeling about this place.”

After about twenty minutes, they were inside, sitting at the bar next to a stage. Liam was sipping at his whiskey sour, glancing around the club. So far, he’d only spotted a couple of guys who’d even garnered a second look, but that look brought about nothing but disappointment. He was honestly surprised by the number of women in the club.

Liam was just taking another sip when Niall shouted out a greeting, causing Liam to choke on his drink. “LOU!”

A girl in a short skirt and high heels approached, laughing loudly. “Nialler, ya wanky bastard! Didn’t know you swung this way!” she called out in a teasing manner, her voice high, but gruff at the same time. Liam blinked, gaping at the girl.

“Mates, this is Louis, the bloke I was telling you about. Louis, this is Harry and Liam,” Niall said, gesturing as he said their names.

“Charmed,” Louis drawled, her voice suddenly a bit higher pitched, and flirtatiously feminine, her lashed batting at Harry. She offered a hand to Harry who took it, kissing the knuckles, his eyes sparkling with mischief.

“Dance with me,” Harry said, not releasing her hand, pulling her towards the floor.

“Nice to meet you, Liam,” Louis called, back to the abrasive voice she’d originally spoke in.

“You, too,” Liam responded, turning to Niall, his eyes wide.

“Left that part out, did I?” Niall pointed towards the stage. “Every Friday, they do a drag show. Louis has been asking me to check it out for ages.”

Liam glanced towards the stage before trailing his eyes over the room, suddenly examining the women he’d spotted more closely, surprised at the number that weren’t women. “I’m an uneducated idiot,” he muttered.

“Nah, just a bit naive and sheltered,” Niall told him, smiling softly at Liam’s blush. Niall knew that Liam had grown up in a strict religious home, moving to college before realizing he was gay. He still hadn’t come out to his parents, and, knowing how they felt about homoesexuality, he wasn’t sure if he’d ever be able to.

“They don’t all look like the ones I’ve seen on telly,” Liam said, noticing not all of them had the exaggerated makeup.

“I know.” Niall laughed. “A couple I’ve been tempted to hit on.” Liam looked confused. “What?”

“You’re straight.”

“And they’re gorgeous,” Niall countered.

“Thank you,” a smoky voice spoke up behind Liam.

Liam turned, swallowing hard when he saw who had spoken. Perfectly chiseled cheekbones, long lashes, lips painted a pale pink pulled between stark white teeth. Long wavy brown hair pulled over one shoulder. “H-hi,” he stuttered out.

“Hey, handsome,” she purred, running a hand down Liam’s arm. Liam spotted a mandala tattooed onto the back of it, disappearing under the cuff of a long-sleeved top.

“Well, I’ll just leave you to it,” Niall said, laughing when Liam gave a vague wave. “His name is Liam,” the blond provided before he disappeared into the crowd.

“First time, Leeyum?” He nodded, tongue still stuck to the roof of his mouth. “You can call me Veronica.”

“Pr-pr-” Liam huffed out a breath. “Pretty name,” he said.

“Thank you. Buy me a drink?” Veronica smiled, and Liam was waving over the bartender.

They talked quietly, Veronica being flirtatious, her lips wrapping around her straw seductively. Liam desperately tried to keep up, his confusion growing over the situation. When she’d finished her drink, she leaned over to press a kiss to Liam’s cheek. “Thank you for the drink and conversation,” she said, softly, turning and disappearing.

Niall reappeared next to him, smiling. “So?”

“Gay, remember.” Although, now he was starting to question that conclusion. Just when he’d thought his crisis was over, it dropped into his lap again.

“Drag queen, remember,” Niall pointed out, laughing at the look on Liam’s face. “You couldn’t tell? Dude, you were drooling! Your brain may not have been able to tell, but the rest of you was clued in.”

Liam blushed as he hid his face in another drink. “Can we go now?”

“Nope, my mate’s about to sing. You have to stay for that at least,” Louis said, as she and Harry approached, hands clasped between them.

The lights dimmed, the crowd cheering. “If you like R&B, you’ll love this,” Louis whispered in Liam’s ear.

Veronica suddenly appeared on stage, her clothes changed into something a bit more revealing, showing off numerous tattoos decorating both of her arms. Liam’s eyes traced them as her body moved. When she began to sing, Liam’s eyes snapped to her face. Her eyes were closed as her voice flowed out, wrapping around Liam. He felt Niall pushing his mouth closed, vaguely heard Louis giggling, knowing it was at him, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

When the song was over, Veronica gave a shy smile before nodding her head, leaving the stage as the lights in the club came up a bit again. “Need a smoke,” Liam said, weaving through the crowd away from his friends, ignoring their laughter.

Once he’d pushed through the crowd, he looked around, realizing he had no idea where he was at. He thought he’d been headed back towards the front door, but when he glanced around, he realized the door was nowhere in sight. He moved slowly along the wall until he found a hallway. Glancing down it, he saw a familiar figure.

“Veronica!” he shouted, wincing when she whipped around, her eyes wide. When she saw him, she put a hand to her chest.

“You scared the shit outta me, mate,” she said, her voice sounding more masculine, but still melodic.

Liam blushed as he stepped towards her. “Sorry. I was trying to find the way out.”

“Leaving already? Was the show that bad?” she asked, motioning for Liam to follow her as she turned to continue down the hall.

“No!” Liam shouted, flinching as his voice echoed off the walls. “It was- you were- I mean, you did really well. Your voice is amazing.”

“Well, thank you,” she said, her voice back to soft and flirtatious, opening a door and disappearing inside. Liam glanced up and down the hallway, wondering what he should do. “Get in here, wanker!”

Liam shook his head. He was going to have to get used to the voice changes at some point, if Louis and Veronica were going to be a part of his life. Judging by the heart eyes Harry had been making at Louis, at least she would be. Liam studied Veronica as she disappeared behind a screen on the other side of the room, thinking that he wouldn’t mind having her around, as well. He glanced towards a mirror, checking to see if his eyes matched Harry’s.

“What are you looking at?” Veronica asked as she reappeared, a black kimono replacing her stage outfit. She sat on a bench in front of the mirror, patting the space next to her. “Sit.”

Liam settled, trying not to let his body touch hers. He watched as she reached up to remove her wig, trying not to gape as jet black hair was revealed, shaved on the sides and pulled up into a small bun. Veronica leaned towards the mirror, turning her face from side to side. Reaching into a container she pulled out some kind of wipe.

“So, where were you running off to?” she asked as he wiped at her face. Liam was amazed at the amount of makeup that came off, revealing still flawless skin beneath.

“Smoke,” he responded, fighting the urge to reach up and touch one of her eyelashes. He’d be convinced they were fake if he wasn’t watching her wipe away the mascara, revealing they were just long and beautiful.

“I’m dying for one. Wait until I’m changed, and I’ll join you.” Veronica reached for some lotion, wiping it into her skin. Liam glanced into the mirror, gaping. “What?”

“I know you,” he said, trying to figure out where he knew her from.

Veronica laughed, standing and disappearing behind the screen again. “You do,” came her voice. Liam was still digging through his recent memory to figure out where he knew her from. She, well, he reappeared a moment later. His hair pulled out of the bun and falling loose over one side of his head. A snake tee, ripped jeans, leather jacket and combat boots replaced the robe. Liam looked to his hands and snapped his fingers as he spotted the fingerless gloves.

“You’re in my psych class!” He remembered studying the boy’s fingers one day after he’d borrowed a pen, sitting the row in front of him. He’d liked the look of the gloves, wondering if he could pull them off when he went home, covering the eagle tattoo he’d gotten one night while drunk.

“Got it in one,” he said. “My name’s Zayn.” He offered his hand, his grip firm as they shook. “Was surprised to see you here, sorry for the act earlier. Gotta get in the right frame of mind, or I’ll never perform.”

“Is that why you do it?” Liam asked, as he followed Zayn out of the room. They continued down the hallway towards and exit. Once they were outside, they leaned against the wall, each lighting their own cigarette before continuing to speak.

“Does it bother you?” Zayn’s voice held an edge of something that Liam couldn’t identify.

“Should it?”

Zayn let out a smoky breath that sounded a lot like relief. “Niall’s told me about you,” he explained. “Your family and all.”

“Why would he do that?” Liam asked, confused.

Zayn turned his face away, glancing down the alley they were standing in, the street lights shining in his eyes. “Might’ve seen you talking to him one day, asked about you. I know him through Louis.”

“Why would you ask about me? You don’t know me.” Liam was completely lost by the conversation now.

“Have you looked in a mirror?” Liam blinked his eyes slowly. “You’re fucking hot, mate. Wanted to ask you out that day I borrowed your pen, but chickened out. Every time I tried to talk to you, it was like my voice died.”

“You did fine earlier. More than fine. I was the one who looked like an idiot,” Liam argued, moving away from the wall to stand in front of Zayn, using a gentle hand on his cheek to force him to look at Liam.

“Veronica did fine. She’s the brave one,” he whispered, his eyes shutting, lashes splayed across his cheeks. After a moment of silence, Liam waiting for him to continue, he blinked his eyes open. “It’s the only way I can ever open my mouth to sing, is as her. I’m not as confident as me. It started off as a dare, but I found out I actually enjoy it.” He shrugged. “Some people have said I’m pretty good looking as a girl.”

“Pretty good looking?” Liam barked out a laugh, feeling badly when Zayn bit his lower lip. “You’re gorgeous. You had me questioning my sexuality for awhile back there.” Zayn giggled, honestly giggled, as his eyes scrunched shut, his tongue pressing behind his teeth. “And, at risk of getting myself punched, you’re just as, if not more, gorgeous like this.”

Zayn’s grin, somehow, grew even bigger. He laced his fingers with Liam, tugging him down the alley towards the street. “Well, then, since you’re such a fan, why don’t we go have some fun and maybe Zayn will get a bit better at talking to you.”

Liam tugged him back and into his side, smiling at how well Zayn fit under his arm. He shivered from the way Zayn’s arm wrapped around his waist, hand sliding into Liam’s rear pocket, squeezing gently. “I’d say Zayn is doing just fine.” They laughed as Liam pressed a kiss to the side of Zayn’s head and they continued into the night.

20 rap/hip hop/dance songs you should know: june 2014
  1. wiggle - jason derulo feat. snoop dogg
  2. senile - young money
  3. thug cry - rick ross feat. lil wayne
  4. they don’t love you know more - dj khaled feat. jay z, meek mill and rick ross
  5. problem - ariana grande feat. iggy azalea
  6. 2am - adrian marcel feat. sage the gemini
  7. 2 on - tinashe feat. schoolboy q
  8. good kisser - usher
  9. am i wrong - nico & vinz
  10. pills and potions - nicki minaj
  11. iz u down - kid ink feat. tyga
  12. believe me - lil wayne feat. drake
  13. no mediocre - t.i.. feat. iggy azalea
  14. 3005 - childish gambino
  15. turn down for what (remix) - dj snake feat. lil jon, juicy j, and 2 chainz
  16. 24 hours - tee flii feat. 2 chainz
  17. fight night - migos
  18. i won - future feat. kanye west
  19. i know - yo gotti feat. rich homie quan
  20. studio - schoolboy q feat. bj the chicago kid