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Pairing: Borra. AU: Boxers.

Borra; Boxers:

"Don’t go easy on her, Champ."

Bolin runs his tongue over his split lip, silently wrapping his knuckles in preparation for the next fight. Then the words process. “Her?” he repeats, looking up at Shin. 

Shin smirks, blowing a ring of smoke at him from a half-spent cigarette. “Yeah, you heard right.” 

Bolin flexes his knuckles experimentally, frowning. “I don’t know if I can fight a girl, Shin,” he murmurs uncertainly.

"She’s no ordinary girl, Bo," replies Shin. "She cleaned Zolt’s clock last week." 


"Don’t let her catch you off-guard, kid." Shin slaps him on the shoulder and saunters out of the room.

Bolin stares after him until his silhouette is lost in shadow. He pops the mouth guard in, feeling his lip split even more. It’s his third fight of the night. He’s tired, and knows it. If this girl he’s going up against next is as good as Shin says, he’ll be knocked out in no time. Bolin throws a few practice punches into thin air, and lets his arms fall to his side. 

He’s in the ring moments later, trying to ignore the cries of zealous, raucous betters in the crowd. Sure enough, his challenger is a girl—a woman. She raises her boxing glove at him from across the ring when she sees him, in greeting. Then, she returns to talking to a black-haired woman on the other side of the ropes. She’s grinning through her mouth guard, strands of sweaty brown hair plastered to her forehead. 

He hates to admit it, but she’s pretty gorgeous. 

Bolin breathes deeply, trying to focus. He thinks of Mako, of Pabu, of the money he desperately needs.

He shouldn’t be hitting girls. 

"Hey!" He looks up, and it’s her.She knocks him playfully in the shoulder. There’s enough power in the punch that he can tell she’s not someone to take lightly. "Name’s Korra. You’re Bolin, right?"

Remember, she took out Zolt.

"Yeah, just Bo is fine," he utters tersely.

"Do me a solid and give me one-hundred, would you?" she says. Her voice is a bit deeper than he thought it would be, smoky almost.

Bolin feels himself falling just a little harder. “Sure thing, Korra.” 

"Alright, last one standing, Bo," she laughs and retreats back to her side of the ring.

Bolin waits for the bell to ring, then he aims.


oh yeah forgot to say, since the Cartoon Network and mtv signing booths were next to each other, Tyler Posey walked right by me and sarah and I waved and he was so cheerful and smiled big at me and was like “‘ello!!” so excited to be there haha. I locked eyes w him for you Connor

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Okay this is really random but, I just want to say that I really appreciate how inclusive your art is to people and the different ways people look, from cultures, to body types, to just. I don't follow many Tumblr artist ('cos you know, I don't like following tons of people) but, I just really appreciate all of your work and your art and your stuff. It just makes me really happy to sometimes see people that look like me and my friends in art and asdjad. /rambles

What I’m basically saying is that you’re amazing and super gifted and just sighs dreamily. You’re just great.

aw man you are sweet, Connor ahhhh <333 

Honestly, sweetie, this is such a recent development from over the past year or so when I opened my eyes to the lack of inclusiveness in the media and just everywhere really and I’ve been trying to do just that even more so and it’s partly thanks to you and others so


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Any idea of naming an organization?

I don’t know, never had to name one. Think about what this organisation does and then try to think of a name represents. For example if I started an organisation to save worms, I would base it off what it stood for and represented. ‘Worm trust’ or something. 

Just keep making different names, you’ll find one that fits. If you are really struggling give it a name for the time being and come back and change it when you think of a new name.