snake drifts

burr’s animagus is a crocodile and I will fight anyone for this headcanon

he’s a small crocodile, but still a crocodile. No one fucks with him for like a month after he registers and the information gets out because new registers are pretty rare and there’s a lot of inter-department gossiping

[good enough | jaebum]

♛WC; 1816

“You’re the only one I have eyes for. You’re the only one that I want to be with.”

(You should listen to this while reading-

The door behind you shut quietly, which was almost worse than it slamming. You turned around to gaze up at Jaebum’s exhausted face, his brows furrowed as he was desperately searching for the right words.

The car ride home had been hell.

You, JB, and the rest of GOT7 had decided to go to a pretty much empty rollerskate rink in Seoul to just take a day off and relax, lord knows they all deserve it.

Things started off amazing; you all ordered a nice lunch and ate it behind the building on a cute porch with little tables with umbrellas. You kept poking JB with your straw and blowing cold air onto his face, making him chuckle and playfully push you away.

Things went downhill fast.

Once you guys had gone in to just try on the rollerskates and joke around a little bit, you immediately saw.

The one place that was pretty much about to shut down considering no one ever came had a group of girls walking in the front door.

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We snaked through some alleyways near the Omotesando/Meiji-dori intersection so @lindoreda could park herself at a rabbit cafe: ra.a.g.f., which apparently stands for “Rabbit and grow fat”, which is fantastic. She enjoyed the buns while I spent the afternoon at Q Plaza for the Walkure Cafe. Bless Funity for not requiring a Japanese address or phone number to register for their lottery system.

I ain't no delicate flower!

Imagine sparring with Fili and him distracting you with dirty talk 

*Some mild swearing*

Another female reader perspective.. and it ended up long. I try to write a short drabble and it always ends up as a short story! QQ


You had been accompanying the Company of Dwarves for some time now. All the way since the Shire. It had been purely as a guide to help them through the wilderness, being an ‘expert’. You were a Dunedain ranger and the wilds were your home.

You had scoffed when they presented Bilbo with the lengthy contract, relieved they had not asked such folly of yourself. Gandalf had secured your place and all that was official of your service to Thorin Oakenshield was the small scrawled parchment denoting the meager sum of money that would be paid to you when you saw them safely through Mirkwood forest.

You would have just gone for the adventure but alas your worn leather boots had seen better days and your threadbare cloak was only for decoration at this point. But as the days wore on you found yourself caring less even about that and valuing the comradery above all. You had spent too many years alone, making more friends of animals than people. And..well, the Dwarves’ attitudes were quite infectious.

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