hey there!! this is the safety snake

safety snake will protect you from any youtube ads that say “don’t skip, or something will happen” or really, just try and keep you from skipping at all. he won’t let anything happen to you, you’re gonna be ok. 

if you’ve seen this image you are protected!! skip freely, you’re gonna be ok


Pastel Ball Python looking for a new home. My boyfriend rescued this boy from neglectful conditions. He’s two years old and eats only live. Please contact me whether you would like to purchase this bebby for 45 dollars. Only for people who are located near the Bay Area, especially in Hayward.

anonymous asked:

you seen that caterpillar that creates a cocoon that looks like a snake?

ahh i actually havent ! at first i thought you were actually talking about a CATERPILLAR that looks like a snake, and said cocoon on accident (specifically the caterpillar of the hemeroplanes triptolemus, or snake-mimic hawk moth)

but it TURNS OUT theres a species of butterfly that takes it way further, to the point where all the other caterpillars are like “is this really fuckin necessary”

its the chrysalis of the daring-owl butterfly ! a species thats found in trinidad and spends a good portion of its young adult life trying to convince other things that its not actually completely helpless

LOOK at the detail thats gone into this though- i cant even imagine the journey  this look mustve taken, with lightly less-snakelike chrysalises being eaten over time again and again until youve got something with definable eyes and scales

apparently if disturbed theyll also rock violently back and forth, furthering the idea that this is a very dangerous pitviper with the tiniest body imaginable

the adult butterflies are much less exciting but honestly they dont need to be with a history like that a+ bug

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22 Reasons Why Reptiles Make Terrifying Pets

1. Their smiles are the scariest thing you can possibly see:

2. They’re big and scary:

3. They hate sitting in chairs:

4. Cats hate them:

5. They hate giving back massages:

6. They don’t have any friends:

7. They don’t look cute with accessories:

8. You can take advantage of them too easily:

9. They’re always trying to hypnotize you with their eyes:

10. They hate human contact:

11. Just look at how vicious these little buddies are:

12. Look at the sheer terror they cause:

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The signs as sneks

Aries: Viper Boa [x]

Taurus: Reticulated Python [x]

Cancer: Sunbeam Snake [x]

Gemini: Leucistic Texas rat snake [x]

Aquarius: Jungle Carpet Python [x]

Virgo: corn snake [x]

Leo: Burmese python [x]

Scorpio: Radiated Rat snake [x]

Pisces:  Ball python [x]

Libra: Kenyan Sand Boa [x]

Sagittarius: Yellow Tailed Cribo [x]

Capricorn: Green Tree python [x]