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Is it possible that Serperior is a legless lizard as opposed to a snake, since its previous stages have limbs?

Interesting! There’s a few key anatomical differences between snakes and legless lizards that we can use to check. Here’s the Snivy line for reference:

1) Legless lizards have eyelids, snakes do not.

(For all images, legless lizard is on the left, snake is on the right)

This one is kind of hard to tell. It’s a little unclear on Serperior, but Snivy certainly has an eyelid, so I’m going to give this point to Legless Lizard.

2) Legless lizards have external ear openings

Unless the things on its head are its ears, I don’t see any ear openings on Serperior. I don’t think those are its ears, since Snivy does not have them (and Snivy does not have ear holes either). Point for snake!

3) Snakes have larger scales on their bellies, legless lizards do not.

Again, this is ambiguous on Serperior, but on Snivy and Servine, they clearly have longer segments along their belly. Point to snake!

​4) Legless lizard’s tongue is thicker and less forked.

This one definitely goes to Legless lizard. Serperior’s tongue is basically round. 

So…these tests are inconclusive? Tied 2 to 2. Serperior could be a legless lizard. Or I wonder if it could be the opposite…a legged snake? Who knows!

Thanks for your question!

-Professor Julie


Colt Anaconda

Chambered in .44 Magnum, this example has been heavily engraved by Beathard Engraving. Apparently their client wanted snake scales added to his revolver, which is fitting considering it is one of Colt’s “snake” guns. Engraving can be tricky because it can add or detract from the value of a gun. In this case the fact it is a collector status firearm with work done by a reputable engraver, value will increase over time. (GRH)

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I'd love to see your take on Amber if you haven't already done one! Every fangem of Amber is a precious sticky bab

ive actually  been sitting on a design for amber for a while so one way or another i woulda posted this babe but !!

my headcanon is that ambers take on physical attributes of the animals incased in the gem, like an insect they would get wings, spiders theyd have multiple limbs and the ability to climb super well, scorpions would have scorpion tails. ones with bits of snake scales would have really tough ridges on their bodies and super great defense, and so on and so forth.

ambers are gems use for expidition. in a pack they are quite formidable, and they have self healing capabilities (partially because they are organic, like steven ! but they still are gems.) and they have a natural talent for scoping out the terrain, and even building warping pads in suitable areas.

their abilities are partially dependant on the animal inside their gem (if they have one) but otherwise they have the ability to summon fire, and if they concentrate, lightning ! their gems represent a drop of the sun solidified, and  Believed to “electrify” desire ! ambers by nature are carefree and fun loving, but their heads are a bit in the clouds.

Im not taking anymore gem design requests right now, so please dont ask for any !

Birthday Games

Summary: You try to get Gabriel to play some drinking games for your birthday but things don’t go quite as expected.

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 6696

Warnings/Tags: smut, swearing, drinking games, intoxication (reader and Gabriel), stripping, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, grace kink, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, perfect body Gabe, a touch of possessive Gabe, fluff  

Author’s Note: Written for @bloodstained-porcelain-doll‘s #Challenge of Raven My prompts were:  “Loser does a striptease!”, Gabriel, and smut.  All tags are at the end.  

Special thanks to @sumara62​ who does such a fantastic job as my beta.  This wouldn’t be what it is without you. 

Originally posted by castiel-left-his-mark-on-me

“How is this supposed to be celebrating again?” Gabriel asked.  

Sam and Dean had forgotten it was your birthday again, heading in the opposite direction to visit Garth rather than returning from their latest hunt to celebrate.  As unashamed as you were about your drinking habits, you drew the line at getting drunk by yourself.  Doing it with a bunch of strangers wasn’t appealing either, which left your options pretty limited until Gabriel happened to pop in to drop off some birthday cookies.  

It had been a pleasant surprise to say the least, and once he was there you weren’t about to let the opportunity go to waste.

“I like drinking games,” you reminded him, your words taking on the slow drawl you got right before you hit the tipping point between tipsy and completely hammered.

“Ok, princess,” sarcasm rippled through tonight’s nickname he’d bestowed upon you, all because you insisted on having fun your way, “But these are all boring.”

One hand came up, toying with the neon pink umbrella decorating his glass, but it was the other hand out of your sight that had you worried.  You could feel the hum of his energy rise behind you, fingertips drifting idly across the top of your chair, brushing you in the process.  

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Quetzalcoatl Aesthetic ; requested by @margoteve

Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of wind and learning, wears around his neck the “wind breastplate” ehecailacocozcatl, “the spirally voluted wind jewel” made of a conch shell. This talisman was a conch shell cut at the cross-section and was likely worn as a necklace by religious rulers, as they have been discovered in burials in archaeological sites throughout Mesoamerica, and potentially symbolized patterns witnessed in hurricanes, dust devils, seashells, and whirlpools, which were elemental forces that had meaning in the Aztec mythology. Among the Aztecs, whose beliefs are the best-documented in the historical sources, Quetzalcoatl was related to gods of the wind, of the planet Venus, of the dawn, of merchants and of arts, crafts and knowledge. He was also the patron god of the Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge.

Some of my favorite details of the Double King short:

  • the double crown being too tall to fit through the doorway
  • all the windows/arches having eyes like Double King
  • tiny mouse monk getting pulled back from the trap
  • the flow of the cape when scaling the snake and coiling up inside the snake queen’s crown
  • the music choice when the crab took off with the fish’s crown
  • D: wheh
  • intimidating a castle with a gun
  • convenient third hand
  • matron skeleton’s little :D with added napkin crown
  • launching himself into space
New Headcannons

Woooah new text post.

-So anyways I think it’d be very interesting if cats decorated themselves for events/ceremonies especially the leaders. In Wolves Of The Beyond the wolf chieftains weaved prey bones into their fur to create a special “song” when they walked, leaders will do this at Gatherings or ceremonies.
-Leaders will weave bones, plants, and flowers into their fur as well as creating a crown of flowers, etc.
-They could also use different berries to stain their fur and such.
-It was rumored Brokenstar stained his fur with deathberries and kit blood.
-Battle paint is often used when going to war.
-Medicine cats and leaders will always keep some flowers and bones dressed at all times (though not all their outfit stays on 24/7).
-Deputies will typically have some sort of small accessory on them to dignify them.
-Riverclan cats nearly always use shells and fishbones, as well as willow, lilies, and pond irises. For added sparkle they also use fish scales.
-Thunderclan usually uses mouse, vole, and squirrel bones with brambles, thistles, daisies, and bracken. They often use sparrow, jay, or robin feathers too.
-Shadowclan overall decorates with the most bones which are usually snake, frog, rat, bat, or lizard. Bat wings, dried frog legs, raven or crow feathers, and lizard or snake scales are often incorporated. Out of all Clans they use flowers the least though leaders and highly honored warriors collect roses.
-In the Clans flowers are not seen as “feminine” Tigerstar’s crown actually included blood red roses and thorns.
-Shadowclan is infamous for coating their claws in deathberry juice or snake venom in battle.
-Windclan uses the most flowers out of the five. They love sweet scented flowers of all kinds, their garb is known to be softer in both texture and color. They often use sheep’s wool as added fluff. Very battle hungry warriors/leaders or tunnelers are honored with rabbit skulls and bones.
-Hawkheart was the only medicine cat known to Windclan to incorporate bones in his dress.
-Windclan tunnelers would wear crystals or pretty rocks during ceremonies. Their crowns nearly never contained flowers or grass but mostly bones, roots, and twigs.
-Skyclan’s crowns were very different and often included Twoleg things such as cloth or glass. They were made mostly of bird and squirrel bones and feathers.
-Leaders’ and medicine dens are heavily decorated with bones, feathers, fur, and flowers.
-In Thunderclan a deer and two badger skulls are hung on the walls. A badger pelt is also used for the leader’s nest. The badger skulls and pelt were dried and cleaned from two badgers killed in the badger attack.
-In Shadowclan many snake and bat skulls line the walls, in the center being a fox skull and pelt said to have been killed by Cedarstar.
-Windclan’s leader’s cave is centerd around a sheep skull (one had been found dead many moons ago) and rabbit skulls. The sheep’s skin is highly prized and was carried by warriors throughout the Great Journey. There are also innumerable heather flowers in the (underground) den.
-Riverclan decorates with clams and shells mostly. They prefer a more plant and moss orientated leader nest than other clans.
-Skyclan’s leader den has many bird skulls but in the center lies a pile of extraordinarily soft feathers.
-Many warriors dens also contain pelts and such to sleep on.
-It is often the medicine cat’s job to clean and dry pelts and bones. Bones improperly cleaned smell terrible and rot.
-During warrior ceremonies or when announcing mates all the clan will dress win their very best.
-Warriors are buried with their garb though often a mate or kit is allowed to keep a lock of fur and add it to their own dress.
-The warrior’s dress and ceremonial outfit is where the kittypet rumor of “they eat bones!” started.

Anyways sorry that was so long! Home you guys enjoy :3 I was inspires by @aesthetic-warriors to think of more headcannons!