HELLO NCT FANDOM 🗣 THIS 🔥 IS 🏅 A 📝📚 PEP 📯 TALK 📝 if you’re studying for finals, final projects, or school rn as the end of the year approaches, i just wanna say I believe in you! we can do this, don’t feel bad if you gotta set some things aside, your scholastic success is far more important ✌please eat, remember to eat (i have this issue lol) if you dont eat, your brain will feel tired and youll wanna go on sleep mode! walk around!🏃 Idc if you run in place, get blood flowing! drink water🌊, you need to lubricate your limbs and keep your body healthy 💪 take a break every 20 min, and please get some sleep 😴*ugly guy at a football game voice* *sticks my hand in the middle of the circle* N-AH C-AH T-AH HWOOOO! 🙋 go out there and CONQUER

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Speeches at desi weddings
  • Maid of Honor: “This girl is so sweet and beautiful, she have always been there for me. You're my sister. I’m so happy for you both.”
  • Best Man: “Yooooo remember our Vegas trip brooo??? this guy is wild lol *insert drake lyrics* yeaaahhh well anyway man so glad you found a nice girl”

One day Grovyle got tired of being mistaken and compared to some grovyle who took time gears or was trying to save the world or whatever, so she decided to find out what the hell the buzz was all about. 

The hell? They’re so worried cuz of this giant angry try hard egdy time god thing going nuts?

Meh. No problem for Grovyle! She took the time gears off the loser future grovyle guy and kicked Dialga’s ass. Well, she may have. Killed him by accident. Shouldn’t have used that extra rocket launcher. Well, with the time gears back in place, Grovyle figured she’d take it upon herself to fill in Dialga’s shoes. Couldn’t have time falling apart, it needed a ruler!

So she became Grovyle, lord of time. Well, more like Badass Time Boss. And her two badass Bro Guards.