snakes on a bike

Turning the bike lane into a second car lane during rush hour? Let me make your life a little more difficult

So I live in a very large metropolitan city, and I try to get out and bike after work and during the weekend. I’m able to get my ride started early enough in the evening, that by the time I am returning home, it’s between 5-6pm; aka rush hour traffic. There is this one road I take that connects my neighborhood with the major bike path out of the city. This particular road has a fork that I take to the right. Unfortunately, this direction gets really jammed up at rush hour, so there is this habit that people have to use the bicycle lane as a second lane to snake other drivers on the inside. So tonight, after bobbing and weaving my way through aggressive and annoyed drivers, I found myself between two drivers trying to merge in to the two lane road. To my left, the lady who had patiently waited her turn to merge, and to my right, the leader of the douche-parade. A blacked out Dodge Dart blasting loud music with his windows down, with a vanity license plate that read something akin to “douche tool”. As I weaseled my way in front of his super sweet 4-cylinder pussy magnet, my bike suddenly had “issues”, which required me to immediately dismount, and fiddle with my stem. I didn’t do it long, because I value my life, but seeing three cars who had waited patiently get the drop on all the cheaters made me feel a little better. When I finally did get back on my bike, I made sure to ride extra slow to keep the parade riding their brakes.

TL;DR use the bike lane to snake traffic, I’ll stop my bike infront of you so that people who follow the rules can snake you back ;)

Night Rider

“we have to go. Come on Jughead, man everyone’s going, if we don’t show up the Serpents are gonna think we don’t care.” the lanky, blonde teen named Richie leaned lazily against the beat up pickup truck outside Jugheads trailer, impatiently swallowing down the rest of his beer.

Jughead Jones was bent over his motorcycle, a cigarette dangling lazily from between his lips as he peered around the engine “I don’t care what the rest of the Serpents think, we do enough for them anyway, we’ve been part of the gang for years now, we don’t need to hang out at those ridiculous bars. you go if you want, I’ve got stuff to do.”

Richie rolled his eyes, “I’m not going without you. We gotta go, come on just this one time, I’ll buy you all the burgers you want.” the tall blonde wiggled his eyebrows and shoved his mysterious friends shoulder.

Jughead straightened up and crossed his arms, raising a brow as Richie folded his hands and mock pouted, Jughead finally cracked a smile and shook his head
“whatever. lets go,” he wiped the grease from his hands on his jeans as Richie stared incredulously at the tall, dark haired boy

“you cant go like that, you’ve gotta get changed. you’re covered in Grease.”

Jughead wrapped an arm around his friends shoulders putting him in a headlock “you scared of a little dirt Richie Rich?” he teased, tugging the blonde boy away as both the teenagers mounted their bikes, straightening their leather jackets, the snake shaped S displayed proudly on the back.

The Whyte Worm was one of the worst bars in Riverdale, it was located deep in the Southside and was nothing but a room filled with a broken down pool table and cheap décor, alcohol littering every corner, it was the kind of place Jughead absolutely hated but found himself in more often than he would like, he stood outside the wooden doors, his hands clenching into fists as he rolled his neck back, he hated this, all of it, being a serpent, keeping up appearances. It was exhausting and lately he found it harder to sit back and be nothing more than his fathers son, he just wanted to be Jughead Jones, whoever that was.

“come on, I bet they’ve got peanuts again.” Richie breezed past Jughead, his hands out as he headed into the bar. Jughead rolled his eyes again, slipping a cigarette in between his smirking lips. It was gonna be a long night.

the Worm was as crowded as always and Jughead instantly felt the familiar itch he always seemed to get in overpopulated spaces take over his body, the familiar crew was sprawled around the bar but there were a few unfamiliar faces as well. A red haired boy in a tight maroon Tshirt was leaning against the bar, his eyes trained on a girl with matching red hair and her friend, the friend had a fairly expensive pair of pearls on and both the girls were clearly drunk as they danced loosely to the old rock song playing through the juke box, his eyes shifted to a tall Asian boy with shoulders built for the football field, he was leaning close to someone who made something shift in Jugheads stomach.

She was something from an old 1950s noir movie, her silky honey blonde hair was left loose in perfect waves, her cherry red lips stood out against the porcelain of her skin and the startling bright green of her eyes, her body was built for sin and even underneath the tiny white dress she wore he could see curves that were made to be held. Beautiful didn’t even begin to describe it. Her fingers were tapping on the bar counter as she laughed at something the boy beside her said, she looked at ease, but the tension in her shoulders told a different story, unlike her drunk friends she seemed to be perfectly sober as she glanced around the bar and sipped on a water bottle.

“she’s something to look at huh?” F.P Jones was beside Jughead now, his hand laying heavy on his sons shoulder.

Jughead shook his fathers hand off “what’s she doing here?” he asked coldly.
something like hurt flickered in the older mans eyes before he quickly covered it

“guess they just wanted to have night out, not much to do on the northside, everyone wants a taste of the southside every once in a while. but that one? the pretty blonde in the dress? as odd as it is, I think she fits in the best here.” he chuckled, slapping his hand to jugheads back before backing away and into the crowd.

By the time Jughead looked back to the bar the blonde was gone, her tall friend was chatting up some Serpents daughter by the bar. He glanced to the door and saw a swish of blonde hair and a flash of long legs, putting his cigarette out with the toe of his combat boot he took a deep breath and made his moves towards the door.

she was leaning against the wall, the water bottle still clutched between her hands as her head was resting on the dark red bricks, eyes closed and toes pointed. Jughead pulled another cigarette out and placed it in between his lips, wiping his sweaty palms on the pockets of his jeans, he leaned beside her on the wall

“nice night” he mumbled, the girl in the dress’ eyes snapped open and she stared confused at the leather jacket wearing boy

“sure is, I love summer nights.” she sighed dreamily

“I get that.” he smiled at her warm eyes, “ Jughead Jones. I’ve never seen you here before, you new to town?” Jughead smirked, puffing on his cigarette
with twinkling eyes Betty giggled

“ I’m Betty Cooper, what do I not fit in?” she glanced down at her dress playfully “ maybe I should get a leather jacket.”

jughead grinned
“ might not be such a bad idea.”

Betty smiled before glancing away
“ my friends wanted to come, they love places like this. I don’t think.. Its not really my scene.” she shrugged slightly, her eyes coming up to meet his.

Jughead stared deep into her grassy green eyes, they were hauntingly beautiful, in a show of bravery he reached out for hand

“lets go then.” his eyes shifted to his motorcycle and Bettys followed, hers getting wide before she smiled slightly

“really? you’’ll take me?”
he brought a hand to the back of his neck

“I don’t have a helmet or anything…” Jughead trailed off.
with one final glance at the bar, Betty gripped the dark haired boys hand

“ come on Jughead Jones, the night is young.”

he laughed as the Beautiful blonde girl next door pulled him to the row of bikes.

the night was still young.

Biker Gang AU

Stanley, I know you got a thing for Jimmy Snakes, but if you’d just take a moment to notice this other punk asshole, you could have a hot biker boyfriend who would actually treat you right.

This whole Jimmy Snakes thing has got me headcanoning so much gay love triangle trash. Help me.

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im not even this anon but im joining the "anxious anons who want to get to know you/socialize" crew, have you ever seen a wild snek before


i used to find wild snakes, lizards, and frogs all the time at my grandparents house because they live in a forest

last time i saw a snake i fell in a creek trying to get to it and almost broke my arm–that was last year i think 


(via jake the snake | normally i wouldnt bother, but it is jake t… | Flickr)

A Crack In Her Armor (Pt.2)

Okay, so this is part two of this three-parter fic! This piece is a bit shorter than the first and the next one. I had to cut them off at some point or they'd be ridiculously long, so here we are!  Here’s Part One for anyone stumbling upon this just now. Enjoy and look out for part three sometime tomorrow!!

Resting her head against Negans back, the wind blowing through her hair as he took the long way back to her apartment. Taking in the scenery, it was moments like these she realized, where she felt the most alive. Body tight against Negans, moving with his every turn, as the motorcycle thundered between her thighs. The stimulus was almost too much. 

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For the fanfiction could you write something where Kevin invites Joaquin to a school dance?

Soar Up Into the Unknown

Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Fluff, angst if you squint

Warnings: very slightly implied homophobia, like blink and you’ll miss it

Read it on AO3

This was heavily inspired by @prinxie-tea and her beautiful cover of Birds by Thomas Sanders (which is where the title comes from). Also shoutout to @shakemeetsworld and @itstenafterfour for helping me figure out when Riverdale’s homecoming dance occurred.

“I’ll see you later, okay?”

Joaquin nodded, waving goodbye and pushing through the wide doors of Southside High. He sighed, escaping the crowd of teenagers exiting the building and facing the sharp wind. He pulled his jacket tighter around his chest. Fall was in the air, it wouldn’t be long before he’d need to ride to school with his brother and put his motorcycle away for the winter. The thought saddened him. Joaquin liked driving to school with the wind in his face, completely vulnerable to his surroundings. He fiddled with the motorcycle keys in his pocket, turning the corner towards were he always parked his bike. He stopped mid-step. Kevin was standing next to his motorcycle, looking into the parking lot as if he was waiting just for Joaquin. He wasn’t wearing a coat, just blue jeans and his usual polo sweater combo. Joaquin could tell he was shivering and could see that the tip of his nose had turned red. Quietly, Joaquin approached the bike, but kept out of Kevin’s view. When he reached the bike, he snaked his arms around Kevin’s middle, getting on his tiptoes and placing a light kiss on the patch of bare skin between Kevin’s collar and hair. Kevin rapidly turned around, before relaxing when he saw Joaquin’s familiar face.

Joaquin smiled, looking up at the man standing in front of him. He almost relaxed, content to just stand there holding Kevin, but quickly remembered where they were, and pulled back.

“Um, what are you doing here Kev?” Joaquin asked, rubbing the back of his neck. “I mean, I’m happy to see you, but we’re pretty far from Pop’s.”

Kevin just smiled, leaning back onto Joaquin’s motorcycle. And Joaquin forgot why he was complaining. Cause wow, Kevin looked fantastic like that, next to his bike, smiling, happy, and close to Joaquin. Before Joaquin could tell him just how good he looked, Kevin began to answer the question,

“Well, I went to the Sheriff’s station after school, bit my dad is working late tonight. It’s a much shorter walk from the station to here than it is to my house. And since my dad is working late, I thought… maybe…”  He trailed off slightly, biting his lip before taking a deep breath and seemingly regaining his confidence. “Maybe, you’d like to take me home?” Joaquin shivered when Kevin said this, whether it was the wind or the look in Kevin’s eye was anyone’s guess. Quickly, Joaquin glanced around the parking lot. He was happy to find that it was fairly empty, and reached up to grab the back of Kevin’s neck, pulling him into a kiss. It was short, but full of promises of things to come.

“I can’t think of anything I would enjoy more.” Joaquin smiled, gesturing towards his bike. “Is your dad gonna ticket me for riding without a helmet?” Joaquin asked as he lifted the bike seat and pulled out his helmet. Kevin looked confused before Joaquin handed him the helmet. “I’ve only got the one, and you’re precious cargo.” Kevin laughed, shoving Joaquin a little and strapping the helmet on.

“I’m sure my dad will understand, and anyway, he is working at the station late, remember.” Kevin took a step closer to Joaquin, wrapping his arms around the shorter boy’s waist. Joaquin smiled up at his boyfriend, but frowned when he noticed that Kevin was still shivering.

“Here, take my jacket. You’ll freeze in just a sweater.” Joaquin offered, taking off his leather jacket, handing it to Kevin, and then zipping up the sweatshirt he had been wearing underneath the leather.

“”I’m going to accept this jacket, because it is cold as shit out here, but” Kevin paused, poking Joaquin in the chest, “I am not some girl who needs to be taken care of all the time. Got it?” Kevin was trying to keep a straight face, but his eyes were smiling. Joaquin brought up his hands, in an ‘I surrender’ motion.

“Whatever you say, Sheriff.”

“Shut up and get on the bike, you moron.”

“Sir, yes, sir.” Joaquin mock saluted before getting on his bike and starting it. He motioned for Kevin to get on behind him, which he quickly did, wrapping his arms tightly around Joaquin’s waist. He pulled out of the school’s parking lot and began the drive towards the Keller residence. Joaquin was determined to stay focused on the road, and not to think about the way Kevin’s arms felt around his waist. The way Kevin’s chest was pressed to his back. The way that the stupid Keller boy could reduce him to a mushy puddle of adoration and affection. No Joaquin didn’t think about any of that. All he thought about was the road in front of him, not distracted at all.

Almost immediately after parking his bike and putting down the kick stand, Joaquin was dragged into the house. The door closed behind him, and Kevin’s lips were on his. He gasped in surprise, and Kevin took the chance to deepen the kiss, pushing Joaquin into the door behind him. Joaquin pulled apart.

“Eager, aren’t we?” He chuckled, moving his head down to kiss along Kevin’s jaw and neck.

Kevin’s breathing had quickened, but he managed an answer, “I need to get you in a good mood.” He sighed when Joaquin kissed below his ear.

“What do you mean, you need to get me in a good mood?” Joaquin asked in between kisses. He made his way down Kevin’s jawline and gently bit his collarbone, running his tongue over the mark. Kevin sucked in a breath.

“Shit Joaquin.” Kevin pushed him away to pull his sweater and polo off, the leather jacket having fallen to the floor quite a while ago. Joaquin grinned, running his hands across Kevin’s chest. He leaned in, teasingly brushing his lips across Kevin’s before pulling away. He ducked under Kevin’s arm, which had come up to rest on either side of his head, and began to make his way up to Kevin’s room.

“You’re avoiding the question, Kev.” Joaquin said teasingly, pulling his hoodie and t-shirt off. He looked over his shoulder to see that Kevin was still just standing by the front door, seemingly shell shocked. “Well?” Joaquin prodded. Kevin seemed to snap back into reality, started to follow Joaquin up the stairs.

“Um, what question?” Kevin asked and Joaquin chuckled. Kevin couldn’t remember what Joaquin had asked him. All he knew was that he wanted to kiss his boyfriend, now. And that’s what he did. As soon as Kevin caught up to Joaquin, he grabbed his arm, forcing Joaquin to turn around and face Kevin. Kevin was standing a stair below Joaquin. The height difference seemed to disappear and they were standing eye-to-eye. Kevin leaned in, bringing their lips together and cupping Joaquin’s face in his hands. Joaquin Grinned into the kiss and brought his hands up to rest around Kevin’s neck.

The boys tittered up the stairs, attempting not to break the kiss. They stumbled and giggled, hands flying all over each other’s chests, faces, backs, and arms. When they reached Kevin’s room, the kiss finally ended, and Kevin plopped himself down on his bed, motioning for Joaquin to join him. Joaquin, however, didn’t join him. Instead. He remained standing, leaning against Kevin’s door. “Why do you need to get me in a good mood?” He asked, a gentle smile on his face. “You can talk to me Kev, I’m not gonna get mad at you or something.” Joaquin knew that he genuinely meant what he said, but a small voice in the back of his mind told him that he couldn’t get mad. You aren’t allowed to get mad at him. F.P. needs this to work out, Kevin has to trust you. Joaquin quickly banished the thought, refocusing on the beautiful boy in front of him.

“It’s not that I think you’ll get mad, per say. It’s just that well…” Kevin trailed off, wrapping his arms in front of his bare chest. Joaquin was hit with a wave of affection, solidifying just how hard he had fallen for Kevin. He moved to sit, wrapping Kevin in a hug and offering a short kiss.

“Just spit it out, preppy.” He smirked, kissing Kevin on the cheek, his hands rubbing gentle designs into Kevin’s arms.

“Here goes nothing, oh god. This is so stupid.” Kevin scoffed, “Joaquin DeSantos, will you go to homecoming with me?” Kevin quickly asked, leaving a millisecond of silence before beginning to ramble. “I know we said, we weren’t gonna tell anyone, but all of my friends already know and I just, well I thought-“ Joaquin cut him off by pulling him into a deep kiss. The kiss lasted for a few minutes. When it ended, the boys were both lying on their sides, facing each other with their foreheads touching.

“Does that answer your question?” Joaquin teased, lacing their fingers together. He couldn’t stop smiling. “Of course I’ll go to homecoming with you, you dork.” He responded, just in case Kevin wanted a concrete answer.

“Oh yeah, I’m the dork.” Kevin responded happily. “Tell that to your grin.” Kevin mocked Joaquin, but he was smiling just as wide. “It’s a good thing you said yes.” He commented, kissing Joaquin again.

“Oh yeah?” Joaquin pulled back long enough to respond. “And why is that?’ His words ghosted over Kevin’s lips, and then they were kissing again.

“Because.” Kevin pulled away and kissed Joaquin’s forehead. “If you’d said no,” a kiss on his eyelids. “Then I’d have to find,” a kiss on his cheek. “Another way to,” kiss on his jaw line. “Get you into a suit,” kiss below his ear. “Because I bet,” kiss on his collar bone. “You look absolutely,” kiss on his shoulder. “Delicious,” kiss on the middle of his chest. “In a suit,” Kevin kissed right below Joaquin’s belly button before bringing himself back up to Joaquin’s face, softly pressing their lips together. Joaquin broke the kiss this time,

“You are such a tease.” He commented, wiggling a little and trying to bring himself impossibly closer to Kevin. Kevin laughed, also shifting closer.

“Oh shush, you know you love it.” Kevin smiled while he said it and all Joaquin could think was yes, yes I do love it. I love you.

Prompts are open, please be patient as I do have a few still to do before I get to new ones. If you would like to be tagged in my future fics, please let me know.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Cast change initial thoughts

Tonight was beautiful. One of the most powerful, wonderful, emotional evenings I have ever experienced. I’m not quite sure where to go from here to be honest. I know people have requested it, but I’m not sure I’m up to doing a full review of the show yet. I need time to digest and reflect and, to be quite frank, cry.

Safe to say that they were throwing their all into today. It was the best I’ve seen it, by a long shot. They are an incredible bunch of people, and I can’t believe how lucky the world has been to exist in the same time as this show. The whole cast was phenomenal, and the raw emotion in that room, and on that stage, was mind-blowing. They have done so much and come so far in a year, and to witness the cumulation of that was wonderful.

I have to mention Jamie though. He was on absolute fucking fire. Yes, there *may* have been a moment where a line escaped him, but he was nailing it all. And his act 4 was so emotionally hard - I was crying. Pure, cathartic, but bloody complicated crying. He did so well. I am so proud.

The queue for stage door was snaking around the theatre: I positioned myself along the side, near where his bike normally is. And waited (me getting nervous as I had to do a Jamie and run for my train). Then… the security guard utters 3 of the best words I’ve ever heard: ‘Jamie Parker’s coming’. And then, there he was. He and Noma legged it to the far end of the line so that no-one as left waiting for ages, and then he finally got to me. He recognised me, said 'Hey you’, and he then, once he’d seen my face and the state I was in but trying to hide, I started to out my arms out and he met me more than halfway with a hug. He thanked me for his gifts, saying they were totally unnecessary. We had a photo, and then he moved onto the next person.

I was in tears. Tonight meant more to me than I can say. In Jamie’s gift bag, I had included a letter (separate to his card) trying to explain why him as Harry means so much to me… and that meant revealing something deeply, deeply personal. I couldn’t find another way to do it, so I put it in there. Him thanking me for the gifts meant that he’d read my letter… and that he knew. That he knew this thing that has shaped who I am today, something that not many people know. And having him in that circle that knows is affirming. Cathartic. Jamie knows a bit more about me and for some reason that makes me calmer. Knowing he knows makes me feel that I can be more myself, that perhaps a little bit more of the front can come down. And that can only be a good thing.

no one talks about the fact that Kaz and the rest of MSF spent three years living in the middle of nowhere in Colombia, so he likely

  • has had a face-off with at least one jaguar
  • puts mosquito netting on everything, may use DDT despite known environmental concerns because yeah, it’s important for the future of the planet or whatever, but it’s more important his people not get malaria
  • had a healthy respect for venomous spiders, snakes, and scorpions, and checks his boots before he puts them on
  • since he has a high rank in medicine, probably learned really shitty field medicine with makeshift tools and minimal supplies
  • possibly learned to drive with that jeep on dirt roads, because when else would he have learned to drive
  • and, on an unrelated note, since the only vehicles they own are probably that jeep and Snake’s bike, has probably ridden double with Snake on that bike at least once out of necessity

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I don't know if this is a weird question or makes sense, but what would Vixx's aesthetic be?

i love this question oh my god

N: soft earthy colors, cinnamon chai, the sound of a crackling fire place, a warm  and thick winter quilt, the spotted pretty fur of a deer, fields of wild flowers, the sunset

Hongbin: pastel soft yellows and pinks, cotton candy, polka dotted button up shirts, glittery star stickers, kittens with their eyes closed, peaches 

Ken: clear pool water, close ups of peoples smiles, really rich blues and oranges, tennis courts, blurry pictures of the sky, neon signs that have one letter that’s flickering 

Leo: dark reds and grey, ripped up sweaters, high quality photos of traditional korean food, full coffee mugs with pretty designs made of cream, dark alleyways that seem to lead to a brightly lit street 

Ravi: jean jackets, pictures of bikes, old records, photosets of nike sneakers, snake skin, raybands, pics of him with dogs 

Hyuk: photos of arcades, artbooks scans + comics, 8bit remixes, coca cola + cheetos, loud bright purple, space, conspiracy theories about aliens 


It’s unusual for me to write on a day I have school tomorrow, but life’s full of surprises. HERE WE GO GUYS.


I smiled as i snuggled close to my boyfriend, Hayes, on the couch while watching some weird movie that was on some random channel. 

“Babe, what are we watching?” I laughed as a man shouted something absurd on the screen. Hayes laughed as he pulled me closer, leaving me to rest my head on his chest.

“No clue.” He laughed. I could feel the noise ricocheting around inside his upper diaphragm.

“Hey guys!” Nash and a few other boys walked into the room, flipping the light on. Hayes and I quickly separated and sat up to face Nash and the others.

“What do you want?” Hayes jokingly shot at Nash. 

“We just wanted to let y'all know we’re going out for a bit. Gotta get some stuff for a video. You two are okay here by yourselves, right?” Nash slightly smirked at Hayes teasingly. Gilinsky quickly intercepted the conversation. 

“Just don’t have us walk in on you guys doin’ the nasty.” He teased. Nash turned a little pale with the thought of his younger brother actually performing such actions. 

“Just don’t- umh….” Nash tried to establish some other rule. 

“Nash we’re fine. And Jack, fuck off.” Hayes assured Nash while poking at Gilinsky. 

“Alright see ya.” Nash perked up and lead the crew out.

“Bye Hayes! Bye Y/n!” The crew squawked off, leaving a trail of kissing noises and laughter. Hayes turned to me, evidently red from the previous events.

“Sorry.” I laughed, trying to make the situation ease a little. Hayes leaned in closer, his lips just grazing over mine.

“Babe you’re fine.” He murmured intently. I pulled back a little to tease him. 

“Not so fast.” I asserted. 

“But we do it all the time! I’m not gonna push you further then you wanna go. You know i’d never do that.” Hayes pleaded. 

“Babe! It’s not that! I was just trying to give us a little more time, in case they decided to come back because they-” I made air quotes “‘forgot’ something.” I argued. Hayes pushed me so I was laying on my back, the blanket we used while we were watching the movie was still sloppily snaked around my body. My breath hitched like a bike changing gears, his face hovered my exposed stomach. 

“Let them walk in then.” Hayes moaned, allowing his lips to cohere with mine. I rushed to place both my hands behind his head, my fingers traveling in imaginary mazes through his hair. Our lips parted and opened over and over as Hayes began to lower his body onto mine more. I didn’t dare resist. Heated Hayes is uncommon, and a definite delight to have. He pulled away, his fingers toying with the bottom of my white T-shirt. “Damn, you even look sexy as hell in sweats and a tee.” He admired. I blushed, pulling him close to break the silence. Our lips fit together and work like gears to a machine. He pulled my shirt over my head, allowing our kiss to break while I slipped my head out of the hole.

“You too.” I smirked as I assisted him in removing his shirt. By now he was straddling me, which was usually my job, so I flipped him over so I was on top. Now in control, I began to kiss his neck as his hands cupped and squeezed my clothed breasts. As he began to become like play-dough underneath me, he quickly flipped me over so he was on top and in charge again. His hands now exploring my southern hemisphere. His mouth connected to my neck. My head was thrown back in complete bliss. I felt Hayes’ hard against my thighs. His hands slipping past my elastic waistband. Before he went any further, he pulled away.

“Are you okay?” He asked, genuinely concerned. 

“Yes.” I assured. 

“Do you wanna just stay here, or go further.” He asked again.

“Let’s do what we can, I’ll tell you if i’m uncomfortable.” I reassured him. He nodded and leaned back into a deep kiss, his fingers tracing the lace of my underwear. He’s gentle with his touches, it’s like he knew what he was doing but he was afraid of what he could. I allowed his tongue entry into my mouth. Just as his fingers were about to slip past the thin fabric i bought at Victoria’s Secret, Gilinsky came crashing through the door. 

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” He screamed, signaling the boys to come crashing into the room. Quickly, Hayes retrieved the blanket and hid me and my shirt underneath it. I pretended to fall asleep as he threw on his shirt and did the same. Nash came running in.

“What’s going on?!?!” He gasped panicked. He saw us and sighed in relief. 

“NO I SWEAR THEY WERE TOTALLY GETTING IT ON.” Gilinsky exclaimed and laughed all at once. “Kids got me tricked!” He waved his hands around and walked out. Hayes pretended to be awoken from all the commotion. 

“Hey guys.” He smiled. 

“Hey.” They all waved, then awkwardly shuffled out of the room awkwardly. Nash stayed behind. 

“everyone okay?” Hayes asked. 

“You-uh-Hayes?” Nash stuttered on his words.

“What is it?” Hayes raised his voice. 

“Nice pink lipstick.” Nash evilly laughed. 

“No fucking way.” Hayes said under his breath. Nash left the room in an awkward bundle of store bags. 

“Sorry.” I whispered. 

“It’s okay baby girl. I love you.” Hayes big spooned me, kissing my neck.