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The Job

Dylan O’Brien smut

warnings: secretary!y/n, smoking, oral, nsfw

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The heels of your shoes clicked as you trudged your way to show the new employee around his new setting.  “Welcome to the Google corporation.” You apprised followed by, “My name is Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N. And your name is?”
The boy became all flustered as he tried to stutter out his name, “D-Dylan, Dylan O’Brien.”

“Well Mr. O’Brien, we expect you to exert your best effort in this industry and  we expect that you do not stay idle and follow the ground policies.” A stern look plastered on your face looking directly in the eyes of the boy. 

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Casually drinks coffee while writing KuroMahi smut XD But after seeing that pic of Maid!Mahiru and Kuro [here] I just had to write this

“I’m back.” Kuro walked through the door with the groceries Mahiru ordered him to buy. They would usually go out together so he wondered why Mahiru told him to go alone. He tried to think of anything he did that could’ve made Mahiru angry with him. He set down the bags in the kitchen but he didn’t see Mahiru in the kitchen or living room.

“Welcome home, Master.” Kuro stopped at the unexpected greeting. He heard their bedroom door open and Mahiru stepped out. Kuro’s eyes widened when he saw the maid costume Mahiru was wearing. He couldn’t look away from him as Mahiru stopped in front of him. “Kuro?”

Mahiru knew that he must’ve looked silly in the dress and wished that he never decided to wear the thing. Earlier that week, he was doing Kuro’s laundry and found some rather risqué manga among his dirty clothes. He couldn’t help but worry that Kuro was becoming unsatisfied with him since it had been a couple days since they last made love. Then he found the maid costume and thought Kuro wanted him to wear it.

“What are you wearing?” Kuro knew he should look away but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. But how could any man turn away when the person they loved was standing in front of them and wearing such an outfit?

The frilly dress was cut expertly and showed only enough to tempt Kuro to look beneath the frills. Nervously, Mahiru tightened his hand in his skirt and Kuro wished that Mahiru didn’t. It only drew attention to the stockings hugging his legs and Kuro wanted to pull them off with his teeth. Kuro held himself back because he could see how embarrass Mahiru was.

“What do you mean ‘what are you wearing’? You’re the reason I’m wearing this silly thing!” Mahiru blushed heavily. “I found your manga collection and this dress in your laundry! If you would rather have pictures than your boyfriend, I’ll just take this thing off!”

“Idiot,” Kuro took Mahiru’s hand when he started to turn away. He smoothly turned Mahiru so they were facing each other again. Kuro placed his hands on the kitchen island and trapped Mahiru in his arms so he couldn’t turn away from him again. Mahiru placed his hands onto Kuro’s shoulders and looked down at their feet because he felt so embarrassed.

Kuro gently lifted Mahiru’s face. “Hyde gave me those manga as a joke. I never even opened them. Why would I when I have you? I’m guessing Hyde also left this costume as a prank.”

“Kuro, what about—” Mahiru whimpered when he felt Kuro’s hand snake under his skirt. Kuro playfully squeezed his ass before he lifted Mahiru onto the kitchen island. His voice was hoarse when Kuro pressed kisses down his neck and Mahiru wrapped his legs around Kuro’s hips. “Its been a while since we… and I thought… oh, Kuro!”

Mahiru gasped when Kuro roughly pulled the dress off his shoulder and gently bit him. It wasn’t enough to draw blood but Kuro kissed and licked the mark he left. Kuro couldn’t stop himself from grinning when he saw Mahiru’s flustered face. He could smell Mahiru’s blood and it was intoxicating to Kuro.

But he promised to never drink Mahiru’s blood so he would have to distract himself by satisfying another hunger.

“For someone that goes on and on about ‘thinking simply’, you sure do love to overthink things.” Kuro teased while he untied the apron around his waist. “I thought you were a little sore and wanted to give you some time to recover. But if you want—”

Kuro was shocked when Mahiru cut him off. He grabbed his hood and pulled Kuro into a kiss. It was tentative and a little shy but no other kiss could shake Kuro as much. He pushed Mahiru backwards onto the island and took control of the kiss. When he felt Kuro’s tongue tease his lips, Mahiru parted his lips slightly.

“You’re going to be the death of me.” Kuro groaned against his lips. Mahiru’s response was to wrap his arms around his neck and kiss Kuro deeper. The kiss made him dizzy and threatened to steal his senses. He wondered if Mahiru knew how much power he had over him. But Kuro fell under Mahiru’s spell willingly and melted into the kiss.

“Kuro, more.” Mahiru begged in a small voice and fumbled with the buttons on Kuro’s jacket. “I want you.”

“Those are dangerous words.” Kuro pulled away from Mahiru and he looked down at him. Mahiru’s face was flushed and Kuro gently brushed his thumb over Mahiru’s kiss bruised lips. His hands drifted to Mahiru’s hips and pulled him closer. “I’m not going to be able to control myself when you’re wearing that dress.”

“Thinking simply, you don’t need to hold back. I’m yours.” Mahiru’s words broke the last sliver of control Kuro had.

The Bet

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Filth

Rating: M

Drabble Request by Anon

Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

78- Stop distracting me

84- Come here baby girl

91- Booty Call

When you met him, you were nothing but a booty call to him even though you were always there for him and when he needed a friend, he knew who to call but you weren’t expecting a bet to take it to the next level. 

The first time you met him was in school. You were studying for a biology exam when someone kept throwing spit balls at you. It happened to be your assigned partner. Kim Taehyung. One of the schools bad boys. You let out a heavy sigh of frustration. “Will you stop distracting me!” you turn to yell at him only to have him make a face as if he was mocking what you just said. Then you both actually study after you lecture him. 

The second time was when you made a stupid bet with him just before your exams. You made the bet because you honestly thought he couldn’t do it. That he would fail. 

“Come here baby girl.” Taehyung said to you as you stood before the grade wall that held all the students points. You were stunned to say the least as you couldn’t stop staring who placed first making you fall behind in second. 

“You cheated! You rigged the system!” you accused him as you found him smirking at you. 

“I didn’t cheat. I may look dumb sweetheart but I’m not stupid.” he said as he crossed his arms over his chest. “In fact, I’m smarter than I actually look.” he teased as he was feeding off your energy. “Just accept the defeat and pay up your end of the bet.” he said triumphantly. 

You rubbed your temples. This could not be happening. You always scored first place. Always. “No, I will not accept defeat because you cheated.” you tell him as you follow him somewhere secluded. 

He chuckled. “Y/N denial is the first step.” he said as he pulled you in the secluded area, hardly anyone travels in to get to class. You yelp in surprise at the sudden movements. Before you could protest, his arms snaked around you pulling you flush up against him. His lips were on yours, drinking you in. One hand snaked up your skirt pushing your panties to the side as the hand ghostly swiped over your heated flesh. You moaned in his mouth as you took one of your free hands and palmed him on top of his clothes. You could feel him get harder by the second. But he halts you when he realizes what you’re trying to do.

You pull back in confusion as he gets on his knees as his head disappears under your skirt. In another swift movement, he licks your entrance up to your clit. “Oh…Tae~!” you whine softly as your eyes roll into the back of your head. He lapped at your clit, zeroing his focus on your little bud as he enters a finger into your slick folds. You gasp as a hand of yours fall into his hair as you quietly moan and slowly ride his face. But he doesn’t allow you to get comfortable because he pulls away from you as you whimper watching him undo his pants. He gives you the most lustful gaze before he motions you to pull your panties off.

Once you rid yourself of your bottom half, he grabs a hold of you as if to pick you up only to have him slide his dick into you causing you to grip him like koala and hang on tight. You panted in his ear as he picked up speed. “God you feel so good around me..” he moaned as he looked down and watched your conjoined bodies. He bit his lower lip at the sight as his thrusts became sloppy.

“Oh Tae~!” you say in a whiny tone. “I’m going to come..” you moan as you clench tight around him and suck his neck while leaving hickies behind. Not long after a few more sloppy thrusts, he comes undone. 

For a long moment he stays still before he cleans him up and you get yourself cleaned up only to find him keeping your panties. “Don’t think this was just a bet Y/N. You’re mine after today.” he growled. “I’m keeping these as my claim.” he teased before smacking your ass before he left you there to collect yourself.

flojouno  asked:

37. "I want to hike up your skirt and take you right here.”

#37 (slightly edited) “God, I wanna hike up your skirt and take you right here.” // jelix


“Hey Seán?” Felix closed the front door behind him, kicking his shoes off and looking around.

“He’s upstairs, Felix, darling!” Jack’s mom called from the kitchen.

“Thank you, ma’am.” Felix called back.

He smiled to himself as he made his way to Jack’s room. He was going over to his house more regularly now. It was nice, seeing how much he hated being at his house. His parents were never home, they were always out working. Or worse, drinking.

Felix pushed open the door to find Jack sitting on the edge of his bed, scrolling through his phone. He was wrapped up in a blanket, only his head showing. He looked adorable.

“Hey, baby doll.” he sunk down next to his boyfriend, nuzzling his cheek affectionately. Jack shut his phone off and let it drop to the floor. He kissed Felix’s cheek.

“Hey hey.” he smiled, “I have something to show you.” Felix picked up on the tone in his voice.

“Oh yeah? Tell me more.” their eyes met as Jack let the blanket fall off his shoulders. He got up and stood in front of Felix.

It took Felix a second, he suddenly realized that his boyfriend was wearing a skirt. And a short one, at that.

He felt his jeans tighten and he bit his lip.

Jack had on an oversized blue sweater and a pleated pink miniskirt. White thigh-high socks adorned his pale legs.

“Like it?” Jack asked, twirling for his boyfriend. The skirt flew up as he spun, and Felix could tell he was wearing lacy panties. He licked his lips.

“Fuck, babe, you look so good.” he growled, getting up and grabbing Jack’s hips. Jack pressed his ass against Felix’s crotch, making him groan. Felix kissed his neck, teeth grazing against the sensitive skin. Jack sighed happily as he was touched.

A quiet groan fell from Felix lips as his fingers played at the hem of the skirt. “God, I wanna hike up your skirt and take you right here.”

“Fuck,” Jack breathed, “do it.”

“Your parents are home.” Felix reminded him. He was practically grinding himself into Jack’s ass by now.

“Be quiet then.” Jack whispered. He leaned back to look at Felix, his eyes desperate. Felix grinned at his boyfriend, his need for Jack getting the best of him.

His hands sneaked down to the edge of the skirt, pulling it up, a gasp leaving Jack’s lips. Felix pressed his hand against Jack’s ass, grinning mischievously. “Why don’t you get on the bed for me?” he murmured, lips close to Jack’s ear. Jack nodded, obediently pulling away and lying down on the bed, ass in the air. His hands were already gripping the sheets, anticipation getting the best of him.

Felix licked his lips again as he watched his boyfriend squirm, whining for attention. “Such a good boy, aren’t you?” he purred, stepping over to the bed and running his fingers down Jack’s exposed back. Jack whimpered.

Felix knelt behind him on the bed. Hooking his fingers into Jack’s panties, he shoved them down his legs.

His let out a shaky moan as he noticed Jack had a butt plug in. “Fuck..” he mumbled, fingers wrapping around the toy. His boyfriend moaned into the sheets, absoloutely desperate for Felix to fill him.

Felix began to move the toy in and out of his boyfriend, leaning over him and praising him quietly.

“You’re so good, babydoll. You look so fucking pretty in that skirt.” He smirked as Jack whimpered, ass pressing against the toy. “Want me to fuck you, don’t you?” Felix leaned over and ran his fingers through his boyfriend’s hair, listening to him hum with pleasure.

He slowly removed the toy, then unbuttoned his jeans. He could see Jack practically shaking with anticipation as his pants hit the floor.

Felix’s hands pressed into Jack’s hips. Jack moaned pathetically, nodding his head in approval as he bit down on his fist. Felix snapped his hips forcefully into his boyfriend, making him groan. One hand snaked under the skirt and took hold of Jack’s length.

“F-fuck, Felix!” his head fell forward as he was overwhelmed by pleasure. Felix rapidly picked up the pace, little moans falling from his lips as he went. His other hand moved away from Jack’s hip and up to his ass. He pushed the skirt aside and grabbed a handful of Jack’s ass cheek, giving a content groan.

“Fuck, princess,” he muttered into Jack’s shoulder, “mm, jag älskar dig så mycket.” His fingers dug into Jack’s sides, leaving pretty pink marks in their place.

Jack let out a particularly loud moan as Felix angled himself differently. He thrust harder in that direction, watching as Jack held back a scream. Felix could tell his boyfriend was trying desperately to stay quiet, but he was failing miserably.

“Fuck, Felix, right there, p-please..” he stumbled over his words, his entire face turning red. Felix repeated the action several times, swiping his thumb over the tip of Jack’s dick. Jack bucked his hips sloppily into Felix’s hand, moaning and whining for Felix to go faster. “Oh god, oh god, fuck, Felix I’m gonna cum..” he whispered, eyes screwed shut as he felt his entire body heat up.

“Do it, princess, cum for me.” Felix breathed, giving his length a gentle squeeze. Jack moaned loudly into the mattress as he jerked his hips once more, covering Felix’s hand in his cum. It dripped down slowly on the bedsheets, and he moaned quietly.

Felix quickly followed, leaning over and pressing kisses to his boyfriend’s neck as he came hard inside him. He rode out his orgasm, then pulled out and collapsed next to Jack.

“Fuck..” Jack mumbled. Felix hummed in agreement. His fingers traced the soft material of Jack’s skirt, making him whimper since he was extremely sensitive.

“Do you think your parents heard us?” Felix asked nervously, glancing at Jack’s bedroom door.

“Dunno,” Jack shrugged, “It’s not like they’ll come up here and inspect things.” he giggled. Felix blushed.

“I really fucking love this skirt.” he murmured, changing the subject. 

“I really fucking love you.” he pressed a kiss to Felix’s burning cheek and smiled. 

How does this summary sound?

When you’re the half human daughter of Eros, the God of sexual desire, things get a little crazy when you snag the attention of none other than Stiles Stilinski. This boy is determined to find out why you shy away from his hugs, why you whimper whenever he kisses just a little bit below your jaw, and why you start to tremble and shiver whenever his hand sneakily snakes under your skirt while you two are in the middle of class.

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Personal Nurse - Adam Cole

For @obsessedchickennugget 

Smut One-Shot.

Warnings: Vulgar Language, Possible Kinks, Injured Adam

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Adam used to be the ROH World Champion. He used to hold that belt high on his shoulder, around his waist, even had a few pictures taken with it. That was all his heaven until Sunday came around - the day he would lose that Heaven and come home with an injured arm. 

“Honey, you can’t move like that.” (Y/N) scolded Adam as he kept wiggling around in the recliner. He was very uncomfortable and couldn’t help but move around to try and get comfortable.

“I’m sorry.. but this hurts. My back aches. My head is pounding..”

“I know that, but you can’t hurt your arm anymore than it is.” (Y/N) was Adam’s wife. His wife of three years. She had been through it all with this man. They had many fights, many arguments. But she always stayed put and helped him out. he couldn’t have asked for anyone better than her.

“I’m going to bring you soup and call Kenny. He said he’d come over and discuss plans for your return. Behave yourself.. I know you and Kenny don’t always get along but you’re injured and you DO NOT need the stress.” (Y/N) kissed his head and disappeared to the kitchen.

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Shit APH Australia Does #20

Literally anything if you phrase it as a dare

Something to Fear

Merry Christmas and Happy Truce to @darkeneddawning! She requested something to do with Ice King Danny–lucky me that she has so many cool drawings and headcanons for it.

Posting it a bit late. My fault for letting this get so long–was having way too much fun with headcanons for this. Enjoy! 

Danny took a deep shuddering breath, trying his best to shake the thrumming weight of exhaustion from his chest. It pressed against him like a physical mass, turned the pulsing in his veins to sludge. He wanted nothing more than to crawl back to sleep, but anxiety kept his eyes open. The adrenaline buzzing through his system forced him into artificial alertness. He crossed his arms over his chest in an attempt to appear composed.

Opposite him, twelve Observants rung out a perfect semi-circle. Twelve eyes stared him down. Twelve pale, slick bodies, glistening as if coated in condensation, walled him in. Running was a poor option, facing against a dozen creatures who claimed to See All.

Observants just observe. They don’t act. They don’t do.

Danny ground his teeth. His mouth tasted sour. He felt disarmed, knowing that beneath his ghost form he was pajama-clad and half asleep. It could have been an intentional nighttime ambush, or it could have been that the Observants had no concept of, nor respect for, human sleep patterns.

The silence ate away at his nerves.

What?” Danny finally spoke. He sparked a glow behind his eyes, despite the headache the brightness caused him. Clockwork had suggested that these things frightened easily. Danny prayed that their All-Seeingness couldn’t call his bluff.

The right-most Observant floated closer. Danny hid his flinch, pretending to busy himself in the vast foresty void beyond the ring of Observants. Cold—he’d forgotten how cold the Ghost Zone was. “You wish to know why we’ve summoned you, is that correct?”

“I wanna know why you think it’s okay to warp me out of bed when I haven’t done anything.” Danny swallowed, or he tried to; his dry throat betrayed him. “O-or is it my future self again? You planning to fight me yourself instead of having Clockwork do the dirty work? That’s good by me. Been wanting the chance to play ‘rock, paper, finger-to-the-eyes’ with you creeps.”

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Sinema - Chanyeol

Originally posted by sefuns

Group: EXO
Member: Chanyeol
Type: Smut
Warning: sexual content!


‘C’mon Chanyeol, it’s been ages since we hung out with the whole group!’

‘Yeah, everyone’s here now and that doesn’t happen too often.’, Suho and Baekhyun kept on trying to persuade.

‘Guys you know i can’t go to the movies with you tonight, it’s date night with ____-!’, Chanyeol explained for the thousandth time.  

‘Just bring her with, it’ll be fun!’, Kai exclaimed.

Sehun was checking his instagram but still wanted some contribution in the matter. ‘Yeah dude, just call her.’, he murmured without looking up from his phone. 

Chanyeol dialed your number and waited for you to pick up.

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American Gods Alphabet: Coatlicue

I really love American Gods and mythology so I made an alphabetic list of every reference made in the novel.

Read the whole encyclopedia here

Coatlicue (53)

Coatlicue (Aztec) Goddess of life and death. She is the mother of the gods, the stars, and the sky. She is a snake goddess, depicted with either the head of a snake or with a skirt of snakes. Her son Huitzilopochtli, born when she placed a bundle of feathers than had fallen from the sky in her bosom, killed her other children. She is often associated with the devouring mother, representing both childbirth and death.

All names/terms are depicted with the page in which they first appear in the American Gods Tenth Anniversary Edition of the author’s preferred text.

Read the whole encyclopedia here

Because I’ve kinda just shoved all of the version’s of Echidna’s appearance from every myth mushed together for her NP
That mean her human form can have the mechanic for attacking that I love
and also justify her really baggy sleeves and skirt

Something with maid costumes and birthdays

Prompt: (i didnt see the come untouched part until now oops SORRY and i also eased down on the dirty talking part bc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Summary: Dan rides Phil with a maid costume on during his birthday. (ps this a modern day royalty au)

Genre: fluffy smut

Warning: secks!!! Swearing!!!

Words: 2, 007 words

A/N: I’m finally not sick!!! YEAH !!! ok but honesty I didn’t update for a long time I thought I was dying. So here’s the sex. (im also holding off the angst fic bc it’s taking too long fuck dammit) i may or may not write another one we’ll see

“I swear to fucking God, if I don’t get my birthday sex right now I will throw your fucking crown out of the window.”

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Three Is More Fun - Josh Dun & Tyler Joseph

*WARNING!: Smut ahead!*

Josh roughly pulled me aside into an extra bedroom and flipped the light switch. “Whoa, slow down-” was all I could say before the sight of the room cut me off. The lighting in the room was dim, but I could see the shape of a familiar man sitting on a bed with red velvet sheets.

“Tyler? What are you doing here?” I asked. Josh sighed in a frustrated manner, and grabbed my face, making me look at him. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine and I was in shock for a few moments before I began to kiss him back. We’re only friends and it’s been months since he last kissed me and it ended horribly. This felt so weird, but so good. His hands snaked around my waist and grabbed my hips roughly, and for a little while, I forgot about Tyler. That was until I felt another set of hands on my waist. Josh pulled away just as Tyler turned me around gently and pressed his lips against mine, kissing me softly. I felt so confused, but it wasn’t like I didn’t know what was happening. As Tyler and I kissed, Josh’s hand snaked up my skirt and his crotch was pressed against my ass. Tyler’s gentle hands traveled up my shirt to my breasts as we made out. I couldn’t fight a moan as Josh massaged my clit through my panties, and as his lips made contact with my neck, biting me softly. I felt Tyler’s growing bulge through his jeans against my thigh, and Josh’s hard-on through his jeans against my ass. They led me towards the bed, where I soon fell on my back, staring up at both of them. I’m not going to protest, this is really hot, but I don’t quite understand. I sat up and Tyler sat down next to me, grabbing my face and pressing his lips to mine once again. Josh fumbled with the buttons on my shirt, but once he got them all unbuttoned, he pushed my shirt off of my shoulders. His hands reached behind my back and in the next second, my bra was on the floor. His calloused hands cupped my breasts and massaged them. I once again moaned against Tyler’s lips, and he made an exasperated sigh in return as I heard him undoing his belt quickly. Josh’s hands then fell to the hem of my skirt, and he swiftly pulled it off of me. Tyler pulled away from my lips and I turned and looked up at Josh, breathing heavily. He growled softly, making my stomach churn, and he leaned down, his lips meeting mine into a rough makeout session. He bit my bottom lip hard and pulled it, and I whined so seductively. Once again he growled lowly and he pulled away. I watched him as he quickly took his jeans off. I glanced over at Tyler, whose shirt was now on the floor, Josh’s soon to follow. I let my shirt fall off of my arms and I tossed it aside. Josh stared down at me, lust clouding his golden brown eyes. I couldn’t keep from biting my lip at his undeniable sexiness. Josh roughly grabbed my arms and pulled me off of the bed, making me fall onto my knees in front of him. I looked up at him with innocent eyes and he gave me a look that told me what to do. I grabbed the hem of his boxers, pulling them down slowly, while placing soft kisses on his lower waist. His rock hard dick sprang free from his boxers and I dropped them, letting them fall down his legs. He stepped out of them and took my head in his hands. His fingers tangled in my hair as I ran my tongue along the side of his cock, making my way to the tip. As I took him in my mouth, I felt kind of awkward, until I felt Tyler’s hand making their way into my panties. As he began to rub my clit, I moaned while sucking Josh’s dick, which earned a moan from Josh. The sound of his moans were so hot, and made me even wetter as Tyler fingered me.

After a few minutes, Josh pushed me back and I looked up at him, giving him a seductive look. Tyler stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me up from the floor softly. Every wish of theirs was my command, and I loved it. Suddenly, Josh pushed me, making me stand where I was leaning on the bed. He grabbed my hips then pulled my panties down, leaving them to fall at my ankles. I clutched the sheets in my hands and looked back at Josh. He slapped my ass hard, making me gasp and squeal. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my body back towards him, pulling me up from the bed. He bit my neck, then my earlobe, and kissed my jaw line. I moved my ass towards his crotch, grinding against him.

“Beg for it,” he growled.

“Oh, Josh, baby please give it to me, I want your cock inside me,” I whined for him. He smacked my ass again, leaving me gasping and moaning again. Finally, he positioned the tip of his dick at my entrance and pushed into me slowly. I sighed, moaning softly. I screamed out when he pulled out then slammed into me, bringing me so much pleasure. His hold on my hair stayed tight until Tyler sat on the bed in front of me. Josh began to thrust into me faster and I grasped the sheets in my hands, leaning forward towards Tyler. He grabbed my face gently, his lips meeting mine. I moaned on his lips as we made out, while Josh fucked me harder. Tyler pulled back after a minute of making out and my moaning, and he mumbled, “Please me with your mouth, sweetheart.” I smirked, but it went away quickly as I gasped, Josh hitting my g-spot with each thrust. I quickly took Tyler’s hard cock into my mouth, sucking and trying to soften my moans. Tyler’s moans on top of Josh thrusting into me deeper made my head spin.

“Oh, fuck, yes.” I moaned after pulling back from Tyler’s dick, and continuing to stroke him in my hand. He moaned softly and bit his lip, and it was so sexy. Once again, Josh grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up, his chest pressing to my back. I whined in return as he made slow, deep thrusts. I pulled my hand from Tyler and grasped the bed to stabilize myself. Josh placed kisses on my shoulder, and I moaned when he bit my neck, knowing he’d be leaving marks. His thrusts slowed to a stop and then he let go of me and pushed me on the bed. I crawled onto the bed, then placed my hand on Tyler’s chest. He looked up at me with wide eyes as I straddled him, then began to roll my hips and grind against his hard dick. He gently placed his hands on my hips, watching me so intently. He bit his lip, then looked up into my eyes longingly, like he was begging. “Fuck me, Tyler,” I said in a seductive manner, biting my lip and smiling at him. I reached back and grabbed his dick, positioning myself over it, then slid down slowly. I threw my head back and moaned, then rolled my hips, riding him. His hands gripped slightly tighter on my hips and I leaned forward, placing my hands on his chest. He began to slowly thrust into me, and at the angle, he hit my g-spot perfectly, making me gasp and dig my nails into his skin. He moaned at it, and thrusted into me harder and faster. I moved my hands to his shoulders and held onto them tightly, my nails digging into his skin once again as he fucked me harder and I rolled my hips, timing them with his thrusts. I whined, and bit his neck to leave a mark. He made a small whimper and it sent me over the edge as I felt the pleasure rising in my stomach. “Oh, god, yes!” I screamed out as my orgasm hit me hard.  “Oh, don’t stop,” I gasped, riding Tyler when his thrusts slowed. He wrapped his arms around my back and sat up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he sat on his knees. The position felt even better than the last, and he thrust into to me slow, but deep. He moved faster and fucked me harder, and I noticed his thrusts getting sloppier. He whined, then moaned, “Fuck, (Y/N),” as I rode him and as he came. Just after he did, Josh’s hands snaked around my waist then cupped my breasts. “I’m not finished with you yet.” He said lowly in my ear. The tone of his voice gave me goosebumps, and I lifted myself from Tyler. Right then, Josh picked me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He carried me to the nearest wall and pressed my back against it. His hand held tightly around my back to my hip, and he entered me slow. Both of his hands then held my hips as he began to thrust into me slowly. Josh’s lips soon met my neck, kissing it softly and nipping my skin. “I’ve always wanted to fuck you like this,” he whispered so seductively in my ear as I moaned, “to see you beg, in euphoria, watching your breasts bounce, feeling your hands grip me and your nails scratch my skin,” his voice ran shivers down my spine, and I whined out as he fucked me harder, hitting my g-spot. Just as he wanted, in a type of high because of the pleasure, I dragged my nails down his back, moaning. He groaned in return, then whispered, “Just like that, baby.” His thrusts slowed slightly, but they were harder and deeper, and he made me feel such intense pleasure. “Oh, Josh, yes, don’t stop, just like that,” I gasped and whined. I was getting close and I needed more, “faster,” I gasped, grasping his shoulders. He did as I asked, and hit my g-spot every time. I dug my nails into his skin and threw my head back, tightening my legs around his waist as they began to shake. Josh moaned as I screamed out, my orgasm making my head spin and my tummy churn. Seconds after I came, Josh’s thrusts became sloppy and he moaned my name as he came, and I watched how sexy he looked when his eyes fluttered closed and he bit his lip.

He pulled out, our breaths heavy, and he softly let me down. As soon as my feet hit the floor, my legs felt as if they’d give way and I’d fall. Josh saw that and chuckled, then lead me to the bed. I noticed that Tyler had already picked up his clothes and left. I laid on the bed to try to calm down, exhausted, and Josh picked his clothes up from the floor. “Goodnight, (Y/N),” he said with a wink.

(A/N): Happy New Year guys! I hope you guys like this, because I love it! Eeek, my first threesome.

Akashi Seijuro X Reader


  Your hands trail lightly over the gossamer cloth that shines in the light. The silky dress slips between your fingers; so light, so delicate. Small, crystal beads litter the surface like granules of sugar. Intricate white lace spreads over the surface as captivating as a butterfly and as fine as a spider’s web. The embroidery snakes down the skirt to pool on the floor in a thin, floral based design as a veil of the same making sits on the small shelf suspended over the dress.

  Seeing such a magnificent piece of clothing creates clashing feelings of wanting and wavering. On one hand, your selfish side wants to wear the dress, and feel what it’s like to adorn such a work of art. On the other, you feel as if even touching it now is marring the surely long hours dedicated to sewing just a few inches of this treasure.

  Well, it’s okay to be a little selfish every once in a while.


  Being the two year girlfriend of Akashi Seijuro, it isn’t unusual for you to spend the night at his home after staying so late to just hang out. However, you usually reside in a separate guest bedroom at his father’s request. (Akashi has snuck into the room on some occasions, but that’s a secret.)

  Night had fallen not long ago, and you were expecting to travel the same path to your room until you were notified that it, along with some other various rooms, is being remodeled. Thus, a maid of the residence led you towards a completely unknown bedroom to yourself.

  ”Your clothing has been transferred to the closet, and you’ll find your bathroom supplies within the conjoining restroom.“ She had said. You thanked her as dismissal, and she soon abandoned the closed door to dabble in her nightly chores.

  Barely even a minute after the heavy door fell shut, you were heading towards the closet to collect your pajamas. A nice, warm bath occupied your mind, and so you were especially hasty to find the wear. Once the closet was bathed in the dim glow of your bedroom light, you caught sight of an imposter.

  At the farthest side of the closet, separated from your own clothing by a wide gap, was a hanger. It’s occupant was covered away from your sight by a white, zip-up bag of leather. Naturally, your curiosity grew to an astounding height, and you quickly pulled the zipper down; watching the shield fall to the ground to reveal the mystery inside.

  And that brings us to now.

  Carefully pulling the dress off of the hanger, you walk it over to the bed and gently lay it down on the mattress with its back facing up. Laced buttons run the length of the torso, and you undo each one delicately as if they would snap off if you tugged too hard. When the dress is ready to be worn, you discard of your own clothing.

  Goosebumps appear over your bare arms and legs, and it makes your skin hyper-aware of the soft garments gliding over them. With the dress hanging from your shoulders, you tiptoe to a full body mirror in the corner and use it to aid you in re-buttoning the back. When the last button slides home, you face forwards with breath held; as if mentally preparing yourself. You then turn around and stare at your reflection.

  Of course, the fit doesn’t perfectly match your bodice. The chest is slightly bigger, and the waist is a little snug. The skirt seems to be too close to the floor. And yet, it still seems to look amazing despite needing adjustments.

  You’re not sure how long you had been staring at yourself, but it must have been a while when a knock came to your door.

  ”_____, are you in the tub?“ Your dear boyfriend’s voice mumbles past the wood.

  ”No.” You respond, and you watch the entrance open through the mirror until Akashi steps inside. His gaze falls over you immediately, and it’s as if he’s frozen. Shuffling uncomfortably, you face the surprised teen.

  ”I…probably shouldn’t have worn this. It was in the closet, and it looked so gorgeous, I just had to try it on.“ You sheepishly admit.

  ”…it is a gorgeous creation, isn’t it?“ Akashi mumbles to himself as his heterochromatic stare skims over the dress.

  ”If it’s not too much of a hassle, uh, where did this come from?” You inquire. Akashi’s eyes meet your own (E/C) ones, and he blinks.

  ”It was my mother’s.“

  Your mouth seems to lose all of its moisture, and you let out a surprised cough before frantically speaking.

  ”I’m so sorry, Seijuro! I knew I shouldn’t have put it on-oh gosh, just leave for a second so I can take it off-”

  You stop when you notice that he isn’t even listening anymore. Instead, Akashi wanders over to the closet and gingerly lifts the veil off of its shelf.

  ”A wedding dress,“ Akashi mutters as he stands in front of you, “is not complete-”

  He raises the headdress and places it upon your head; partially blocking your vision with the cloth.

  ”-without the veil.“

  For a moment, there is silence. Then, the shuffling of movement is heard as you attempt to drape the veil over your head; giving you a clear view of Akashi. Your hands are stopped, though, by a pair of larger, familiar ones.

  ”No,” Akashi declares, “don’t move it.”

  His tone of voice, as strong as usual, seems to crack at the end. Your eyebrows knit together, and a defiant question is voiced.


  The word drifts through the air; twisting and turning in a rhythmless dance before alighting on Akashi’s ears. The lace might have been playing tricks on your eyes, but you swear you saw his lips twitch upwards to a degree.

  ”Because, _____,” he responds, “my orders are absolute. I am absolute. And to see an absolute man weep would be unacceptable. So as long as you don’t see it -as long as no one sees it- it is as if it never happened. I would normally have a better grasp on my emotions, and yet; seeing you, someone whom I love with all of my heart, adorning the same clothing that my beloved mother wore so long ago, I am not entirely sure how to react. It’s as if all of my control has disappeared.”

  Hearing those words from Akashi makes your own eyes glossy, and you instinctually wrap your arms around his shoulders; pulling him in for a long embrace as his chin rests by your ear. You ignore the feeling of tears hitting your shoulder and soaking the fabric.

  ”In a way, I suppose this is all well.“ He mumbles. “I’ve seen it. I’ve lived this experience. Now, I’ll be able to compose myself the next time.”

  ”Next time?“

  ”Of course. Now that I have witnessed the dress on you, I’d rather not see it gracing the body of anyone else.”