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You're probably not still awake, but, um...I like #41 with klance.

41 - “Go back to sleep.”

Lance is woken up by his mattress shifting. There’s a faint sound of some rustling and he hears a soft click. He blearily opens his eyes to see Keith entering his bedroom. Keith freezes, wide eyed, at the foot of his bed. 

“Keith?” Lance murmurs. He sits up and feels the cool air hit his bare chest. He waits for Keith to tell him that they’re under attack, or that Allura is ordering a meeting right at this moment… but Keith just stands there. 

His jacket is gone, as are his gloves, pants and boots. He wears only his t-shirt and a pair of rumpled boxers. Not exactly fighting attire.

“What are you doing here?” Lance asks when it becomes obvious that Keith is not going to say anything.

“I… I don’t know.” His eyes flit down to the ground. His fingers nervously card through his long hair.

“Did you sleep walk?”


“Did you get lost?”

“I don’t… no… look, just forget it.”

“Do you want…?”

“Go back to sleep.”

Keith snaps. He winces… like he immediately regrets it, but moves back towards the door all the same. Lance watches in confusion. He isn’t sure what’s happening, but he can’t let Keith just leave. He crawls across his bed and catches Keith’s wrist before he gets away. Keith turns to stare at the contact, before he lifts his gaze to meet Lance’s. 

“Stay.” Lance beckons. Keith’s eyes widen. He worries his lip but lets his feet take him to the edge of the bed all the same. Lance’s hand slides up his forearm, until both of his hands are on Keith’s hips. His warm fingers touch pale, smooth skin. 

“Why?” Keith shudders.

“I want you to.” Lance answers honestly. His grip on Keith’s hips tightens, and he starts to pull him into his lap. Keith moves like water, sinking and straddling Lance in one graceful movement. His breath hitches when Lance’s grip on him sinks lower. With his hand on his ass, he pulls Keith flush against him. Keith’s stares at his mouth.

He closes his eyes and waits. Waits for the pounding in his chest to slow down. Waits for the excitement in his groin to die. Waits to feel Lance’s grip tighten and lips to press against his.

Lance’s grip does tighten. Keith inhales.

But where he expects Lance to lean forward and kiss him, he instead finds himself being pulled sideways. His head hits a pillow with a soft thud. Lance’s arms snake around his ribs, and his long legs begin to drape across his hip, essentially trapping him. Keith snaps open his eyes. Lance’s face is close to his, smiling dopily with half-lidded eyes.

“We need to go to sleep.” Lance sighs. his breath fans over Keith’s face. Keith is stiff with shock and confusion. His gut twists with… disappointment?

“…what?” He whispers. Lance lets out a soft chuckle.

“Sleep with me. It’ll be nice. You’ll like it.” He closes his eyes and sinks into the pillow. His grip on Keith slackens, but his thumb rubs soothing circles against his bare side. 

“You’re warm.” Lance adds. Keith’s nerves escape him with a soft laugh.

“You’re weird, Lance.”

“Just admit you can’t wait to fall asleep in my arms.” Lance smirks.

“More like your legs.” Keith pats Lance’s naked thigh that sits on his hip. It makes a satisfying “pap” sound. Lance giggles.

“I can move them if you want.”

Keith thinks about this for a moment, trailing his fingertips up and down Lance’s thigh.

“No, it’s fine.”

They slip into a comfortable silence. They gravitate closer until their foreheads touch and Keith feels himself completely surrounded by Lance. He lets out a breath that was sitting deep in his chest. His head feels clear again. Anxious energy melts off of his limbs, leaving his body aching and exhausted.

“Thanks, Lance.”

“It’s ok. I understood.”

Keith moves until his face is against Lance’s throat. Lance gives him a reassuring squeeze.

He knows it’s hard to sleep in space. 

Playing with Fire

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Smut, Oral (FR/MR), Unprotected Sex (Wrap it up y’all), Swearing

Word Count: 3600  Apparently I have no chill

A/N: First time writing smut, please be gentle, but feedback is always appreciated!! Let me know if you want to be tagged/untagged :-)

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As I lean over the pool table trying to line up my next shot, I feel Steve come up behind me.  He drapes his body over mine and adjusts my hands on the cue “There, try that.” He whispers.  From our position I can feel his warm breath on my neck.  I can also feel the heat of a blush rising to my face. “You’re blushing Y/n” I hear Wanda say from inside my head, and I don’t have to see her to know she and Nat are sporting matching smirks. I take a steadying breath and attempt to sink the ball at which I’m aiming.  Pulling back the cue, I shoot, and not shockingly, I miss the shot.  Groaning I stood up. “You’re getting better” Steve offers.  Laughing and rolling my eyes “ I wouldn’t go that far”. Bucky lines up his next shot, and naturally sinks it, thus ending the game.  Heaving a sigh of relief, I walk over to Bucky “thanks for putting me out of my misery” I say gratefully.  Chuckling he pulls me into a hug “anytime Y/n” and pressed a kiss to the top of my head.  I miss the smirk that he threw at Steve and the glare that was returned.

I had known Steve since he came out the ice all those years ago, Fury tasked me with getting him up to date on all that he had missed, and we fell into an easy friendship. Over the years he had let me in, and then I could see the funny and kind man behind that iconic shield. I grew to love him, and then grew to be in love with him.  I never acted on my feelings, however, as I put too much stock in our friendship.  When Bucky came back into the picture, I worried that I would lose my best friend, however, Bucky became an integral part of my life, as well as Steve’s.  I don’t know if it was because he saw how much I valued Steve or that we just got along well, but soon we three were near inseparable.  

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Glowing End of the Stick

aka I love @careamorran‘s meta!Jason and gardenhoe!Tim world where instead of being dead Jason glows green and chats with plants. And she was wonderful enough to let me take a stab at writing some based off her super cool idea. 

More to come, but as a teaser and starting point… 

“What did you just do?” Jason swallowed and squeezed his eyelids, blocking out any trace of sunlight for half a second before letting go of the tether to the plant life around them. A shiver ran down his back as he settled into the isolation of his own skin.

“Intel, babe,” he responded. Jason stood and brushed the dirt off his hands and onto his pants before shoving his gloves back on. The soft leather stuck to his skin slightly in the humidity. When he looked up he found himself swallowing again as he was on the receiving end of Tim’s intensity. He had forgotten how scary the guy could look just standing still and watching. It was unnerving. “East side, c’mon.”

Jason started off left, ducking around and under leafy branches. He was careful about his boot placement. He knew his guns were basically useless here, so he kept them holstered but left the clips undone just in case. Hopefully this would stay a search and… rescue? Chat? He wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when they found her. Roy hadn’t really given him a briefing after the all-distress.

“What did you do back there?” Tim’s voice was just behind him. Honestly, his was silent enough Jason a little surprised but he had long ago suppressed that startle response. It didn’t look good in their professional circles. “Hood, what did you do?”

“Heard ya’ the first time,” he let the branch snap back, hopefully thwacking Tim, although there was no follow-up thud or sound of irritation.

“Then answer,” Tim said. “Your eyes just started glowing, then little… cracks or vines in your skin, and then the tree you seemed to be having an intimate moment with. So, I think I need to know why for this mission to make sense.”

Which. Was actually pretty fair. Jason did drag him into the rainforest to hunt down a powerful alien in an angry mood and then use his own powers with no explanation. That was a lot of unknown variables for his own personal control freak. Anyone else in the family would have hit their breaking point before leaving the house much less a full day into their tropical vacation.

“Hood,” Tim was still going. Tenacious. “It looked like you had m-”

The smaller hero, the only objectively true hero in the present company, was cut off when Jason tightened a hand over his mouth. He tapped the fingers of his free hand on Tim’s ear. He could almost hear the gears click into place as Tim pushed something at his wrist before nodding.


“No, Jay,” which was reassurance enough since Tim was a stickler for the no-names-in-the-field rule. “I’m just an idiot. It wasn’t connected before but it’s totally down now.”

“Even to B?” Tim snorted which, yeah okay, he did have an entire computer network separate from Bruce. Jason sighed and swallowed, gaze focusing in on the bromeliad in front of him. “Okay, well, it all kind of… back when I came to life. Apparently, in between physically coming back from the dead and Talia dunkin’ me in the Lazarus Pit I was just wanderin’ the streets the Gotham as a mindless husk. Which, as you well know, isn’ exactly the safest position to be in. Luckily - God put that face away, I’m fine - luckily, Ivy found me. And rather than let me wander zombie-style through the alleyways she took me in. For…  quite a while. I was sort-of-alive a lot longer than I originally thought. Or, B thought.”

“At least Ivy took care of you. That’s good,” Jason looked up to see Tim’s awkward half-smile thing happening. He must have paused longer than he realized. “But I still don’t get the leap between being all glowy and living with Pamela. Harley and Selina seem fine. Or, at least normal. For them.”

“Yeah, well, story ain’t over,” Tim arched a brow and Jason shrugged. “Pam spent a while tryin’ to get through to me. But nothin’ worked so she figured it, I, couldn’t get any worse. Which was pretty true, I mean husk-zombie is no way to go through a second life. So, she tried her own plant-meta powers. Which didn’t really do anything, or so she thought. After the Pit, when I became me again albeit the extra angry aggressive edition, somehow they showed up.”

“What does that mean?”

“I… I’m not Ivy,” Jason said as he turned around and started walking again. “I can kinda communicate… like, listen in, on plants. I can’t grow the kind of new, cool, and scary types she does..”

“Is-” Jason turned when Tim’s voice choked but he seemed find beside a little pink. “Um, do you always glow like that then?”

“Yeah, when I’m using ‘em.”

“Ah, yeah, ‘kay,” Jason glanced back again to see Tim glancing around and following. Maybe he was freaked out by it? The silence stretched as they made their way East - Jason graciously holding the branches aside for Tim. Because he was only part asshole. When they reached a ring of trees with purple flowers stretching between them Jason stopped.

“Okay, babe,” he looked down at Tim and tried to ignore the swooping as the pale blue gaze snapped to his. “I gotta… commune with the plants again so if it freaks you out, which makes sense-”

“It doesn’t freak me out,” Jason watched as Tim drew his eyebrows together and pressed his lips together.

“Out with it then. You’ve been all quiet and pink since I used the power last time. It’s really fine if it makes you uncomfortable but I gotta use it to find Kori so you can go stand over there if that’s the case.”

Tim blinked up at him for a second before taking a step closer, “actually, I was thinking you look pretty hot all glowy like that.”

Jason had been gone for a month. So when he showed up on his boyfriend’s doorstep and asked him to come on a trek through the rainforest to find his ex-girlfriend he wasn’t totally sure how that was going to go over. Add in the revelation that he had been withholding superpowers for their years of partnership and friendship and five months of dating and he had been pretty sure that things were headed in a downward spiral. As per usual, his fault.

This, Tim smiling up at him with slivers of blue around dark dilated pupils, was a very different reaction.

Not that Jason was complaining.

“Oh,” he swallowed. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Tim leaned up, hovering just millimeters away and Jason thought about saying something about the rush they were in but it had been a month and he was only a metahuman. He slid his gloves along the bandoliers crossing Tim’s chest and pulled the smaller man the heartbeat closer to press their lips together. A second later, just long enough for Jason to get the picture that Tim really wasn’t lying about the whole ‘glowy is hot’ and ‘I missed you’ unspoken vibe, they parted. Jason pressed his forehead down against Tim’s, sighing as the tension that had been snaking around his ribs since he first knelt at the tree an hour ago melted away.

“Okay, go talk to the plants and ask where she went.”

“I’m a meta, not a fucking fairy, Tim,” Jason sassed as he tugged his glove off and briefly debated throwing it at his smirking sweet smartass of a boyfriend. “I don’t ‘talk to plants’.”

Don’t Mess With My Roses

Bucky x Reader one-shot


First of all, I’m sorry for not posting earlier but this was a really hard week for me so I decided to take some time to get myself together. This is a little gift for @wingtaken @wordsturnintostories @creideamhgradochas @imhereforbvcky @mitra-k-w  @ginamsmith and @buckygolucky Thank you for all of your kind words, for taking the time to send those messages and for being there for me. I couldn’t have made it through this week without you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Requested by: @buckygolucky

Request a fluff love story with angsty passion Bucky and a bookworm like Belle from Beauty and the Beast 😊?

Summary: A little prank war between you and Bucky might have a different ending than you thought when you decide to steal his favourite flowers. 

Warnings: None

Word count: 1017

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Everyone knows not to mess with Bucky’s things. That is, everyone except for you.

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The wall was cold against her back, but Jyn Erso didn’t seem to mind it so very much. She was, instead, focused on the translucent crystal she held flat against the palm of her hand. Cassian wasn’t sure what she was doing here - sitting on his bed, staring at her necklace like it was the most precious thing she’d ever seen. It wasn’t new - he’d seen it around her neck many times before now.

He closed the door behind him as he stepped into his small room - small, but solely his, as a luxury of rank. Well, officially it was solely his. Cassian didn’t ask Jyn how she routinely got into his locked room, and she never offered the information up herself.   

“Were you looking for me?” The man spoke lightly, as he dropped his coat onto the foot of the bed. It was too cold to go without it for long, but he’d just come in from the bitter cold of outside and for the next few minutes his body felt too hot inside the walls of the base. “I’ve been away-”

“For a few days,” Jyn finished, finally looking up with a near-invisible smile quirked in the curve of her lips. “I know, I wasn’t actually expecting you. I just like to come here sometimes when you’re gone. It’s quiet.”

As if that settled the matter, she quickly tucked her crystal under her shirt, and scooted to the edge of the bed, uncrossing her legs so that she could plant her feet on the floor. Before she could stand, Cassian took a seat beside her. For a moment they sat in silence, and he thought she might leave anyway, but then Jyn relaxed against his side. “It’s been extra cold while you were off-world,” she offered idly. “Did you go someplace warm?”

“It’s been cold because you haven’t had anywhere to put your feet.” Cassian looked at her with a sternness they both knew he didn’t mean. Jyn shared his bed, and to be honest, he welcomed the warmth as much as she did. Even if her feet did end up wedged between his knees by morning. “You know I can’t tell you where I was, Jyn.”

“I didn’t ask where you were, I asked if it was warm.” Her finger was digging into his ribs as she poked, but by now he’d come to accept that the slight needling she used from time to time was a sign of affection she didn’t know how to convey.

“Everywhere is warm compared to Hoth.” Which was true, but not the answer she’d wanted. Jyn poked him once more, harder, and then stood up - stretching her arms as she went. Cassian wanted to tug her back down, wanted to keep her warmth against his side just a little bit longer. He wasn’t sure how, or that it would be entirely welcome, so he didn’t.

Jyn turned slowly, eyebrow raised. “Are you coming to dinner?”

Cassian shook his head, wearied still from his fast trip he just wanted to lay down and close his eyes for a little while. Jyn pursed her lips, looking at him with what he thought might be disappointment, before she turned back towards the door. Her hand was moving to the control panel when he finally spoke.

“I was on Fest.”

Jyn froze, and he thought it looked like she might have flinched. She looked over her shoulder, and he saw in her eyes his own discomfort at having had to return home. Cassian shrugged, but she ignored the gesture and returned to the bed, resuming her seat. “They sent you to Fest,” she said finally, voice dull. “They sent you to Fest alone?”

He shrugged again. “There was work to be done, and I was the right tool for the job.”

The words were brusque, the shrug deflective, but Cassian wasn’t fooling Jyn and he knew it. Of anyone, it would be Jyn who might understand why that was so difficult. He’d never seen Lah’mu, but he could easily picture a much younger, smaller, Jyn Erso standing in the tall grass, moisture spattering her face - watching her family disappear at the hands of the Empire. She could probably picture a dirty little boy on Fest, throwing rocks at Clone Troopers as they passed him by. It was this - the distant association of home as heartbreak - that united them so strongly. Well, one of the things, anyway.

“Cassian,” Jyn reached for his hand now, and he let her take it; let her cool fingers run over the back of his warm ones. “I’m sorry.”

He thought of their families, of Jyn’s mother on Lah’mu and her father on Eadu, and his own parents and brothers and cousins on Fest. They were all gone now - out of reach. It ached sometimes, in a dim fashion, in a more distant way than the traumas of his work and his cause. Probably that loss always would, but it grew less and less with time. Having this crew - this family - he’d built with Jyn Erso helped. Cassian leaned over, kissed the side of Jyn’s head.

“Come on. You wanted dinner, and I probably should have something too.” He stood first, tugging her up after him. Before they left his room, Jyn’s arm snaked around his ribs and squeezed lightly.

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That Reylo fic about the scar kink and killer emperor is so sweet and romantic! 😍❤️thank you for writing it!

Thank you<333 I’m so glad you liked it!
Here’s another, because I love that au too

“And what’s this one from?”

He lay on his stomach, bare back exposed to her curious hands. Rey sat beside him, the growing starlight outlining her shape whenever he peeked a look. She had been dressing his newest wound, a long red slash that ran from his shoulder blade to his tailbone. Easily distracted, her attention shifted to the numerous scars marking his body.

“Which one?”

She traced a curve over his ribs that snaked down his back. “This one.”

“Nexu. My father tried keeping them for a while, Mom wasn’t too happy after one nicked me.

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Can I ask for advice? I'm trying to design a snake blaster beast for something but I'm a bit stuck on how it would move since snakes are all ribs ;~; May I ask how you would go about design like that? I absolutely love your Gaster Blasters and couldn't think of a better person for possible advice! Thank you!

hmm that is a bit tough. I always thought the original ones looked like snakes also. In specific horned viper skulls. When I first drew a bunch of body concepts for them I drew snake bodies too. For getting around I chose to make them not touch the ground. So their ribs would not get caught on things. Or you could design them more solidly with a ribcage that connects at the center instead of being open like a real snakes. It’s fantasy so you can make it any way you want. :)

The real ones already fly so I don’t see a problem with flying snakes.

Other than the fact that’s utterly terrifying.


Pretty pleased to have been able to help work on this incredible project: articulating a 16-ft. python! This was spearheaded by Alessandra Dzuba, who I’m apprenticing under at Oracle Fine Curiosities in Kansas City, MO. When I started helping on it, it was all put together save the ribs, which were in a big jumble. We spent days sorting them by side and length and size, and then several more spot-gluing and then epoxying them into place. He’s beautiful and I’m so honored to have been part of putting him together.

Boyfriend shirt and other things (part 1)

It was a Saturday and like most of them Saturdays, Kise’s part time job as model took the most of its morning and afternoon. But what was left of the day, Kise met with Aomine.

He met with him to play basketball, to hang out for the occasional shoes shopping or movie watching, but also because Aomine was his boyfriend.

His secret boyfriend.  

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Just finished this lovely carved opalite stone flower amulet with real copper encased snake rib and vertebra bones. I still need to get a chain on this piece but it’s coming soon. If you’d like to snag it before it’s listed, you can DM me for more info❤