the signs as aesthetics

Aries: the smell of cinnamon, long hallways, red roses, sitting on top of a large rock, bonfire with friends, pouring a drink into a glass

Taurus: bridges over rivers, greenhouses, stones, fresh and clean sheets, cozy cardigans, freshly mowed lawn

Gemini: neon post-its, riding a longboard, smart car, tie-dye flowers, writing in a notebook, messy hair

Cancer: seashells, beachside home, full moon, fiddling with keys, drawing in the sand, bare feet

Leo: black cats, long hair touching the floor, rings, nighttime surfing, statement clutches, fresh paint

Virgo: dutch braid, bowls of peaches, a good book, picking blackberries, forest, finishing a big project

Libra: cherry-blossom tree, hand-written letter, chocolate strawberries, paper hearts, mazes, lipgloss

Scorpio: peeking through a peephole, dark forest, motorcycles, snake scales, red lipstick, leather jackets

Sagittarius: converse all-star, world cruises, zip lining, sleeping in a tent, running in the snow, windy road

Capricorn: spiral staircase, warm fireplaces, cursive writing, white wine, snowy pine trees, fresh pack of pencils

Aquarius: dream catchers, amethyst crystals, feathers, pastel hair, jellyfish, blowing bubbles

Pisces: open curtains, playing piano, the mysterious ocean, water rapids, coral reef, a ballet class

yılan derisi ayakkabı, çanta vs. almadan önce derinin hayvanın bedeninden nasıl ayrıldığını belki bilmek isteyen olur. aşağıda anlatılan işkence, ne yazık ki bugünün dünyasında yasal ama bir düşünün; bu vahşet karşısında tepki gösterenlere “sana ne ben seviyorum!” deme hakkınız gerçekten var mı? önemli olan böyle bir hakka sahip olup olmamak da değil, bir insan kendi vicdanına bunu nasıl kabul ettirir? lütfen okuyun.

“As skins are valued at £23 a foot (designer Tom Ford sells his over-the-knee anaconda boots for £2,000), great care is taken to ensure it is removed undamaged from the snake. 

The creature will often first be stunned with a blow to the head, rather than killed outright.

In order to loosen the skin, a hose pipe is inserted into its jaws and the snake filled up with water, swelling the reptile up like a balloon.

It will be left like that for ten minutes or so, a leather cord tied around its neck to prevent the liquid escaping.

Then its head is impaled on a meat hook, a couple of quick incisions follow, and the loosened skin is peeled off with a series of brutal tugs — much like a rubber glove being removed from a hand.

From there, the skin will be sent to a tannery before being turned into luxury shoes or handbags. 

Because of the snake’s slow metabolic rate it can survive, skinned alive, for hours or even days until succumbing to the effects of dehydration or shock.”