snake still life

If I imagine you dead, there is no love
immense enough to bring you back to earth;
but here, in this bowl of apples, on this kitchen
table, gold
and crimson in a space
that could not be more ample or precise
I see you drifting in the selfsame light
that I inhabit, wishing not
to occupy, or slip loose, or possess,
life being more to me than I could ever
wish for, colour, shape, the subtleties
of shade, and when I bite into the fruit,
the taste of it, much more than I could
wish for; though I wish you could be here

John Burnside, “Still Life with Lost Cosmonaut,” Still Life with Feeding Snake: Poems (Jonathan Cape, 2017)

Otto Marseus van Schrieck - A Forest Floor Still-Life


oil on canvas

private collection

The other night I had a dream where all the teams in Pokemon Go got little mascots. Team mystic’s was this little tubby penguin holding a tiny flag, team valor’s was a little round fox thing with a leather jacket, and team instinct’s was just. The minions. Like the minions from despicable me. I wanted To Die.

I switched to team valor after that

Rough green snakes (Opheodrys aestivus) are one of my favorite species to see; it’s probably because it’s easy to anthropomorphize that cute smile, and they’re a lovely color, but they’re also placid and will wind themselves through your fingers in a mesmerizing little pattern. They’re not very big, maxing out at around two and half feet long (this one here was significantly smaller, maybe nine inches if that), and very light-bodied.

 they’re also cute as all hell. look at that face.