snake you cold

  • Me: this characters pretty cool, I like them!
  • Me: I headcannon them as trans!
  • Some fuk: uggghhh just because he's feminine I'm sick of all these stereoty-
  • Me: shut the
  • Some other fuk: UMMM EXCUSE ME, he's the series chew toy!!11!1 having any LGBTQIA+ headcannons for him really isn't progress-
  • Me: SHUT.

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Hello there! :] Could you write some Gabe x s/o fluff, please? Doesn't really matter what, as long as it's super fluffy. Thank you

Originally posted by paladinpandemonium

You lied flat on your small, but comfy couch. Your legs were crossed as you snoozed, quietly breathing as you dreamt away.

However you were abruptly woken up by a pair of arms snaking under you, both cold yet familiar.You could feel your cheek pressing against a soft fabric. The musky smell of cinnamon, gunpowder and a little bit of mocha reached your nose as the faint thumping of a heartbeat reached your ears.

Prying your eyes open you noticed you were now in your bedroom, lying down beside you was good ol’ Gabriel. Smiling at his arm around you, you shifted to nuzzle close to him, his scent intoxicating yet comforting.

The two of you cuddled in silence, aware, but resting. Until Gabriel opened his eyes to look at you. He couldn’t deny the love he had for you or the warmth in his chest as he peppered kisses on your face, making you hum in approval as his hand rubbed your back gently.

“What do you want after gym?” he asked you, making you look up at him. His smile was warm and his gaze on you even warmer.

“I feel like having pizza.” you said with a soft laugh at the grumble coming from Gabe’s gut. The soft tipper tap of rain softly settled in as the room cooled down, Gabe pressed a soft kiss to your lips, “Then pizza it is.”