snake nail art


Gel Snake Nails! 
I know I’m posting these really late!! To be honest I just kind of forgot about it and posted it literally every where else. I wanted to try something with gel polish where you put a sheer color on top (Finger Paints Main Art-traction) and use clear top coat (shiny no wipe by Max Estrada) to make the color underneath (Finger Paints Who do you He-art) show through, I thought that the top color would be bright enough to stand out but uh… it didn’t really work.

The design was free handed with acrylic paints and a gold polish Sally Hansen Infinity Band. My friend sent me some cutesy plastic gems in the mail and I used it as an opportunity to use Gummy Jelly by Max Estrada. Those things were seriously stuck on there. I had to drill some of them off lol.

yo bruh, dont make me stahp drawin’ babes… or i will fight'chu… all day son… all day… wit my small hands… weirdly small hands… too small for my bahdy proportions… and height. (like my feet are small too… but it dont mattah… cause i wont kick you)


tools used: pentel brush pen black, micron liner 03, copic multiliner, signo white gel pen, copic sketch in colors: W1 R20 YR000, some really shitty old pencil crayon I found from like 2005, photoshop to add a watermark, & strathmore bristol paper




SNAKE SKIN… and BONES - P.O.T.W. - O.P.I. - green on the runway

  • O.P.I. - green on the runway + you’re such a budapest + i juggle.. men
  • Color Club - safari sunset
  • OCC makeup - distortion
  • Pure Ice - Superstar!
  • Essie - navigate her
  • Wet n Wild - bite the bullet
  • Revlon - sunlit grass
  • loose purple glitter
  • silver half round ball studs

This is the fist look featuring this polish. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.