How chic is Nichole of A Type of Style in her Embossed Snake Lo-Pro Authentics? How would you rock these?

the signs as aesthetics

Aries: the smell of cinnamon, long hallways, red roses, sitting on top of a large rock, bonfire with friends, pouring a drink into a glass

Taurus: bridges over rivers, greenhouses, stones, fresh and clean sheets, cozy cardigans, freshly mowed lawn

Gemini: neon post-its, riding a longboard, smart car, tie-dye flowers, writing in a notebook, messy hair

Cancer: seashells, beachside home, full moon, fiddling with keys, drawing in the sand, bare feet

Leo: black cats, long hair touching the floor, rings, nighttime surfing, statement clutches, fresh paint

Virgo: dutch braid, bowls of peaches, a good book, picking blackberries, forest, finishing a big project

Libra: cherry-blossom tree, hand-written letter, chocolate strawberries, paper hearts, mazes, lipgloss

Scorpio: peeking through a peephole, dark forest, motorcycles, snake scales, red lipstick, leather jackets

Sagittarius: converse all-star, world cruises, zip lining, sleeping in a tent, running in the snow, windy road

Capricorn: spiral staircase, warm fireplaces, cursive writing, white wine, snowy pine trees, fresh pack of pencils

Aquarius: dream catchers, amethyst crystals, feathers, pastel hair, jellyfish, blowing bubbles

Pisces: open curtains, playing piano, the mysterious ocean, water rapids, coral reef, a ballet class