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I love the thorki comic !!😍 It’s finished or you will continue this story ?

I’m definitely planning on continuing this AU in art and fic form. There’s just so much story left to tell, and the adventure really is just beginning once Loki gives birth. Thor is still outcast and needs to reconcile with his estranged parents, who I’m sure will be shocked to find out that they’re grandparents. And Thor and Loki must protect their babies from all the dangers down there on the reef, predators like squids and sharks and giant clams. Eventually I want Thor and Loki’s world to clash with the human world in a dramatic way, like maybe Loki and his babies get caught by the Grandmaster Sandmaster, who wants to keep Loki as his pet and he plans to give the little hybrid Serpenian/Delfin babies to his brother, The Collector, but of course Thor intervenes with his lightning powers and saves the day. My head is literally swimming with ideas at this point

Within Reach Part 2

Chapter 2: A Match Well Met

The setting was almost the same, but there was one difference.


Marinette stared worriedly at her plate, it smelled delicious, but with the situation at hand her appetite was definitely gone. It seemed like Luka noticed it too, ever the perceptible guy he was, “You won’t eat?” he frowned, the dark mask covering his face was foreign, it didn’t look like the sweet boy she met.

The fact that Hawkmoth, for whatever reason, made him appear to look like a snake-themed akuma, it reminded her eerily of the snake Miraculous she had spotted in the box at Master Fu’s, but it definitely didn’t feel the same. It didn’t offer her the same comfort and sense of security like the Miraculous did, instead, even if it was Luka, she felt alarmed, frightened even.

Luka’s outfit was a dark green scaled suit, snake tails curled around his legs as part of his design, the snakes darker than the rest of his suit, his eyes were slightly more slit, like an actual serpent’s and a tail extended down his back and reached his lower legs. 

He looked intimidating to say the least.

The blue in his eyes appeared darker, almost green. They reminded her a bit of Chat’s, at least the fact that the whites of his eyes were yellow, whereas Chat’s were green.

But they weren’t Chat Noir’s eyes, not at all. Her kitty’s were warm and mischievous, adventurous but always honest, always laced with a certain affection she denied herself to feel when in the suit.

Luka’s – Ophio’s – eyes were different, far different than Chat’s, than Luka’s original. They reminded her of a snake intent on harming, these eyes lacked the pure goodness Luka had.

It upset Marinette more than she would let on, “Luka…” Marinette took a calming breath, channelling her inner Ladybug, “Please, you have to fight Hawkmoth’s control, you have to fight it until Chat Noir and Ladybug get here,” she bit her lip, ‘At least, until I get a chance to escape and transform,’ she stared worriedly at the dock, which wasn’t all that far away. She could swim, but she knew Luka would catch her before she reached the shore.

Luka shook his head, reaching for her hand on the table, “But Marinette, Hawkmoth doesn’t seem to be as evil as we thought, he…” he paused, as if unsure whether to continue or not, “…he helped me, he understands me. I didn’t want to fall under his control, but I was just so upset, not even music helped,” he smiled wryly, bitterly, the look didn’t suit him at all.

Marinette frowned, turning her hand to grab at his larger one, the scales beneath her fingertips feeling foreign, “But why? What happened?” she felt guilty, guilty for not noticing Luka’s conflicting feelings sooner to stop him from being akumatized. 

His grip on the tablecloth tightened beneath her hand and she felt the way his veins bulged, the serpentine eyes flashed eerily, “You were crying,” he felt Marinette freeze, her hand stilling over his, “I saw you during break, I wanted to visit your class and go to lunch, but I saw you crying under the stairs, you…you were mumbling something about Adrien.” His gaze was downcast, averted from her conflicted one, “Adrien’s a good kid, but good or not, it was wrong of him to hurt you and not apologize,” when Luka’s eyes moved back to hers, she swore they were greener than before.

Marinette stood up, “No! You got it all wrong! It’s not Adrien’s fault at all!”

His figure stalked along the rooftops of Paris, the darkness of the night helping him blend in perfectly, safely out of eyesight from the akuma, giving him an opportunity for a surprise attack.

He watched their interaction with a frown, feeling the storm brewing in his heart grow when Marinette suddenly stood up from the chair.

She looked upset.

He noted Luka’s straighter posture, the tense setting of his shoulders.

Chat Noir’s ears drew back with a snarl, ‘No wonder cats and snakes never saw eye to eye, they’re slimy,” he knew his comment seemed immature, but he couldn’t help but think that when he saw the sleekness of Luka’s akumatized suit.

Chat Noir extended his staff and quietly landed in-between two buildings, soundless bounding close to the long rows of metallic gates separating the water from the streets.

He was close enough to the ship to pick up on some of Marinette’s words, “Adrien….upset…feelings…blame….anyone,” his movements stuttered for a brief moment, shaking his head to focus back on the task at hand.

Whatever it is, I can find out later, right now I need to get Marinette out of there,” Chat Noir reached for his baton and tried calling Ladybug, but froze as if remembering something, before he clutched onto his weapon hard, “I forgot, this cat’s going hunting solo tonight,” 

Chat Noir could safely say that he didn’t feel anger often, not as Adrien or Chat, but the hurt and conflicted look on Marinette’s face did make him angry, angry at himself for allowing her to be in this situation again.

Wordlessly, Chat Noir extended his staff and jumped.

Despite her perceptiveness and heightened senses as Ladybug, Marinette failed to realize the shadow that suddenly froze on the ship when she said, “Adrien didn’t do anything wrong, I was just upset because….because of my own feelings, I can’t force people to feel the same way I do about them, and I don’t blame him for that! You can’t blame anyone for the way they feel!” 

It seemed like an eternity passed, everything seemed still on the ship, that’s when Luka – Ophio - suddenly stood up, the scaly staff-like weapon in his hand, reminiscent of a snake’s body, gripped firmly in his hands.

His whole body was tingling, as if sensing approaching danger.

Ophio’s eyes thinned into slits and he turned, sharply pivoting on his foot as he blocked the strike from the metallic baton, the harsh blow sending vibrations travelling all the way from his hands to his head as he took a step back.

“Look what the cat dragged in,” Ophio hissed, eyes focused on the unwelcome guest standing in front of Marinette, far too closely, too comfortably. 

Just then, a voice, distant but at the same time very present echoed in his head that was swarmed with darkness, “Ophio, get me Chat Noir’s Miraculous before Ladybug shows up! He’s defenceless without her!” the butterfly mask appeared over Ophio’s face and the boy hissed in pain the pounding in his head caused.

“Yes, Hawkmoth,” yellow serpentine eyes focused on the figure of Chat Noir and Marinette.

No!” before he charged, Ophio stopped sharply, “I don’t want to hurt him! He’s only protecting Marinette! I have to fight it! I can’t let Hawkmoth control me like this! Chat Noir, get her out of here!” the words were never spoken aloud, only bouncing around in his head, Luka’s voice trying to reach his subconsciousness through the dark fog that Hawkmoth created.

He was unable to listen to himself.

His body wouldn’t listen to him.

He charged.

Chat Noir barely had time to guard, quickly stepping back to grab Marinette and jump up higher on the wooden beams holding the ship’s sails, claws digging into the wood as he climbed it up, setting Marinette inside the crow’s nest.

He attempted to jump back down before Ophio came up, but Marinette grabbed at his belt.

An image of his lady appeared in his mind, but when he looked back, Marinette stood there with a worried expression on her face, “Chat Noir, get me to shore, we can’t beat the enemy in his own territory,” the fact that Luka, Ophio, could use the water around the ship to his advantage terrified her. She knew cats weren’t fond of water and despite them swimming twice already in their aqua forms, she didn’t want to find out what would happen to Chat Noir if he fell into water like this.

But Chat Noir only sent her a reassuring smile and a two fingered salute, “Don’t worry princess, this cat has it in the bag!” he grinned and for a moment, chills ran down her spine at how carefree he tried to be in front of her despite the situation.

Fighting an akuma alone without Ladybug, fighting an akuma in his very own territory without Ladybug there to help him. Marinette being a liability, unable to help but a helpless target for Ophio, another burden for Chat Noir to protect.

He jumped down, his tail sliding from her grip and Marinette didn’t want to think that more than just his belt slid from between her fingertips.

She had never viewed Chat Noir as her sidekick before, a nuisance at the beginning, yes, but she never thought of him any less than her equal. She knew he could hold his own against akumas, but this wasn’t just any akuma.

This akuma was of Volpina’s calibre, even more fearsome, she suspected. She remembered herself having trouble dealing with Volpina’s illusions until Chat Noir came to her aid.

Marinette gripped the edge of the crow’s nest tightly, “Tikki,” her kwami immediately flew out of her purse, looking equally terrified and worried, “We have to transform,”

Tikki’s worry grew, “But Marinette-“

“I know this isn’t the safest spot to transform, but Chat Noir needs me, he can’t fight Ophio on his own,” 

Her kwami frowned, “It’s not that Marinette, you can’t transform because Ophio kidnapped you before I could recharge,” bluebell eyes flew open in realization and she hastily searched around in her bag for any more cookies.

She found none.

“Oh no! What do we do! I can’t just let Chat Noir deal with an akuma alone!” she glanced at her trusted kwami, a plan formulating in her mind, “Tikki, you have to do something for me but we have to be quick,”

The ancient kwami of creation looked concerned, but listened attentively to her charge.

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