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Countdown to Halloween: Day 7 (Encantado)

So this one is based off a Brazilian folklore. It is an encantado. I explain a little about them in the story. Hope you enjoy <3

Also, please listen to this (X) while reading this. It will set the mood (also, the youtuber is an amazing musician)

-Admin Kat

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Finished Historical Sazalar Slytherin! Click for large, details are being lost on tumblr.

This was done for wizarding wednesday but sadly not completed in time.

Loosely inspired by 12th century garments which turn out, have very little reference material so had to take a very large time period, and embellish a lot. Silver and green.

Snake skin leather cloak trimmings are my fav. The Basilisk featured is loosely based on the Australia Death Adder, one of the more venomous snakes.