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What does the frog say?

It’s Tennessee and the bullfrogs are humming. An incessant vibration Scully once confused with a sump pump.

Mulder, growing up in the rich country, had never heard them.

“What the fuck is that, Scully?”

Mulder curses most on painkillers and tonight, rattlesnake bit, he is high as hell.

“Those,” she sighes, “are bullfrogs, Mulder.”

“Sounds like my vacuum cleaner.”

“Like you’d know what a vacuum sounds like.”

He grins loopily at her and she’s torn under the tide in affection for him. His stupid tie and his stupid yellow pajama pants and his stupid hair cut. She hates him.


She loves him.

He levels her, serious. “I wouldn’t be here, you know, if you didn’t kick down doors for me.”

Her hips hurt. Kicking down a door sucks. She sighes, indulgent and struck in affection. She really needs to move off his bed and head for the door.

He taps her hip with his index finger. A Fox Mulder Bedside Classic. “I wouldn’t be here at all.”

“You’re high.” She moves off his bed. “Have a good night, Mulder.”

“I’m not high; I’m in love!” He calls out.

“Good night, snake slayer.” The door snicks shut behind her.

Dragonslayers as Reptiles

I fuckin love lizards bitch

Natsu: Bearded Dragon (red morphology)

Gajeel: Gila Monster

Wendy: Tokay Gecko

Laxus: Common Snapping Turtle

Sting: Greater Earless Lizard

Rogue: Black Pearl Gecko (They’re nocturnal ;))

Cobra/Erik: Indigo Snake (partially based off of Cubellios; they’re immune to rattlesnake venom!)

Acnologia: Komodo Dragon

God Serena: Ring-necked Snake

Calypso (Beast ver)

On a remote island of ruins and caves lives a monster that guards a legendary sword. The beast is named after the Goddess of Chaos, Calypso. This naga is dangerous to those who know little of monster hunter, and sometimes regardless to those that do. 

This is the ‘protag’ of Hero Slayers. My first monster I designed for it. Her Name’s Calyspo and the sword is a powerful blade called Umbriosis. 

Might try out some Sketch Replies if ya’ll wanna ask her stuff.

Dad Things 3

Laxus: *crawls in* DAD! COBRA BROKE MY LEG

Acnologia: *reading newspaper*  Did you do your homework?

Laxus: WHAT!? NO!?

Acnologia: well get that done then we go how bout that.

Laxus: DAD

  • The villains of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: a vampire cult, an insane prophetess, a giant snake monster, a rogue Slayer, the US government, a Goddess, the most powerful witch in the world, the literal personification of all evil.
  • The villains of Angel: lawyers.

Snake Slayer

An engraved Bond Arms Snake Slayer derringer with two sets of barrels; one in .45 LC & .410, the other in .357 Magnum. According to the owner/seller, the engraving work was done by Tony Lee Frost, a well known engraver for knives and firearms. Although a derringer is generally in the $400 or less range, the spare barrel and the professional engraving helped to snag a final selling price of $1,525.00. (GRH)