SOMETHING CAME HOME WITH ME FROM THE SHOW, and it was not a russian rat snake :’)

She’s a captive bred yearling Tanimbar scrub python, produced by Andre Mondin, and I purchased her from Mike and Erika Renau! I actually just wanted to hold a scrub python, and they had three… they told me she is the most docile and let me hold her- she’s super flighty at first, but calmed down in a minute. I came back like 2 hours later to ask more about her and then bought her. I had a set up all ready at home to begin with for a snake I might (*coughs*) bring back from the show and aaaahahaha

So just to specify, this is Simalia Nauta/Morelia Nauta, which is a small locality (or is it technically a subspecies…) of amethistina, since I realized people might have thought I bought myself one of the giant scrub pythons. Simalia nauta maxes out at only 6~8 feet for females, very thin, but most of it is just long skinny tail and neck. While morelia amethistina is its ancestor, and is the giant snake that most people know scrub pythons as. Morelia Nauta is also known to be more docile and flighty, rather than defensive and bitey haha.

Story Time

When I was little, like 6, I had one of those plastic Fischer Price wagons right. So when ever I found frog (there were lots around our yard after it rained) I would fill the wagon with some water and add some leaves and flowers. Now in my mind this was frog paradise ok. But for some reason the frogs never stayed and I was always so offended. My parents didn’t have the heart to point out the many flaws in my frog resort.

Frog resort 2.0 was at my grandma’s. I would take the leafy parts from carrots and line her bird baths, which again in my mind meant I had successfully replicated a perfect swamp. Excellent for frog. 10/10. And then I would run around the golf course and neighborhood catching frogs. They never stayed. Again no one told me why. I was a devastated child. All I wanted were some frogs that appreciated my hard work. 

I don’t have any pics of the frog resorts, however my older brother and I also caught a lot of garter snakes at this golf course (which I never actually golfed at… I just drove the cart and ran into the swamp for frogs and snakes while my dad, brother, and grandpa golfed…)

Later in life I gave up my pursuit of frogs and told my dad I would be a gecko trainer. Look at me now. I trained Nimrod not to poop on me. And to trust me. Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

Another peek at the film we’ve been working on for 5 long months. We’re nearly done -and dying cause we far from done but the deadline is coming!
I’ve spent the last month and a half animating, that’s why this blog has been super dead, I should be back with more personal stuff once I recover ;_;


I look better in pretentious black and white. I am a paradox.