snake sunglasses

Glare Power (Final Rose)

Diana brandished her pet snake like a weapon. “Prepare to meet your doom!”

Averia turned her head and glared.

Strangles hissed, slithered out of Diana’s grasp, and fled.

“…” Diana stared. “You just glared so hard that you made a snake run away.”


“…” Diana crept away. “I need to activate my backup plan.”

Five minutes later, Diana returned with Strangles. Both the girl and her snake were wearing sunglasses.

Look Book Sneak Peak: From the upcoming Vol.2, Issue 01

Left: (Claudia)

Earrings: @toksik - Reckless Earrings
Dress: Ekinege - Crochet Sheath Dress
Shoes: @madlensims - Bahar

Right: (Lena)

Hat: @toksik - Snake Snapback
Sunglasses: @pralinesims - Veox Sunglasses
Necklace: toksik - Sayit
Jacket: @jsboutique - Hooded Jacket
Jumpsuit: Bukovka - Jumpsuit & Geometric Print
Shoes: @madlensims - Piacenza

I am busier with work from now on. I will try my best to share look books and magazines. It might just take longer. Thanks for your patience!

  • american goverment: this guy who looks like you took over a top secret military base in the cold and is planning on launching nukes
  • snake: cant you guys just nuke him first --
  • america: no bro you gotta go in there and fuck them up
  • snake: ugh i guess
  • snake: -goes in there and fucks them up with horrible intel, gets his best bro's daughter shot by a sniper, somebody pees on him, his other best bro is all weird and now a ninja, metal gear rex, super babby meth, sunglasses -
  • snake: okay bro i
  • american goverment: wERE GONNA FUCKING NUKE IT LOL
  • snake: wHAT