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And the Snakes Start to Sing // Bring Me The Horizon


Check out the cover for Turf Wars Part 2, and a new preview panel from Part 1!

The cover features what looks like a villain (some kind of snake spirit?) while the panel has the Airbenders traveling somewhere on a flying bison.

We also have a release date: Turf Wars Part 2 is coming January 30, 2018, a full 6 months after Part 1.

Many spells, especially those that request healing or protection for animals, or those to locate lost animals, suggest consecrating the animal to a spirit. Although there are also may others, the following have earned a reputation as renowned animal-protectors. Incorporate them to your spells as needed.

  • Spirits that Protect Cats: Artemis, Bastet, Freya, Hecate, Lilith
  • Spirits that Protect Big Cats (Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Etc.): Dionysus, Durga, Hathor, Kybele, Sekhmet
  • Spirits that Protect Dogs: Artemis, Hecate, Ogun, Saint Roch
  • Spirits that Protect Horses: Anat, Demeter, Epona, Poseidon, Rhiannon, Rla-mgrin (Hayagriva)
  • Spirits that Protect Toads: Agwe, Heket
  • Spirits that Protect Snakes: Athena, Ezili, Freda Dahomey, Lilith, Mami Waters, Simbi, Lady Asherah
  • Spirits that Protect Cows: Brigid, Hathor, Hermes, Isis, Lakshmi, Maeve, Shiva
  • Spirits that Protect Fish: Atargatis, La Baleine, La Sirene, Yemaya
  • Spirits that Protect Pigs: Demeter, Seth
  • Spirits that Protect Animals in General: Aphrodite, Artemis, Baba Yaga, Faunus, Hathor, Lilith, Saint Anthony (Saint Anthony is the spiritual detective: request his assistance when anything or anyone is missing)

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)

anonymous asked:

This may be an odd question but I see snakes a lot and i wanted to know if you have any meaning on them? Are they good or bad?

Hey and thanks for visiting my blog!

This is an awesome question and I hope that I can help you out! Snakes are NOT bad omens, they’re actually the opposite and the fact that you see them often, leads me to believe that they are one of your animal guides!  Snakes represent wisdom, knowledge, change, creation, mystery, reincarnation, sexuality, duality, balance (Yin/Yang, solar/lunar, good/evil, healing/poison, life/death/rebirth, water/fire etc) and they are connected to MANY gods and goddesses.

Seeing a snake is a message from Spirit that reminds us to take control over our emotions and encourages us to use our intuition more. Snakes remind us to focus on the now and focus on your own feels because you will find the most answers to your questions there. Fix any issues in relationships, be open to the divine feminine and masculine energy, stay grounded and be open to your inner and outer world changing! It is changing to help give you what you need and want in the long run, do not fight it!

Snakes awaken our spiritual connections and magickal intuition for people like you who may be lucky enough to have them as guides. Because they represent change and intuition, the combination of these characteristics allows us to learn to adapt to new situations easier, faster and without issue. With the help of the snake, we can learn how to easily shed the old and make way for the new. They represent openness to new experiences and adventures; snakes want us to find ourselves and enjoy life!


I hope that this information could help you out! Take care and blessed be. xx

Free energy and spirit readings OPEN

Energy readings: I’ll tell you in a short paragraph or two what your energy feels like to me, using any sort of verbal imagery that suits my feelings.

Spirit readings: description of spirits that might be passing by around you, are connected to you, or are seeking your attention. And, if specified, could also be the description of your own spirit self.

All readings will be public unless specified so. No anonymous requests will be answered.
Only asks will be accepted, any request through IM will be discarded. If you’d like to have me do both types of reading, please send separate asks for each.
Please be kind, I’m doing those for free.