snakes on a bike

Biker Gang AU

Stanley, I know you got a thing for Jimmy Snakes, but if you’d just take a moment to notice this other punk asshole, you could have a hot biker boyfriend who would actually treat you right.

This whole Jimmy Snakes thing has got me headcanoning so much gay love triangle trash. Help me.


this ship sure has hell ain’t the destiny’s bounty, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna treat it like it is!

This is actually an Elves lego set that my sister didn’t want anymore, and since she didn’t finish building it and lost the sail, i took matters into my own hands.

Elijah closed his eyes for a second and slowed his breathing as he kept running along the concrete path. Ever since the basilisk, his usual running track in the woods was essentially off limits so he’d taken to running in the public park near his house. It was more crowded than he liked but he’d rather deal with kids on their bikes than a giant fire-breathing snake. He opened his eyes and saw he was mere seconds from colliding with someone. He pulled himself up, barely stopping with enough distance between them. “Sorry!” he said, breathing hard. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

cool shit about me

- i can make a pretzel with my legs behind my head
- i know a lot about greko-roman myths
- lots of useless history
- i can sew
- like a billion different versions of the same oc
- my hair is great
- i once had a goat climb on my face
- lots of plushies
- love cats and dogs and lizards and snakes and-
- managed to carry two huge pictures home on my bike while drunk
- a void
- easily excitable
- cry over animals while drunk
- and when not
- love giving gifts
- love my friends
- dont like normal coke, only cherry and vanilla and pepsi
- like to sing eventhough im not very good at it
- i can draw
- i had an aesthetic once
- i cant smash a bottle bc i cant clean the shards or might disturb my neighbours
- i dont like clothes
- i also like clothes!
- apparently once beat up boys in 5th grade for money
- ready to do that again, no monetary gain on my part needed
- ready to stab a burglar
- high tolerance for pain except when not
- used to draw dragons so much a teacher found it weird when i didnt do that once
- i drew him a dragon
- very passionate about certain things
- like how my art class did all the advertising for our schools stuff
- we even got a statue to be made based on one of our classmates design
- we had a show in the city hall for our statue designs
- we designed their new school mascots
- and we didnt get so much as a thank you
- im still fucking pissed
- i hold grudges apparently
- bad memory


Celebrate Your Lands with Beautiful Wyoming Photography! 

This is the second year BLM Wyoming has held an employee photo contest. Photos taken on public lands are in four categories: Scenic, Wildlife, Recreation and Employees at Work. View all the spectacular photos on BLM Wyoming’s Flickr.