snake nerd


This is an AMAZING example of how hognose snakes defend themselves! They are totally harmless to humans, but they have several defensive tactics that have earned them a lot of nicknames. They will suck in a bunch of air to inflate themselves and hiss loudly (“Puff Adder”, which is an actual snake species in Africa, and venomous, unlike this guy), then they will start to flatten their head (“Spreadhead”), even more than a cobra. Really, the more scared they are, the flatter their head gets, to the point where it looks absurd. I call the final stage of head-flattening “Maximum Pancake”. Then, finally, they strike… with their mouth shut. So, if the hissing, puffing, ‘Maximum Pancake’, and headbutting hasn’t scared you away, THIS is their last resort…

Just more proof… they are far more scared of you than you are of them!