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Any idea of naming an organization?

I don’t know, never had to name one. Think about what this organisation does and then try to think of a name represents. For example if I started an organisation to save worms, I would base it off what it stood for and represented. ‘Worm trust’ or something. 

Just keep making different names, you’ll find one that fits. If you are really struggling give it a name for the time being and come back and change it when you think of a new name.



Nia Teppelin for anenglishgentleman
America Chavez for snakegrin
Loki for calling-on-lost-creatures
Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock) for cinnamon-butts

calling-on-lost-creatures and cinnamon-butts appear to have become the lucky recipients of the rare and highly dangerous 2x LOKI-SHERLOCK COMBO! I’m trying to not draw the same character more than once, at least at this point, so unless things change you two will be the only ones to get these guys drawn. Feel special maybe.

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Hi there. Just a quick few notes on what exactly "person of color" means. A person of color is someone who has ancestry that does not originate in Europe. It was a Western Term created by women of color as a means of creating a system of solidarity between people in the Western World that suffered under the systems of racism. Most people don't know the meaning or history behind the word and throw it around without any greater context to it. I'm not angry or anything, just trying to be helpful.

And I appreciate it entirely, my dear. Thank you for sending in this message! I think it will help people to know.

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hELLO fellow brazilian you’re very pretty :* mwuah don’t mind me


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yooooo lookin hella good vic wow

do u wanna marry me now or

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eyebrows aND FACE

wifey material amritE CONNOR BAE

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Or when nobody else ships what you ship and you just sit there sort of awkwardly waiting for someone to join you but, they never do.


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Oh stop. We both know you don't care. That's what makes our hatelation ship so warm and cozy.

But I do care! Underneath my coal-black heart powered by brimstone and hate there is a morsel of love that still beats strongly, aching to be released from its prison of vitriol so it may embrace those who I pretend to despise-

okay I’m too tired to continue with the purple prose, I'mma go have a seat in the co-captain’s cabin cause your freedom is stinkin’ up the air.

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Extreme economic equality. Ah so, you play him the way he should have been portrayed in the show? I'd say good work but, I don't want to compliment you.

But how shall I even be able to continue with my life without a compliment from the great freedomer, whose opinion I obviously hold dear to my heart?! How can you simply expect me to accept that I must go another day without hearing words of praise from your American tongue? How I tell you, how?!

You have broken me Connor, broken me.