Did you get too excited at dinner time and bolt from your enclosure?
Did you flick musk and do shakey tail threats at your human when she tried to retrieve you?
Did you run further and end up on a wire shelf, which you then properly entangled your noodly body upon so as to make extracting you as difficult as possible?
Round out your list of mistakes for the day by eating your food backwards!


On the left, an Ancient Greek gold and carnelian finger ring with an intaglio of a bull, dated to the 4th century BCE. On the right, a gold Hellenistic snake ring, dated to the first century BCE. Both images were found on Christie’s.


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You could say it is.. The Great British SNAKE-OFF 🐍💥🐍

So last night was Food Night. As usual, Penelope was being a butt, but eventually decided that she wasn’t interested in having dinner. So I went to toss the rat in a baggie.

Apparently I got distracted by something in the meantime, cos when I went to bed a few hours later, all my stuff from the shelf over her tank was on the floor, and her tank was empty.


So search the shelves, search the floor, search the drawers. Under the bed, in the hamper, behind the catbox. Still no Penelope. Call my roommates to help me and we flip the bed. Nothing.

Now I was pretty certain she couldn’t have gotten out of the room because the door was shut and there’s no clearance for her to squeeze under, and we were in the living room so there was no way she could wiggle past us.

Commence flipping of the couch and tossing the bathroom anyway.

Just as we’re about to start tossing the guys’ room, one shouts out he’s found her.


had been sitting behind the curtain

watching us look for her ass for over half an hour at 3 in the morning.

Just downright disrespectful.


i never posted this….please look at my child yawn….