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middle earth gothic

there are rolling hills of grass in the shire and doors where lives once stood. you hear murmuring on the wind. they say it is the water of the brandywine but you know better. a girl sings a song and the bones of flowers rattle beneath her feet as she hangs wash to a clothesline.

when you find rivendell, it is quiet. the bruinen has cracked its way through the rocks, and moss covers the stacks of books. a bookcase rattles and screams when you come close to it. you put the parchment back. you put the syllabus back. a daughter makes her choice, and chooses rushing tides over the stillness of time. you hunt for a mother’s bone. there are none, there are none, there are none.

moria is a hollow cave and a hollow darkness and a hollow tunnel. there are dead ones wherever you look. a tomb screams of old friends and lost relatives. we cannot get out scrawled in spit tears and blood. when the ancient flame comes, you know your hands will let go and you will not be able to stop the screaming of wind through your bones.

when you enter lothlorien, the trees crackle and whisper and sigh. a witch lives here you hear them say. you do not find a way out, and the trees blindfold you to find the way: you are lost, but you catch glimpses of dead dreams in a pool of hissing water.

fangorn is a forest made of sinew and muscle and bone. the trees throb with poetry that lasts centuries. there is the body of an orc trapped in vines, and it smiles at you with sharp teeth rotting. you understand, for a moment, that death is nothing but the beginning, and then the darkness falls again. you smell water and wood and life. when the trees stare back at you, you do not think you feel safe. 

rohan gallops through time like bristling horses. a white lady looms, pale, behind shut windows as snakes creep over her uncle’s body like worms feasting upon dead flesh. her hands are marked with red, her eyes are empty pools. in all her dreams she drowns.

the white city looms like a stack of old bones. there are charred robes at the bottom of the valley where a grieving father once jumped to his death. at night the dead come walking, their eyes hollow, their hands clutching the heads of those they lost. there is the carcass of a fell beast on the planes before the city of kings and the children play with her bones.

the grey havens smell of saltwater and burning ships. the goodbyes here are final, and bitter, and made by the dead. the ghosts are quiet, for once. to the west, the sun sinks and kisses the sea. you think you hear laughter: you know it is only the wind.

Seasonal Imagine : Winter // aesthetic
*this is an emotional AF journey, you’ve been warned*

Christmas with Draco would include;
• right so set the scene
• the dormitory is cold cuz it’s a damn dungeon but you & D have firewhiskey on the sofa to warm up a bit
• thas cute right
• he slides you a lil box with a serpent on the tag
• except its charmed so it’s moving around all snake like & that kinda creeps you out but OK
• you expecting some kinda diamond cuz my boy got galleons
• LOL NOPE it’s a fuckin fork
• plot twist
• you like ‘why tho’
• ‘You’re going to need that…when you attend Christmas dinner with me at the Manor’
• ayyy look at chyu with a invite
• your obvs huggin on him now cuz that’s commitment & dude don’t usually come thru on that
• you ride the train to Wiltshire all nervous
• you know yous cute when you nervous
• Draco knows too so he holds your hand
• but you gotta pull away cuz you a sweaty ass pig when you got feels like this
• y'all get there & its v dark out & sorta gloomy but you not scared cuz you a godDamN SLYTHERIN PRINCESS
• dining with Death Eaters is actually kinda cool & you like the gossip
• 'Any news on Potter, Draco?’ asks idk prolly Lucius but don’t lie they all nosey
• 'He’s still shit.’
• you like WoOow ok RUDE
• late night y'all try & escape to his room
• but this house gotta lotta stairs so this takes like 20 minutes
• why
• when you get there you spread out on his bed all sexy like
• Draco does that thing where he mounts you like a nimbus 2000 and hisses in your ear
• 'wand at the ready, Mr. Malfoy’
• *implies y'all do some kinky shit that the Dark Lord hisself would disapprove of*
• when you done you just snuggle up to him & he hits you with 'now where’s my gift?’
• you like 'that WAS your gift’
• he laughs but jokes on him cuz you not playin
• a few days pass & everything is freezer grade chill
• Narcissa sends y'all back with lil care packages
• 50 quid each, a cinnamon pastry, wand wax & a book about Blood Purity
• 'just the necessities’
• Hogwarts is buzzin cuz everyone knows where you went & what you probably did
• it doesn’t help that Draco left you with a Dark Mark of a different kind on your neck
• 'La-Fade-ay la Love-bite’ and poof that things gone faster than Potter’s will to live as Draco enters the Great Hall
• Pansy’s on the bench seething with jealousy
• you give her that 'sucks to suck’ smirk cuz lol GIRL BYE
• plot twist
• A an owl drops a package
• you open it & it’s a fuckin Rememberal
• you ask Draco 'what could we have possibly forgotten?’
• dude thinks for a sec before getting even more pale
• 'to use a condom’
• the little ornament of misfortune turns red, so does your face the house table gets stupid quiet
• Draco draws his wand & points it at your tum
• the tip glows green & a little patronus-like stork floats out
• don’t worry tho your belly doesn’t pop with pregnancy overnight this ain’t twilight bitch


This is an expert from my post “THE MONGOLS AND THE RISE OF GENGHIS KHAN”.

According to ‘The Secret History of the Mongols’:

At the beginning there was a blue-grey wolf, born with his destiny ordained by Heaven (Tengri, supreme god) above. His wife was a beautiful fallow doe. They came crossing the Tenggis. After they had settled at the source of the Onan River on Mount Burqan Qaldun, Batachiqan was born to them.” 

Here in the region between the Onan and Kerlen Rivers is the heartland of the early Mongols and where Genghis Khan was born. Between these two rivers was a rich and lush plain peppered with wildlife and scattered forests. Far beyond the southern waterway, the Kerlen River, were the golden sands of the great Gobi Desert which protected China from the nomadic raiders of the steppe. The densely forested Khentii mountain range, which marks the western flank of the plains, is the source of these two important rivers. In this mountain range there is one particular sacred mountain, Burqan Qaldun (“Divine, Sacred, Holy –Mountain”), which Genghis Khan often climbed to pray and meditate or seek refuge from his enemies – this mountain may even be his final resting place.

“-swallowing quagmires and the tangled woods made so impenetrable a forest that a glutted snake could not creep in” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

Mongols and Turks both claimed descent from a blue-grey wolf, something they (Turks and Mongols) frequently mention with great pride. Genghis Khan was a descendant of Borte Chino (“blue-gray wolf”) but before we speak of the Great Khan let us first speak of those who came before him. There were more than ten generations which passed between that of the blue-gray wolf and the next characters in this story. After a certain Mongol’s death his widowed wife bore three illegitimate sons which the two older legitimate sons spoke ill of, according to ‘The Secret History of the Mongols’ their mother Alan Qo’a:

“-gave an arrow-shaft to each of them and said, ‘Break it!’ One by one they immediately broke the single arrowshafts and threw them away. Then she tied five arrowshafts into a bundle and gave it to them saying, ‘Break it!’ The five sons each took the five bound arrow-shafts in turn, but they were unable to break them.” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

You, my five sons, were born of one womb. If, like the five arrow-shafts just now, each of you keeps to himself, then, like those single arrow-shafts, anybody will easily break you. If, like the bound arrowshafts, you remain together and of one mind, how can anyone deal with you so easily?” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

She claimed that her younger sons, who she had while widowed, were sons of Tengri (”heaven”), the supreme deity of the Turco-Mongols. Genghis Khan was descended from one of these three younger sons.

Every night, a resplendent yellow man entered by the light of the smoke-hole or the door top of the tent, he rubbed my belly and his radiance sank into my womb. When he departed, he crept out on a moonbeam or a ray of sun in the guise of a yellow dog. How can you speak so rashly? When one understands that, the sign is clear: They are the sons of Heaven (Tengri).” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

One of these five sons was Bodonchar, an illegitimate son and a simpleton who was a distant ancestor of Genghis Khan. At the time of Bodonchar’s great-great-grandson, Khaidu (Qaidu), another Mongolian nomadic faction known as the Khitans were the powerhouses of Mongolia. During a war between the Mongolian Khitans and the Mongolian Jalair, Khaidu’s family was killed and he was left orphaned. Khaidu would later overcome, subjugate and enslave these Jalair. Khaidu’s great-grandson, Khabul (Qabul), was the first khan of the Khamag Mongols and was successful at repelling an invasion from the Jurchen (Tunguscans that were Sinicized) Jinn Dynasty of Northern China and later raided them. Despite having seven sons, Khabul chose his cousin Ambaghai (Ambaqai) to succeed him. While Ambaghai was trying to marry his daughter to a Tatar (Turkish) leader he was captured by them and given to the Jinn. Before being executed he was able to sneak a message off to his son Hotula:

When you become qa’an of all and lord of the people, learn from my example and beware of taking your daughter in person to her betrothed. I have been seized by the Tatars. Until the nails of your five fingers are ground down, Until your ten fingers are worn away, strive to revenge me!” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

Khabul’s son Hotula (Qutula) succeeded his uncle Ambaghai as Khan of the Khamag Mongols, and as he asked, Hotula Khan sought to avenge his life. Hotula Khan clashed with the Tatars thirteen times but sadly he too fell to them. In one fell swoop the power of the Mongols had again diminished and no khan had ruled over the Mongols until the reign of his grandnephew Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan also sought to avenge his death so when he launched an invasion against Jinn China in 1211 CE, he claimed one of the reasons was to avenge his ancestor.

Though Khabul’s grandson, Yesugei (Genghis Khan’s father), was not a khan he was still a well-respected and effective chief. Yesugei Baghatur (ba’atur, “hero, brave, valiant, knight, lord”) kidnapped a woman from the Merkits (Mongolian) named Hoelun, whom he would soon marry. His kidnapping of Hoelun led to a long standing feud between the two confederacies which would carry on to Yesugei’s and Hoelun’s son Temujin (Genghis Khan).

At the time of his birth he was born clutching in his right hand a clot of blood the size of a knucklebone. Because he was born when the Tatar Temüjin Üge had been brought captive, for this very reason they gave him the name Temüjin.” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

  • Head over to my post, “GENGHIS KHAN, THE STALLION WHO MOUNTS THE WORLD”, to read more about how Genghis Khan was pressured into campaigning out of China toward Central Asia (Kara Khitai Khanate), to Greater Iran (Khwarezmian Empire), to the frontier of Eastern Europe (Medieval Russia and Ukraine) and back to China. I also cover Mongol shamanism and their tolerance of foreign religions, the famed ‘Yam’ pony express, their tactical use of captives and their massive deportation policy.
  • To read up on the early history of the Mongols, check out my post ‘THE MONGOLS AND THE RISE OF GENGHIS KHAN’. In this post I speak about the Mongolian transition from seemingly insignificant tribal confederacies into an empire that was four times the size of Alexander’s and twice the size of the Roman’s. I cover their military tactics, some of their battle formations, armaments, their rapid adaptation of foreign technologies, and their secretive order of bodyguards known as the Keshik. During Genghis Khan’s early reign the Mongols warred against themselves and their fellow steppe neighbors as well as Northern China’s Western Xia dynasty (Tanguts: Tibeto-Burmese) and eastern Jinn dynasty (Tungusic Jurchens who were Sinicized).

“Please, Eliza” Alex pleaded. “Please?”

Alex tugged on her hand and stared at her with big eyes. Eliza could feel her resolve crumbling slightly.

“But the snakes creep me out.” Eliza scrunched up her face. Ever since she was young she would rescue animals from her backyard and try to help them, except snakes had always given her a bad feeling.

“I just want to see them for one minute. We just need to go in for one minute.” Alex begged. “Please?”

He looked so cute begging. Eliza knew that she was going to agree. It was too hard to turn him down.

“I’ll hold your hand the whole time?” Alex offered, a hopeful smile on his face.

“I think I’ll need a little more than hand holding. What else do you have?” A mischievous smile lit up Eliza’s face.

“A kiss?” Alex lifted an eyebrow.

Eliza thought for a moment and shook her head.

“I’ll buy you ice cream.”

“Alright.” Eliza agreed. A grin spread across Alex’s face and without any hesitation he leaned forwards and pecked her lips.

“That was not a kiss!” Eliza exclaimed. Alex grinned as she pouted like a kid that didn’t get their way.

“Fine.” Alex complied, he carefully leaned forwards and pressed his lips against hers. Eliza smiled against his lips and responded to the kiss. She moved her lips against his and slipped her fingers into his hair. He made a little sound in the back of his throat as her fingers tangled in his hair.

“Get a room!” a voice yelled.

Alex and Eliza jumped apart. Eliza’s cheeks burned red. Alex turned red as well, Eliza couldn’t help but giggle at how embarrassed he looked.

“Let’s go.” Alex sheepishly said, holding out his hand for her to take.

Eliza took his hand with a smile and lead the way towards the reptile house. Their feet slapped against the concrete in tandem as they walked.

She slowed their pace as they approached the reptile house. Alex sent her a reassuring look and slightly tightened his hold on Eliza’s hand.

The air conditioning of the reptile house blew against Eliza’s bare skin causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand on end. The room was covered in pictures of the reptiles and fun facts about the animals.

“See anything scary?” Alex leaned down and whispered into her ear.

“Just this creepy guy holding my hand.” Eliza said playfully as she swung their hands forwards.

Alex chuckled and pressed his lips against her cheek.

“Let’s go see the snakes.” Alex pulled her forwards slightly in search of the snakes, while Eliza reluctantly followed him. They weaved through the small crowd of people until they were standing in front of a sign that said ‘python’ in curvy green letters.

Eliza took a deep breath and looked a little closer through the glass. She jumped back as she saw movement. As soon as the snake came into sight Eliza swore under her breath and tucked herself a little closer to Alex.

“You’re so gonna owe me.” Eliza murmured.

Alex chuckled and pressed his lips against her forehead.

Prediction for hauntswitch

Some of this seems pretty obvious but I’m probably wrong.

  • The first part we’re playing as Dammek with Xefros working only to jump in for the save like Jude did.
  • The person that Dammek was supposed to meet was somhow responsible for the broken robot and his lusus being traped behind the door. (Would make sense as to why the security system was on also I haven’t seen anyone else talking about that bit of dialogue maybe I imagined it. But it would make since if he got hacked.)
  • He’s going to come threw the portal and either Jude will be freaking out through the walkie-talkie or he’s going to find him crying about his sister disappearing (concerning Jude’s last dialogue in game was a plead for her not to mess with the portal becase shes the only one he has left. And there’s no guarantee trolls have walkie talkies or that Dammek could use one.)
  • After he’s through the portal it’ll probably switch to Jude becase Dammek is locked in and Joey droped the key. Maybe Dammek can play sharp shooter or lookout to help Jude into the house.
  • Jude goes through the house and finds his pet and the key then somthing makes them leave. And they end up either going to the weird castle mansion thing on the other side of the tree house (by the cultists) or at the weird snake fountain that creeps Joey out and it ends up like Jaspers tomb.

Idk. Thats all one big guess.

(Edited from “predictions for hiveswap part 2”)

anonymous asked:

You mean half Magnus half Fulgrim :3

Mostly Magnus. Just because snakes creep me out. :-D

Birbs have an erogenous zone by their wings (thanks @pholcidae) and I will have more than enough fun trying to find the perfect spot on you My Stalwart King (you think I’m bad, wait til you meet the rest of the Magnus Love Brigade) !

I can take pre-heresy Fulgrim and show him what perfection is all about ;-)

Run. Primarchs. Run.

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Teen Wolf GenderSwap!Stiles: Part 16/?

“I don’t…I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t even seen Stiles all week!”

That was technically a lie…unknowingly.

“You’re lying.”

“Again, why would I? Matter of fact, why would I care?”

Derek takes a final step foward leaving precisely no personal space between them.“I don’t expect you to treat me like your Alpha because I know you wouldn’t, no matter how much Scott talks about including you in our little pack meetings. All I ask is that you show, I don’t know, an ounce of respect to the one that gave you the bite.”

He swallows hard, “I-I’m not lying.”

Derek exhales, rolling his eyes in the process as he turns to leave.

“Yeah, you better walk away…CREEP!”


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